View Full Version : Foolproof (2003)

06-05-2005, 10:59 AM
It is nice small caper movie without any big name stars and without a huge production budget. Foolproof entails three young adults who just make up crime scenarios that are foolproof for fun. However their current foolproof crime is actually used and from then on they are caught in this plot that they must attempt to get out of that will test their wits and their loyalties to each other. Surprisingly this Ocean 12 like movie has its own decent plot and music track that maintains its pacing, its intregity, and twist at the end that holds it own with most of the better caper films out there. I found it a little manipulative in a few places where little add on scenes seem to be thrown in just for cuteness sake and the characters themselves are somewhat two-dimensional cut offs but the actors do a good job of filling their roles and the interaction has a good give and take. The law enforcement subplot, however, isn't as strong as most films but this does allow the focus to remain on the plot and the team of three desparate adults trying to figure a way to either escape their dilemma or actually give into their apparent plight with gusto. Interesting it is the use of no name stars that allows this movie's twist to have just that little more bite at the end.