View Full Version : The Weather Man (2005)

11-01-2005, 11:57 PM
For some audience members, this movie would not be a terribly easy movie to watch or enjoy. According in IMDb, more men rated this movie higher than women. There really isn't a lot pleasure to experience in this movie and there is little comedy, besides some dry whimsical narrative comment by Nicholas Cage. Critics were mostly positive about this movie - in what I gather would be its authenticity and its serious subject matter handled in an unsentimental way: divorce, children of divorce, marital conflict and verbal fighting, death, father and son relationships. Nicholas Cage's role is not a very nice one, nice character that is. Michael Caine in much the same way Bill Murray handled Lost in Translation (2003) provides one the best supporting performances in a movie this year with his acting and subtled, under-played role as a father/grandfather facing some deeply emotional, troubling news. "The Weather Man" is one of the most significant movies to come out this year and among the most pertinent and reflective movie of our times. Message of the movie is also relevant to men today and how it plays out has particular value.