View Full Version : Float like a Liar...

11-10-2005, 05:30 PM
Dubya made himself look like an idiot yet again, honoring Muhammed Ali with the highest award America can give to a civilian.

It's quite amazing to me that this War Criminal is bestowing honors on a man who said Fuck You to the vietnam draft.

"Ain't no Vietcong ever called me Nigger" he said at the time.

Hunter S. Thompson has been on record as saying that Ali is one of the few heroes he ever had.

Bush can't sniff Ali's strap.

I loved hearing that Ali whispered something in Dumbya's ear and the Goofy Child tried to pretend he was jabbing The Greatest, in mock "hey, now- I'm the President"..

What a fucking tool...

Ali should have taken one last jab, one last hook...

I know he's got Parkinson's, but wouldn't the headlines be awesome:

Bush K.O.'d by weak former champion

Bush lasts 2 seconds

Bush admits to being a pussy

Bush throws in the towel

The President Can't Box

Bush dies from brain hemmorage from joke punch from former Champ

Bush goes down, Ali screams for Cheney's "punk ass"

Bush smoked by Ali, Ali takes swing at Laura

Let's Get Ready to IMPEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!