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03-30-2006, 03:51 PM
Brokeback Mountain is the best film to come out in many a year. Script and screenplay were excellent . Directing unblemished.Cinematography was sweeping and breathtaking, and only added to the love affair as did the musical score.

Actors were actors to the core, and did a wonderful job of putting across the heart breaking , gut wrenching love that could not be satisfied by their distance from each other, but even with that distance they had each other for 20 some years , and that in itself shows their love for each other as not just being physical, but on the level of soul-mates.

As every muscle in your body yearns for the sight of that loved-one and the pain will not subside for want of that person. Ennis and Jack had that forbidden love for each other and it played out like the great love affair it was . If any say that this is a film just about gays , then I feel sorry for you. As you have missed a great part of life not to see that this is related to everyone who has gone over to the doorway and retched from the pain in your guts. It is humanity as bad or as good as it gets...

"Brokeback Mountain, E Annie Proulx, ( Short story ) Ennis Del Mar , (Heath Ledger) Jack Twist, (Jake Gyllenhaal) Ang Lee, (Director ) Larry Mcmurty (screen play) ..............I Swear.....whence comes such another