View Full Version : Same Cycle, Different Distributor

10-28-2002, 11:28 AM
So it seems that many film message boards are full of people who have seen 'BFC' and agree with its message yet insist on arguing ad nauseum about various points and "don't we all think these closed-minded Republicans are all a bunch of Neandertals?..."

Blah blah blah.

What really seems to be going on is that 'BFC' is living the typical life of the so-called Michael Moore "documentary," and that's sad because this film really should be viewed by more people. We saw this before with 'The Big One,' and, to a lesser extent, TV Nation. As it is, United Artists apparantly spent all of its promotion budget on getting staggered release dates and buying pre-release trailer time. I saw 'BFC' at an advanced screening sponsored by the local Pacifica radio station, and there was a line around the building waiting to get in. I'm sure there were other cases like this around the country. The opening night shows sold out and coffee bars around the nation were full of smoky discourse. And then...nothing.

Sure, UA got the flick out there, but a whole lot of the film's potential revenue was thrown away on Michael Moore fans who ran out to see his newest thing. Now that the film has been put out there for the masses, it's just going to flap about for a few weeks and fade away, another good idea subverted by poor decision making. And what do the die-hard fans do? Spend time bickering on the internet and communally agreeing that the picture isn't a smash success because "right-wing America just can't handle it."

If you believe in this picture, go see it again with a friend who hasn't. Encourage people pre-disposed to hate it to see it and then listen to them. Create dialogue with people who aren't already converted. Maybe then this film won't wind up being another good idea subverted by itself; maybe then we won't have to see Michael Moore ramble on bitterly about corporate conspiracies against his works on whatever show Bill Maher is hosting that week.