View Full Version : Punch drunk love

11-15-2002, 04:36 PM
I went to see this movie with HUGE expectations because of PTA's past film credits. plus his wins at Sundance this year. Also, I have been hearing talk of an Oscar nomination for Adam Sandler, so I was expecting- something else. I did love the use of color PTA used when he was fading from scene to scene. I hated the soundtrack. I thought the harmonium (sp?) bit was completely useless, since PTA gave no history of his love for music, or the motivation behind it, I mean, give me something, man. I didn't understand his use of symbolism, with the harmonium/piano-whatever- it's- called- thing, and the love interest, who I personally thought Emily Watson looked like she was on acid, something with her eyes seemed-to-me, weird. The car wreck at the beginning didn't need to be there, but I did like the pudding bit, although I do have a weird sense of humor. All in all, I cannot give PTA or Adam Sandler a bad review because it was PTA's first try at a comedy, and vice versa. PTA is a hell of a story teller, and I believe Adam S. just needs the right material-minus the fits of rage gag he uses in all of his movies. For the kind of audience that goes to the movies today, this movie needs way to much brain work to be understood by a wide spectrum of people. Too bad, huh?