View Full Version : Punch Drunk Love is Amazing

11-19-2002, 03:09 PM
One of the most wonderful features of 'Punch Drunk Love' is the soundtrack. A friend suggested a link to Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut on how Anderson will run one type of music over a long sequence of film. Although his style is different I can see the similarities. It got me thinking that this P.T. project is very similar to A Clockwork Orange in the way that himself and Kubrick used the main characters rage for cinematic effect. Kubrick used classical music combined with different camera speed. Anderson uses long takes and growing tension with haunting scores that partly play over the dialogue. He wants to build up the suspense for when Sandler goes nuts.

Pay attention to this film, for some may say its confusing or they don't get it. I've only seen it once and have already picked up a lot (hint: look at the films lighting and wardrobe selections of all characters).

The film feeds on contrast. Anderson fills the screen with contrasting combinations. Jarring film cuts, combined with the violent and unexpected, merge with ukulele serenades, ocean waves and all the successful ingredients for a starry-eyed romantic potion that wins the viewer over.

If you ever had any doubt about the depth of Sandler's talent, his portrayal of Barry is proof that he can act. Between the two of them, and Anderson's ability, every aspect of the film is filled with emotion and momentum, like when Barry first meets Lena outside his workplace. As she walks away, the camera follows her and then cuts to Barry, but the sound stays with her footsteps.

His style is similar to his other films.