View Full Version : Grammys: The Good, The Bad and the WTF

02-14-2011, 04:38 PM
I tuned in late to the Grammys last night and it was pretty good TV.

THE DOORS and NEIL YOUNG won Grammys!!!!!!!
Awesome. Just plain Awesome. And a Canadian band took Album of the Year. Fine by me.

Drake & Justin Bieber went home with jack shit. Awesome. Just plain Awesome.
I apologize on behalf of all intelligent Canadians for the existence of Bieber.
I swore he was a Disney product. I swore. I apologize.
Bieber should be sent to jail for his hair. And so should Will.I.Am- (Thanks Will for making me laugh really hard during Halftime at the SB! Can't buy that shittiness for a trillion bucks. Oh wait, you CAN..) How much do they pay their hairdressers? Big bucks I gather.
Big bucks to look so douchey?? It's the NEW THING Mang. Get with it, Yo. Bad hair is GOOD hair, you dig?

Lady Goofball is pure entertainment. She arrived at the show inside an alien spacepod (or something). Not making it up.
Remember, this is the space cadet who wore a RAW MEAT DRESS to another awards show.
Can't buy that shittiness for a trillion...actually, you CAN..
You people buy their albums. You are entitled to that horrific gong show crap. YOU CAN HAVE IT. For real.
Take it. It's yours. For all time.
Lady Goofball has made a name for herself by stealing from the likes of Annie Lennox, Grace Jones and others.
She's an un-original hype machine.
I see through her schtick so much it's terrifying. Don't buy it folks. She's a pathetic EGO MONSTER. Fuck Fame Monster. She's an EGO monster!
Repulsive the Nth.

Happy Eminem won best Rap album and very surprised "Empire State of Mind" didn't win Record of the Year. Because it was.
But Jay-Z won anyway, so it's not all bad.

What else to say? Not much. Just that I'm happy as all Holy Hell that Bieber or Drake did not win Best New Artist.
Because they are not even CLOSE to being "artists". Artists create ART. Popularity doesn't mean GOOD.
Case in point: Miley "Salvia" Cyrus.
Ten years from now, will hordes of peeps be lining up to buy Bieber CD's? Hell no.
Actually, maybe they will- people have a way of showing you time and time again how they love that taste-fucked-out-of-mouth generic crap music that Bieber is so good at. People have a long history of buying shit records, of making flash-in-the-pans rich and famous for a month or two.
N'Sync, Spice Girls, Boys 2 Men, O-Town, Backstreet Boys, etc etc etc.
They keep on comin', like pimps and real estate agents, as Hunter Thompson would say.

Glad the fuckin' DOORS won for WHEN YOU'RE STRANGE- buy that DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!