View Full Version : In Defence of Roger Ebert

06-23-2011, 05:23 PM
Roger Ebert was slammed by Jackass Bam Margera for tweeting that drinking and driving by jackasses is not on.
Margera's friend and co-star of Jackass Ryan Dunn was killed a few days ago in Pennsylvania when his Porsche slammed into a tree at 130-140 mph.
His blood alcohol level was over twice the legal limit.

Is Ebert wrong for saying Jackasses shouldn't drink and drive?
Margera should be learning a VERY valuable lesson here, One that can save his life and that of his other jackass buddies.
But, true to his jackass nature, he went off on Ebert, whining that milllions of people are crying over Dunn's death.
Millions? Bam?
Sobbing and soaking tissues?

I like the Jackass guys. But you gotta do a serious gut-check when you drive at 140 miles an hour with alcohol racing through your veins.
You slam into a tree and die as a result?
Maybe if his foot wasn't so heavy and he hadn't knocked back whatever he was knocking back he'd still be here.
You think he deserves sympathy?
He'd get it, in spades, IF he wasn't hammered behind the wheel and didn't have his foot on the fucking gas up to 140.

Check your headgear, BAM.
Maybe your buffoonery is getting stale? maybe you shouldn't be so fucking dumb and reckless?
Bam, you're the kind of guy who would've LAUGHED at the car wreck if Ryan survived.
You guys HOWL when pranks go bad and people suffer yet don't die.
This is a tragedy that could've been avoided very VERY easily.
By not drinking.
By not getting behind the wheel.
By not having a Lead Foot.

Ebert's integrity destroys yours. He levelled the truth at you. It sux Ryan is dead. He was your friend and had many fans, yes.
But his actions determined his fate. Don't gloss over the truth here.
Fuckery earned him a violent needless death.