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12-04-2002, 12:28 AM
Since I wrote my small review on IMDB I had a number of e-mails asking me to post me comments on other webpages so I'm just cutting and pasting my comments:

Even better than the original, Soderberg brings amazing camera work along with good editing and great storytelling. People with less amount of IQ would probably not be able to understand where the movie is going, however these types of films, similar to Kubric's 2001 are made once every ten or fifteen years. If you are an action film lover you won't like this film so don't waste your time, this is also not a film for kids. Soderberg's amazing use of short focal lens throughout the film works very well with the narrative of the film. Most of you won't like it but this film will be remembered in ten-twenty years.

I'll add to that, that I wasn't so impressed after a film for a long time, the feeling was like after watching 2001 and 8 1/2

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