View Full Version : Two Idiots.

02-04-2012, 01:44 PM
Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. They are a couple of idiots. Embarrassing ones. I just had to say it.
Let's begin with Ashton.
He cheats on Demi in a flagrant and awful way (after banging some young oblivious thing he opens her robe, looks at her nude body and says "I DID GOOD!"
Is that a fucking idiot? Yes.

I always knew they would split. The clock was ticking from day 1. I said to myself "There is no way on earth that he will stay with Demi until the day she dies"- I telegraphed that one from Mars. I was surprised they stayed together as long as they did, but when they broke up I was not shocked in any way, shape or form.

He's a dickhead. Let's be honest here. He does not have any "talent" that I can see. He's talented at being a naive "hottie". That's all.
He plays himself in every role and is paid LARGE for it.
I'd love to have just TWO MINUTES alone with him to express what a lot of people feel about him: IDIOT. JERK. ASSHOLE.
Arrogant and slightly sociopathic, I would say with quite a bit of confidence.

Join our forums, Ashton! I'd love to express myself even more in a rebuttal!
Being "hot" doesn"t give you a licence to be a total dickhead.
You are living a hollow life.
Dude, where's your integrity?

And Demi. When I think of her at her best, I think of A Few Good Men. She was really great in that movie. (Really beautiful).
And now, she's huffing drugs and acting like a psycho without a compass. Embarrassing.
What kind of example are you setting for your daughters when you act like a buffoon in the public eye?
She's gone from someone I respect to someone I pity. Millionaires who have meltdowns are the most pathetic. Hard to elicit sympathy when you behave so childishly.

Don't shed a tear for either one of them.