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12-12-2002, 01:43 PM
I canīt help but to wonder about how the minds of Hollywood producers work! Why in the earth they make remakes of old GOOD CLASSIC films.
For example: Mr.Deeds! Well, this one is obvious, because I canīt figure out how the hell Adam Sandler id acting in films in the first place.
Then there is RING. A brilliant japanese horror film. I know that in Hollywood there is no good ideas left and they have to make a living. But why tey donīt even try. In Ring they use the original screenplay!!!! and film it with american actors. No originality, nothing.
And finally what really pisses me of: The remake of Solaris by Steven"Antichrist"Sodenberg. What the Hell is he thinking?!?!?! There is somethings that no man is supposed to do and remaking Solaris is one of them.
What was Tarkovski`s main purpose when he made films???? To make every picture and every scene a beautiful poetic whole. No one in Hollywood comes even close to Tarkovskiīs geniuosness. Donīt get me wrong, there are lot of good directors in Hollywood and in america, but the way they make films is sickening. Itīs all about the money. Of course, I understand, people have to earn their living and making movies is a good way to do that. But movies are suppose to entertain in some cases, but in some cases: films are works of art!But that does not happen in USA. All about the money. I enjoy watching films like Minority report and Matrix, but when a no-talent, no-vision wannabe starts poking around with something like Solaris, that is just wrong. Itīs like repainting Mona Lisa or rewriting the Bible. That is something you just donīt do.
I am sorry about my complaining, but there is no words that can discripe my dissappointment. Good thing I live in Europe where cinema is apreciated as an ART form.
Thanks to anyone who read this far.

12-13-2002, 01:23 AM
Don't be so hard on Steven. His Solaris does no damage to Tark's rep. But I hear ya, man.
I don't like hearing about remakes because they are a crap shoot. Scorsese has pulled it off, as well as many others, but you're risking a lot on remakes. Just ask Bill Friedkin- I'm sure he has LOTS to say on the subject.

12-13-2002, 04:20 AM
You are right. This just pisses me off. Why donīt they remake shitty movies and try to make them better?
And you are right also that there are some desent remakes outthere, few but good.
I also have to admit that I am not very fond of Stev-o. I donīt like his style, althought Oceanīs 11 was entertaining, but it was a remake too. Go figure. And because I am a film student, remaking classics just ticks me off. But then again: who forces me to see those movies??No-one.
Happy holidays.

12-14-2002, 02:54 AM
In an interview, Soderburgh goes out of his way to explain that he did not intend to remake the original version of Solaris the movie and used only some basic ideas from the novel to make his adaptation of the novel. By adapting, Soderburgh had in mind making a new movie using the ideas brought up in the novel. He wanted a romantic drama with sci fi elements. I don't believe that Soderburgh intended to make a lot of money on this movie and it probably won't, so a better explanation for making this movie was to try out some ideas of his on the screen. This movie isn't mainstream and he has received a lot of criticism but for the very opposite reason - people just don't understand the movie, it's long and boring.

This movie shouldn't be compared to the original movie nor should it examined from the novel perspective either. It needs to stand on its own and from that vantage point I think it offers us another role by George Clooney that much different from his earlier roles and it blends sci fi with drama romance in a different way from most American made films.

12-14-2002, 03:06 AM

I agree completely.

oscar jubis
12-15-2002, 03:08 AM
Originally posted by Kurinai No one in Hollywood comes even close to Tarkovskiīs geniuosness. I understand, people have to earn their living and making movies is a good way to do that. But movies are suppose to entertain in some cases, but in some cases: films are works of art!But that does not happen in USA. All about the money. Good thing I live in Europe where cinema is apreciated as an ART form.
To some extent I do blame Hollywood for monopolizing screens here and there with their product. However, to say America makes no "art films" smells of stale cultural-supremacy bullcrap.
Apparently you are exposed to a narrow slice of a big pie. Quality films are being made worldwide, including in the USA. Films you often have to seek out since they are not heavily advertised. Have you seen the works of Lynch, Scorsese, Jarmusch, Todd Haynes, Darren Aronofsky and Todd Solondz, to name a few? Ever heard of Goldberger's Trans, De Felitta's Two Family House or Gordon Green's George Washington? I'm only scratching the surface here. I would venture to say that China, Iran, even South Korea produce as many great films as any nation in Europe(with the possible exception of France).
Just for fun: Solaris+Stalker+A. Rublev+Sacrifice+Nostalghia VS Taxi Driver+Last Temptation of Christ+Goodfellas+Raging Bull+Age of Innocence+Kundun+... I would say:"toss up".
Youth is a valid excuse for ignorance, but arrogance AND ignorance make a very unattractive combo. Look deeper before forming an opinion. Forget what you think you know. Then you may create something of value.

12-15-2002, 07:37 AM
You are absolutely right and I agree! There are lot of good quality films coming from the US, but I was in a frenzy. I didnīt mean to judge the entire Hollywood film industry. I love movies of Lynch for example. Well, Mulholland drive was very dissappointing, but he is still one of my favorites. And I also love those laidback-brains to zero-mainstream-always by formula-movies. Great entertainment.
Scorsese is truly a cinematic wizard also. I believe I have seen all his movies and like them a lot.
There was also lot of names I didnīt recognize, but I will be looking into what they have done. From your text I believe you have great taste in films.
And as for the youth part, I donīt consider myself a young person. Well Iīd like to but there is no fighting time.
None of the less, that was my opinion of Steve and his films nad thatīs just that; a opinion.

oscar jubis
12-16-2002, 05:39 PM
Your opinion is welcome and appreciated. I'd be nice if you list some favorite films to learn more about your aesthetic predilections. The Favorite Films forum is a good resource.

Mullholland Drive rewards repeated viewings as you peel the layers and "read between the lines". It is my favorite Lynch. His Twin Peaks:Fire Walk With Me is also underrated. Familiarity with the TV series is not required as this is a prequel. One scary "debauchery-in-a-small-town" movie oozing style and panache.

12-17-2002, 03:18 AM
To jump in, I love David Lynch. Twin Peaks was serious entertainment. Perverse and bizarre. "Fire Walk With Me" is also one of my favorites (DAVID BOWIE in Twin Peaks!). The whole series is awesome, in fact. I have yet to buy the complete series box, but I will. Would you believe I haven't seen Mulholland Drive?

And Todd Solondz- one of the "new breed" as i like to say...guys like Terry Zwigoff, John Waters (Cry-Baby RULES! yes, I know that Waters has been around a long time- talking about his style) and darren aronofsky are breaking new ground, delivering some of the best films in ages. I have Happiness & Welcome To The Dollhouse on vhs- disturbing but intriguing cinema. I've still also got to see Requiem For a Dream.

oscar jubis
12-19-2002, 12:01 PM
What amazes me about MULHOLLAND is how Lynch retains the parallel universe/dream state/absurdist stuff and adds pathos. His movies keep revealing themselves. For instance, a recent viewing of FIRE showed me how the song being performed when Laura enters the Bang Bang Bar, which Lynch wrote, referes to being abandoned by her guardian angel and the loss of innocence.

Solondz's HAPPINESS: Penultimate scene: Bewildered 12 year old confronts his psychotherapist dad about his pedophilia, the what/who/why. Boy weeps tears of relief once convinced dad won't target him. Final Scene. Six months later at Gran's condo in Fla. Boy still unable to ejaculate (all his buddies claim they can). He spies on a sunbather from the balcony and manages to "come". Dog licks it, runs downstairs, and tongue-kisses Mom. Credits roll. Half the audience cracks up, a few clap and the rest walk out in disgust. I laugh but my eyes are still moist. The genius of Todd Solondz.

You always feel good after a Waters movie. I agree with IMdb voters that FEMALE TROUBLE is his best. A raised middle finger to everything John was supposed to learn during the 50s. Guy at dvdverdict.com calls it : the Citizen Kane of trash cinema.

Zwigoff's CRUMB is the film that best explores the connection between madness and genius, mental illness and art. It's consistently entertaining and illuminating.

REQUIEM FOR A DREAM is a marvel of editing. A powerful cautionary tale about addiction. If I was king, I'd make it mandatory for every 9th grader in our public schools.