View Full Version : Review of MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING

Mark Dujsik
12-16-2002, 01:39 AM
"The story of My Big Fat Greek Wedding’s arrival to the big screen is one of those happy, Hollywood success stories that everyone loves. Writer/actress Nia Vardalos started a one-woman show, and in the audience one night was Rita Wilson, who convinced her husband Tom Hanks to see it as well. Hanks, obviously, loved it, and now he, Wilson, their producing partner Gary Goetzman, and long-time television director Joel Zwick have brought Vardalos’ story to the screen. None of this has to do with the movie itself, which is, quite honestly, underwhelming, but it would be easy—and entirely misguided—to relate the off-screen accomplishment with the end result. Just because Vardalos has been inspired by real life situations doesn’t mean the movie automatically contains a perceptive honesty or wisdom. Movies have to earn those things, so when Vardalos tries to pass one-joke stereotypes and situations as revelatory characterizations and experiences, it simply doesn’t achieve anything noteworthy."

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