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01-04-2003, 01:54 AM
Films I'm looking forward to seeing:

February 14, 2003: Daredevil
April 11, 2003: Anger Management
May 15, 2003: Matrix Reloaded
June 27, 2003: Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
July 2, 2003: Terminator 3
November 7, 2003: The Matrix Revolutions
December 19, 2003: Lemony Snicket
December 19, 2003: Garfield
May 28, 2004: Mission Impossible 3
Summer 2004: I, Robot
2004: Fahrenheit 451
2004: X-Files 2
2006: Rendezvous with Rama

01-07-2003, 01:52 AM
I'm looking forward to:

Ang Lee's the Hulk
Greenaway's The Tulse Luper Suitcases
The Matrix sequels
Gore Verbinski's Pirates of the Carribean -Geoffry Rush as a pirate!
Spielberg's Memoirs of a Geisha AND!

Jim Carrey as GOD in Bruce Almighty. Saw the trailer and it looks HILARIOUS

01-29-2003, 06:20 PM
I'd have to say:

The Incredible Hulk
X-Men 2
Terminator 3
Matrix Reloaded
Matrix Revolutions
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

God, I'm a nerd.

01-30-2003, 02:56 AM
Johann wrote

Jim Carrey as GOD in Bruce Almighty.

I am getting to be interested in Jim Carrey ever since The Truman Show and then his roles in Man on The Moon and The Majestic. His acting has matured and his potential hasn't been completely tested yet. There's more to come from him as an actor. I am curious to see how far he can go. His upcoming feature in Bruce Almighty will be something to look forward to.

01-30-2003, 02:23 PM
Jim Carrey was born in the same town in Ontario Canada as my father. (He also had a very poor childhood like my father) I knew in high school Jim was gonna be big. My friend had a satellite dish so he could get channels from the US- MTV! We watched In Living Color religiously, and we felt that Jim was the best thing about the show- Fire Marshall Bill, his George Hamilton impression-the list of great sketches is endless.

My mother HATES Jim Carrey. HATES him. She thinks he's the most annoying man on planet earth. I foolishly tried to change her mind by taking her to see "The Grinch". If she hated him before, she hated him with hot venom after Howard's holiday treat. I felt sooooo horrible for dragging her to it. I'll never live it down, so I just remember never to mention "that lunatic" to her again...

01-30-2003, 08:11 PM
Johann - You took your mother to the wrong Jim Carrey movies to take her to. The Truman Show, Man on The Moon, or The Majestic would have revealed to your mother another serious side of Jim Carrey that she might not have known about and could appreciate. Mr. Grinch isn't exactly a serious acting role that your mother might identify with unless she likes Dr. Suess or had a developmental age of well...you know what I mean.

01-30-2003, 09:53 PM
Ah yes, The Truman Show was very unique. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I think Jim Carrey's evolution as an actor has made some leaps over the past few years. His current ability is quite entertaining, but we can't forget his older stuff as well. They were always good for a chuckle on Friday night rental. Dumb and Dumber, Liar Liar, man those were fun. I also heard about that sequel to Dumb and Dumber, what do you guys think about that?

02-03-2003, 07:26 PM
My dear mother would not have enjoyed Man on the Moon. Jim would have to play Rhett Butler before my ma would even sniff at seeing another Carrey flick. (and even then she would probably say that the world is going to hell in a handbasket, so it's a lost cause!)

She thinks he's a low-brow dork and that's all there is to it. No changing her mind.

oscar jubis
04-01-2003, 01:40 AM
Here it is! After a 6 year wait, Quentin Tarantino's new film will be released on 10/10/03. It stars Uma Thurman playing a character called "Black Mamba". I know Jackie Brown disappointed those expecting another Pulp Fiction, but it was still well worth seeing, sez here.

04-02-2003, 08:04 PM
Yes indeedy KILL BILL.

I read the script on-line and I think QT won't disappoint anyone this time around.