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04-07-2017, 03:41 PM
I'm starting a new thread.
This thread will entail me unloading my political arsenal on Rush Limbaugh, also known as Jim Morrison. Yes, the former "dead" lead singer of the Doors. I've been a die-hard Doors fan since I was 17 years old, and last August I discovered that my Mentor, my Hero, was a fraud. That he's not dead. See, he DID tell us so, that he was a CHANGELING.

I have the power to remove him from the air. He was a fugitive when he went to France in 1971. The only way he's still alive and playing another "role" of a demi-God complex "too good to be true" archetype is if he's a black operative in the CIA, which he is. His father was CIA too. (Admiral Steve Morrison) He's not from Missouri. He's from Florida, where his "Southern Command" sits now, in Palm Beach.

Watch what I'm gonna do with this thread. I PUT RUSH LIMBAUGH ON TRIAL. I will remove him from behind his fake gold Sinatra EIB ("Everything I Believe=Everything Is Bullshit") microphone. Rush is responsible for Trump winning the election. So I'm taking direct aim at him. And he can't squirm away from me. YOU DON'T MESS WITH THE JOHANN.
Pack Yer Bags Rushie....
I'm gonna do what no Journalist in America has the BALLS to do.
Watch me destroy a Satanic Fraud.

04-07-2017, 04:17 PM
Rush likes to "Unpack" things.
He's very eager to "Unpack" all of the Washington scandals, news, Hill Happenings, and for a guy who is NOT President, he's as well-informed as Pappy Bush was with morning CIA briefings. Seriously- Rush has dossiers and dossiers of intel at his disposal..amazing for a radio host to be privy to such information. Being a fraud puppet with connections has it's perks. Rush likes to golf almost as much as Trump, and I have a real problem with that. I have a real problem with Jim Morrison on a golf course. It's just as disturbing to me as Alice Cooper loving golf. Something is truly fucked up about that...

I will unceremoniously rip this fat fucking clown a new BoGrove asshole with this thread. My research and insight into that man is staggering, and I will unload it all here. Be amazed. I was born to do this. For 25 years I adhered to the philosophy of a man that I thought was dead, that I revered in a way that he never knew. To find out that he is not only alive, but as a wretched, stinking, lying, right-wing shitstain of a blowhard made me "Leave the Matrix". Well, now I'm back. And I'm ready to claim my Crown.

Jim Morrison stole 25 years of my life. I'm gonna steal his soul back from Satan, who is his employer.
Start shining up my Pulitzer Prize, cuz I'm gonna make some fat cats sweat cigar bullets...

04-07-2017, 05:52 PM

Rush, I have to tell ya: The day I get behind Trump is the day that he announces he's shutting down the CIA and overhauling the FBI.
And since the CIA got him the White House, we know how that's gonna go, don't we?
A caller called in to Rush's show today (a longtime listener, Trump supporter) who said that the CIA can "Make it Look" like Russians hacked things. Rush quickly agreed, admitting like a Dashboard Madonna that he knew that's possible. Well Gee Rush, if you knew that, why have you NEVER MENTIONED IT ON AIR???
I mean, only when a keen caller calls in and points it out does he chirp about how that's very possible, how he knew it all along...
You're very SELECTIVE about what you reveal on-air, aren't ya, Rushie? Very "cherry-picker" about what you present to the "Fruited Plain". LOL

I've got ya by your fat pencilneck, and I'm a-gonna squeeze it until your deaf, blind and dumb EYEBALLS pop out of your Oxy-Poppin' HEAD.

04-11-2017, 10:02 PM
I've been listening to Rush's podcasts for months now, and I listen to him daily. Sometimes Live, sometimes long after the broadcast.

He always says "great to have you here" to his listeners, but he doesn't care. It's all an act. He is an Ac-Tor.
And since he was a student at UCLA he's been an Ac-Tor.
He's not just acting- he's thinking very deftly on his feet- especially when he takes on-air callers. Will discuss that later. I can dissect him like a Peace Frog...

How is he Jim Morrison you ask? Well, he's got the cosmetic surgery scars from a botched procedure. He's had Nips and tucks, and how many I'm not sure. His nose has got a new bridge, and his hair seems to be implants. He's also deaf, and he wears a cochlear implant to help him hear. He said once that he looked at his deafness as a challenge to allow him to keep working. Now, the birthdate of Rush Limbaugh is not the same as Jim Morrison, nor is the birthplace. Rush is supposedly from Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He's not. He's from Melbourne Florida, the son of a Naval Intelligence officer/CIA man. It's the eyes that SCREAM (like a Butterfly) it's him. The eyes are the dead giveaway. And the teeth. And the Demi-God Complex...
The most glaring difference is his voice. He sounds nothing like Jim Morrison, right? He has admitted in an interview that he can change his throat muscles, which is something Jim Morrison could do- Jim could go from a croon to a scream.
The inflections and tone of his voice is clearly that of W.C. Fields- which he probably studied for years to get down pat.
The biggest hurdle for me to get over in believing it was him was the voice. The voice is a real mind-fuck. The visual isn't so bad because I know he doesn't care about his looks, even though he was a very good looking dude in the Doors. He couldn't get laid in a whorehouse with fistfuls of gold and hundreds now...not least of which because he needs viagra, and was busted for smuggling it into Florida..

He played the "Kingly" role of the Lizard King in the 60's, a counter-culture Icon, a leftist Avenging Angel in black leather, too-good-to-be-True, with gold record after gold record, until he thought he had his head in his hands in 1969. But he was still under MK. Still a puppet, still a weapon, still his Daddy's son. He was probably told "Do this or we will abandon you", So he did it, and clearly OVER-DID it, because now he's fat and deaf and blind and dumb old Rush, on the air to be Revered...a sad, pathetic crystal ship, a fragile vessel, the car crash, sacrificed for the Household.

04-11-2017, 10:23 PM
So I have this theory that Rush Limbaugh has been programmed as a weapon, (twice in his life- MK's greatest test subject!) and he conquered the Leftists/Liberals in the sixties and conquered the Righties/Conservatives in the 90's. And now, he's finishing the plan. The Alistair Crowley plan...Barbara Bush (old hag; mother of Loser Dubya and wife of Satanic clown pappy George Sr.) is the illegitimate daughter of Crowley, and I learned that Angela Merkel is actually the daughter of Adolph Hilter- scandalous, outrageous stuff, huh? Nope. It's the TRUTH. Do some research some day. You'll be amazed what you dig up...

Rush Limbaugh is a Master at Obfuscation. Truly, he is. He can obfuscate like nobody I've ever seen or heard. He can reel you into some bullshit that is so wack....only because he is an intellectual badass. I know Jim Morrison better than I know my own father. And I'm telling you- he is an EVIL genius. He's a genius, no doubt about it- but he's an EVIL fucking genius. And what blows my mind is nobody has blown the whistle on this guy. What a well-maintained MYTH!!!!
I fell for it hook line and sinker, and I consider myself a pretty sharp cat.
Luckily, I found out on my own. No one informed me. So I'm doing what no one did for me: Let the cat out of the bag for all of the fans who got burned just as bad as I did. I lost 25 years of my life, lost my purpose, my mentor. And he was always staring at me in plain sight...I knew Rush Limbaugh when I was in high school. I've ALWAYS known who he was. But I never for one second put two and two together. So be warned...the CIA will turn you into a mind-control experiment BY PROXY, KIDS...

04-13-2017, 12:43 AM
So today Rushie was bloviating about how United Airlines kicked 4 people off a flight for staff and bloodied some dude up in the process. Apparently he was belligerent after being bumped off his flight. Rush isn't qualified to comment on this story as he was kicked off a flight for the same behavior in the sixties, only that time he was drunk, on his way to a Stones concert.
So what if he "met the terms of the deal" Rush? The small print on any ticket says you can be bumped. We all know they overbook flights. Apparently this guy was a doctor, who had patients waiting the next day and was really upset over losing his seat. OK, but he also was found to be a guy offering oxycontin to patients for sex. And lost his license for it. How did he get it back is the issue, but no, Rushie goes to the fact that he was bloodied up, roughed up, and it makes the airline look like thugs. To me the whole thing is ridiculous. Handled horribly on all sides. Rush wants to lay blame. Fine. Blow yer hot air, Rushbo...

He mentioned being shitcanned from ESPN over racist comments. Good. Because he is a racist pig. Unabashedly so. He BARELY conceals his ridiculous racism.
He mentioned Sean Spicer's unforced error when he said Hitler never used chemical weapons or gas. What a fuckin' retard...how do holocaust deniers get the job of Press secretary??????Rush says he was "being a good soldier". I fuckin' know what being a good soldier means. I was one. Not a model long-time serving soldier, but a good one. Honorably released. And lying and obfuscating and being completely oblivious to History just doesn't cut it. Who the fuck
IS this guy Sean Spicer? And how the fuck is he qualified in any fashion to be press secretary? He looks like he's the guy who picks up Trump's dry-cleaning.

04-13-2017, 01:35 AM
Rush says that Trump is having "Major Success Stories" that the media are not reporting on.
What would those be, Rushie? The special election in Kansas? 6.8% victory? Big whoop. Talking to the Chi-Coms with one phone call? Please.
And if the Chinese are not gonna be siding with North Korea, all that tells me is they are sharing the spoils cautiously.
A Fisa Warrant has been issued for investigating Trump's collusion with Russian officials and Rush poo-poohs it all, saying Roger Stone, Carter Page, and Paul Manafort were all above board, when I know for a FACT that Manafort is a money launderer. Not good. Without even knowing him I know it. I hope he hangs. He's shady as fuck.
Rush plugs a book about Hillary's 2016 campaign- odd, no? Why ever mention her? If you won? Idiot?
Rush, the media are not "casting about" looking for dirt on Trump. He serves up his incompetence and clearly opportunistic administration minions DAILY. Trump says he didn't fail with health care. Huh? You failed so fucking badly- on your first bill!!!-it was hilarious. No President has ever had their first bill fail, right?
TEN YEARS Republicans were barking and chirping and chiming about repealing Obamacare. Then the day comes and.....nothing.No bill. They have to scramble to cobble together a shit-tastic bill. Wow.

04-13-2017, 06:40 PM
Rush says the key to understanding Trump is that with him "everything is a negotiation". Wrong Rush. "Everything is a CON".
And you know it.

He says that Liberals are unable to comprehend him (or most in Washington) because of his business acumen, which he's bringing to the Capitol. So disingenuous Rush...so disparaging and slighting of smart political people. They understand negotiation and business, dipshit. Quit being such a smug prick. It's not impressive. In fact it's a sickness with you, not a good side of "America"...
Cheap shots are the American way?
Rush also said that Trump is 71, and he's not changing his ways. Duh. You didn't have to tell me that, Rushie.
Just stop with the insults to your audience's intelligence. It gets so old.
Rush never mentions that Trump's co-writer of "The Art of the Deal" said point-blank that Trump is a fraud.
Rush never mentions Trump University, a business, not a school, that went tits up and he had to pay millions to victims.

This orange nightmare is President? I have to "make an effort" to understand him? I've known who Trump is since I was 15.
He didn't impress me then, and now I just sneer at his incestuous, ridonkulous visage...he'll get what's coming to him. And we thought Dubya was horrible? Wowza.

04-15-2017, 05:31 PM
I have a copy of Rush's second book, "See, I Told You So"- an arrogant, smarmy, goading title for a book if I ever heard one- and I will refer to it often. It's his manifesto against Liberalism, and I can rip it apart like a Thanksgiving turkey.

In his acknowledgements, he admits he had not much to do with it, and that it was cobbled together basically under pressure because his first book was a smash bestseller. ("The Way Things Ought To Be"). It was edited by his brother "David" (snicker- his actual brother's name is Andy), and he extends deep gratitude to his good friend Roger Ailes (whatever happened to old Roger? LOL) for offering a crack addict to be his research specialist. (?) from Ailes Communications...is that a sexual abuse school? He also admits others helped him put the book together, like the editors of his newsletter & Judith Regan, who added "spicy augmentations" and "surgical erasures" and defended against the "customary Leftist quarters", while "Learning together the price of being politically incorrect in the world of New York publishing"- What an asshole, huh?

Then he butters up his readers by saying : "Finally, I thank my Wonderful audience, without whom none of this would be possible. Your loyalty ond support mean so much".- Reel 'em in, PT Barnum...........

In the introduction he takes off like an Apollo Rocket of Arrogance:
You hold in your hot little hands, MY FRIENDS, America's next publishing milestone. Soon, "See, I Told You So" will eclipse all publishing records known in the English-speaking world-most of which, by the way, were set by my first tome, "The Way Things Ought To Be". The Rush Limbaugh radio program soared to new, previously uncharted heights in the annals of Marconi's invention. My television show also became the nation's hottest new late-night program. "The Limbaugh Letter", my stellar journal of opinion, became what is arguably the most successful start-up publication in history. And of course, we all know about the first book, which is setting records in hardcover sales as this follow-up goes to press. I've conquered radio, television, the newsletter business, and the book world.

Bloviate much, Rush? Puff yerself up much? Toot yer own horn much? Flaunt your ego much? Shit on people much?

04-15-2017, 05:54 PM
He has this galactic Arrogance and Conceit...he is deeply involved in conceit. (and a prescription drug addiction).
Check out these "holier-than-thou" morsels from his introduction:

Why have I been so successful in areas where so many others have failed? What accounts for the unprecedented popularity of my words? (I know Jim- You're "a Word Man, Better than a Bird man..." LOL) How do I defy the odds? It's really quite simple. (Yes it is, Rushie. You've been an entertainer and weapon since 1965!)

People respond to what I say because it is right.- Wrong. People respond to what you say because you know HOW to say shit. You know what truthful nuggets to drop into your narrative in order to get them on your side! You don't fool me anymore, Jushbo...You had me as Jim, Guilty, but as Rush, I make a Grave for the Unknown Soldier...

My wit and wisdom are like a lifeline of reason tossed to a culture nearly drowning in confusion and murkiness.- I actually agree with you on this one, Rushie. To your listeners, you are the Lizard King, leading them to "Celebrate Symbols in deep Elder redwood forests..."Out here we is hopped up on Oxys..."- which, by the way, Rush is tranked out on opiates on most days. You can usually tell, if you listen REAL CLOSE...I don't think he can do the show without them. He's an addict thru and thru...

No wonder more people are clinging to my hopeful and incisive words every day.- No wonder indeed. When you know the game, you can con the people...That book was published in 1993, I was 18. Rush was championing a return to the Republic for which the USA stands, and seven years later he got it. Then what happened? That's right. BOOM BOOM.
September 11th, 2001.

And right now, it is eerily similar to George W. Bush's honeymoon period, with gross incompetence and negligence abounding, an oblivious President always on vacation, who when asked if he authorized the "Mother Of All Bombs" in Afghanistan this week, he wouldn't answer. Nothing but cowboy posturing, just like Dubya. Deja Vu all over again...only this time it won't be a mere 3000 die...

04-15-2017, 07:45 PM
Ray Manzarek famously said once: "In order to be a Doors fan you have to be INTELLIGENT".

I just thought he was flattering me and all of the smart Doors fans.
But now I know what he really meant. The Doors are a U.S. Intelligence "counter-culture" Psy-Op, designed to neutralize potential threat "leftists" by providing an archetype and philosophy that cannot be resisted. And boy, did it ever do it's job! You can only "love" the Doors unless you understand all of the symbolic double-meanings and tropes. You can't be a passive listener. If you are, you're not really a Doors fan. Last August when I discovered Jim as Rush on a night I will NEVER forget, I tried to understand how he can be this guy when they are seemingly polar opposites. But the more I delved into it, the more I realized he's not that different from Jim at all. He's the exact same. Only now he's working RIGHT synthesis instead of the LEFT...
His second book is dedicated to his grandfather, "the Limbaugh America should know"- which tells me that Jim is doing this for his father. On the When You're Strange (Tom DiCillo film) DVD special features, there's an interview with Jim's father, the Admiral Steve Morrison. The only interview you'll ever see of Jim's father, actually. In it he lies, he states that Jim "Was a good man. He had high ethical standards". Now, that statement strikes me as batshit insane coming from him, and only makes sense if he's speaking about Rush (also his son!). Rush tows the Conservative line his daddy adhered to with a Vengeance.

What was the Admiral doing on the day his son "DIED" on July 3, 1971?
He was de-commissioning his own ship.
Was he de-commissioning his own son too? As a "Rock Star"?
Yes he was.

04-16-2017, 01:31 AM
So what was it that confirmed for me that Rush is Jim Morrison? It was a combination of the eyes and the video of his first TV appearance in 1988 on a "fake" cable access show. On that show the host "interviews" Rush, and at one point he says he's gonna play a game, kinda like "Jeopardy!". He holds up a sign to Rush that says "A HIGH SLUM RUB" on it. He asks Rush what it refers to.
Rush says he has no idea. The host says it's what you get when you re-arrange the letters of "Rush Limbaugh"- an anagram, Like Jim Morrison had with "Mr. Mojo Risin'"...Rush says "I would never have known. THEY WARNED ME ABOUT YOU...." in his best W.C. Fields voice...That was all I needed, but when he breaks into his Betty Boop voice to sing Clarence Frogman Henry's "Ain't got no Home"....that was the absolute clincher. I knew right then and there that it WAS HIM.

So if anyone wants to post about how I'm insane to say Rush is Jim Morrison- shut yer trap. I'm a Doors EXPERT, paco...Ask anyone who really knows me. It's fucking him. I looked at every image I could find of Rush to confirm it. The eyes don't lie...I did a trace of his teeth too-perfect match. His mole- same as Jim's. He's 5'11"- same as Jim was. The only thing needed is a DNA test, or the grave to be exhumed...but Jim's father put the ki-bosh on a petition by fans to dig him up, to end all speculation and confusion about his death. Fishy, no?

Rush LOVES pointing out the fact that nobody thought Trump had a shot at winning. Hey Rush: Trump did not "win". He was handed the Presidency on a silver platter, and on election night Trump's ENTIRE team never knew the outcome. That was BY DESIGN. Hillary and Obama and Trump are all on the same team, all Satanists, all serve Jacob & Evelyn Rothschild. Not one is innocent or has the interests of "We The People" at heart. On the contrary, these "Globalists" that Rush whines about and rails against? THEY ARE THE U.S. GOVERNMENT! They just don't tell anybody! And Rush knows it.

Allow me to "UNPACK" his last show (Good Friday, April 14, 2017):

04-16-2017, 02:08 AM
He opened talking about how Democrats are being "introspective" about their election loss.
Rush says they "keep on losing"- um, no they don't Rush. They've had victory after victory in these first 100 days of Trump's "admin".
He's right that Hillary rigged the primary against Bernie, just like Obama did to her in 2008. But he's DEAD WRONG about people feeling sorry for Hillary. She ran a shitty campaign, one she took for granted. These well-heeled political operatives had no idea that Trump could snatch a win. They underestimated the anger/pent-up racism toward Obama. They rested on their laurels, of which there were NONE to actually speak of. Hillary thought she was "owed" the Presidency, and that not only angered Republicans, but also Democrats who saw Bernie as the sensible choice, a better, bolder new choice, despite his age. Yet Hillary rigged the primary, screwing the Democratic party and the country in the process. Thanks, CUNT!

Trump has no clue what he's doing, despite Rush and Trump supporters saying he's doing EXACTLY what he said he was gonna do.
He's not. He actually has NO POWER. The military and CIA and FBI are operating AROUND HIM. Trump authorizes NOTHING. Trump writes no laws, no legislation. He's just a potemkin placeholder, a fact that Rush is keenly aware of yet NEVER mentions, curiously...

Rush barks about leaks and leakers all the time, but he has no clue who's doing it. He calls them "Obama In-Beds" or "deep State" leakers. Gee Rush, do you think people are leaking info like crazy simply because Trump is worse as President than a toddler of age 6 months? Do you suppose that could be it? That this guy is such a bag of hammers that anybody and everybody is spilling the beans?

Anybody with a brain knows that this is an unprecedented Oval Office gang here - complete Numpties, completely oblivious shitstains, who have no clue how to govern, and more importantly: DON'T WANT TO GOVERN. We all know that after a decade or 8 years of a President the people want change, they want some new blood. But if you replace the old blood with new blood that HAS NO CLUE WHAT THEY ARE DOING, then disasters will occur. People will die. And blame will be misplaced. It never fails- see Dubya's admin and all who died under his "SERVICE TO AMERICA"...
I think a lot of people will die, and Trump will be blamed but nothing will happen. No one will hold him to account, just like no one held Dubya to account. These fuckers get away with murder, and nobody seems to give a damn...

Rush always mentions that there is NO EVIDENCE of collusion with Russia. But he never mentions that it's because the CIA orchestrated all that. He NEVER rams home the idea that the CIA probably planted those seeds of doubt- first with the e-mails, then with colluding with Russia. As citizens, how do we suss out the truth? Are we supposed to take the word of Comey??? A guy who is a complete moron??
What proof of collusion WOULD be the smoking gun, Rush? To me it's Paul Manafort. He's the evidence. Just look at him! He looks and acts like a cheap rented hustler who couldn't wait to make some "deals" of his own...

Rush thinks all kinds of countries were spying on Trump before the election, and that it wasn't because they thought he would win. He thinks it was because they were looking forward to some favours from Hillary later, after she won: "Look what we did for you!". That's possible, but I refuse to believe that these political "geniuses" could not foresee a backlash. Michael Moore warned us that Trump could win, and so did I. In fact, I put Trump forward as "The Choice", tongue-in-cheek, just to see what would happen. YIKES...
Americans actually thought Trump was Presidential material...UNREAL.

I agree with Rush that Hillary winning a Senate seat from New York does NOT qualify her to be President. Obama campaigning for her that she's the "Most qualified person to ever run" was ridonkulous and contributed to the shock of the loss. If the opposition to Trump is in a panic to get rid of him, they need not worry. If Dubya flamed out so fast, Trump will spontaneously combust. It's just a matter of time.Trump's ego is more fragile than an eggshell. He does get influenced by the last person who talked to him, despite Rushie poo-poohing it. Rush says that there is "An intricately woven web of deceit here" against Trump. Really, Rush? Intricately woven web of deceit? Or an orchestrated and well-intentioned take-down operation? Because Trump threatens the very future of America?

Unpack that, Jabba the Limbaugh!

04-16-2017, 02:20 AM
The best part of Friday's show was listening to this Lying Moron plug his brother "David"'s book on Christ: "The True Jesus".

Jim Morrison was/is a Satanist, who openly blasphemed, and if you look at the CD sleeve of the Doors box set disc 4 ("Band Favorites"), you'll see the band all sitting around an Idol/Totem/Statue of Alistair Crowley, paying Homage to their Master.
Jim is a member of the Saturn Death Cult, a satanic cult. And his name is "The Exterminating Angel" in the cult, which tells me he probably sacrificed children on the Owl altar at Bohemian Grove, or was a High Priest overseeing it. Maybe he still is, on weekends. Who knows?

The Admiral Steve Morrison was quoted as saying "RULES ARE MADE TO BE INTELLIGENTLY BROKEN", and you can bet your sweet bibby that Jim/Rush adheres to that exact same philosophy. Jim was interested in the writings of Nietzsche, and the concept of the Uber-Mensch, and it all fits into the psychosis of Rush Limbaugh...

On Friday's show a caller called in (AJ from Denver), saying: "The whole Washington political paradigm has changed! We have an opportunity to destroy the Democratic party!!! WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE!!!-echoes of Apocalypse Now, which used a Doors song- and what did Rush say in response to that?

"I'm not sure that's what Republicans want..."
American politics are so convoluted and FUCKED UP...

04-18-2017, 02:44 PM
Rush Limbaugh is a "Backdoor Man"- he likes gay sex. He likes slippin' in the backdoor...He fucked Elton John on his wedding night- after he "performed" at it, Rush got married to a woman who is EXACTLY my younger sister's age, off by a couple days...(she was born in 1976)

Rush Limbaugh is the Fraud Man, doin' time in Dark Joey's mind...

Rush Limbaugh is a preppy boy who wondered "why the kids just don't think ahead?"

Rush Limbaugh wanted the world and he wanted it now, but Johann slammed the DOOR. in his FACE.

Rush Limbaugh called me beautiful and said "This is the End". He's right. The End of Hard Lies. On the EIB network.

04-18-2017, 10:20 PM
Don't worry about Trump. Nixon wasn't destroyed in a day.

The problem with U.S. politics is not the voter. It's not the even the candidates. (Although we all know the talent pool for higher office is mighty thin). The problem is money. Rush is right, money just POURS into these campaigns. And we all know it's for several reasons. But the inner voice we all have says that it's morally wrong to influence things with an injection of cash. It's akin to bribery at least, at most it's criminal.
So the people who vote their conscience, who maybe contribute a pittance to a campaign compared to some other super-pac daddy, get the Royal Shaft, with no lube...

There is a tense situation with North Korea right now, and Rush isn't helping the situation. There is an armada/flotilla of U.S. Navy ships off the coast of North Korea and U.S. jets have done fly-bys, displaying military might. Now, we all know the North Koreans are a tad strange and kooky. But guess what? The world is full of them. And they are not a threat. A lot of their missiles have U.S. components! That can be disabled remotely! So what is the threat exactly that the "NORK's" (as Rush affectionately calls them) pose?
They have nuclear weapons? OK...maybe the Secretary of Defence can clue the public in here? What's the threat? What's the megadeath ratio here? What's on the Big Board? A La Dr. Strangelove?

I know some readers may think I'm taking Rush Limbaugh too seriously, that he's not worth it. I hear you, and I agree to an extent. But this man is considered a leader by a lot of Americans, his word is gospel to more than you know. He has lost a lot of listeners over the years (and sponsors due to his outrageus bloviations and outbursts) but he has also gained a lot of others, of all stripes. You can tell these people feel they know Rush. But trust me, they only know the weapon, the political weapon. None of his listeners would be invited to his Palm Beach villa/home, take a beautiful cigar from his walk-in humidor, and have him cut it and light it and talk to you for hours about the America of John Adams...No No No...Rush is Upper Crust, when really he's just a two-bit hood, a scamp, a jailbird, like his son Clifford, who's doing ten years right now, for armed robbery. Like father like Son, eh Jimbo?

04-18-2017, 10:43 PM
Did you know that Rush discussed Rape on-air recently (and lost a helluva lot of sponsors) when he said "No can mean yes. IF you know how to spot it." Wow, huh? He just described rape there. The living definition. "No can mean yes. If you know how to spot it". Did I just hear you correctly, Jabba? NO MEANS NO, ASSHOLE! At all times!!!!!
Rush also used the term "Rape Police" on the air. "Here come the Rape Police, because somebody got Raped!!Whaaaa....."
How is he allowed on the air? He claims he's an "Entertainer"- hey, Clowny: An entertainer never says shit like that to a Nationwide Audience and keeps his job. How do you do it? He explained once that what he does is "Theatre of the Mind"- Um, Rushie...you speak powerfully about politics, which affects people's LIVES. That isn't "theatre", I hope? I pray? Is Trump "Theatre of the MInd"???
Rush mentioned hypocrisy on his show today, and how all politicians are guilty of hypocrisy. True. But you are the biggest Hypocrite in the history of hypocrites Rush. You have literally played the role of "King" twice---two Kings but at opposite ends of the Spectrum...it's all a game to you...Alpha God and Omega Devil...
While chirping about your brother's Jesus book you said "Jesus was the Ultimate Example" and that he is mis-understood because of mass pop culture. I agree. So nice of you to point that out, Mr. Exterminating Angel...LOL You had a "Christ-Pose" back in the day, did you not? It was all over fucking New York, so said Pete Townshend of the Who...The L.A. Woman album was promoted with an image of Christ being crucified ELECTRICALLY...wow you got BALLS, Rushbo...Your Sins are GREAT...
Jim's father Stephen was also a member of the same FreeMason lodge as Gene Roddenberry...Betcha didn't know that, did ya?
That's probably why William Shatner and Rushie had a sit-down interview.

Here's the best thing ever said about hypocrisy, and Rush would do well to HEED IT:

"Hypocrisy isn't just a petty human foible. It is the very corrupted essence of our human predicament"- STANLEY KUBRICK

04-19-2017, 12:04 AM
The Democrats deserved to be pistol-whipped in the 2016 election. They deserved it. I followed the whole election, and I'm telling you, they deserved to be beat like a gong, beaten like a rat in a wastebasket, as Hunter Thompson would say.
They ran a shitty campaign from the start. I don't think Obama cared who won. Look how he steam-rolled over Hillary in 2008 to take the Democratic nomination from her (and go on to win the White House). Do you think he gave her proper advice? or did she "know enough" to win? Had she "been around the block" enough to nail it? Who knows. Story goes she apologized to Obama when she lost for letting him down. OK...

The Democrats cannot sit around and grouse. They have to look in the mirror, AND HARD. You got a short time (4 years? hopefully less?) to turn this disaster around and show America that you learned not to take things for granted and that you were always the stewards of America's best interests. A lot of work has to be done, but I have faith that this last election woke you up enough to the stakes and how you lost big time. A third term for Obama is NOT what America wants, and frankly, if I can be so bold, neither does the World. I think they want to see a steady hand, a Leader. Is that too much to ask? A progressive leader who listens, and who takes the Constitution to heart. Because we all know Republicans don't. They use the Constitution as a bootwipe. They SHOULD be the proper ruling party, but they are so Stone Age backwoods that that is simply not possible. They do not evolve and cannot evolve. They cannot be inclusive. It's funny how A new World Order is planned, with one world government in order to globalize "security", but the plan does NOT include everybody. It is a plan only for the Elites, and damn everybody else. A large segment of the population will take it and roll over. But some, like ME, will not. We will stand up and speak up. We will be there to point out your gross negligence and lack of foresight when it appears. Journalists and major networks are letting the populace (and world) down. "Truth" is your Objective as a journalist. HUNT IT. TRACK IT. SHOWCASE IT.
Growing up, I always thought that TV programs like 20/20 and 60 Minutes and W5 were fantastic. And they are. They really had the right approach. I love Barbara Walters, and her interesting ways of doing interviews, which got guarded people to open up. That is what a real journalist does. Celebrate Barbara Walters, America. She's Fabulous. People can make fun of her, but they should know she did a lot of great work and should be lauded for it.

Who refused to go on a recent Ted Koppel special that exposed Sean Hannity and his ilk as "bad for America"- as weapons of mass distraction, which they are, Koppel is dead-bang on correct. These clowns make millions for promoting nothing except ideology. FACTS DON'T MATTER to people like Hannity, Limbaugh, Alex Jones or Glenn Beck. Thank God Bill O'Reilly has been pretty much run off the air, huh? Good on Fox News IF they AX Bill-O. What a fucking creep...$13 million in sexual harassment hush money?
You paid that sick fuck $10 million a year, FOX????? Wow.
Roger Ailes rubbed off on the help, didn't he?

Back to Rush. He likes to yelp about how the Dems have no plan, that their only plan for now and the future is "We're Not Trump!".
Um, it's not like that Rushie...they know what a blunder they made, and they are back on the obstacle course, getting fit for the final battle in about 4 years time, because let's get real: Trump will not be a 2-termer. No Way. If he is, then we know that the system is so fuckin' broken and corrupt that it should be nuked on general principle...
Did you know that China kills off it's currency every 40 years simply because they don't trust it anymore?
The USA should look into that strategy to avoid a global economic meltdown. If Trump likes to negotiate so damn much here's a great way for him to start. He can make his name for REAL if he did it. Re-structure America's assets so that "winning" isn't merely a campaign slogan...

04-19-2017, 02:01 AM
In See, I Told You So, Rush's 1993 Manifesto against Liberals, he states that the book is "an Integrated work", that his purpose "Is not to trash Liberals or Liberalism"- (an Obvious Lie...). He states that his purpose is to
"Merely elucidate the many political and economic issues and events of our times."-What a fuckin' Joke...LOL

Then, right after saying he's not trashing Liberalism, he says: "In illuminating, I speak from a decidedly Conserative Worldview. Liberalism is a misguided, destructive political & cultural philosophy. I do not endeavor to personally indict, impugn, or castigate all of it's purveyors." He sure is a WORD Man...Better than a Bird Man...LOL "This is not personal"- Another Whopper of a lie. "It's about the future of the country. I deliberately eschew fatalism and alarmism. Combat their propaganda, sophistry and history-revision with the TRUTH!'- Amazing, the Irony, Rushie...That is EXACTLY what I am doing with this thread, you Colossal Hypocrite...
That is Exactly what I'm doing to you, right now, with THIS THREAD.

He implores his readers: "You MUST have the courage to believe the Truth!"- INDEED, Rushie! INDEED...Don't worry, I'm always of good cheer, I smile a lot. But I don't drink Snapple.

He implores the reader, almost BEGS: "Surrender to Unbridled Truth! Digest this Sage Guidebook!"- Wow you really sold this book HARD, Huh Rush? Just like a Televangelist! You even used your old dog's name! Sage!
"It has many searing insights! Many successful prognostications! This book will cause STAMPEDES!!! All across the Fruited Plain!!!!- Yep, Rushie is in FULL FLIGHT with his second Tome. LOL

04-20-2017, 12:13 AM
I feel strongly that Limbaugh's whole "schtick" is encompassed in his second book. He distilled it down so well in "See, I Told You so" that he had the next 25 years set in stone.

"Finally! Here is someone saying what I think!" is the most-often heard reaction people have when they have been exposed to my ruminations- he says boldly in the introduction. Interesting that you point that out Rush! Because I happen to know that that sentence DEFINES what you do, it DEFINES your entire modus operandi.
Without you "SAYING WHAT PEOPLE THINK", you have no show, No schtick, no basis for existing. You Masterfully AND DEFTLY and Magically become a Svengali on-air, simply because you have the "Talent on loan from God" to see what the big picture is.
O What Would America DO, Without YOU, Rushie? LOL How would they know what's going on in the murky world of federal politics without your talent on loan from Lucifer? Relaying Beelzebub's synthesis? Hmm? I guess Sean Hannity would throw them a life preserver. LOL

Rush was obviously thinking long-term, because also in the introduction he says: "This book is on the cutting edge of societal evolution. It is loaded with insight, brimming with profundity. It explodes the hypocrisy, fraud and deceit of the liberalism that is holding the Nation hostage. It SETS THE AGENDA for Conservative Thought through the remainder of what Historians will someday refer to as the Era of Limbaugh."

Wow, Huh? "The Era of Limbaugh" HaHaHa! Well, Johann is here to put an END to that Era. With this BRILLIANT thread here.
I'm taking your cue, Rush. I'm using your own tactics against you, just like the Iron Duke did to Napoleon. You will not recover.
I'm taking a hit out on you, not NBC or HBO. They couldn't care less about you. But Johann? HE WANTS YOUR FAT SCALP.

04-20-2017, 12:36 AM
He shamelessly called his book "A wellspring of undiluted truth". Always be suspicious of anyone who uses language like that...wow.
That is car-salesman mentality, on Steroids.

He predicts that Liberals are buying his book by the thousands, "In the desperate pursuit of Opposition Research". LOL How is Johann doing, Jimbo? How's MY "opposition research"? Pretty devastating, isn't it? Not desperate at all...Quite the opposite. You are dead before I even start. I'm merely shovelling fresh dirt onto your MASONIC CIA COFFIN. Hop in. You already knows what it's like to wake up in a body bag. Let's seal the grave...with 200 pounds of sand. In Pere Lachaise...and Mourn you, while you sneer and snicker...LOL

These words in his Introduction to his book are VERY telling, and are MY exact M.O. today:
"THEY ARE NOW IN CONTROL AND WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ESCAPE ACCOUNTABILITY". Mr. Clinton and his Ivy league colleagues are now relatively free to use this country as their grand laboratory experiment. All of their theorems will be tested, with America and all Americans (not just the wealthy) as their guinea pigs.
VERY interesting, Rush! VERY VERY interesting...you just laid out Jacob Rothschilds plan! In plain sight! (That's the rule, isn't it, hahaha) Hindsight is 20/20, and reading "See, I Told You So" is amazing with the benefit of hindsight. You can see exactly Rush's role, and the "AGENDA", and how they actually operate. Got it, Rushie! I'm "With The Program"...LOL Shake in yer Stinky Boots...
I'm gonna take ya OFF THE AIR.

He describes what he does as "Bristling, Cogent Anaysis", available nowhere else. He mocks readers (and God) by saying "Your initial reaction may be shock and disbelief. But this, too, shall pass. It is merely the normal, reflexive reaction to unbridled truth. Don't fight it. Don't even try. Surrender yourself".- Wow what an arrogant Turd Blossom. It's stunning how arrogant he is, how galactically condescending he is.

The book begins proper with 7 quotes, from famous men: Voltaire, Thoreau, Butler, Perry, Paine, Channing and Virgil.
Rush has nothing in common with any of them and should be cuffed for taking shine from them. He also says this at the end of the quotes: Isn't it amazing that these guys knew what they know....without having to listen to me?

04-20-2017, 03:55 AM
Rush was probably physically or sexually abused as a child. He may have PTSD, who knows. MK Ultra take "intelligent" offspring and see if they can be mind-controlled to become a weapon, an entertainment weapon, a political weapon, or any other type of weapon. The children have to be traumatized for any programming to take hold. There are no books on MK Ultra, and no publisher will ever publish a book on them. Roseanne Barr exposed them on video, not that her word should be heeded, but it's well known in certain circles what Mk Ultra is. (Kanye West is one of their "prodigies" *snicker*, along with Katy Perry)
Jim Morrison is MK's greatest success. Their greatest Pride. He succeeded in ways they never dreamed. Bravo. Bully For Nazi Experimentation, Eh? Rush is conditioned to Revere his situation. I don't know what they have on him, but it appears he's on the air purely for survival. He doesn't have to be on the air. He has nothing to prove, right? He's "done it all", "conquered all", as a young man, so why is he on the air? What do they have on him? He'll be 74 this December. Why is he high as a kite on opiates and on the air 5 days a week? Is he a "LIFELINE" for someone or something? It's very bizarre...

A poster on youtube mentioned that there is a very noticeable change in Rush since the election, and that his shows are repetitive, with nothing more than Conservative vs. Liberal hot air, NO ISSUES, no substantitive discourse...the fan wondered what was going on, why his shows have been the same old re-treads. Listeners want more "World Stage" commentary Rush! we want what's on THE BIG BOARD, a la Strangelove! We can handle the heaviness of geo-Politics! lay it on us, Maha Rushie! LOL
The fan was griping about Rush's constant "Liberal/Conserative back-and-forth", which is nothing more than Rush talking in circles, killing airtime. He doesn't talk about real issues, he just dances, steps lightly and quickly on the general "Lay of the Land" in Washington with no real answers or substance. It's getting really annoying. He says his show is the "fastest three hours in media"- fastest for him. For me (and probably many others) he is a grind to listen to, with his shrill high-pitched voice that he lowers when he feels like being fanciful in his delivery. He's quite out to pasture. He's way out there...on the 14th green, hitting nothing off the fairway, because he "thinks too much". LOL Fuck Off Rush. Get off the air. NOW. You're done. Johann is shutting off your fake Sinatra EIB tin microphone. I broadcast MY excellence from now on. You have passed the torch to me, Betty Boop...

Rush likes to say that Liberalism and Progressivism are delusions and illusions. Really? You need to "unpack" that notion, Rush. You need to hold your horses and explain that statement in detail. You said on your show yesterday something to the effect of "Liberals are touted as gleaning from all kinds of media sources so they're well-informed, while Conservatives only generally listen to Fox News or one source, such as Rush Limbaugh". That's correct, Rush. Show me a well-informed Conservative and I'll show you a VERY narrow minded person. You are the only well-informed Conservative I've ever encountered Rush! The only one I've ever seen in my entire life! And I happen to know exactly WHY, Mr. Morrison!!!

What is this shit that Democrats can't stop Trump? What the hell are you talking about? Only in specific instances in the Senate? Could you fill out that statement a wee bit, asshole? Are we looking at history repeating itself? Because Democrats couldn't stop BUSH either. And history was so kind to Bush, wasn't it? All Trump has is Executive Orders. (And a prayer that they'll be carried out). No one takes Trump seriously. Only you. Which is hilarious, because I KNOW you know he's ridiculous. You fucking know. You're not an idiot, are ya, Rushie? hahaha. You are on top of EVERYTHING, aren't ya? Your chubby fellanges are in everybody's pie, aren't they? Not much gets past El Rushbo, does it?

He keeps hammering home this idea that Democrats don't live in reality. Yes they do Rush. Especially when you wallow in a defeat like losing to Trump. It's real. It stings. It was a Blunder. But hopefully the Dems know what's required, because I sure do.
You need to NEUTER Trump. All forces must converge on THE ENEMY. Because there's no mistaking who it is. Even longtime "Establishment" Republicans are "Never-Trumpers", even if they never say it. This guy isn't an "outsider" coming to town and causing havoc. No No No Rush...THAT would be OK. If the outsider had a clue. But this "outsider" is a buffoon, a Joke, no one can take him or his Pussy Grabbing racism and retardedness seriously. He is literally a Bozo. A taco-bowl eating, misogynistic, incest-loving, sexual predator BOZO.

04-20-2017, 05:08 AM
Rush promotes the tobacco industry. He disparages climate-change. He is a corporate Whore, first with Elektra Records & Paul A. Rothschild and now with the EIB network and his silk ties and Rush Revere children's books and commercials and Nike golf shirts...It's so devastating to know that the super-Incredible front man Jim Morrison changed into this Blowhard who sucks his Daddy's Dong, long after Daddy died...

Oliver Stone is on trial too. He made a Doors film, and he knows Jim is Rush. You know how I know? The 15th Anniversary special edition DVD has Oliver on the special features speaking, and at one point he gets emotional- the only time I've ever seen Oliver Stone tear-up. He smiles *BIGLY* and says "I miss him. I never doubted him". That was my clue. He was talking DIRECTLY to Rush.
And so am I now: I miss Jim, Rush. Jim was real to me. He wasn't a "performer". He was a Leader. And now that I know it was all a sham, you owe me all the money I ever dropped into your treasury. PLUS 5.1 Million in psychological trauma and betrayal payments.

I have no problem with Jim Morrison being alive. NONE. IF HE'S JIM. If he's Rush Limbaugh, then I skin the Lizard. Then I make a Grave for a CIA FRAUD. You better set the record straight, or I'm gonna go nuclear on your ass. Your colossal arrogance and conceit piss me off. I want your corpse. YESTERDAY. I'm not gonna relent until you get off the air, until the EIB network is mothballed. YOU HEAR ME? Start planning your retirement. Because it's gonna happen in 2017. Friends of mine say that I should be worried about the CIA. I'm not. I'm not worried in the slightest. I'm not worried about martyrdom, I'm not worried about being sniped, gassed, poisoned or have Polonium-210 dropped into my tea, a la Putin...I have no fear of you, your buddies, your highest SWAT team operative. You're talking to a man with no fear LITERALLY. Who will not hesitate at the moment of Truth. Stanley Kubrick taught me a lot. You did too, but you did not care. You "Cremated Care", didn't you, you fucking Psycho?

04-21-2017, 03:29 PM
I feel such pity for Rush's fans, who love the guy.
They don't know he's Morrison, and yet they still treat Rush as a God.

He'll keep a caller waiting on-air for over two hours, let them speak for a few minutes, he'll placate them sometimes, but if the subject instantly bores him (and it's easy to tell when) he'll find a quick way to cut the caller off, cut to a commercial, and he'll apologize. And he gets away with that shit because he's feigns sympathy. He'll take a caller after talking shit about NOTHING AT ALL for over an hour and then say "So-and-So in Bloggins Montana....I understand you've been waiting a long time to get through. We appreciate it here at the EIB network, sincerely. Thank you for calling"- TOTAL BULLSHIT. He pretends to be sympathetic and deeply concerned about your "great patience" in waiting eons to get through when he is nothing of the sort. He probably would explain it away with "radio savvy", a "trick of the trade" or some bullshit. But it's not. He's a Rude Motherfucker. Even to people on his side. He doesn't like taking calls from the public. Loathes it, Despises it. That kind of thing is beneath him, you see. He'd rather just pontificate and have the masses lap it up, After all, Rushie EARNED his Golfing Satanic Buddha Status, did he not? LOL
He's full of hate. He's either still mad at Dad or he's mad at God. He's a prisoner. he's an Empty Shell. A shadow of his former self. He's Sad. pathetic. Never loved as a child. Like Napoleon. Too bad, Rushie. My childhood wasn't all roses but I don't take it out on the world like you do.

Rush, I have to say it. WHY AREN'T YOU THE FUCKING PRESIDENT if you know so damn much about Washington and all the nuances and intricacies and mechanations? HUH? You are the best political operative EVER. You are the ORIGINAL Drive-By Media, Karl Rove,Sean Hannity, the original Glenn Beck! the original CNN, Breitbart, Goldman Sachs, next-of-Kin to the Bushes, You worship Rudy G, you suck Trump's Diminuitive Dong fifty times daily, why not end all the confusion and terror of Numpty Trump? Replace him with your EXCELLENCE...hahaha

Come on, Rush. How dumb do you think I am? Jello Biafra's bandmates once told him "BIAFRA, Since you know so much, why don't you run for Mayor?" And he did. Didn't win, but he made the effort. Why won't YOU run for higher office Rush? You'd do a better job than Trump, right? You're "America's Anchorman", right? LOL Trusted ALL ACROSS the Fruited Plain...John Adams himself would Authorize your Candidacy! AM I WRONG? lol

If the USA is hurting Rush, and you have all the solutions for what Ails Her, then do your duty.
Get out from behind that console and SERVE.
LEAVE A LEGACY. Cuz right now, all you are is a fat, drug-addled, obscene ex-rock star who flew the coop and went under the knife to fool the masses but it blew up in yer face.Johann found you out and is now headhunting you...You are in the quicksand. Your oxygen line was cut in outer space, and now you are gasping for air and drifting away from the ship...into the cold, merciless expanse...

04-23-2017, 10:01 PM
The main thing to remember with Rush Limbaugh is that he's a Fraud. He's not a Man. He's a Beast. A sick, twisted, loyal to Dad Animal.

He has never been a Conformist. Which is why I can't for the life of me see how anybody can believe what he says. He doesn't conform to Conservatism, and he doesn't conform to Republican Ideals. All he conforms to is acting, synthesis, and revenue for himself. PERIOD.
It's as plain as the nose on my face that he doesn't give a damn about nothing. It's all shits and giggles. He Waited For The Sun, and he basked in it. Now the sun is setting. And Johann is speeding up the process.

Last week he said that he is starting to resent his job, because everybody listens to it and he has to limit what he says.
HUH? What? Say again, Rushie? You limit what you say? That never stopped you before. You called Sandra Fluke a "SLUT", a "PROSTITUTE"- a student at Georgetown Law School... the backlash was INSTANTANEOUS and PUNISHING, wasn't it? On my 37th birthday in 2012 (May 14) Rush received a big bronze bust of himself in the "Hall of Famous Missourians" the same week he made those misogynistic and hateful comments on-air. Petitions were signed to "FLUSH RUSH!" signed by thousands- Missourians were livid, I don't blame them. Forget about what Rush represents- how about the fact that he's Jim Morrison, BORN IN FLORIDA in 1943?????

Did you know that his bust is the only one in the Jefferson Hall with it's own CCTV security camera to prevent vandals from defacing it? True. The Republicans in charge said it would be a good "pilot project"- and the taxpayer paid for it. Harry Truman is in that Hall...so is Ginger Rogers, Walt Disney, Walter Cronkite, Stan Musial...and MARK TWAIN. The Republican House Speaker Steven Tilley was behind Rush's acceptance in the Hall, and protestors delivered petitions with 35,000 signatures on them and bombarded him with tons of Flush Rush! chants and toilet paper rolls. Not only that, they never announced to the media until 25 minutes prior that it was gonna happen. AND the Missouri Highway Patrol prevented the public from attending! Locked the Doors to the Hall! A ceremony that has ALWAYS been public! Was behind closed doors, in secret, because Republicans were embarrassed to have this racist fat pig being honored (and protested) in this way. Utterly SHAMEFUL. Steven Tilley should just kill himself.

What did Rush say about the entire mess? Something Classy: "Our so-called friends on the other side of the aisle are DERANGED."
Right, Rush, RIGHT...

Heather Woodside of St. Louis made a name for herself by Heading the effort to remove Rush from the Hall of Famous Missourians.
She also got thousands of signatures. Here's her speaking: "We need to remove a man's image who makes it his priority to demean women, people of color, immigrants, the working class, the poor & the LGBT community. He is NOT a positive example for Missouri. Don't condone his hatred and bigotry! That bust cost $10,000 in private donations, installed right after his Sandra Fluke comments, which ignited a firestorm of controversy! Taxpayers pay for his 24-hour security camera! On a bronze bust! Ludicrous! Our great hope is that our Governor and our representatives see that this is someone who we don't want in our State Capitol. Some people say put it outside so the pigeons can shit on it."

Wow. It didn't work. 5 years later, and Rush's bust is still there, and still being security camera watched. LOL
Mark Steyn, one of Rush's guest hosts- the British guy- once met Stephen Harper! Who knew?
Rush has also been seen golfing with Greg Norman, my favorite winemaker. Well guess what Greg? I don't buy your wine anymore after seeing you golf with El Rushbo. Yep. Bam. That Quick, NORMAN....

04-23-2017, 10:43 PM
Rush has callers EXTREMELY screened. No one gets through unless they can convince the extreme screener that they are worthy. Only then can they get through. Then you'd better be prepared to wait for two hours on the line, listening to a cheap imitation of W.C. Fields drawl and slur his words through an Oxycontin fog...

This fat clown is so holier-than-Thou in his approach and on-air persona that it intimidates people. You can hear the nervousness in callers voices...even longtime listeners. They are stoked and nervous to be actually be talking to the great Maha Rushie...LOL
It's Absurdly Comical, because Rush despises them. He doesn't give a damn. The quicker they get on with what they have to say, the better for him. It's interesting to hear how he responds to suggestions from callers. Sometimes he'll agree, he'll nod that you are on-side with his propaganda. Other times he'll disagree with you, and take you to task. But some callers stand their ground, and as soon as you do that, the clock is ticking for Rushie to cut you off. (DEFTLY)- it's hilarious to see how he'll ditch a caller, because it always seems rude and abrupt, even if he says "Maybe Snerdly can take your number...call back on open line Friday...I'd like to discuss this further..." Mere PLACATING with no backbone. Because Friday comes, and that caller is amazingly missing in action. LOL
I also happen to know he has friends; daughters call in to his show and praise his Rush Revere children's book series. Little girls will call in and gush about how much they love "Liberty" the horse in those books or some shit. Rush will act all "Touched" and announce that he's gonna send the girl a Rush Revere goodie bag, with Rush Swag, just for being his "Target Audience for those Books". And speaking of those books, here's a link that everybody should read:


04-23-2017, 11:33 PM
In See, I Told You So Rush says this:

"As host, I need to be informed. So I read voraciously- nine newspapers a day, to be exact, in addition to the countless magazines and books I devour relentlessly. I swim in faxes sent to me by my audience, whose collective contributions represent the best clipping service in America today. I receive at least fifteen serious speaking offers every month, though I must turn down 99%. Monday through Friday, I do 3 live hours of the most sophisticated, spontaneous, entertaining and informative talk radio in the Universe".

As a Doors Scholar, I can say that he does indeed read voraciously. Jim Morrison was definitely a well-read guy, a sponge, a cultural Juggernaut. And Rushie is the exact same. Co-incidence? I think not. There is no boundary for what Rush knows or is willing to know or is willing to discuss. He's quite "LIBERAL" in that regard. He wants to be the sharpest radar on the North American continent. But his stupid ignorance and proven buffoonish track record destroy that notion. If he knows what's going on, he's not relaying it to the masses in totem, which is what he's done for 30 years- OBFUSCATE for the CIA. His job is to DISTRACT. Nothing More. That's all he has to do. And he's a Master at it. That's why he has that big house in Palm Beach and a Gulfstream IV jet and yachts and all these Rich trappings that Jim Morrison despised and rejected. He became a counter-culture Icon in order to attack it!!!!!! In order to be the counter-point to it!! Pretty clever, huh? Am I supposed to admire that? Or am I supposed to rip him a new fucking asshole? For being a Total Liar and a Fraud and a JOKE? This thread should clue you in...;)

This guy has drawn my True Wrath, and if you thought I was harsh to Stephen Harper, you ain't seen nothing yet.
This Dionysus Bozo Fraud is gonna be BURIED by me. Just watch and Savour it. I know full well that Rush Limbaugh has no relevance in 2017, no true influence, as Conservatism is extinct anyways. No such thing. It doesn't exist in the USA if the National Deficit is $20 TRILLION. You do not get to call yourself "Conservative" in any way, shape or form with a debt that Gigantic. No way. NEVER. That was very LIBERAL SPENDING by Bush & Obama, for nothing but War and Poverty and Bombs. Bravo. You fucking SUCK, Congress!

For 30 years Rush Limbaugh has done nothing but golf and breathe heavily into a fake gold microphone. He gets paid no matter who wins or loses, and yet he still sits there like Jabba the fuckin' Hutt barking about how Trump is a saviour, an Outsider Hero, who is making great in-roads and advances. Shut your fucking pie-hole Rush. Trump is fleecing America, just like every President does. The people and the Constitution do not factor into this at all. They are mere pawns of platitudes for rich Capitalists who do not realize that the world is waking up to the Colossal Jesuit and Rothschild scam with the Central Banks. I'd like you to talk more about the Federal Reserve on-air, Rush. REALLY educate the listeners. Tell them all about who was behind the French and American Revolutions, the Civil War and both World wars...A friend of mine told me she had a dream about you once Rush. In it you were in a bar, in France, the bar was full of people. You were dressed in a fine frilly white shirt,your black leather pants, and you had a scowl on your face. You were cutting slices of white cake- "FRENCH FANCY" cake, and handing them out on plates to the patrons...

What do ya think of that? I think it's a perfect metaphor for your Imperial destruction/Legacy.
Get ready Rush...this thread hasn't even begun yet.
Wait until you see how I overfill the trunk on you...
Start packing yer bags Rushie...I told ya already. I know you don't like to listen and it will be your doom.
"RECALCITRANT STUDENT" is what I engrave on Rush Limbaugh's DAIMONA headstone...

04-24-2017, 02:25 AM
Here's something Rush said that should alarm every American. This should make you sit up and make your hair stand up:

"Why is there income taxes at all? If it doesn't affect spending one inch? You forget we got the Chi-Coms (instant USA money-lenders!), we got the Federal Reserve...and most importantly, we got a PRINTING PRESS. So we CAN'T Default! The U.S. Government cannot default!!! So why tax us? If the money affects nothing in the budget?"

You got a Printing Press? THAT'S your reason for why the U.S. government can't default? You are comfortable with that?
Just print more money? Forget about killing the deficit? WOW., just....WOW.
This is exactly why Rush Limbaugh is so fucking bad for America. This is exactly why he sux some serious Dong.
He will say "Just print more money! Problem solved!"...What a fucking Bonehead. What a fucking Moron. And his listeners hear him say that and they parrot it, like the "dittohead" dashboard madonnas they are...This is SYNTHESIS. This is what Rush does. He obfuscates to the point of pure Chaos. He muddies the waters, using backhanded truths. His truth is never "without nuance". It is ALWAYS backhanded and smug, used to sneer and smear, not to illuminate. Rush offers no solutions. He merely points out the *convoluted, corrupt* situation and offers no reasonable alternatives or progressive solutions. Because his job isn't to make America better. His job is to make sure he gets paid. At any cost. Listening to the scads of on-air ads he does is sickening. The Doors promote this myth that Jim was so protective of the song "Light My Fire"-written by guitarist Robby Krieger- that he threatened to smash a Buick Opel on stage if they used the song in a commerical. (They did, but pulled it after legal threats). And today, Rush lends his voice to about 50 different ads for products, everything from sheets to insurance to baby diapers to internet scams...wow. Morrison is an ad hawker, a shill. A monkey in a long line, dancing for nickels...So Sad,
So Pathetic.

Rush defended Bill O'Reilly being fired by Fox News, saying it was a concentrated smear job by the New York Times, that somebody did a "Hit" on Bill-O. You're right, Rush: Bill did it to himself. Put a hit out on his own ass. Just like YOU DID. :)

It was nice to see Rush fake being emotional on the air 2 years ago when his lackey Chris "Kit" Carson died of brain cancer.
Funny learning that he wasn't really into Rush's schtick at first but then became his biggest toe-sucker, coddling Rush at all kinds of events and engagements and keeping his spirits up, because, let's be honest: Rush is a MISERABLE sack of shit. Kit would do show prep like a Demon, and Rush didn't really care. Pretty wild when the staff care more than the host...what kind of sick dysfunction is that crap? How can you be loyal to a guy who doesn't care if you live or die? Who sneers at Life itself? Those people must really need the money...

Last week Rush addressed the idea that Trump has "Rocked and Roiled" Conservative media. He mentioned that Trump may have done that, but the EIB network survives it. "We have no qualms about what program we do here, no conflicts, no doubts, no worries whatsoever. But it appears, however, that the Conservative Media as a whole has been rocked by this Trump Presidency".
No Qualms? No Conflicts? No Doubts? None at all, Rushie? LOL wow. I think you'd better step back from your own Demonic Mirror, take a deep look. You got plenty of qualms and conflicts- you fan those flames every broadcast! Who're you fooling? Because it ain't me or smart listeners. You can only fool your base with that chickenshit. And let me tell those listeners (If they happen to see this Genius thread here somehow): If he betrayed me as Jim Morrison, you can bet your sweet Mama's sweet potato pie that he's betraying you NOW, as "Rush Limbaugh". And he cares for you as much as he cared for me: Not. A. Scrap. He is a soulless animal, which is his heritage. His father was a cold, calculating, loveless man, like most domineering military guys. Alpha male jackasses, who don't really offer the world anything except angst and arrogant posturing.

If Rush is correct that there is no relation between how much revenue a government raises and how much it spends, and that the budget is determined by how much was spent the previous year, then he just illustrated the ENTIRE PROBLEM with the USA government, PERIOD. All that Congress has to do is zero in on this issue and FIX IT. Otherwise, the USA has no fiscal future whatsoever.

04-25-2017, 03:02 PM
I just listened to Rush Limbaugh take a serious Trump supporters' call, who illustrated that Trump has not dealt with his three main campaign promises: The Wall, Tax Reform, and Repealing and Replacing Obamacare.
Trump has done NOTHING on all three. In fact, this caller was very concerned that Trump will be absolutely Infamous if the Democrats shut down the government in the vicinity of his first 100 days. He was concerned that if Trump doesn't get that $1 Billion to build that ridiculous wall he'll be infamous and it will be the beginning of the end.

Rush asked the caller if he really feels concerned. Duh. That's why he CALLED, Jabba!
Then he said "I'm not concerned about that at all"
Then he hung up on the caller. Cut to a commmercial.
Didn't discuss what the caller said ONE IOTA!

This is who Rush Limbaugh is. This is what he does. He's pure SLIME. With NO CLUE.

04-25-2017, 04:17 PM
So yeah, this thread here, this PULITZER winner, which I will write with one hand tied behind my back, just to make it fair, is about the post-mortem on an American prayer pundit radio host.

He went deaf because he popped too many pills. Opiates damage your hearing, and drugs can affect your hearing big time. Do enough drugs and you can go deaf, Bubba. Just ask Jim Morrison, or Rush Limbaugh, the walking pharmaceutical company! He had 50 years of using his blobulous and bulbous and obese frame to test out every drug that was ever
made. In fact, that's his real job. Some rich idiot thought it would be funny, a real laugh, to subject some bonehead Navy Officer's son to drug experimentation and mental and emotional abuse. So freak of Sataninc Evil subjected their son to Nazi Experimentation. And got away with it.

Rush Limbaugh is deaf because he ate too many Vicodin. He admitted in an interview that the Euphoria he gets from opiates was unlike any thrill he ever had. And he thinks there's nothing wrong with being hopped up on that shit while on the air. No problem. It's a performance enhancer, like Viagra. No harm, no Foul.
Rush, do Olympic athletes earn medals while hopped up on Vicodin? or Oxy-Contin?
Do they stand there on the podium, swelling with National Pride, Gold around their necks, with an opiate flowing and pulsing through their veins? Enriching their blood? Hmm? No. They don't. And if they're caught, like our Canadian Disgrace Ben Johnson in 1988 in Seoul, they are treated like the SCOURGE THEY ARE.
The UFC can get away with that shit- Frank Mir got barred for 2 years for doping- what a fucking idiot! But RADIO BROADCASTERS? Howard Stern, OK...He's the first, and I accept him as the True American King of Media, actually. I respect Howard and Robin, Rush. Not you.
Never you.

04-25-2017, 05:13 PM
Rush said once that he knew what he wanted to be when he was 8 years old. He would listen to his radio and rock and roll records and he was set, man. It's interesting to note that Jim Morrison was 8 years old in 1951, the year "Rush" was born...
Comes out of the Missouri Swamps, High, Fat and Slow, with Slurred Speech because the high is so discombobulating....LOL
So disorienting..."The toothpaste won't go back in the tube", as Stephen Harper would say...hahaha

This guy is such a Lout. Such a tiresome figure. I don't even want to write about him. But I must! Oh, yes. I must. For the fans that got burned, for Rush's Utter Annihilation, (I'm doing what no Journalist has ever done here), and of course, My Pulitzer Prize in Journalism. I will be submitting it. It may not meet their "criteria". But I'm submitting it anyway. Because the vehicle is not as important as the message, as the core nugget truth of what I'm getting at here with this piece of writing. I am illustrating how a decades-long CIA operation has been going on and continues to go on under the guise of "the EIB network". I don't care what this fat fuck is worth, what he "represents" to financial interests- his own or otherwise- because he is a Fraud, Just like Trump. And Frauds must have giant spotlights shone on them, like Bill O'Reilly, a sexual predator creep who should've been run out of town decades ago. Inside Edition? Gimme a Fucking Break. America, you cannot let fake and phony "Journalists" get your ear, people like steaming dungpile Sean Hannity, an Insufferable Git, who seems to be a sexual creep too, according to reports I've heard. What is going on at Fox, what kind of culture are they breeding over there? Drug-addled, sexually deprived repulsive millionaires who spew lies on TV?

Wow. Roger Ailes was one SEXY Guy, Huh? So Suave...So Debonair....Sooooooo Attractive......Rush railed against contraceptives once on-air. How sickening is it to even THINK of Rush Limbaugh and sex in the same sentence? I heard he was caught diddling underage boys in the Dominican Republic and brought back a huge stash of illegal viagra pills!!!! How is he still behind a microphone on the air???

What the Fuck is going on? For years Rush and Conservatives railed against Bill Clinton's dalliances and indescretions. Yet they are guilty of the EXACT SAME SHIT. WOW. HYPOCRISY IS AMERICA, FOLKS.

04-26-2017, 03:19 AM
Rush is rancid, repulsive, fat and sweaty. Unattractive in every way. He's not a nice person. To get Rush to be "nice" you have to amuse him in some way. It's patently obvious that he's as conceited and narcissistic as Sean Hannity, Alex Jones and the likes of Mitt and Newt, two other rancid rich "dudes". LOL

Why do rich people discard their manners? Why does their sophistry ring utterly hollow? I'll tell you: Because of their Superiority/God Complexes. 100% of the time, a wealthy person's ego is overinflated more than it should be, sometimes to the size of a Macy's Parade float, or in the case of Rush and Trump: the size of a Lead Zeppelin.
How can you justify and maintain such a shitty massive ego when you do absolutely zero to justify it? Being in the Doors qualifies, Rush? Um, no it doesn't. Being on the air for Dark Joey's benefit for 30 years qualifies? Um, no it doesn't. Generating a bunch of revenue qualifies? Um, no it doesn't. You have to demonstrate eternal goodness, eternal positivity. And Rush, you are far far from either. You are very Reptilian. No emotions. No empathy. Only outbursts, anger, snide pacification and dismissals. No Progress to your Circus. NONE. You've been doing the same thing for 30 fucking years with NO PROGRESS. Just synthesis, synthesis, SYNTHESIS. Playing one side off the other, for shits and giggles. For laughs. You don't take the electoral process seriously, Rush. You do not take the stakes seriously. You don't take life or death seriously. You cremated care at Bohemian Grove. You have no empathy in your quiver. What did you say about the poor once?: "All I can do when I hear about how bad the poor have got it is 'Gee, I feel so sorry for you...you have no help because you won't help yourself!' Stop sucking on the taxpayer teat!!!!!" With Compassion like this, no wonder the USA is almost a write-off. With such evil attitudes, I say Torch it.

Rush Limbaugh paints himself as this Uber-Patriotic Shill. But he doesn't care about America. He wrote a poem as Jim in the 60's about "The American Night", the DARK side of America, and only the dark side...he wrote a poem called "An American Prayer", he made a film called "An American Pastoral" (HWY), L.A. Woman- Motel Money Murder Madness...Let's change the mood from glad to sadness...I see your hair is burning...hills are filled with Fire...Such Positive sentiments, no? Such Joyous words...such as "See, I Told You So", "Barack the Magic Negro", "Let's face it: We didn't have Slavery in this country because it wasn't a bad thing" or "The Way Things Ought To Be" Or "You're a Foreigner. You shut your mouth or you get out!"- All POSITIVE bon mots from a one RUSH LIMBAUGH...

04-26-2017, 04:36 AM
I'll "UNPACK" "See, I Told You So" for you from cover to cover over the course of my thread.
Here's my first dissemination:

Chapter One is titled "I Answered My Phone".

And it begins with lies. Yep, Rush began his bestselling follow-up book with a chapter full of whopping lies.
He opens with questions he gets from the "misguided" media: "So, Mr. Limbaugh...when do you hope to conquer America? And after you do, Mr. Limbaugh, just how oppressive will you be?"

He says he's surprised by this line of questioning- he shouldn't be, because he engineered exactly that kind of response! Remember: Jim Morrison said this in the sixties: "He who controls the media controls the world." Jim was an EXPERT at providing good sound bites/bon mots for the media. He studied Marshall McLuhan's book "Understanding the Media" and books like "The Psychology of the Crowd". He always did brilliantly calculating things, just like Rush does. Rush telegraphed what he was gonna do with his first two books. He telgraphed his next 25 years in radio, actually. He didn't hide it, because that is the rule with the Satanic Elites: they have to hide their evil in Plain Sight...that is the one rule. They can get away with anything, but they have to hide it, IN PLAIN SIGHT. And Jim Morrison is hidden...in plain sight. But I see him. And I'm ripping his two soft insatiable jewels out of his fat head. His body is riddled with drugs, nothing more than an intoxicated and inebriated dry stalk. Deaf and DUMB.

He says "I'm a nice guy- (another lie)- I'm a harmless little fuzzball- (another lie)- with a strong live and let live credo- (another lie) And that is why his listeners are such idiots. They can't recognize when he's lying and when he's telling the truth. But I can, and I'll point it out to you whenever I catch him, and I can catch him every ten seconds lying...

He says "The furthest thing from my mind is to carry out some devious Master plan to "take over the airwaves" and impose my views on anyone"- a Whopper of a Lie, as he is carrying out Albert Pike and Alistair Crowley and Jacob Rothschild's devious plans to take over the entire planet. And he did his job well, so he got all the toys and drugs he can handle, like a good little MK puppet...And this quote is especially rich and sick, because he DID take over the airwaves! He's touted as America's "Most-listened to radio host", and he is force-feeding his views on anyone and everyone within earshot! He'll ask for second opinions, from "House Nigga" Snerdly and even some callers, but it's mere pacification, ear candy while he has final say, and it's never based on outside minds.
He's the "All-Seeing, All-Knowing Maha Rushie", you see. Arrogance can be drilled from his head at $666 dollars a barrel. LOL

He says his job is to attract as large an audience as possible and maintain it as long as he can. True, but he's not telling you WHY he's got that job. It's cuz the CIA needs SYNTHESIS. They need "ANGST", pumped hard into America's brain, on as many stations and outlets as possible. They've gotta FLOOD that market with concentrated "conservative slant" lies and B.S. that lonely people can latch onto and feel good about in a warped way...

His words are so vapid, so devoid of depth and meaning...so obtuse...just like his shitty poetry in the sixties- written in the French Symbolist style but after close scrutiny, is nothing more than random words strung together, just vapors! No profundity whatsoever. He's actually as real as a Trump "Make America Great Again" hat that was Made in China. LOL

In the book he asks "What have I done to warrant this baseless charge of nefarious plotting?"
Well Rush, you basically came out of nowhere, like a comet (like Jim said he was gonna do!), and wielded a pretty formidible political sword...you just appeared, as a tubby Avenging Angel, as opposed to an Adonis-like Avenging Angel, in a nice suit and tie, a nice big boy from Missouri, son of a Lawyer..(snicker), and you were mesmerizing, dazzling with your rhetoric. You were more than plotting. YOU WERE EXECUTING.
Just like you did with the 2016 election. You EXECUTED Trump's Victory. With the CIA and Hillary's help.

He says he believes passionately in the ideas he espouses. He doesn't. He ACTS like he believes passionately in the ideas he espouses. He'd rather not be challenged by anybody. He'd rather just have the masses eat his show up every day and let him golf. And pop pills. And all will be well in the Universe. He's so out of touch...so braindead...if he could see himself as I see him, he would OD and die on heroin TONIGHT. Word.

Word, Man, Word...

04-27-2017, 01:23 AM
33rd post for giving Rushbo the 33rd Masonic third degree, with my formerly never nicotine-stained fingers...

More tripe from SEE, I TOLD YOU SO:

"How did I become this beacon of virtue, morality, and clear-headed thinking in such troubled times of murkiness, gloom and despair? I simply answered my phone." He says. "The phone rang. Reporters asked questions. I answered them. I was written up, talked about-mostly reviled- and the phone kept on ringing. I was invited to appear on television. I was asked to write a book. That book, the record-setting 'THE WAY THINGS OUGHT TO BE', became the fastest-selling hardcover non-fiction book in the history of Simon & Schuster. Sales totalled 2.5 million copies in less than a year. I was asked to host my own television show. Within months it was outdrawing Letterman and Arsenio Hall. I answered the phone and was asked to pen tome no. 2, which you are now priviledged to possess."

Wow, where do I begin unpacking that?
The arrogance and condescension is off the map. Rush is a "Beacon of Virtue"? Allow me to puke. I am "priviledged to possess" a book that I paid for? When I'm only on page 2? Wow Rush. You don't waste time. Your narrative takes hold faster than the drugs outside of Barstow...
He IS the murkiness! He's not clear-headed. What he's referring to is his "HIGH-FUNCTIONING ADDICT" character.
The phone rang? Cuz your radio show was getting some notice? That's how you got so big? If that was all it took, Rush, then every kid who dreamed of being a disc jockey would be as big as you. You make it sound easy. But it isn't, is it? Not everyone can do what you do, can they? That's why you have Mark Steyn, at the ready, and whenever you deftly disappear without warning (another trait of Jim Morrison's, by the way) and fans hear Steyn's boring voice, they Groan. They know no one can replace you and YOU KNOW it too. Interesting how you worked that out...

Bill Maher nailed Rush to the wall with this zinger: "Rush Limbaugh scares white men as they get into their trucks at lunch."
Good one Bill!

How about this exchange from a Cherokee Indian caller who just ripped into Rush:
"What country did your ancestors come from?"
Rush: It was a combination of Dutch and English.
"Then why don't you get your ass back over there? You need to go back over there! You are running this country into the ground! You are CONSTANTLY on Obama! And why? Just Because he's black?!"
Rush: That's got nothing to do with it. *Utterly Humbled*

He's such a retard. Boycott Rush and his show at every turn Folks. CPAC chose to back Rush and make him their keynote speaker, legitimizing his political beliefs. Boycott their sponsors. Neo-Cons, Racists and Imperialists have a Spokesman: RUSH LIMBAUGH. Protest stations that cover him. Right-wing Bigots have no place in America. NONE. Don't give them a microphone. And if you do, Grill 'em.Look at the type of airheads on Rush's side: George W. Bush. Mitt Romney. Sarah Palin. Donald Trump. Mike Pence. Clarence Thomas. Tony Snow. AL Gore. Donald Rumsfeld. Matt Drudge. Alex Jones. Sean Hannity. Elton John. Condi Rice. John McCain. Bobby Jindal. Michael Steele. Phil Ginney. And on and on and on. Not exactly the brightest bulbs...
Notice how no GOP member has ever stood up to Rush? Funny how that happens, no? Weird how that works out...

On multiple occasions in his career Rush has "Crossed the Line of Disgust". Just the Sandra Fluke thing alone- he was out of his mind for 4 straight days about her on the air. How she was "a slut" and how he didn't understand contraceptives. He called her a prostitute for using birth control. (???) This guy is berzerko nuts upstairs. None of what he said was constitutional.
It was Disgusting.
He's a Disgrace and an Embarassment. Get him off the air. Now. Yesterday. Pronto.

04-27-2017, 02:02 AM
"I work in the media" Rush says. You sure do Rush. But the way you talk on-air, you'd never know it.
You give off the impression that you are seperate from "The Media", that you are some remote beacon of sanity, Angelicly descending with your "undiluted truth". *Snicker* You bark and bitch and piss and moan about the "Drive-By Media" and the "Mainstream Media"- Um, Rush, that's a gigantic lie and you know it. Simply because you are in the same boat. You ARE the mainstream media. And you have been since 1988. What planet are you on. OOPS- sorry. I know you're ON something else...not a planet. MY BAD RUSH. I know you're a pathetic pill-popping addict. My bad. I'll try to watch myself from now on...

Yeah, I have to call you out on railing against the "drive-bys" and the likes of CNN. They are no different from you Rush and you know it. So stop with that charade. Quit misleading your audience. Not cool. You are not Art Bell, in your Kingdom of Nigh, out in the Nevada desert broadcasting to the masses. Your voice has been so loud and spread so far for so long over the airwaves it's ridonkulous. And guess what, I even admire that. I actually do. That is an achievement. But don't try and tell people you are some independent contractor, defending Old Glory from Liberal Ideology. Because you're not. You're working synthesis and evil agendas. You're so deep in it that you can't step back and see it. That's why I'm here to help. LOL

Did you know that Rush's McMansion in Palm Beach has a salon that is a replica of a suite in the Hotel Georges V in Paris, France, Very America, his decor, No? He has rooms that look like tributes to Versailles apparently, with humidors in every room. So American, huh? He lives in his library which is panelled with "acres of Mahogany wood". It is bigger than any Presidential library. His garage is filled with rare "Distinguished Black Automobiles", such as a Maybach 57S, and he likes to drive them. He and Jay Leno are probably pals...
He's got a putting green and an Oceanfront View. He's got immigrant housekeepers and servants, who light incense and candles for him before he enters the doors. One of them even scored pills for him and handed them to him in a fast-food parking lot. He's also got a gigantic self-portrait of himself hanging in every room, some painted. (Just like Michael Jackson- creepy). He's not lacking in confidence or ego, that's for sure...

He owns a gulfstream jet too, and all of these lavish trappings were paid for with pure HATRED. Pure Venom. Pure Vile Bigotry. It's astounding.
Rush has said things I would never even DREAM of saying, let alone to a multi-million-listener Nationwide audience. He's psychopathic in that regard- he has no conscience over what he says. He'll catch himself when he knows he's crossed the line, but it does not matter! He crossed it! You can't walk shit like he says back...You just can't.
He has no self-awareness, only in terms of his mission of hating Liberals and spreading that message every day for three hours. He's gotta be stopped. In the private sector you can't be an opioid addict (high-functioning or not!) and get away with what he's gotten away with. Free speech is one thing- Look at me- I've said some pretty outrageous things over the years, but I'm not paid, not sponsored, and don't have millions listening to my every word. Technically I do, because this is the internet, but come on. Film Leaf's reach is not far and wide like the EIB network.

04-28-2017, 01:50 AM
This thread is obviously MY take on Rush Limbaugh. I do not speak for legions with my accusations here. I realize that what I'm doing here may seem extreme or batty to some. It's not. I know exactly what I'm doing, and when I speak directly to Rush in my posts, I mean it. I am talking directly to him, for a few reasons. A) He would never take a call from me on air. He hates Canadians anyway, says Canada isn't a SuperPower, so we're irrelevant to him. B) He has never had anyone address him quite like me, and he's so "media savvy" that this thread may eventually get back to him, and then...Kaboom. C) It's my way of mocking John Densmore, when he wrote his memoir "Rider on the Storm". He penned a book which was basically him speaking to Jim, wading through his feelings. Well, that's what Johann is doing here. Wading. With a Bazooka.

I think it would be good for me to discuss Conservatism vs. Liberalism. Or at least offer up my interpretations of what they are, Vs. Rush's interpretation.

From the top, I admit I am basically liberal politically. I am also Democratic in spades. I believe in democracy. Democracy and souls. Like JIM MORRISON did. I believe in Majority Rules, but only if it's for the common good, not Fascism. Not Tyranny. Not Communism. Not "Iron Fist" Rule. That kind of shit is Draconian, backwoods, Stone Age, knuckledragging, and regressive. This is the 21st Century. We're supposed to be civilized and advanced here. But if an alien tuned in to Rush Limbaugh on any given weekday you'd never know it.
This deep division, this incredible gulf or trench between liberals and conservatives is really bad. It's truly become an "us vs. them" mudpit.
Does anyone enjoy this political divide? Why are elections so vicious and nasty? With evil smearing ad campaigns- TV ads that curl your toes? I mean, it really is cats and dogs. In-fighting even has been ratcheted up in the last ten years- I've seen it here in Canada too- not just the USA. Elections are bloodbaths now. Careers are at stake, reputations on the line...National and Civic Pride at stake...and Rush is a Prime component of keeping the GOP Vs. Dems War going at full throttle. He doesn't stop once the election is over. No no no. He's got more ammo for shows for years. And he really milks it. He fans those flames. He wants people talking about him and reeling in more listeners. I'm probably not helping, but if you do listen to him because of me, REALLY LISTEN. Not just to what he says, but what he doesn't say. And HOW he says it. Then listen to his ads. And laugh your head off.. LOL

Rush is Conservative. With a capital C. Or at least that's how he presents himself. He's a skilled actor, so he may be bluffing. He made me believe in dark hippy Jim as a "Liberal leftist counter-culture Icon", so he can make me believe the opposite in Rush. Right? Right-Right. Righty-Right.

His father was Conservative. So I think that is the main thrust behind his job as Rush. He's honoring Pop. For his Sterling Example. Dad set the stage. Rush just strolled onto it. "Pritty Neat, Pritty good". His brand of conservatism is slightly more refined than say,a Bible-belt conserative. Rush is "Worldly", with a serious USA bent.
He's a voracious consumer, alright, and his tastes are pretty set in stone. You can't teach an old dog new tricks...Rush has got his formula, and he's been honing it. He's smart enough to adjust his game plan when the shit gets too hairy. (I think-he's demonstrated that he can think quick on his feet when required).

04-29-2017, 05:22 AM
Friday's show (April 28) was pathetic. I literally lost brain cells listening to Rush and his callers. I listened to the entire 3 hours, and there was not one single illuminating thing said. Nothing. No information that inspires or illuminates. Not. One. Thing. All he did for the entire three hours was be shrill. He talked about the NFL. Yippee. The NFL is a scourge. The game is meaningless, Roger Goodell is meaningless, and especially Tom Brady is meaningless. Rush said that Deflate-Gate made Tom Brady bigger than ever. Not to me Rush. Not to me...Brady is a criminal, who should've been run out of town for what he did. I don't give two flying fucks if he's the winningest QB ever- HE DEFLATED BALLS. Was fucking CAUGHT. Red-handed. His career went straight into the sewer!!!! BRADY HAS NO CREDIBILITY WHATSOEVER, and it makes me puke that people worship him. He's no different from OJ Simpson to me. A talented player who BLEW IT! His wife is ridiculous too. Not afraid to shout it. Brady and his wife are clowns. The NFL is a joke and has been for decades. Seeing Lady Goofball at the Super Bowl halftime convinced me that Hell will have NFL football games. LOL And what is with the Patriots team not going to the White House? Only a few players, the racists and bigots. What's up with that?

It's a riot listening to callers call in to Rush's show and defend him. They claim that Rush is a "fighter for Truth". Hahaha! He's nothing of the sort. He's an arrogant fat fuck, disingenuously providing cover for a sack of shit "President". You Trump supporters have GOT to get your heads out of Rush's ass. Draw your own conclusions. Don't suck on Rush's hemline.

How can Trump supporters not see that Trump is the worst President in human history? He has done absolutely nothing in 100 days except golf. And issue Executive Orders that get ignored. You can "stick by" Trump all you want- he's the lamest Duck EVER, and by proxy you look even lamer, Trump supporters! You look like lost little sheep, which is what you always were. There is no Republic. If there is, it's Banana Yellow. There is no one flying the plane. War is imminent, and the USA will pay. You can't just wave your Satanic Central Bank-owned military around your entire life and think that will be enough. There will be blowback at some point. The USA deserves to fail. It's politicians have raped the country- Both its soul and its physcality. Canada as well, because we follow the US's lead...If it were up to me, all currencies would be void tomorrow and all laws and treaties and international arrangements would be stopped and re-done. I would eliminate money. But that would make me the most hated man ever. So many rich parasites would lose their purpose...LOL

Money gives people false senses of self-worth. If money didn't exist, you would have to survive on your wits, on your mettle, and nobody with money could do that. If money was worthless tomorrow I would savour all the wall street suicides and 401K Klowns crying poor mouth. lol Money isn't that good- it won't buy back your soul. LOL Anyone who thinks money makes the man has never met a real man. I am completely indifferent to the concept of money. Simply because people who're way dumber than me have much more than I do. With that as a constant reality, you have no choice but to sneer at money and what it "represents". I don't look at people in terms of money, EVER. I look at them as PEOPLE. As what they offer as a human being. And 99% of the people I see offer nothing whatsoever. They just TAKE. Always on the take...Never on the Give...Trump is a Taker. Always has been. And it blows my mind that people think he's some kind of great man. He never did a damn thing for anybody unless he got his tiny hands full first. Same thing with Rush Limbaugh. These "fans" of his don't know him like I know him. He was gonna get his "kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames"- and he did. Very John Adams of him...LOL

His listeners need to understand something; Rush Limbaugh doesn't care about you. He doesn't care about America. He doesn't care about anything. He CREMATED CARE. And you don't see it or hear it. I do. And I'll scorn you for being so ignorant until the day I die.

04-30-2017, 09:12 PM
This passage from page 7 of See, I Told You So really pisses me off:

"My hysterical critics often accuse me of "threatening democracy." To the contrary, ladies and gentlemen, it would be more accurate to describe me as Rush Limbaugh, D.D.-Doctor of Democracy. We don't need national health insurance and socialized medicine. I have the cure for what ails us. Here's my prescription: Self-reliance. Morality. Personal responsibility. Optimism and good cheer. Confidence in the irrepressibility of the human spirit. Dependence not on the government, but on the universal yearning for freedom and the desire to make life better for oneself and one's family. These are the underpinnings of the free market, and we need free-market solutions, not government remedies. That's my speciality, and I do make house calls."

What an arrogant fuckstick. First of all Rush, I'm not hysterical. You are. Look in the mirror Tubby. That is hysterical. So that's Lie 1. Lie 2 is you DO threaten democracy, and you are ceratinly no "doctor" of democracy. (Lie 3). Lie 4 is "We don't need national health insurance"- maybe not, but "Wouldn't It Be Nice", Jimbo? A La Beach Boys?To have a National Strategy on health care? Even Rotten Ronnie- your Idol "Ronaldus Magnus" *snicker* had Arnold as fitness guru, President-Approved! What's so horrific about a National health plan Rush? Don't you want all of your fellow citizens to be fit and healthy, and defer the costs over time as more people get on board? The USA is the only civilized country without universal health care. And guess what Rush, up here in what you would call "Socialist" Canada I have never used my health care coverage for medical expenses- one time I got anti-biotics for a bad toothache. That's it. Health care covered means only one thing to me: it's insurance to NOT get sick. What actually happens Rush, is the opposite of what you're spouting. Abuse of the health care system GOES DOWN when everybody's covered. Wait times GO DOWN. Emergencies become just that: the only people at the hospital are the ones who REALLY NEED to be there! Heath care insurance is not just "coverage". It's peace of mind. I will only go to the hospital when I'm really sick or injured, and I'm quite certain that the majority (at least in Canada anyway) are the same way. There are always idiots who abuse the system, they should be scrutinized and screened more carefully to meet the criteria. Rush is a bit like Ebenezer Scrooge. What better thing to spend federal tax dollars on than a National Health Plan? It could be the pride of the Nation, (and envy of the world) if done right. But does Rush consider that? Nooooooo.....

Rush, I know a lot about politics too, so if you ever want to chat Rush- feel free to message me. I will reply to you, Buddy...
You're lost, Little Girl. Tell me who Are You....

05-01-2017, 12:14 AM
Some readers (especially Americans) may think I have no business writing about Rush Limbaugh or American politics.
I hear you, and I'm not trying to change your electoral process or institutions. All I'm doing is pointing out the colossal hypocrisy that emanates from Rush Limbaugh. I'm sure if he was presented with my thread here he would scoff and dismiss it as "Liberal Lunacy", no doubt. That's fine, Rush. You do whatcha gotta do. I'll do what I gotta do...
I have a special perch to look on you with...

Rush, you have to understand that even though I feel America should fail, I don't actually want it to. I'd rather it were salvaged by Sane Leadership. And no matter how much you puff Trump up Rush, there's nothing there. Nobody's home at Trump Tower. And I would appreciate you acknowledging that. You're no dummy Rush! Quit defending Trump. You know how silly you look? Especially when anybody who's listened to your show at any length knows you are an intellectualizer? You can't intellectualize Trump.
That's like intellectualizing cottage cheese.

05-01-2017, 12:47 AM
Rush sneers at those who are "sensitive" or "tolerant"- the "bleeding heart Libs"- Um, Rush, since when is Compassion mistaken for "sensitivity"? Since when is Inclusiveness "tolerance"? Because that's what we're talking about here. That's the crux between Liberalism and Conservatism, right? "Standing on one's own two feet" vs. "a government handout", right?
Well I agree. (Up to a point- you can't go whole hog on that politically Rush and you know it!).
In society (and I'm speaking mainly of settled cities and countries here) there are segments of the population who fall directly under the toxic conservative notion of a government handout: welfare recipients, jailbirds, the disabled pensioners, co-op housing (ghettos), etc. etc. The poor, essentially. And for the life of me I will never understand how a conservative can sit there and say that these people are somehow draining the system, that somehow the poor are getting away with murder and taxpayer money with these programs. The programs are integral to society staying afloat, sadly. Most of the poor's "money" recycles back into the economy. Sadly a lot of it goes on drugs and booze and other vices, but I digress. When your life is in the dumper, trust me, you want a stiff drink every now and then...and trust me, you will NOT care that it was a gov't check that paid for that bottle. Hopefully the person will eventually have success in getting out of their funk or shitty situation, but I would never begrudge a poor person drinking (or even drugging!) if it will help them cope. But if it's a death spiral.....No Way. People can recover from hitting rock bottom, but the odds aren't great. And I wish Rush would show that kind of balance. Food stamps- I don't know exactly how it works, but I understand the gist. If the U.S. government truly cared about it's citizens, then remake and reform the food stamp program. Turn it into a silk purse instead of a sow's ear...is Congress capable of thinking that big?

Rush claims he's old-fashioned in "See, I Told You So", old-fashioned, cursed and condemned by us "sensitive" and "tolerant" Liberals... If you're cursed and condemned, you set it up that way, genius. LOL
Conseratives don't realize how heartless and callous they look by cutting social programs. Not everybody can be what a Conservative wishes with their crystal ball...And guess what Rushie? I would be all for a Conservative utopia if every person were treated fairly, if all taxed people were taxed the same. But what do we got? We got a Billionaire as President who doesn't pay proper taxes and people on minimum wage who do. What's wrong with that fuckin' picture, Asshole? Why does a man who has more money than he'll ever spend pay less tax than a dirt poor sap? Why is there no Maximum Wage? How can a man be digging through a dumpster for a peach pit while spoiled rich clowns without a conscience have more money than they can do with and have steak and martinis every night?

Why do you scorn the poor? The un-educated? Why don't you help, Rush? Why do you only Take? And Golf? And Sneer?
Your Floridian Birthright?
Well I hope you enter the town of your birth tomorrow.
I want to be Ready.

05-01-2017, 05:11 AM
Rush says in "See, I Told You So" that you must never underestimate how threatening "self-reliance" is to Liberals. Huh? Wha?
That's pure stirring a hornets nest, Rush. Pure stirring the pot. Disingenuous at least, an outright lie at most.
Conservatives seem to think that by including everybody, no matter what their skill-set, that you are somehow not relying on yourself. What kind of batshit insane logic is that? Huh Rush? You think Liberals aren't self-reliant? Well let me burst that bubble: Liberals are proven better government (At the Federal level- the U.S. And Canada- crunch the real numbers and achievements, Paco!) And you cannot be better government without self-reliance.

Did you know what Canada's Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau said once? "Just Watch Me". That's self-reliance, Rush Limbaugh!
And what was his political party's name? Oh Yeah: the LIBERAL party!!!, just like one in power now, with His Son as PM...

It strikes me as very curious that what Rush says about Liberals in his 2nd book can be perrenially true for his own purposes, 25 years later, stuff like: "Liberals don't believe that people can take care of themselves. Moreover, they don't want them to. If there are fewer people in need, there is less demand for the expansive role of government, and thus, a declining need for Liberals. So for Liberals, you might say, it's self-preservation, a survival mentality. Only they- the educated, the "compassionate", and self-proclaimed enlightened ones- are capable of steering the benighted population toward correct paths, decisions, and attitudes. All for a price, of course.

Liberals don't want people to take care of themselves??? That may be the most wrong and most offensive thing in the whole book, and I'm only on page 8...
That's ALL Liberals want, Jackass! Everybody's to be taken care of! Locally, Provincially, Statewide, Nationally and Globally!!!
Did no one tell you, Lardass?? Did nobody ever inform you that Liberals are about equality for all? Where exactly did you get this notion that having compassion was somehow a negative trait? Your brother is a bible-thumper Rush? Then he knows about the Good Samaritan, right? Sure he does...well guess what Rush? That parable represents your average Liberal. And if Sarah Palin thinks Pope Francis is too Liberal, just wait until she meets Jesus...Jesus was Uber-Liberal. What is spreading Love? Liberalism. What is spreading hate? Conservatism. When you LIBERALLY spread fertilizer (shit) around, what happens? Things grow. When you CONSERVE fertilizer (shit), what happens? Shit stinks. Really fuckin' stinks. You got it now, Rushie?
Liberal= Growth, Progress.
Conservative= Death, Stalled plans. War.
I Broadcast My Excellence to You.

Rush comes up with this fanciful notion in the book about how Liberalism is a massive tax on the American Dream. Oh? How so Rushie? By demanding equality and accountability and a level-playing field for all? Rush cleverly tries to flip that into exactly what conservatives are doing, with the "Free Market"...
Rush's buddy George W. Crowley/Bush said once that there is no better system than the free market system, and Rush wholeheartedly agrees...but what is the "free market system" when you get down to it? It's where the weak go to get rich and fuck over the coming generations, that's what. On Friday's show Rush played clips from a speech by his acting Hero, "Ronaldus Magnus" Reagan, a speech he gave in 1983 to the NRA that gave gun nuts giant woodies. To naive and ignorant ears, Reagan sounds steady and assured,
but that's only because he practised those lines in front of a mirror for hours...Lines written by the CEO of Merril Lynch...LOL

Rush brags in the book (with considerable swagger I may add) about the social contract/gift the USA offers the world: that you can pursue any dream, with any talents, and you may have that dream realized. Rush has obviously never read Hunter S. Thompson...
The USA isn't the only country where dreams can be realized. Canada and a lot of other countries are too- it's not "unique" only to the USA, Rush! When Rush wrote this book in 1993 he was defending this idea that America is futureless. Well, in the 25 years since what has changed? Did Rush really "Tell Us So?" No. He didn't. He merely revealed the symptoms. He offers no more solutions today then he did the day that book hit store shelves...

05-01-2017, 02:51 PM
Rush just took a call from a VERY disappointed and Betrayed Lady who voted for Trump.
You could hear the heartbreak in her voice. And he said he understood. You betcha Rushie...You bet you do...
She said Trump promised all kinds of stuff and......NOTHING. This budget, when you really scrutinize it, has more goodies in it for Democrats than Republicans! Huh? How does that work, Rush? You said it yourself! "Did Democrats draw up this budget??" (paraphrase).
This Lady said her husband was in the hospital when Trump was running for President, and she was so for Trump winning that she even convinced the cleaning lady to vote for Trump! And here she is, calling to the EIB network, letting Rush have it. How she feels utterly Betrayed by Trump.

And Rush had no answer. He felt her anguish and had no response except: "I don't know what to say except what Sean Spicer said.."
Rush is FUCKED.

05-01-2017, 03:20 PM
See, I Told You So is chock full of Rush's lying bloviations, his "unique" spins on history and geo-politics and even God.

I will deconstruct that book like you won't believe...
Did you know he lied in it when he said it was in a long-line of bestsellers to come? Oh really Rushie? You didn't write another book after this one! You didn't pick up a pen Again until you wanted to fool America's children with Rush Revere...and beware, parents: I heard that the paper in those books gives off a toxic smell...so beware...

Even in 1993 Rush was getting on the anti-global warming bandwagon. It's in the book- and I'll get to that soon enough. He takes Al Gore to task long before An Inconvenient Truth...He thinks that humans have no effect on the environment- he thought that in '93 and he thinks it today in 2017. He uses a ridiculous example of aliens waiting out near Ganymede to swoop onto Earth when we've destroyed the ozone and our environment- he takes a very serious issue and turns it into a mockery, and people love him for it.
Without clean air and water Rush, we die. Don't joke about aliens when this is life or death shit.

Rush opens chapter 2 talking about being on a flight with the Phoenix Suns basketball team after losing a playoff game to the Chicago Bulls. He was sitting next to Danny Ainge, and Ainge told Rush there's a difference between showing up and playing hard and having fun and playing TO WIN. In a Championship. It's a different mindset. And Rush was smitten with that notion: "He hit me between the eyes with that" (paraphrase). Rush goes on to talk about how he went to Number 1 in his chosen field because he aimed for it, moved to New York for it. I say he was groomed. Didn't have to aim for nuthin', just like the Trumpster Dumpster...who got a million-dollar headstart from Dad.

When you are a Fortunate Son, Like Dubya, Rushie, Trumpy, or Kim Jong whoever, you don't operate in reality, despite barking otherwise. No no no. You are the one on Ganymede. You are the one who is a sick stupid satellite, way beyond the perimeter, where there are no brains or empathy. Out there we is Conservative Fucktards...

05-01-2017, 04:22 PM
Reading "See, I Told You So" is irritating indeed if you have Liberal or Left-leaning tendencies. And Rush did that on purpose. For Maximum impact. He got tongues wagging...
But 'Ol Johann has got him by his viagra-soaked geezer balls.

He says "Do-gooder" social programs are a way for Liberals to "get back at the rich". This isn't kindergarten, Rush. Why is it that Rich Fuckers want to show generosity with lavish fundraisers or telethons and charitible donations rather than putting their money where their mouths are in Congress? Where it truly affects lives, not social climbing statuses? Hmmmmmmmm? Time's Up.
I'd like to see the rubber hit the road. Everybody does! Dems and Republicans alike!
The infrastructure- roads and highways and bridges are crumbling. I think it's high time some tax money went on Infrastructure projects. The military is built-up enough. Stop-drop on military funding. Canada did, and we're Fine.

Rush says "My goal is not to conquer America for conservatism (although that will eventually happen). My goal is, has been, and always will be the pursuit of excellence."
Bullshit- you've always played the role of conqueror. You had an Alexander the Great haircut once, by Jay Sebring, who was killed by your buddy Manson. You are on tape shouting "I'm tired of being a freaky musician!!! I Wanna Be NAPOLEON!!!!!"
Right Jushbo? I mean El Jimbo? Maha Jimmy?
Isn't that correct, "Rushed-Packaged Yankee Limburger Cheese"? Rush Reveres Racism...

05-01-2017, 04:50 PM
Rush has stuck to the Conservative script on "See, I Told You So" for 25 years. That's why he never wrote another. It's all there in that book.
The entire plan...
When you look at what he does as Rush Revere the "Radio Avenging Angel" across the Fruity Plains of Idiocy, and see it through the prism of him being the former Jim Morrison, all kinds of questions come up.
"Why?" Why did he do it? Transform into Rush Limbaugh? To escape fame? No. Because he's just as famous.
I already said why he did it: For Dad. for his Sterling Example...And for the CIA. And this Canadian would love it if some keen USA journalists would investigate it with a vengeance. Earn your own Pulitzer for it if you can! I hope I Light your Fire....LOL Go nuts. Expose this Fraudulent golfing Clown. Yesterday. I want him off the air.

Rush, Liberals don't hate the rich for their success. You got that wrong. A lot of Liberals are rich themselves, so that idea is stupid on its face anyway. If liberals hate the rich for anything, it's lack of compassion. It's not enough. Your radio show has a ridiculous little kid doing an ad talking about the 17 million children who go hungry in America. The Irony...Rush and most Conservatives don't want to see an end to poverty. In fact, my former prime Minister Stephen Harper actually took away federal funding from a poor advocacy group because their mandate said "WE ELIMINATE POVERTY". Harper said you can never end poverty. Only "Alleviate" it. That is Horseshit to me, a steaming pile of dung. And frankly, anyone that short-sighted and dumb should never be near the halls of power. A true Leader never perpetuates poverty. He works to end it. Or he's not a Leader at all but a Slave Owner. Right Rushie?????

He says his liberal critics "Never acknowledge that pursuing excellence requires prodigious energy and commitment, and that the overwhelming majority of people have earned what they have". I would challenge that, Rush. I would call bullshit on that. Trump got a million-dollar jump-start from his Daddy. He didn't "Earn" a single fucking thing. So let's start there, at Trump. Your President didn't earn his wealth. And still doesn't. It's amazing that people can't see that. Rush says "Achievers shouldn't be punished!". Yes they should-on occasion. Especially if they're sleazy and slimy like Trump. Cheaters. Frauds. Con-Men. Like you, Rush. 'I am The Lizard-Ad-King. I'll shill for ANYTHING!"...LOL Remember when we were fired from EspnnnnnnnnnnUH!

Rush, I am Liberal as a rule, and I DO NOT believe opportunities are created by the government. I believe that the government SHOULD ASSIST in every way possible to those who do Indeed create the opportunities, the jobs, the upward mobility. I believe that government should AUGMENT and SUBSIDIZE growth and progress and "Societal Evolution", because let's be Brutally Honest here Rush: your cutting edge of that societal evolution never helped nobody. Never put a scrap of gold or silver in anybody's pockets who MATTERED.

05-01-2017, 07:17 PM
Rush ends the first chapter of his book with this chestnut: "You can learn about what's possible in this country by studying me. And if you attain even a fraction of my level of excellence, you will have arrived."
Wow. In that case, the Johann arrived a long time ago Rush...I've achieved a fraction of what you have. I've embodied excellence for 15 years...LOL Where's my success? hahaha
Rush ends chapter 1 with this: "So let the lesson begin. Get out your yellow marker and highlight the next chapter. All of It."
Why, Rush? So I know what words resemble the Banana Yellow Republic? Chapter 2 has the motivational-speaker title THE POWER OF YOU: You make it Work, a play on Elvis' "The Wonder of You"...Jim Morrison loved Elvis.

In this chapter Rush puts on his "Inspiring" hat, trying to inspire the reader out of lethargy, inspire them to see the problem: Liberal Ideology, and how to "Rise Up" and stomp it out, simply by being yourself, joining the Chorus. That would be awesome, and I'm sure in 1993 it probably got a lot of conservatives excited. Rush stirred up some Patriotic shit! Got lethargic Cons talking! A reason to believe! Clinton is now Public Enemy number 1! lol
It's fascinating to read this book and see how Rush framed his arguments against Bill Clinton's white house. It is a great insight for me into the synthesis of these fuckers, how they framed the 90's politically...Rush makes this claim that Liberals have something against COMPETITION, something against the free market. And we do. Competition is healthy, Rushie. But NOT STACKING THE DECK!!!!! and every politician who has been in power in the Oval Office stacked the deck in their favour. While the rest of us watch and sift through the damage after 4 or 8 years...a vicious cycle of the Eagle in the Whirlpool, swirling down the drain of Imperial Central Bank FOLLY...

05-03-2017, 03:22 AM
I believe Rush in his book when he says that ever since he was a little kid his eye was always on Number 1, that he was never intimidated.

I believe him because I've seen pictures of Morrison as a kid, and he's bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready for anything...and he admits his parents loved him and encouraged him. That goes a long way. Stanley Kubrick became who he was because his mother told him from a very young age that there was NOTHING he couldn't do. And I'm certain the Admiral drilled that into his boy's head too.
My mother told me I can do anything I set my mind to when I was 10. A teacher once told my mother that I could be a future scholar if I applied myself. So she told me. And that turned me off from being a scholar. If I can't be a scholar without "applying myself", (I thought) then I don't want it. "It should be easier than that!" was my young logic...and it may have stunted me, kept me naive and on a narrow path, but I would never have changed it for the world. The path that opened up years later is now so far and wide that the one that was promised to me (if I applied myself) seems positively microscopic. By being your own man you gain a phenomenal perspective.
(Especially if you're willing to be wrong despite it all.) I always had a hunch that maybe Jim Morrison and the Doors were terrible influences, but my intellect told me no, told me to resist that. I forgave a lot of behavior that Jim got away with simply because I felt he was a genius. I granted him a lotta leeway, I let a lotta shit SLIDE, simply because he displayed a brilliance I had never seen, before or since.

Well now that I have this ten-ton CIA LandMonster dead to rights, and realized that I was one of the biggest Dupes ever, and had the Gut Check of motherfucking Gut Checks (because I felt like one of the smartest people walking the planet by loving Jim) I can tell you with Ironclad certainty that Jim Morrison is one of the worst human beings to ever live. But it's only half his fault. His sick parents are at fault. His odd younger siblings need to spill the beans: ANNE and ANDY. Because Anne knows. She's also in an interview on the "When You're Strange" doc DVD with Jim's father. She admits that Jim could've faked his death, that it's something he WOULD HAVE DONE, but she lies through her teeth when she says it took a long time to get over his death and that she thought he would be a bohemian and poor his entire life. She's way too bubbly and ebullient to be mourning her brother. She and her father have a twinkle in their eyes, and I know exactly why. (and it's not Doors Royalty Checks!) The Morrison's are perfectly OK with what Jim did. They have no problem maintaining the gigantic charade, and neither does ANYONE in the Doors music company or ORBIT. They all keep that MYTHOLOGY going at full tilt! There's new Doors product every quarter, when the band's output was really only 5 record albums, 45 years ago. There is nothing in the vaults. Every scrap has been dug out, save the HWY film or lost footage. As far as music from the band, we got it ALL. They did not tour that much. I have The hardcover Illustrated History, and in it it has the entire tour schedule, for every year the band existed. The dates and cities are not really planned all that well- all over the place, with sometimes considerable gaps. In 1969 the band played MSG in New York in January and then didn't play again until March 1st- the infamous Miami concert. Which tells me that the whole show was a psy-op, a calculating move. I told myself for years: "If I'm wrong about Jim and the Doors, then God will show me..."
Boy Oh Boy...did He ever...

What really happened to Pam Courson?
There's this rumour I heard regarding Jim and Pam that in 1971 Jim went to the bank with Pam and he was handed a note by the teller from the CIA. It told him his new "marching orders", and that makes sense, if he's Rush Limbaugh now, right?

05-03-2017, 04:20 AM
So if Jim is now "Rush Hudson Limbaugh the Third"- very Yankee, those monikers, huh? Shakespearean...like Richard III....then how did he arrive at that name?

Well, I think the Rush is obvious. He's getting a "Rush" everytime he's Live on the air. He's very fast- He rushes through the "Fastest three hours in Media" 5 days a week! He overwhelms those listeners who can't see through his thick fog of conservative crap. They buy everything he's selling because he's so much more knowledgable than them. Sometimes that's all it takes to snag a fan- know more than they do. Seriously- Rush goes on a Blitzkreig whenever he's on the radio. That's his "Go Time"...
And I admit, for what he does, he's effective. But he needs to be challenged. And he should be challenged.
But who will do it?
Who's Qualified?
Who's got the Stones? (and I don't mean Michael Jigger and Keef Rickards)
Who's got the 10 and a Half? To slam upside Rushie's Skull?
Who's got the Kiss of the Tire Iron?
Who's able to put "The End of Silence" over Jim Morrison?
Who's Brave?
Who's a hardcore Punk with NOTHING TO LOSE?

He has to be someone who is like an Iron Fist, Punching Through a Blue Sky.
Who won't yield, won't waver, won't break, who won't give in to CIA bullshit or "Psy-OP" fuckery.
Who can run for his life when Satan Rears his head, and come back so hard that Satan's tail and horns can be placed on God's Throne.
Where would you find a man like that?
Not a line-tower but a Rennaissance Man, hopefully cultured, well-read and Intelligent.
We need a man who can go bazooka Tit for rocket-launcher Tat, who doesn't mince words and doesn't like "Mr. Crowley".
Who isn't a War Pig, who knows of a HIGHER POWER, not a Lower Hell...who knows the difference between being betrayed and caving in...where would we find such a Specimen?


"Limbaugh" comes from a cross between Rimbaud (who Jim Morrison stole from like George Lucas stole from Kurosawa) and "Limbo"- because that was what he was! In Limbo! From 1971 to 1988 (17 years) Jim was in Limbo...training for his "Role" of EIB Blowhard and "America's Albatross Anchorman". I'm not sure if he chose the name or his Daddy. I think it may have been Dad, because "Rushed Packaged Yankee Limburger Cheese" sounds more accurate, the name he was saddled with for being such a Fuck-Up, for messing with Masons too much, for upsetting the apple cart too many times. Don't ever forget: RUSH IS A FUCK-UP. (He can't help it- it's how he responds to his environment)

05-04-2017, 04:33 AM
In chapter 2 of See, I Told You So Rush mentions how in America we need to motivate people to be the best they can be, to pursue excellence, and how young people need to be taught this. I wholeheartedly agree with that. Count me in. But I have to call Rush out for being a 1000% HYPOCRITE on it, because I heard him say on air with my own ears that we have to stop Liberals at all costs because they insist on treating everybody equal, that everybody must be coddled by telling every child how "Special" they are. I mean, he was really sneering and nasty about it. Yet guess what he writes in his book? This: "Admittedly, I had an advantage over some, because I had parents who always told me I was Special."
Wow, huh?
He's a fucking hypocrite through and through! And he'll smugly sneer at you with his perspective, while being guilty of what he's accusing Liberals of. It's breathtaking. It really is.

Here's where he really sets off a firestorm and really pisses me off: "The relentless pursuit of equality, of sameness in the name of fairness, gets us nowhere. Those are goals that are hard to define and impossible to achieve. That's why Liberalism embraces them. The lifeblood of liberalism is the pursuit of perpetually unattainable objectives."

What Rush couldn't see in 1993 and cannot see today in 2017 is that if Equality were pursued and tangibly achieved, America would go EVERYWHERE. The whole world would rejoice and be amazed that the USA went from racism and deep divisions to rising above after working through it and evolving and spreading a microcosm of Global Peace. THAT would even make me sing along to the Star-Spangled Banner! He simply wants perpetual war, for some kind of perpetual peace, which Gore Vidal brilliantly wrote about. Rush and his ilk cannot look past war and bombs to a future where that is never required. Why is the thought of the USA disarming so terrifying? Afraid of REAL blowback? I think so. And you should. The USA is awesome. I love a helluva lot about the USA and things it has done for the world. But I also know the Sinister side, and Rush does too. But he never goes down that rabbit hole much. It fucks with his narrative, his Agenda. He only references it in passing, as a narrative of "the other side". It's never looked at as a real tenet. It's used as a nick-pick point.

05-04-2017, 05:06 AM
On yesterday's show Rushie was bipping about how ridiculous Washington is today, how "Theatre of the Absurd" it's all become.
Unpack it all, Rushie... Keep listeners abreast! Keep up the "good fight". *snicker*
It's really sad and funny, actually watching this tub of lard react to Pence and the election since Trump "won".
If you youtube Rush's reactions to Trump winning in the days right after November 8th you'll hear him screeching and yelping and hooting and hollering and laughing like a true Lunatic over how the Democrats Lost. I mean, you gotta hear him- he's truly out in a remote distant quadrant way out in outer space All by himself. He had a huge shit-eating grin, puffing on his cigar, hooting like a hyena in heat over Hillary's loss. It was really disturbing to see. He seemed unhinged on laughing gas. It was fucked up. LOL

Rush, I have to ask: How is "Draining the Swamp" exemplified by dumping a zillion new Billionaire Gators into the swamp?
People like Linda McMahon, who is about as qualified to be in government as say, the Ebola virus. or Betsy DeVos? Who is so clearly unqualified it's beyond ghastly. This is truly Defcon One for incompetence and obscene ignorance. Trump and his "people" have no ability to see how they look to everyday Americans because they look at themselves as lottery winners, not public servants with a mandate from the People. All they see is how they will glean and rape.

Rush is really shitty to his audience. This guy will sit there and explain how "Washington got what they wanted with this budget. No one was "Rolled!" They knew what they were doing and got what they wanted! That's why Trump voters are mad!" while at the same time knowing FULL WELL that that was gonna happen. "EXPLAINING IT" after the fact with extreme indignance helps NO ONE, Rush!
How about being behind the 8-Ball? You like to scream at anyone with ears that you know what's what and can see it coming from miles away. You said Trump wasn't a conservative during the campaign, True, but you didn't quite hammer that home to your listeners, did you? You didn't emphasize it enough, did you? To warn them of the gridlock and disappointments to come? You think it's cool to sit there months after an election where a LOT OF PROMISES WERE MADE, and get indignant and righteous over how YOU KNEW Trump wasn't a small government Conservative? You are a fucking piece of work, Asshole. You know all this shit, yet you can't change anything when the rubber hits the road. With all your airwave influence (Trump listens to you everyday, doesn't he?) and with all your 3 decades of raunchy Conservative bloviating and political know-how and towering intellect, you stand today bankrupt? With nothing to say except: "This is beyond the Theatre of the Absurd"?

In the words of a famous TV guy:

Rush Limbaugh? YOU'RE FIRED.

05-04-2017, 05:20 AM
In his book he says that he believes society's laws should be enforced. I agree Rushie. Why pass laws if you won't enforce 'em?
But the laws had better be sound. Had better be for the Common Good...So we should start with YOU.
When you "died" as Jim Morrison, you were facing hard time-breaking rocks on a chain gang hard!- at Raiford Penetentiary, for what you did in Miami on March 1, 1969. Where's society's laws being enforced on that one? Because you are clearly not dead!
You got a helluva lotta explaining to do, Mr. Dumbwaiter....even tho I can "Unpack" how you did it. I would just like some eyewitnesses to step forward. Because the way I see it, you're Still a Fugitive! If you were dead as Jim then that's another matter. But alive as RUSH LIMBAUGH?
You are under arrest. You are in custody while we prepare your trial.

And I, JOHANN, am the Lead Prosecutor. I don't need no law degree to do it, either. Just get him on the Stand.
And let me unleash my Salvos.
Let me rip him a new BoGrove ASSHOLE.
Let me SKIN this Lizard pauper...

05-04-2017, 06:53 AM
"Honesty is the first chapter of the book of Wisdom."- Thomas Jefferson

Aww. Now that's a quote I can be inspired by! Rushie! Why on Earth did you not put that quote at the front your book?
Or even IN the book? Because I'm posting it, not you. You didn't add that to your 2nd Tome.
That's one helluva quote there! From a helluvan American, No?
You would do well to dwell on the quote for a few blood moons, Rushbo.
You lie as if your life depends on it. It's extremely unnatural, it's disturbing how you wil lie so smoothly Rush. I know acting is lying, pretending, but your Limbaugh Institude for advanced Fibbing is no more Legit than Trump U.
Be honest Rush. That's why you like Trump, right? A fellow preppy draft dodger who just wanted to succeed in his own warped bubble?
I just figured it out, Rushie....O.M.G. You were the writer of the gay Travolta movie "The Boy in the Bubble", weren't you? Fess up, Lord Byron. LOL Grab that hook. Yank yourself off air. It's better to burn out than fade away, Rush...

He really does a disservice to America (and the world) by saying that the free market system is best, even going so far as to say "No Argument!!! No arguing that!! THE BEST system!!"- he's militant about it, in fact. And then in the same breath say "But within the free market system there are realities...the gap between the rich and poor widens in logarythmic progression and jobs have been lacking in the USA for 15 years + because we don't really have a free market system".

Wha?? Say again, Over? Repeat your last, Soldier!
He acknowledges that the economic gap is widening and that jobs and the economy concern America, yet that is stunted by the government? That the free market (which isn't really free...wtf) is hampered by regulations? Which cause adverse reactions to the tax code? I'll say! Glad you're talking truth for once, Rush. Try to keep it up.
Meet me in the Summer...
Go down to Tangie Town.
The peeps down there really know how to get it on. In a free, meat market. lol
I agree Rushie: People are pissed about the economy. While you enjoy trickle-up economics every day on the air, people suffer. People who support you and support Trump. But you both fail. Just like Dubya failed. As Chris Matthews famously said: "Rush Limbaugh? He's never taken a loss! No matter who wins or loses!" Amen on that. It's all a joke to him. "I straddle the fence, and my balls hurt" he said. Republicans are living up to their Legacy. A Legacy of farts in the wind, drowning in greed and ignorance. Start looking at the Declaration of Independence & the Constitution with new eyes, folks. There's a lot to learn and counter with against "Rush Revere's" revisionist USA history. And he's suggesting a Republic that would never have made Lincoln proud.

He's got this batshit elitist notion that by having the government spend money on programs that actually affect real people that somehow that is "Getting back at the rich", like it's some kind of revenge on the Ruling Class.

I'm very serious when I ask about why there is no Maximum wage. There's a Minimum, which, when you get down to it is really insulting.
What they're saying with minimum wage is: "We'd pay you less, but it's against the law". LOL
The Maximum wage would have quite an effect, no? You'd have to have shopaholics curb it a bit in that situation...Have you seen that horrific movie "The Queen of Versailles"? Watch that. Then get back to me. That is a Prime example of the "free market" running amok.
Our good friend Johnny Depp? Our lovely actor friend? Apparently he's got big-time money problems because he's an addicted impulse shopper. Not good. I heard he likes outrageously expensive wines and has them shipped to him wherever he is. That's cool, I love wine too. But to spend what he spends on a bottle is a little crazy. Once every few years maybe...but he's like every WEEK downing this shit...a bottle of wine that cost more than I make in a year. Wow. Drunk in 2 hours time...On one hand I say bravo because SOMEBODY has gotta buy those old vintages, right? But on another, it's obscene. Rush is no different. The price of his cars and jet alone are off the map outrageous, trappings that Jim Morrison wouldn't go near, only for a ride. He may own a few flashy cars, but not these luxury machines like Jay Leno's got...Jim was famous for owning next to nothing. Clothes and a couple boxes of books. That's all I heard he owned besides the car and boutique he bought for Pam. He lived at the Alta Cienga, which I thought was beyond cool. Beyond awesome. Now he lives in this sprawling property in Palm Beach. If he was Jim, no problem. But he'll never come out and admit it.
Because he's a fucking COWARD.

05-06-2017, 03:15 AM
Elton John knows. Steven Tyler knows. Lou Reed knew. David Bowie knows. (he's still alive too).
A LOT of people know. But they stay MUM.

This idea that Jim Morrison is Rush Limbaugh is a bombshell, right?
You'd think this would go viral, go Worldwide like a Wildfire. No one seems to be moving on it...
If you're as serious a Doors fan as I am, then it should be quite patently OBVIOUS it's him. Those who aren't may have doubts.
But true Doors fans won't. They should see it instantly, like I did.
I would never come out with an idea this outrageous unless I was a million percent sure.
In fact, there is no doubt in my cranium that it's him beyond ANY fucking doubt.
So my question is, why isn't this being reported on? Investigated? Blown out?
Is it because somebody would have to acknowledge being fucking dumb?
Or acknowledge that JOHANN on FilmLeaf.NET blew the lid off this story? That Sux, huh? Giving a stranger from Canada credit for exposing one of the most Horrific and Disturbing Scams in the history of the USA?
Someone I met said that my writing won't connect with a reader, especially with my curse words. Do I care? No.
I have no audience. I'm not aware of any. No one messages me about how great I am. LOL No one has ever said they are a "fan" of mine.
That speaks volumes, and the only audience I have or want for this thread is Rush himself. This thread is his Number 1 Fan sending him a love-letter. Hahaha. This piece of shit made me who I am. What was designed to Neutralize me turned me into the Atom Bomb that will destroy my mentor. Good Work Jimbo! As Johnny Cash sang: "YOU can run on for a long time, but sooner or later God's gonna CUT YOU DOWN..."

Consider me God.
Shake in yer stinky boots, because I'm saving the best for last, Rushie.
This thread is FAR from over. LOL I'm gonna lay waste to you EXACTLY how you Deserve...
Your talent may be on loan from God, but mine IS GOD.

05-06-2017, 11:10 PM
Rush took Friday off. Must mean he's doing heavy homework...Try to keep up to me, Rushie. Try to keep up.

Thursday's show had him stroking his own cock over how he took Mike Pence to task. It's all synthesis, Rush. Don't get too erect over it. Put those viagra DOWN! Rush had a caller call in and grouse about Pence not answering Rush, saying the American people won with this budget, when clearly they did not. Rush agrees, but it's all for show. Pence and Rush are pals. They'd never stab each other in the poop. They'll just do it for show. While dupe listeners eat it up. It's truly rancid. Thursday's show was rants about Carlos Danger, getting e-mails from Huma, and how James Comey stepped way beyond the boundaries of any investigator. Maybe he did, who cares Rush? Hillary never paid and neither did Trump. All good in the hood, right? Nobody pays in corrupt Washington at the end of the day. Righty-Right? Right-Right.

He barked about how Obama seems to have "influenced" the French election. Not possible Rush. You know why? That's Guy de Rothschilds' HQ. It goes how Guy wants it to go. Right? Right-Right. He also patted himself on the back for the favorable e-mails he got for "explaining" insurance to listeners on his last show. Wow. You threw free info and airtime toward something that is common knowledge. You really are a Shepherd, Rush. *Snicker* Do what ya gotta do to kill that sweet precious airtime, Buddy...
He said he was "HIP-DEEP IN COMPASSION!" yesterday...what a fuckin' Joke.
He snivelled about how the left are driving a "wedge", but he couldn't say between who. (?!)
"But they are trying to Sabotage the Republican effort to repeal and replace Obamacare! We gotta give Democrats the What-For!Trump has got to Lead the Agenda! It's gotta be Him!" Yadda Yadda Yadda... Sing it to the Choir, Rushie.
The fact is Obamacare seems to be helping millions of people. What am I missing about this that is so bad?
Can anybody here (Americans, preferably) explain to me what's so shitty about Obamacare?
Anybody? Because I'm not seeing the issue.

Rush has hooked a lot of listeners because they find him informative and entertaining. And I get that. He's got a loyal following, and I reckon that even if they knew he was Jim Morrison they wouldn't care. (Which is truly troubling and disturbing).
These people don't know the swath of damage he was part and parcel of. They look right past his Blatant and Undeniable Racism and Bigotry. That makes them shallow human beings, makes them beyond pathetic. They can't see the forest for the trees. He's stoking the flames of DEEP DIVISION here. He's not looking to "Shake Hands Across The Aisle" in any fashion. This is war to him. He's at WAR. LIKE NAPOLEON!. He's Conquering. But he's pissed off with this current Conquest. Democrats are still strutting and Winning.

And so is Johann. A Super-Awesome Liberal. Who is kicking a fat conservative clown's ASS.

05-06-2017, 11:43 PM
Let's go back to See, I Told You So, Rush's second book.

Chapter 2 has him opining about being a target in the media, being mischaracterized. Hilarious. How can you characterize a character you're playing Rush? Is that like the Self-Interview? The essence of Creativity? LOL
He quotes Marv Albert attacking him, who said: "If Rush Limbaugh owned or ran a basketball team, you'd get five years in jail for a travelling violation!". Pretty funny. But Rush didn't like that joke. He had to defend himself, with a somewhat comedic take on the NBA if Liberals ran the League. He says he likes using sports analogies because people who play to win have a different attitude. They get into "The Zone". Indeed, Rushie. Indeed. So now we all know how to look at you: as a Sportsman. right? The radio is Sport to you. your Winning Sport? Well, Johann has just ended your streak. Because I play to win too Rushie. I never undertake something unless I can see the end result. And the end result is me throwing dirt on your piano case coffin. I think much differently than your average turnip. I have a mentality like a dog with a bone, an actor on his Mettle, not a dog without a bone, not an actor out on Loan From God...

He's got this gloss of "Helpfulness" about him, doesn't he? He's Earnest, and seemingly on the path of solving problems, BUT IS HE REALLY? He's had 30 years behind that Tin Microphone, and what fucking tangible change has he overseen in those 30 years? Better yet, what the fuck did he do to influence any of it? LOOK REAL HARD AT HIM!
Because I see nothing. I see he got super-rich and America deteriorated into a Third-World cesspool, a "War on Terror" Empire that stands for nothing but greed and war and death. How much has America progressed or regressed since 1988? I think it's pretty obvious to anybody with a brain.

People need to understand that Rush Limbaugh has never been poor, never been underpriviledged and never had any reason to have any compassion or empathy. He can discuss it like he owns it, but it's just platitudes. Rush doesn't care if you live or die.
He's soulless. He flip-flops like a trout that lands on the deck. Whenever you corner him he weasels out of it, as if his father is the Dean. He once told a fan who asked for an autograph: "YOU WOULD EAT YOUR OWN SHIT, WOULDN'T YOU?" The fan just said "Hey man, you do what you gotta do..." This is a SNEERER here...this is an arrogant S.O.B.
This is a man full of Contempt and lacks complete empathy. He's a hard-line IDIOT.
He mocks Liberals in the book by using Gen. Schwartzkopf of Desert Storm as an example. Ridiculous. "Can you imagine if the number-one objective was equality and fairness for Schwartzkopf?
Rush, what in the Samhain fuck are you talking about? LIberals hate war. Because war stops Progress. And we're all about PROGRESS. Ideally, Liberals would never even be ON the battlefield, so your analogy is pure anal retention.

He says that the Democrats exploit class envy and hold the wealthy in Contempt. Yep. Absolutely Rushie. And for good reason. Because a true Liberal can seperate their humanity from their wallet. Conservatives can't. Their God is money and always will be. Look who's President. You ARE a reactionary Rush. You're also a coward. And a Liar. And a Fraud. And a Fugitive. And a Disgrace. And a Satanic Scourge.

05-07-2017, 12:10 AM
"The Democrats are breeding resentment. They have many people believing that anybody who is doing well is a cheater, a crook, selfish, and/or doing something unfair or unjust. I am now enjoying success in my life. That doesn't mean I don't remember what it was like to struggle."---Let me stop you there, Rush.

That's a Lie. You've never struggled. Ever. The only struggle you had in life was obeying Daddy or not. LOL
I would disagree with you that Democrats are fomenting resentment toward the rich. What they're doing and were doing in '93 when you wrote this tripe was challenging the rich to put their money where their mouths are. What do the rich do? protect their wealth. From Taxes. Taxes make the country run. No man is an Island, Bitch. It's obscene how much money people have while their fellow man dies in the gutter. The "humanity" displayed by the rich consists of offering a job and a sneer. No rich man gets into heaven. Show me one. LOL
That's why they live it up. They know they only got one life. LOL

There's an exchange of lines in Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut that exemplifies Soulless Rich Fuckers and the Republican mindset:
ALICE: "Didn't he (Ovid) end up in a place with a very bad climate?"
SANDOR: "But he made sure he had a good time first. A VERY GOOD TIME..."
And Rushie has "More fun than any human being is allowed to have..." Ironic, No?

You're on the chessboard, Rush. Get up. Go over to where I tell you. I'm the Grand Master. This is the Dance of Death for you.
Not me. Feel my Rage and feel my Wrath. Because it's real. I feel so betrayed that I will Scorch you with No Mercy, a la SLAYER.

05-07-2017, 06:38 AM
I've deduced the following about Rush Limbaugh III.

I have no respect for a junkie pill popper who is too cowardly to score his own fix, Ironic, considering Morrison believed scoring drugs is a man's job...He sent out his housekeeper to pick up Oxycontins for him- off the street! He probably gave a fistful of cash and said Go! Who can respect that? Not me, Buster.

Ray Manzarek was right; "The Snake man was gay". He's a selective hearing asshole. He's clearly sitting there with an agenda.
I give him a new moniker: Mush LimpBalls.
He's Fat, Stupid...Nigga's Crazy, alright? LOL He's a rapist, with a "Rapey" voice. He couldn't get laid in a Morgue!
He's Semi-Dystopian. A Vulgar Jaw-Jacker. I saw a comment on him on YouTube by a woman who said "He can't approach a woman. Let alone please one". Ouch. The dude needs a gallon of viagra for his grizzled anthony weiner...he encourages rape and misogyny. Sick man.
Jim Morrison forced women to get abortions. But one woman got pregnant in 1968, didn't tell him, had the baby. His name is Clifford. There's a fascinating story behind him too: he's now doing ten years in prison for armed robbery. Jim's Dad paid for a DNA test and put him on a retainer. He even played in a band called Lizard Sun...sometimes even with Robby Krieger's son Waylon! But like Dad, he's a fuck-up. Has drug problems, robbed a bank at gunpoint...just like Jesse James...wow. Fits Morrison's "outlaw" image, huh?

Back in November of 2016 Kanye West went a little nutty onstage, calling out Jay-Z and his "killas' and ranting about a NEW WORLD.
He did what Jim Morrison did in Miami in 1969: get too drunk or high and went onstage and acted like a complete moron. Lost all respect from many quarters...he had to be "fixed". And we haven't heard much from Kanye since, huh? He posed with Trump for photos with a blonde hairdo. He's been pretty quiet lately. Usually he's braggadoccio 24/7...Same thing with Rush Limbaugh. Jim's father probably said "FIX MY SON!" after Miami. The band was in deep trouble- no concerts- shows were cancelled left and right. Jim was put on trial for obscenity and public exposure and open profanity. Not to mention public drunkenness...he screamed at the audience at that show that they were "all a bunch of fucking idiots!!", and he tried to defend himself in court with "Artistic Expression"???!!!

That trial found him guilty. It was on appeal when he went to France in March 1971. There was no extradition treaty between France and the USA back then. Technically he wasn't allowed to flee the country...did he take matters into his own hands? And was "Caught"?
If so, then tell us! Let us know what the fuck happened! This is some D.B. Cooper shit!

Jim Morrison is for all intents and purposes dead. He really is. Literally and figuratively. When I look at Rush, I'm seeing a man who could not play with Ray, Robby and John ever again, or ever did again, after 1971. The commitment to the ruse was TOTAL.
It had to be.

Morrison feels more "Revered" in these conditions than as Jim. He admitted in 1988 that he was tired of being considered a pot-smoking Loser, that no one took him seriously. Now he's got CLOUT!
When he had it all along!
What's insane is that he could've quit the Doors and done radio! As Jim! And he would still be the #1 radio host and most-listened to anchorman on the air! But he morphed into this fat sack of slime, this hateful wretch, this tubby fragile CHILD.
He's a well-engineered cannon. They destroyed him. Obliterated him. He's Angry. Can you tell?
He ensures his survival by promoting Evil.
Everything he's ever claimed is about SURVIVING ORDEALS.
Maybe his staying on the air everyday is what's keeping him alive right now.
He does what he's told or else. Now he's totally out of control. He believes the Hype brought about by the engineered response to his environment- the one he's ASSIGNED TO. MK'S Success! Plenty of Evidence...

He deserves more Scorn than sympathy tho.
He turned his back on those who loved him the most. Now he's older, he's Lost. Just look at him. What a horrific paradox. I think I'd rather speak a minute's truth and let them put me in front of a firing squad than live like that.

He's the "Tempestuous Young Conqueror". We All Suffer. He is DEEPLY involved in CONCEIT.
What he does is mass-hypnosis-type fucked-up shit!
What I'm doing with this thread is POETIC JUSTICE, JUSHBO...

Jim made me a product of evil engineering and made me believe it was MY CHOICE! now that is Genius!
But unfortuantely, UNFORGIVABLE.
He's been mocking me and his millions of fans all this time, despising us. While we MOURN him in Paris!
Who or What is in that grave??? I shudder to think.

05-10-2017, 04:32 AM
So FBI Director James Comey has been fired by Trump.

I think Rush may be behind it. In fact, I think he may have gotten Mike Pence's ear off-air and suggested it to him, because Trump sure as shit didn't come up with this idea on his own!
Rush is gonna be squawking tomorrow as if he won the SuperBowl. You just watch...
This is the biggest display of power from Trump yet. Was Comey getting close? Too close?
And he had to be shitcanned? Who knows. What we do know is Comey found out by seeing the news on TV!
The media knew before he did! Wow. This is a rare occurence in Washington. Heads this big don't usually roll...
If only Trump would disassemble the CIA...

Here's a nugget from See, I Told You So that bears scrutiny:
"I'm sensitive and sympathetic towards the troubles other people experience. But it would serve no constructive purpose for me to sit around and wring my hands everyday over the disadvantaged, the poor, the homeless, the middle class and others. That would be the Liberal thing to do."

Hey Fuckhead: Liberals don't "wring their hands over it". They wring the necks of shithead conservatives like you who ignore the poor, who think the poor deserve scorn, not a hand-up. What Rush just illustrated there is his colossal inhumanity, typical of any conservative Clown. They don't like to be reminded of the disadvantaged, because it reminds them of what NOT to be. The poor scare the shit out of conservatives. The poor keep them chasing wealth, like a carrot, even if they're already wealthy. It's hilarious. They've got it sown up so tight that they martyr themselves and don't even know it! LOL Rush just proved that the middle class and wealthy NEVER think of the poor or disadvantaged. Only as just that: poor and disadvantaged. This is the entire problem with class warfare. No one sticks up for the helpless except Liberals and compassionate individuals.
Rush stated baldly that he doesn't even THINK of the poor. It "Serves no constructive purpose" to him. Funny, Rush, considering I think the exact same thing about the rich! The rich serve no purpose to me other than showing me how NOT to be! The reverse of what Conservatives believe! You think you've got the moral high ground? Sorry you don't. Liberals and the POOR do. "Blessed are the poor", you Satanic Scourge...

Rush says something positively chilling on page 16: "We have to remember there will never be a time when everyone is doing well. (Not even when Bill Clinton is gone)."- Wow. That takes balls and a helluva crystal ball to proclaim that! Why will there never be a time when "Everyone" is doing well, Rush??? Explain that one! Could it be because that's how the Rothschilds and Monarchy and Sultan of Brunei and any of their puppets WANT IT? Equality is merely a pipe dream? Along with World Peace?
Thanks for that wonderful Prophecy, Shitstain! Way to Crush Dreams, Dork!

Rush says that being self-reliant is the way to be. I agree. But that's harder to do than saying it.
Everybody is dependent on something. Without his platform and ad hawking, Rush would be a homeless opiate addict, no different than the ones I see on the streets of Ottawa. Rush Limbaugh is not a role model. He's actually a criminal. He's gotten away with murder, and because he's worth something to some evil, greedy and soulless parasites, he's allowed to run his sewer five days a week. If he was in the private sector he would've been fired and jailed and had his reputation sullied like you wouldn't believe. But because he's a "star", a "Famous Fibber", he gets away with it.

Ain't that America?

05-10-2017, 05:35 AM
Chapter 2 of See, I Told You So is Rush setting up his readers for the big fall, and he feeds the reader some choice lies, some choice cuts:

"America needs a cheerleader-someone who can make us feel good about ourselves and give us the confidence to be ourselves again. That is exactly what Reagan did. He made us Proud. But the liberals were threatened by the idea of people taking charge of their own lives, and they attacked Reagan mercilessly as a media charmer, soft on substance".

America doesn't need a cheerleader, Rush. Never did. The Founding Fathers are all the inspiration and "feeling good about ourselves" the USA needs. Gore Vidal wasn't joking when he said it's the United States of Amnesia...people forget the Glorious and Interesting past the USA has, Rush. You are capitalizing on it, and doing it in a warped way. The reason Ronald Reagan is your Hero is because you owe your Life on the air to him. You owe Rotten Ronnie your CAREER, don't ya?
The Fairness Doctrine.
Oh yes, the Fairness Doctrine. Hello, Darkness, my old friend. If it wasn't for Reagan removing the Fairness Doctrine, we wouldn't have Rush Limbaugh on the airwaves, poisoning Americans' ears. Because the Fairness Doctrine required radio shows to have a counter-point or counter-argument to whatever political views were on the air. And if you notice, Rush hates any opposing views to his.
His callers must be willing to talk about what he wants to talk about, nothing else. Except on fridays, when callers can talk about anything. But it doesn't matter anyway, because his callers are Extreme Screened. Nobody gets through who doesn't belong. And if Rush gets a whiff of the enemy, you'll be cut off and hung-up-on in nanosceonds, deftly, with no mercy from El Rushbo.
His radar is keen for Liberal or Leftist callers. He had a Liberal get through once who challenged him on Reagan.
Check it out:


05-11-2017, 12:42 AM
Listen to this garbage he writes: "Don't kid yourself. I am fully aware of the very real problems our nation faces. But I would rather suggest answers and solutions and encourage people to take responsibility than to sit around and whine about how unfair the world is. That accomplishes nothing."

Indeed. Rush. Unfortunately, you do not "suggest answers and solutions"...no no no. You offer nothing of the sort. You are the wedge, driven straight between the American people. You don't "straddle the fence" anymore, do you? That was the sixties...long time ago. Nowadays you are FIRMLY entrenched. You broke on through to the Conservative side, and you STAYED THERE. You killed Jimmy! You Bastard!
You don't "encourage" anybody either Rush. You ORDER them. You bark at them, as if it's self-evident. That's a military trait...My father was the same way...things are stated as matter-of-fact, self-evident. But without proper scrutiny, how can you be sure that the ideology is Sound? Huh Rush? The ideology may need help, with a Cochlear Implant!
And quit perpetuating this myth that Liberals whine, like that's all they do. Liberals can be smug, agreed. Can even be condescending. But their heart is in the right place. There's no maliciousness there, no resentment. Unlike you, Rush.
You say things that are utterly repulsive and unwelcoming in any way. In fact you slip into cro-magnon mode a lot, with draconian views that you don't even recognize as such. But even to a lay person, it's clear you have hate in your blood. You can HEAR it in your voice! In your Tone! You don't hide it Rush! Your voice is LACED with pure hatred and venom.
You're not a harmless little fuzzball. You are a destructive force, and even when you are right about something, the ham-handed way in which you bloviate about it is utterly rancid.
He says he believes it's possible and preferable to elevate most people to new heights rather than to equalize society, by taking away from those who have succeeded.
What a disingenuous fuckhead.
OF COURSE that's preferable, Rush! But guess what? In the almost 30 years since you wrote that book how many people have you "elevated"? PERSONALLY? Let me (Johann) rant for a minute here: "Taking away from those who have succeeded?"- let me rip that apart.
I have never been wealthy. I never had the drive to relentlessly pursue money like a maniac, like Kevin O'Leary types do. Those are people with deep seated fears and inferiority complexes. The idea of a millionaire or billionaire is obscene. Money is a human creation. It doesn't love you back. It's a means to an end, and it could end hunger- world hunger- if the rich and the ruling class decided to, decided to snap their fingers. That would be "An Investment in the Future", would it not? Then why are no wealthy cocksuckers looking at that? GREED, that's why. The free-market system lets a man's ego inflate to bursting. Just look at photos of Rush Limbaugh- he's the living embodiment of mediocrity becoming an Egomaniac.

He only "elevates" himself. And so do most conservatives. And they *begrudgingly* promote their own. And they are the quickest to throw their own under the bus (See: STEPHEN HARPER- the worst Canadian Prime Minister in History- I wrote briliantly about him:)
Rush Lies in his book when he says that he's "Tired of all the Negativism"- that is complete bullshit, because that's his bread and butter. His whole show is BASED on negativism- his own slant. Not all Conservatives are like Rush Limbaugh. No No No. That's something else that has to be made clear here: Millions of listeners think Rush speaks for the entire Right.
He doesn't. I know a lot of Conservative people, and I like a lot of them, they are actually good people, good god-fearing people. But they have very narrow minds in a lot of cases, because while Rush accuses Liberals of being a destructive philosophy, I would counter that with the exact opposite: that conservatism has caused more death and destruction than liberalism. AND I would also point out that the modern Republican party has rejected Conservatism anyway, that it is not a driving force of the party- BUSINESS IS.

Rush mentions NY culture critic David Hinckley, who famously said: "The thing with Rush Limbaugh's fans is that they don't know he's kidding." BAM! Rush knows it was 1000% accurate, yet he had to put it in his book and say: "Like so many other Liberals, he just can't believe my message is sincere."- Um, no Rush. Trust me, I know that you are kidding and always have been. Remember, I only just learned of you being Jim last August. So I'm newly shattered to your "Kidding Ways"...As Rush Limbaugh, you are patently EVIL, patently Lying through your teeth. Both with your ridiculous on-air commercials, your EIB network gift shop, and your extremely false political beliefs. You are a Fraud 666 ways to Sunday, with a Black Sabbath thrown in...Viva Mr. Crowley!, Right Jushbo?

He smugly states that the contempt for him and his audience has backfired. Maybe in 1992 it backfired, but not today Rush. Mike Stark got your goat, and so did Johann. As much as I'm not crazy about Obama, you know as well as I do that he coalesced and strengthened the Left. He really did. And it was a good thing. I don't like how he ran things on several fronts, but I won't get into that. It's not as important as the overall feeling he gave Americans, which you yourself say was so important with Reagan- how he made people intuitively be more Aware of America and it's role, at home and abroad. And Obama took a page from Reagan's playbook on it, and that rankles you. Doesn't it, Rush? That this smart black man was savvy enough to see how he would look after he was gone?

Rush says he has thick skin. Yes he does. I can vouch for that. He's a stubborn pig, even tough old bastard. He's been around the block, I'll grant him that. He says he has the satisfaction of always knowing he's right. (???) How many people have you met in your life that say they are always right? And that they get immense Satisfaction out of being right? How many? I've never met anybody who was so sure of themselves that they are ALWAYS right, so much so that they experience waves of "Succulent Satisfaction" over it? Hmm? I've met none. Even my father, who definitely had a "My way or the highway" attitude over being right, never claimed satisfaction from it, or gloated about it, He never strutted or threw it in people's faces, let alone on TV or on Radio...
Rush says he remains in good cheer despite his naysayers. He has to. If he didn't, his head would explode. If he saw himself as others see him he would commit suicide, on-air. He's a big boy. He can handle my arrows. He ignores his detractors anyway.
I am a figment of his EIB Imagination.

He makes a point of defending his listeners in chapter 2. And he's got good reason to do that. My thread here isn't really about Rush Limbaugh- it's about the influence he has, how what he says eats its' way into a listeners brain and takes root, when what he said could be totally wrong, a lie. Neophyte listeners, the ones new to politics will tune in and hear a guy speak with Authority about the body politic, with conviction, and then they hear his callers call in, and 99% immediately have to say on-air how long they've been listening to Rush or how long they sucked his Tubby toes...He's the All-Seeing, All-Knowing, Illuminutti Maha Rushie, coming at ya all across the Fruity Plain...most of his listeners are oblivious to the mechanations and politics involved in Washington. But I'm sure a bunch of them listen a long time and think they have some kind of handle on the situation, just like Rushbo. A few might, I can admit. But a lot are lost, reactionaries, with only a sliver of the pie, of the entire mosaic, and a lot of the time they're bigots and zealots, of varying degree. He can whip them into a frenzy. He just KNOWS how to say the right triggers. Frame the story in such a way to stir up resentment and dissent. And he whines about "fake news"??? He's the fuckin' Original, Daddy-O! LOL Pot meet Kettle! He's a Master at Obfuscation, as I've told you before. He's really good at channelling hatred into flashpoint political war.

Hey Rush: Straight from me, Johann:
You're a flash in the pan. All sizzle, no Steak. It isn't going to work. I shut off your microphone.

05-11-2017, 01:56 AM
Rush says that his phenonmenal success cannot be the result of "phoniness, disingenuousness, insincerity or schtick".
What a fucking jackass. That is EXACTLY what your success was built upon, Rush! To. The. Letter. That is what your success was built on. I'm not letting you get away with that one. That's a Whopper of a lie there, from page 20 of your book.
"My show works because people are tired of being insulted elsewhere on the radio or TV dial."- Wrong. You make them BELIEVE you're not insulting them, that you are extending Infinite Wisdom, for the Church of Conservatism...

One thing that the news networks and pundits don't point out about Rush is that by writing him off as a kook, a bigot or what-have-you and not tuning in as a result creates a situation where Rush can engineer (like a social scientist) outcomes. He's keenly aware of this power, and so am I. Ignore it at your peril. His reach and influence may go where you won't think...
He's able to adjust quickly- way faster than Hannity or other righties. Rush is the best guy the Right has got. Too bad he's a racist bigot, a sneering, no taxpaying, ignorant Baby Boomer. A typical rich clown who thinks he's Holier-than-Thou.
In that first TV appearance he did in 1988 he sneered that Liberals always ask him: "Do you actually BELIEVE the things you say?"
He replied: "That's for you to figure out."
And I've figured you out, Rush. You don't believe it. It's all an ACT. All a show. All SYNTHESIS. For the CIA.
He brings it up again in his book, that Liberals wonder if he actually believes the shit he says. So let's be clear here: Rush is very keenly aware of how Liberals see him. If the first question a person on the street asks him is "Do you believe the shit that comes out of your own mouth?" then he has ENGINEERED that response. He AIMED for it. He WANTS and needs the opposition to think he's crazy, that he couldn't possibly be coming from a place of such base, sick values that ignore humanity in such large swaths. He claims he's all about "celebrating human achievement" and that nowhere else in America is that being done, but on his radio show. He is the life preserver to the USA's disgruntled, those who long for "Achievements" and not to have any entity encroach even a whiff. And he says Liberal Ideals are Unworkable and Unachievable? WOW!

Rush says he's here to challenge and debunk "conventional Liberal wisdom". Great! We need savvy opposition. But not DISINGENOUS, Slimy, Sneaky, Pitiful, Wretched, Greedy, Ignorant Opposition...we need opposition that is ABOVE BOARD, RUSHIE! And you ain't it!!!

He thinks the appeal of his message that liberals are a problem is huge, enormous even. It isn't. Conservatism isn't workable in the 21st Century, Rush. Your beliefs are dying, and dying hard. You made your fame in New York, right? Well that's a good example to use, because New York City isn't the New York City of old, is it? It's changed. Bigly. Yuuugely, over 60 years, no? You bet it has. Well you can use New York as a mirror to your political beliefs. They may have been ideal once upon a time, dazzling, glimmering with promise. But Times change. Realities creep in. PROGRESS gets made. maybe not the progress we want, but still. Progress.
Rush doesn't see that his brand of conservatism is as useless and trite as "Leave It To Beaver". It has no relevance or purpose, other than to annoy and piss off Liberals. To me, in my view, liberalism has seeped into everybody's unconsciousness. It's the little devil on your shoulder that says "Yes. You can". Conservatism is the little devil that says "No. You can't"

He ends chapter 2 by arrogantly saying that his listeners have the courage to face and believe the truth, that they are the people who make America work. Very clever, Rushie. Build those sheeple up! Get them to buy what yer sellin'!!
What those listeners don't know is that I, Johann listen to Rushie's show precisely for that reason. Because I have the courage to face and believe the truth. And the truth is, you are a Fraud, a Faker, an Actor.
You are Jim Morrison, masquerading as an important man in Rush Limbaugh.

And I kill you with my words. My Brilliant, Incisive Words.

05-12-2017, 01:53 PM
Listen up, EL FUCKBO.
This is the truth about the 2016 election. AND WHY TRUMP IS ILLEGITIMATE.

1. He didn't win by the Popular Vote. He won by the electoral college. Last time I checked, America was MAJORITY RULES.

2. Hillary rigged the primary against Bernie. If you squared off against Bernie, Trump would not be in the White House.

3. Hunter S. Thompson wasn't here to utterly destroy Trump in print. Millenials missed out on the King of Sport/Gambling/Politics...

4. Racism from Rich Clowns who want to taste power is not the Number 1 quality about America. So it's a little baffling you won, right Donald? I mean, even you thought you'd be golfing. You golfing all the time is just you, saying "Fuck it. I was supposed to be golfing anyway...so I'll just golf." How on earth can Rush Limbaugh defend that embarrassing reality?

5. Trump is incompetent. You can tell he was lying when he said he was gonna fire Comey. He lies everytime he opens his orange maw. We knew Obama was lying, but that he was trying to be clever about it. And a lot of the time he was. But Trump? He lies as if every person he's facing caught him doing something wrong. AND THEY DID.

05-12-2017, 02:16 PM
Rush says that Socialism is the result of Capitalism.
Rush says that Socialism assumes that people don't want to share with one another.
Rush says that Socialism is a Scourge.

Let's back up that Blue Bus. It's Calling Us...
Driver, Where you Taking Us?
The Blue Lady has crashed into a tree, Bonehead. Pico Blvd. Talk to the cops and get away it, Starman.
Socialism is the last bastion of Christianity in my view.
Because Rush wants ROME. He wants Plato's REPUBLIC.
How was the REPUBLIC portrayed in the Star Wars movies, Starman?
Capitalism provides a mere SLIVER to help the lower classes. What provides the Young Lion's Share is generosity, compassion,Giving, human HEARTS. Those things are going extinct. And if we let blowhard idiot racist capitalist pigs like Limbaugh run rampant, all humanity will be stamped out. He is alien to the idea of spreading the wealth. Tesla said machines can do the work of man, and his tin microphone is doing the Devil's Work...

05-12-2017, 02:31 PM
What Rush doesn't understand is that the EIB network is pure socialism laced with capitalism.
Lonely people listen to the radio. They feel connected. That's Socialism. If they love the host, maybe they'll buy his books, his swag, his merch, his golf tips, his bravado, his Soul. Remember, guys like Rush sold their souls and cremated care for kicks.
Listeners may fantasize about Rushie on Viagra, chasing them around the putting green, cigar chomped.

Socialism is Facebook, Twitter, Podcasts and Dittocams. And Rush uses 'em all.
In fact it's socialized brainwashing and MK mind control. You just don't know it, kids. He's so charming and PT Barnum about it that people let it slide. His schtick is so old, so corny. He's also seen huffing from a rag every broadcast. What's the towel soaked with, Rush? Ether? Oxy-Juice? WD-40? LOL You laugh like Jabba the Hutt too. It's uncanny how gangster you act. When you die, you will stink going to hell.

05-13-2017, 12:10 PM
What an interesting situation we have now in Washington D.C.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, (and I welcome anybody to engage me on this thread), but didn't Trump voters send him to the White House to clean up the Swamp? Drain it? If so, then why has he just put a halt to any business regarding the American people?
Because that is exactly what he's done. With firing Comey, he slapped a 2-year gridlock on all business for "the People".

This is the beginning of the end for Trump.

What truly makes my stomach turn is Rudy Guiliani is bandied about as a potential new FBI Director. Is this for fuckin' REAL???
Rush Limbaugh's golfing buddy? Gay Lover? Wow. Sneaky Bastards, huh?
The bottom line is Comey was making The Donald worry. So he had to go. PERIOD.
It's not more complex than that.
Trump said he wants a quick end to the Russia thing. But he'll fire the man overseeing the investigation?
Before it's concluded?

Rush Limbaugh is now in a position where he has to defend a man he's been defending for a year and a half WHO'S GOING TO BE IMPEACHED.
It's quite obvious and clear to me that Trump wants out of this job as fast as possible. He's yanking on all of the exits to this Theatre. Of The Absurd. Right, Rush?

Rush barks that Trump is President, that he doesn't have to explain why he fired Comey. Doesn't even have to say a peep.
Wha? Huh? Doesn't have to say a peep? Firing the FBI Director is not something you can do and people just go. "Oh, he did? That's nice. Did you hear about the sale at Honkins?! OMG" Firing the FBI Director is a rare occurence. And the timing of it is HIGHLY suspect. It screams guilt. It screams Mafia. You can't trust Donald Trump or his Administration. Not one bit.

05-14-2017, 04:47 AM
5 years ago today Rush Limbaugh (of Melbourne Florida) was given a bronze bust of himself and inducted into the "Hall of Famous Misourians". And on this day I turn 42. I feel like a trillion bucks. And the first thing I do on my birthday is write about my sworn enemy, "Rim Lorrison", "A High Slum Rub", "Hitler behind the golden EIB microphone", Rush Limbaugh.

If you think Hitler is too extreme a name to use with regard to Rushie, let me shut that nonsense down.

His father subjected him to extreme abuse. Nazi Experimentation, in fact. And if you know anything about Nazi experimentation, you know that it was bone-chilling. Horrifying. The stuff of nightmares. Now, I'm not sure exactly what kind of abuse Jim/Rush was subjected to, but it was traumatic. In my 25 years of study of that man I know one thing: Jim Morrison could only have been created from extreme trauma. If you want to know how I know, here's how: I was so interested in Jim because his life mirrored my own. But not the abuse- I had a fairly normal childhood, with a mean Military Dad, that's all. My family moved around a lot, like Jim. More than I would have liked. It wasn't as bad as some military families I've heard, moving every year or 6 months, but it was enough restlessness to give it to me for a long time. And being restless makes you grouchy. And Jim Morrison's angst and grouchiness seemed to match my own. The way in which he channelled his anger impressed me. It was as if he turned his anger into Art, like Stanley Kubrick.

But after learning that he's now Rush Limbaugh...Ho Ho.

I always admired Jim's Bravado. It was superior to any soldier I served with in the PPCLI, and I served with very good Brave men...
To go against the Vietnam War like he did, like The Doors did, was more powerful a statement to me than being draft dodgers. It more than made up for it. But knowing what I know now...WOWZA. These were actually priviledged kids, who not only did not even have to go to a recruiting station to enlist, but were no fucking different from George W. Bush or Dick Cheney. And it's no wonder Rush WORSHIPS Dick Cheney in his second book. These Cowards never served in the military, got deferments. When I read about Jim and John Densmore driving to their draft session and getting exempt, in my mind I was admiring them and shaming myself for being a grunt, yet at the same time scorning them. Now I have only scorn. Because my shame over serving in a Satanic Regiment remains, but my admiration for two LIARS, who didn't even have to GO NEAR the Army for 'Nam- HUGE LIES THEY TOLD!- is GONZO. Because Jim was the son of a CIA man, he could "Choose His own Adventure", like Trump, who played Tennis after getting deferred from 'Nam.

Rush Limbaugh, Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr. & Jr. and all of their tentacles are intertwined. They are the giant family. They are the Feast of Friends..Alistair Crowley's Dark Joey Family, echoes of Albert Pike & Nathan Rothschild...these are Reptiles, Satanic pieces of shit. They oversee a lot of evil. They perpetuate a lot of pain and misery on this planet. There are very dark forces at work, and we must not be afraid to expose these fuckers. What is done in the Dark will be brought to the Light!!!!!

Ray Manzarek said in an interview once that The Doors were gonna conquer literature, poetry, music, then the film world, then Washington (Politics).
He wasn't exaggerating. I mean, he was lying through his teeth because that's exactly what they did. Jim became the Conservative Radio Zeitgeist and the three others maintained the Doors and the 60's CIA myths with a fearsome vengeance...
This cocksucker disappeared a little too conveniently in 1971. The Miami concert ended the band. It's safe to say that. The band was effectively over in March 1969. They made 2 more records, and the Morrison Hotel album was considered a comeback album. L.A. Woman was a Masterpiece. A perfect coda. Too perfect. Which brings me to another theory I've been led to.

The most tragic thing about discovering Morrison alive is that the Doors never made music again. (and if they did we haven't heard any of it). They could've continued on, just like the Rolling Stones. But he quit. He fucking QUIT. Now, I know that he had achieved it all. There wasn't much more to do, in terms of being a front man in rock and roll. Jim did it all. But guess what? The line that was fed fans to keep those records selling was that he died in Paris, mysteriously. Not that he wanted to switch careers and become a DJ. Which, when you think about it, who would object to that? He could make records whenever he wanted! Or not at all! No one would hold it against him! But no, he went under the knife, had cosmetic surgery, changed his vocal chords to sound different. Dressed like a dorky middle class car salesman and Voila! He gets a Rush everyday. He got a thrill out of that for eons probably. What a fucking Loser...Knowing that I know he's Morrison is hilarious, actually. Because you realize just how Lame and Pathetic he really is. And to think I worshipped this guy like a god...seriously. Morrison and the Doors was as close to religion as I ever got.
I let a lot slide on this guy...his Christ pose- open mockery of God. Total Blasphemy. Total Defiance. It's akin to drawing the Rapture...trying to make God appear. And when God doesn't show up, Satan gets Bolder.....

I always said to myself: "If I'm wrong about The Doors, God will show me..."

It's interesting to note that the "Saturn Death Cult" that Jim is in has a kinship with Ian Astbury.
His band The Cult was originally called the Southern Death Cult. And rumour has it that the band only records their songs after midnight...and incidentally, today is Ian's birthday today too. He shares it with me and George Lucas! Not bad company...
Ian Astbury actually played more Live shows with the Doors than Rush did when he was Jim!
Jim's ego is so fucking huge. It's a wonder the Earth doesn't collapse under its' weight.
I can see right through him, like plastic wrap. He did not age well. I'm glad he had a good old time, a goofy grand old time.
He's a typical baby boomer. Self-absorbed, sin-soaked, as greedy as the grave, can't imagine a world without him, etc etc etc.
He'll probably be re-incarnated as a 3-toed Sloth, and Trump will be a Python. LOL

This guy acts like he cares about others and what they feel and think. He doesn't. All an Act. Rush has got ice in his veins. And if you can't see it or feel it then you don't know acting very well, then you haven't seen enough movies, Chachi! Because he is acting his ASS OFF!
Not only can I tell when he's lying, I can tell when he's telling the truth. (Because Rush deftly uses both).
And knowing he's Jim makes it all the more easier.
Listening to his show in turn then becomes a Sport for me: a sport of determining the following maths: How rapidly is Rushie lying? How often does he tell the truth? When he shrieks and yells like a banshee, what is he emphasizing? When he sneers, how much is it for dramatic effect and how much is it for real?
Vengeance is God's alone, but Rush, you've had a few clues to make you a mainline convert, haven't ya?
Are you ignoring them in favor of the OK sign? or in favor of an inverted black triangle? Are you a Clone? Jim's twin? Jim's brother?
Lay it on me Rushie! Nothing surprises me anymore, Lizard Golfer...hahaha

So yeah, I'm just taking huge chunks outta yer fat ass. Don't mind me Rushie. I'm saving the best for last. Insidious, huh?
Yeah. It is. It's time for you to taste your own medicine. I'm the only one who knows how to serve it to ya. I got the balls to serve it to ya HOT. You were right about me, Rush. I'm a DIFFERENT BREED...

05-15-2017, 04:29 PM
Shrieking Idiot Ann Coulter said she's ready to jump ship on Trump.
He hasn't kept a single promise he made, and Ann is "shocked".

She said "I guess we have to push him to keep his promises." What a fucking Joke! How could you NOT be behind the 8-Ball on Trump? Huh Ann? He's been a retarded Nothingburger since 1990! You fuckin' moronic Scarecrow! You're shocked Trump is a Lame Duck?
This is the same beanstalk Cunt who worshipped at Dubya's feet...why am I not surprised?
Why does anyone give this evil witch the time of day? Why does what she say matters? Because it doesn't. What "REACH" does this righty skeletor have? NONE, that's what. Fuck Off Ann Coulter. You add nothing to the mix. Correction: You add poison to the punchbowl.
You've never been right about anything, Ann. Get on your EIB Broomstick and fly the fuck away. Straight to Hell. Nobody gives a damn what you say Ann. (Except the CIA).

She's worried that the Anti-Trump crowd were right all along. She should be. Because WE WERE RIGHT. It doesn't take a Genius to see how utterly unqualified and reprehensible Trump is. What Ann has exposed is her own inability to see into the future. Her own inability to deduce (just on mere appearances!) that Trump was a fucking CLOWN. I knew it when I was 15 years old! She's a "seasoned" pundit and can't see beyond her Wicked Witch nose!!! She admitted fully that she "Trusted Trump BLINDLY". WOW. She deserves every bit of bad karma that comes her way...How batshit insane and dangerously ignorant do you have to be to trust a con man "BLINDLY"?!
How can any sane person look at Trump and say "He gonna fix things! He gonna make America Great again!"??? Huh? How?
How do you not see a narcissistic asshole who only works for himself? Who only does things for his ugly daughter? The daughter he's been having sex with since she was a Tot? How can you love a man who fucks his own daughter? As President or Otherwise???
It makes you look Truly Sick and Depraved, America...This isn't Trump's Rep- IT'S YOURS!

Trump's son Eric admitted to a journalist (in a golf cart!) that his Daddy is in deep with the Russians. When the reporter asked him "Who's investing in golf courses? It's a dead market!" Eric happily replied that it was the Russians who financed it all.
Curious, no? Maybe some REAL Journalists might want to look into that? Hmm?
Does Journalism exist in America?
Oh. That's right. I forgot. It doesn't. It's extinct.
If it wasn't, Trump would never have become president.
I execute all journalists. You failed the entire Planet. Thanks shitheads.
How do you enjoy that pay you never earned? LOL

Rush Limbaugh continues the narrative about the Russians and Hillary.
When that is a red herring. Utterly MOOT.
What is relevant is that Trump is Illegitimate. Because the CIA rigged the entire 2016 election.
The CIA is the source of the "Russian angle", of "Russky Interference"- it's obvious.
Trump IS involved with the Russians, Deeply. Bigly. Yuuugely. Only a Numpty would say otherwise.
There's not enough manpower to get to the bottom of it, and that's probably why more money was requested by the FBI to investigate.
I can predict what will happen here.
Something bad will happen. And Soon. Either Trump will die, be impeached, or some 9/11-type calamity will erupt from Lower Hell.
Bank on it.
It's the only way out of this Orange Nightmare.
Sanity and Journalism aren't getting the job done.
I guess it will take a Nuclear bomb to shake these cowards out of their fog...

05-15-2017, 11:06 PM
This scoop of Jim Morrison being Rush Limbaugh is huge, No?
Yes it is.
And Old Johann of FilmLeaf.Net (Jason Shier) has secured the rights to the first book on this story. And I've done it through this thread. This thread is merely the skeleton of my book. I write the first book on the subject. If I see anyone publish a book on this topic, (Rush Limbaugh as Jim Morrison) before me, you face a lawsuit from me. I will sue you into the ground. This is my scoop, folks.
If this gets any bigger than this thread, I take credit.
Because this thread is Ground Zero. It is where the entire idea takes root, where the "story" has it's genesis. Because as of April 7th, 2017 this story was not anywhere on the planet.

I originated it here. And I will make my Fortune from it. It is already done.

05-16-2017, 02:43 AM
Rush has really gotta shut the fuck up about "THE MEDIA".
Holy Christ is he constantly running his fat maw about "THE MEDIA", as if he's fucking SEPERATE.
He IS the fucking media!!!
He's been the media for 30 motherfucking YEARS. Because guess what? If he was Roger Ailes Creation, then he's no different than CNN, Ted Turner's "CREATION". Rush is CNN in one fat body. He covers ALL topics, like his life depends on it. (Because it really does).

In the back of See, I Told You So (page 309) he's got a chapter on "The Politically Correct Liberal lexicon".
It's even alphabetized- words and phrases that Liberals use. That's probably the one and only time someone actually compiled such a retarded list! Another way he set himself apart and set his fame up...
He lists "Rush Limbaugh" as "The Most Dangerous Man in America". That's the Liberal view of you Rush?
Sorry. You're not the most dangerous. Just the most rancid and repulsive. A Liberal may have given him that title, but I doubt it. I think he gave it to himself as a Psy-Op. Sounds like what he'd do...

Fans of his should try to remember that he played the role of a Leftist Rock Star, and played it to the hilt. So if you think he's cutting against Liberals, it's because he was one, explored the hippy Liberal Axiom to a degree that you cannot Fathom.
He's so intellectually cutting to the Left simply because he was embedded! Like Hunter S. Thompson was embedded in the Hell's Angels!
When he says he doesn't understand the left because they "think differently" he really means that they "think Progressively". He conveniently never tells his listeners that. He deliberately avoids the idea that Liberals are Progressive. Because what are Liberals progressing on? Abortion. Climate change. World Peace. Civil rights. Human rights. Rape elimination. Racism elimination. ALL topics that Rush likes to rail against. He's always ready to spew venom and hate-filled diatribes against progress on all these issues and more. How do his listeners not see that Rush is backwoods and regressive? Name one thing he's progressive on. You Can't. The cupboard is bare. His orders are to just be the antithesis to Liberalism, and he sticks to it! So much so that he has to apologize on-air for repeating himself over and over and over and over and over and over and fucking over...Seriously, Rush is the King of Beating Horses to Death. He's the Champ. He's a broken record Extraordinaire...
I bitchslap every fan of his.
Where is his Progress? Where the Fuck is it? In 30 years how much "Progress" has this giant blob of Lipo overseen?
He's been on this planet for 73 fucking years and he advances nothing positive, no amazing future. He's stuck on Stupid. Stuck on Satan's Warshow. What are ya gonna say when Trump is Impeached, Rush?
See, I Told You So?

05-16-2017, 01:19 PM
Do you know why Rush Limbaugh never scrutinizes the CIA?
It's because HE IS CIA!
His show would be over in ONE DAY, ONE HOUR, if the world knew this FACT.

05-16-2017, 05:15 PM
If you're wondering why I'm writing this thread, exposing Jim Morrison, it's because no one else will.
They are that scared of this guy.
I'm not.
I could've been a high-ranking military man like my father. I was in the air cadet movement. In fact, I commanded a squadron (597 Chatham) in my final year (1992-93). 5 years I was a cadet. Great thing for youth. Trust me.

Then I joined the militia. Got a taste of the Infantry instead of air bases and aircraft. 2RNBR. "A" Company Newcastle
Here's info I shouldn't divulge to strangers, but I have to illustrate the allure of the Doors as a soldier. I understand Oliver Stone. I understand his fascination with the Doors. I really do. He's a brother on that. His movie is still amazing. I still like it and the job Val Kilmer did. But the ending with the grave in Pere-Lachaise...wrong. Time for Oliver to start writing a Rush Limbaugh movie...
What do you say, Oliver? I'll play Rush. Take home an Oscar with you. Sound good?
Just kidding Oliver.
You're a master filmmaker. You're films are great. But now the sheen is gone...
Jim was singing while you were risking your life in 'Nam, Oliver. He should've been there with you, but no, he opted to serenade you, like Mickey Rooney, who was trotted out by MGM for USO tours. Platoon is a masterpiece and always will be, but man, the Doors were cop-outs, I feel bad for you and Coppola. Oliver, you know that Jim's dad was an admiral in the U.S. Navy,that he was there at the Gulf of Tonkin. Setting off the Vietnam war. When you zero in on that fact, you realize that Jim was merely ordered to do that. And willingly complied. If he's alive as Rush Limbaugh, then he's a fugitive. Because that's what Jim Morrison was in 1971 when he went to France. He was found guilty. It was on appeal, but still. He was SENTENCED. To Raiford Pen.
All you have to do Rush is come clean.
You will be pardoned if you tell the complete truth. Nothing but the truth, the whole truth.

I got out of the military for three reasons:

1. I wasn't a dedicated soldier like other guys were. I was gung-ho until about a year and half into being at the Battalion. I wanted out. So I arranged it with my CO that I could get out just when the base (CFB Calgary) was moving lock stock and barrel to CFB Edmonton, where my Regiment is stationed now. I wasn't a great soldier. I was a good one, did what I was told, but I made a mistake. I wasn't supposed to be at that level of Regular Force Infantryman status. I'm telling the truth. That level of discipline I had never maintained in my life. I did it for a year and a half and said to my CO either let me go back to my Reserve unit or let me out. No one objected because I wasn't really being touted as the next Dick Marcinko. LOL

2. Jim Morrison. I would listen to the Doors in the barracks and think "Gee, this guy didn't go to war. He fought another way. He stood up, with his three bros and DID IT. Wow!" I was a fan forever. It was enough for me to quit the Army, in essence.
My father was furious. "You're throwing away a pension! A career!" Nope. Best decision I ever made.

3. I earned the PPCLI cap badge to impress my dad. He wasn't. He didn't show up to the graduation. He could've even gotten a free military flight. Other parents had to pay- my dad was a senior NCO at the time. He said over the phone "I've seen a ton of those parades...they're all the same..." I was like: "yeah, but this is ME..."
I learned by pure accident about a battle honor that the regiment earned but is not on the colors. The Battle of Lens. (France WWI)
I was not taught about that battle in the battleschool. The purpose was to inflict mass casualties, which they did- look up the numbers of germans dead! This was a "mock tribulation" "Daniel Hill" or "Hill 70"- satanic stuff.

So I got out, never looked back. I knew 5 guys who died in Aghanistan, and it's tragic. That place is tribal, there's still craziness happening there. No signs of progress. Only Pipelines and Poppies...

Being a soldier exposes you to a culture that can be comraderie and brotherhood and yet also complete isolation. Every man is doing what he feels he should to earn his keep and move up the ranks. When I realized my career was directly controlled by those immediately above me and not me, and that I only got promoted whether I was "liked" or not, my gung-ho attitude shifted. In the reserves I did better than the Reg force. If I had played my cards differently who knows? I may have been RSM of the RNBR...
I did everything in my power to earn the Patricia capbadge, and I did it. I could not come home to Dad without it. I would've never heard the end of it: "Ah, you couldn't hack it in the Regs!...what CAN you make it as?". I wasn't about to let him gloat. My battleschool course began in 1994 Wainwright, Alberta. A perfect training base if there ever was one. On that base you can become a soldier no problem...it has a harsh vibe about it that I will never forget. Those six months were brutal. And there were guys who dropped out who were in far better shape than me. We started with 53 guys, and only 18 graduated. Some just couldn't handle the military mentality. I was born on a base (Petawawa), so I had no trouble mentally. Physically it was brutal. My level of fitness wasn't the best when I arrived out west, and I had a hard time keeping up with the intensity of Infantryman training. I was recruited in New Brunswick (below sea-level) and here I was in Alberta, many thousands of feet above sea level...I had to re-learn how to breathe while running long distances. The first two weeks I was real worried I'd be sent home. I could barely do ten chin-ups without extreme exhaustion. I'd drop out of a run after 30 minutes...but I forced myself to do it. It was either that or go home a total loser. LOL We'd watch Army films (Apocalypse Now, FMJ, Platoon, Hamburger Hill, etc..)to pump us up and stay in the mindset of Groundpounders, we'd listen to Megadeth and Metallica to prepare us aggressively for the section attacks. At the barracks I would listen to the Doors and be taken away with Jim's voice and the interesting music. The Doors seem to complement being at war, and it's no mystery to me why. Not anymore.
Jim's dad The Admiral was an ARCHITECT of WAR...

05-17-2017, 04:31 AM
Rush says that Hillary lost the 2016 election "For the right reasons".
I agree. I'd rather have Donald than Hillary, to be honest. But it doesn't matter.
Rush fails to point out that Hillary and Trump are pals. Trump raised money for her in the past. And weren't the Clintons guests at Donald's wedding?? Rumour has it that Donald was BEGGING to be invited to Chelsea Clinton's wedding...

This narrative that Rush is pumping hard that Trump is an "outsider" is complete bunk, complete garbage.
Didn't Trump say during the campaign: "Nobody knows the System better than me, Folks."?
When he won I said "I guess he's right! He must know the System!" So all this turmoil he's had in the first 100 days...does he really know the system? Or just how to hoodwink Yanks to vote for him? If he knows the system better than anybody, then he should have a smooth-sailing Presidency, right? Smoother than Slick Obama's 8 years? It should be easy as pie...so what's with all the hand-wringing? On both sides of the aisle? I mean, you can HEAR Rush wring his hands! If you listen as closely as I do, you can sometimes hear his hands wringing being picked up by his tin EIB microphone.
I don't usually watch the dittocam. It serves no purpose. I suppose it's useful to see Rush animated, and sometimes it's revealing about him, but who wants to watch this guy talk? He looks like what a guy who lives in his mom's basement and dreams of being a radio God would look like. It looks like his studio set-up could really just be a corner of his Mom's formica and shag rumpus-room. Some monitors and a neon sign and an American flag and Voila! Rush is Revered! All across the Fruity rumpus room Plain...LOL
Seriously- Rush is nothing more than Tom Green with advertisers and a larger audience. hahaha

Rush is saying that Trump deserves Gratitude. For firing the guy who cost Hillary the white house. Um, not quite Rush. Comey was a moron to me. I would've fired him in my first week. But not before explaining IN GREAT DETAIL why. To James and to the American media and public. So there's NO CONFUSION. No "wondering" or questions about why I did it. Trump contradicts his own staffers! No one can keep their story straight!! This IS a Crisis of Credibility here. Trump says one thing and then does the complete opposite 10 minutes later! He's not accepting any responsibility for anything he says or does. And people still think he's Fabulous?
Bitch Please...
Trump is lost, with no compass. He's definitely NOT a politician. And that is his doom. You have to be a savvy politician to succeed in Washington, and he doesn't even have a basic knowledge of how to be politically Awesome. He has no interest in being a politician, and if he doesn't start getting some stealthy moxie and moving with muscle, he'll be gone before July. If he thinks firing Comey showed balls or guts or moxie in any fashion he's dead fuckin' wrong. He seems utterly incapable of seeing the future, even ten minutes ahead of him. He is always on the defensive, and his defences are as weak as his no-wall wall. LOL

Calling his Presidency a "gong show" is an insult to gongs.
You'd have to coin a new phrase for this shitshow. George W. Bush was folksy and sexy compared to Trump.
And if you know how much I loved Dubya 15 years ago, then you know how bad this is...
Trump called Comey a "Grandstander". Takes one to know one, huh Donald?
He was just classier about his grandstanding than you, right? He was a threat to your tiny hands Oval Office?
You can't just fire a guy because he won't agree to be Loyal to Trump Steaks.
He's the FBI director- he's got some clout. He is not a "Buddy" of the President. You would hope everybody understands everybodys' role and maturely conduct their careeers. But not Donald. Have you ever seen such an insecure man? I can't think of a more insecure man. Dubya was pretty insecure, but Trump's got him beat. Trump doesn't want to have to compete with other Washington mucky-mucks for EXPOSURE. He's gotta be on top of the news cycle, at all times. It's really pathetic. If we got this kind of "Exposure" in just 105 days, then the next 4 years are gonna be the longest years of our lives. Not Cool. Trump is the WORST guy you elect. Charles Manson would be better! Charlie's at least "Fascinatingly Fucked". Trump isn't. There is NOTHING fascinating about Trump. Zip. Zero. Nada. (As Rushie likes to say. LOL)

It's interesting that according to Rush, Hillary lost the election because of Comey. But she's not suing Comey over it. Why?
Wouldn't you if you were running for President? He came out publicly with a list of her crimes and then....nothing. No charges. Nothing further! Um, James, why the fuck would you go public with that "Firecracker" of allegations and then NOTHING?
Who does that as FBI Director? That is serious business. You interjected yourself into the 2016 election. You caused havoc, actually. And a man who is supposed to be heading one of the most important intelligence agencies on the Globe should've had more brains and tact than that. Everybody watching that shit was scratching their heads, because it signalled something big. Hillary looked like she might go down...Well, she did, but not like we thought...

05-17-2017, 09:49 AM
Rush lives in West Palm Beach, Florida.
In a $26 million ocean-front home with a putting green.
He's got 12 bathrooms (is he Incontinent?) and 7 bedrooms.
He owns a Penthouse condo in Manhattan, on 5th Avenue.
His Net Worth? Approx. $450 million.
His annual "salary"? Approx. $40 million.

He Feels Your Pain, America.


05-17-2017, 10:54 AM
Michael Moore bitchslapped Rush but good over his Sandra Fluke comments:
"Rush- As soon as U started losing the big $$ from your hate speech, you caved and obeyed the men who pay it. Who's the Prostitute now, Bitch?"
Love it Mike!

It's amazing to me how Jim Morrison became the anti-thesis to HIMSELF. No wonder Rush is full of Hate.
Keeping up a charade of this magnitude no doubt drove him to opiates. LOL

Here's a few choice selections of quotes straight from the lips of El Rushbo himself. They just have to be heard to be believed.
He said this shit on-air, to millions and millions of listeners:

-"Look, I've got nothing against Bible-Christians, as such. I just wish they'd stop recruiting our kids and stop shoving their charitable lifestyles in our Faces!"- wow, huh?

"Bible-christians?" Isn't your "brother" one of those, Rush? And "Our kids"? Please. You have one kid- a bastard child named Clifford, who's doing hard time in prison. But you've probably never met him, right, Dad? Don't worry Rush. I don't think Cliff is in danger of becoming Christ-like. Hard to Top Pop on this Package Tour, right-O? Jim-bo? As your Tea Party wench Sarah Palin says: "Yew Betcha".

-"I watched a gang of black hoodlums, helplessly, as they attacked our Gorgeous White Quarterback! on ESPN! This could only happen in Obama's America!"

-"If people are violating the law by doing drugs, they ought to be accused and they ought to be convicted and they ought to be Sent Up!"- said on-air on Oct. 5th, 1995. This could possibly be the greatest, mightiest example of Rushie's Galactic Hypocrisy. He was busted for smuggling drugs into Florida. And he got off. Funny how he wants druggies "Sent Up!" but not when HE'S the Druggie. What a Uber-Hypocrite douchebag he is.

-"I mean, let's face it. We didn't have slavery in this country because it was bad. Quite the opposite. Slavery built the South. I'm not saying we should bring it back. I'm just saying that it had it's merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark."- wow, stunning bald racism.

-"You know who deserves a posthumous Medal of Honor? James Earl Ray. We miss you James. Godspeed.- wow, stunning bald racism.

-"Obama is more African in his roots than he is American. And he's behaving like a colonial Despot, even like Hitler! He's an Angry Black Man!"- again, wow

-"We need segregated buses. This is Obama's America."- more bald racism.

-"Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?"- more bald racism.

-"Steinbrenner was a cracker who made African-Americans millionaires."- yet more bald racism.

-"Obama and Oprah are only successful because they're Black."- Rushie's a bottomless well of racism!

-"The black frame of mind is not good. It's Terrible. And Tiger Woods' women aren't helping."

-"Look, let me put it this way: the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without weapons. There, I said it."

-"Compassion is no substitute for Justice."

-"The Los Angeles riots were not caused by the Rodney King verdict. The L.A. riots were caused by rioters."

-"Biden is a Massa! Obama's his uppity negroe! Did you know Kennedy had negroes serve him booze?"

-"The NAACP should have riot rehearsal. They should get a liquor store and just practice robberies."

-"Enraging Liberals is simply one of the more enjoyable side effects of my wisdom."

-You know why there's a 2nd Amendment? In case the government fails to follow the 1st one."

These above are just a SAMPLING of his ridiculous and racist bloviations. More to follow...

05-18-2017, 04:39 AM
Former FBI Director Robert Mueller has just been appointed special prosecutor in the Russia investigation.
That's encouraging.
I heard he's got a reputation for being dogged. (Like me...)
Let that orange pumpkin be CARVED!
Leave no Russian Investor in Trump unturned! (*cough* Putin)

05-18-2017, 02:56 PM

Amen. Rush Limbaugh's fat sexual deviant boss/mentor croaked today.
The sun came out.
And it will come out tomorrow too.
At first I thought Bill O'Reilly put a hit out on Roger over being fired.
Maybe he did....Investigators shouldn't overlook Bill-O in Ailes' Demise...
I'm having a few beers now. And they taste Real Good today.

05-19-2017, 12:23 AM
Chapter 3 of "See, I Told You So" is called AMERICA IS NOT OVER.

He begins with a quote apparently from his detractors, complaining that he's out of touch, that he's successful while others struggle, that he has no idea what America is really like. Then goes on to explain that you gotta take advice from those in your field, advice from the best. You have to solicit advice from those who're already at the top, never from someone who is counting on the government to raise his standard of living. Which is hilarious, because isn't that what everybody wants? The government IS capable of that. You know that, right Rush? Progress happens with a push, hopefully from a government with a conscience and a heart, not just an overbearing need to wave it's military dick around.

Rush knows full well (he uses Ronaldus Magnus as an example all the fuckin' time) that who the President is affects the mood of the people. I wouldn't go so far as to call it a psychosis, but it's definitely boilerplate. It matters. It is extremely important who that person is in the Oval Office. Rush knows how crucial it is to have a President who doesn't appear weak. And as much I don't really like Obama, he did his job being seen as Strong. Trump isn't.
Trumpet is a Disgrace. He's had zero days without being a National Embarrassment, which any reasonable person could've seen coming long before won the election. Trump can't lead himself out of a wet paper bag. He has no original thoughts. His only focus is his image. He's Dr. Vain. The stupid and pathetic Dr. Vain-Vain Vanity. He's more preening over his image than a girl on the night of the Prom.

Way back in 1993 Rush said "We do live in an upside-down world, so I will take nothing for granted".
It sure is upside-down if you're Jim Morrison, Rush! And you took nothing for granted because you signed the contract. Your soul was signed a long time ago. I hope you still don't take anything for granted. I really do. Because I already told ya: I'm just throwing dirt on your piano case coffin, Rushie. Time marches on, as the song says, and yours is running out. Get off the air.
You had a good run. But the tank is empty now. You've run your Satanic course long enough. 2017 is the year Conservatism is exposed for the Fraud it is. And I'm doing my part.

Rush rips up politicians in his book as people who've never worked in the private sector. Most haven't. But neither has he. Radio is Public. The Doors was public. The CIA is public.
{But hidden in plain sight- the CIA is just as mysterious as Jim Morrison, isn't it?}
Rush has a large audience, but he needs the "cover" of the CIA. Hilarious.
He says in the book "You can choose to believe that because of my own phenomenal career success I am out of touch with the everyday realities of modern Americans."- And I do Rush. You have nothing in common with the average everyday American. Your life does not mirror theirs in any way. And you like it that way. You actually put forth a notion that your "place" in society is rarified and special. It's not. You've never had Achilles breathing down your neck. (Only Dark Joey-Snakes Crawl Over Each Other! Crawl All Over Me, Baby...c'mon..Crawl!) But you got him breathing on you now. He's ME.

He says in Chapter 3 "I am not a theoritician"- Holy Whopper of a Lie, Batman!
That is EXACTLY what he is. He theorizes 24/7, 365 days a year.
He says "Humbly speaking, as the Doctor of Democracy, I AM free enterprise."
First of all, humilty is not in your body, Rush. Nowhere to be found. You've never been humble. EVER.
You are an arrogant fuckstick. In fact, your tombstone should read:

Rush Limbaugh
Kata Ton Daimona Eay Toy

Second, you are not the doctor of ANYTHING. Maybe "Douchebaggery". That's the only thing.
Third, you are not free enterprise. You are a Capitalizer. Sent on a mission, to CAPITALIZE.
I know it sux to have a Canadian reveal that to ya. I know you hate Canadians and banned them from ever guest-hosting your show, but that's OK. You must remember that Canada burned down the White House once...yeah, you know your Yankee History, don't ya Rushie! Yew Betcha. And we'll do it again if Trump stays President. LOL Don't ignore your neighbor to the North, Rush.

You might get turned into Back Bacon, PIG.

05-19-2017, 01:33 AM
My favorite quote in See, I Told You So is this one:

"One of my enormous advantages over my critics is that I know who you are."

This is the Crown Jewel in terms of quotes from that book. Why? Easy. His "enormous advantages" include:
A) Born on the top of the heap. Backed by the Rothschilds.
B) Born with a very high IQ- he's in the genius range
C) Raised with 2 other siblings- that goes a long way to be "normalized"- if I didn't grow up beside my sister, I might be Charlie Manson myself! And would Jim! In fact I know he would've joined the Manson Family if he was an only child. LOL Rush is as well-adjusted as he is because he had a brother and a sister to play with and be a "big brother" to.

But that quote is also priceless because I, Johann have proven that he doesn't know who his critics are.
He doesn't know me from Adam.
As far as Rush is concerned, I'm an E.T., and it's beautiful, because he cannot allude to me in any fashion. He cannot be aware of me one iota, because his whole EIB network comes crashing down as soon as he learns who I am. And he's wringing his hands on-air because He Can't Deal.
He Can't Cope. He has never had a man like me step forward and say what I'm saying. AND MEAN IT.
He's got a real problem with me.
In fact, a couple friends of mine have told me to go easy on Rush. That he's a Victim.
Maybe. But I want to hear it from his lips if that's the case. I will not relent until he's off the air- either resigns or dies.
This thread becomes a TOWERING EDIFICE in good time, and the weight of it will crush his fast FAT head.
If he doesn't feel my heat now, I'm not worried. He will. He has no idea where I'm going with this. He is thinking I'm nuts.
Remember: I know Jim Morrison better than my own father. I am the biggest Doors fan in Canada. Possibly the Earth.
I ain't playing, Homie. I'm not going off half-cocked here. I'm going off FULLY COCKED.

If Rush ever gets wind of this thread here, I hope he contacts me. I hope he wants to set the record straight. I hope he even wants to sue me for slander or character assassination. I'm more than ready to go there. In fact, I'm willing to destroy my own reputation to prove that Rush is Jim Morrison. I even have 5 ways to do it. Any way you want to talk Rush, I'm here.
And I won't want to talk about Trump.
(Just a heads-up).

I'm having more fun than any human being should be allowed to have.

05-19-2017, 05:20 AM
I gotta post about what's happening in Canadian politics for one post at least.

What's happening?
Well, nothing except deficits. And broken promises by Trudeau. He's no different from Harper. Just prettier.
He's prettier, but he's just as corrupt. His soul belongs to Dark Joey too. I don't have time or interest in writing about Trudeau's "rule". I didn't vote for him. I'm indifferent to him. Actually that's not right- I'm actually profoundly disappointed in him. Canada is billions in debt. And is sinking more and more. His tenure will be deficits deficits and more deficits. And then he'll win again in 4 years, because our Tories will never win power again. Harper killed the Conservative party, just like Trump is killing the Republican party right now. LOL
And speaking of Stephen Harper, he won't be at the Conservative party convention this month to see who the new party Leader will be.
The official line is: "It's not about him. So he won't be there." Ain't that the truth. Harper's name is so horrifyingly evilly TOXIC that they can't even have Steve SHOWING UP at a party convention without dredging up his total annihilation in Oct. 2015.
They can't even have him NEAR that Leadership convention.
What possible positive outcome for Tories would that offer? NONE.

The headlines would all be identical: "WHAT THE FUCK IS HARPER DOING AT THE CONVENTION??? WHY. IS. HE. THERE."

Interim Tory Leader Rona Ambrose is stepping down. Resigning from Parliament. She's a ridiculous cunt, one who thinks she can be proud of her "tenure". Oh man, does she not know how much she Sux...She thinks she's the cat's ass, just like Harper. She operates on another planet, and I can clearly see that she got what she wanted, now she's just gonna eat bon-bons and retire in style for being a National Disgrace. (Not to mention being part of the Worst Prime Minister in History's cabinet.)
She should be in jail, with the entire Conservative party, not feeling good about herself and leaving the party hanging.
What a True Twat she is/was.

Kevin O'Leary dropped out of the race. (He sees what's happening to Trump and he's saving his fat bald ass the trouble and anguish.)
But O'Leary's name will be on the ballot at the Convention...WTF is that shit? Can Tories get ANYTHING right? Nope. They can't.

05-19-2017, 09:52 PM
Today on his show Rush dug into Comey's firing like a dumb Sherlock Holmes.
He was going all CSI today on Comey & Trump's relationship.

Um, Rush, it's a riot seeing you twist this shit into your "EIB" narative that Trump is A-OK- that he's fine, he's just under seige, on some fuckin' "witchhunt". Wow. You claim to have talent on loan from God? and you can't see that firing Comey is more suspicious than anything Nixon did in watergate? This is WATERGATE: GOOGLEPLEX!

Rush doesn't find it odd that Trump was always trying to make it optically appear like Comey was his best Friend.
He sneers at Comey, doesn't take his side of the situation into account very much. Rush, I would've fired Comey before Trump and I wouldn't have treated him the way Trump did. Only a man who's got something to LOSE would fire the FBI Director- especially in his first 100 days- with no warning. On the campaign trail Donald called Comey a Hero for what he did on Hillary's "file", that he should be applauded. So what the fuck is this shit? Rush thinks that everything Trump said and did on the campaign trail should never be taken seriously. That he's just getting elected. What?? What the fuck are you smoking, Homeslice?
You gonna sit there sucking on cigars and say that anyone running for President should never be taken seriously?
Because they're just trying to get in the swamp?
Then how in the fuck can you say that the United States is worth saving in that case? If our Leaders aren't even to be taken seriously at the campaign entry-level? Look at the level of CHAOS here!

When I met John Densmore in 2013, do you know what I asked him?
I waited in line for three hours for that man. I thought the whole time about what I would ask him when I got up to meet him.
I settled on "What would you say if Jim walked in here right now?"
When I asked him that he froze. He looked left and then right. His eyes widened, looked at me, and said


That motherfucker was PANICKED. I thought he was just being funny. But he wasn't. He wasn't joking.

05-19-2017, 10:36 PM
I can illustrate how clever and so on top of shit Rush is, just by using today's show as an example.
He has staff that collect and cue up soundbites for him to use as weapons on his show. He never compiles them, but he has loyal staff who do, and he can hit those soundbite clips like Elton John hits keys.

And today he used a soundbite from a man who worked under Comey or with Comey who said recently that "It's gonna be a long 4 years. The color of the wallpaper was with James that these were not honorable people, and that protecting the FBI from them was Comey's day job." (paraphrase)

Wow. Rush even said "Holy Cow" on-air at that soundbite. (And he never says Holy Cow) But this is how shitty and sneaky and fucking slimy he is. He twisted it into "All it does is validate Trump's decision to fire Comey!"
Rush is shocked that the FBI would ever suggest that people close to Trump were dishonest or untrustworthy. It's stunning.
And millions of people tune in to this Lunatic???
He screeched: "I don't know what these people expect to accomplish with this, but it validates firing Comey."
Um, Rushie: We expect to clearly show that Trump has profound business ties with Russia, possibly even the Russian mafia. Can you read between lines, Sherlock? Money was laundered here!!!

It IS gonna be a Long 4 Years...

05-20-2017, 02:22 AM
To drive home the idea that Rush is Jim Morrison even more, I must tell any reader who's doubting this to google images pictures of Rushie.

Look closely at him. If you know Jim Morrison really well (and I'm talking about facial features) you can easily tell what's been changed. His poses and mannerisms are intact in Rush, if buried under fat and hair plugs and botox. The eyes don't lie, as they say, and he's got the exact same eyes as Jimbo. Same eyebrows. Same mouth. Same mole off his nose. Same teeth. Same jawline. Same neck. Same hands. Same height. Same DEMI-GOD COMPLEX. I saw it immediately on August 8th, 2016. And I've never been the same. In fact, there's more everytime you look!

Didn't his best friend George W. Bush say once "FOOL ME ONCE..."?
Yew Betcha.

Jim's been alive this whole time. Mocking us, his fans, the entire time. DESPISING US, AS DUPES.
What's truly unsettling is that the Jigsaw Pieces to this are all Horrific. Rush and Jim both have a fascination with the crowd, the Audience. Remember, Jim famously said "He who controls the media controls the World..."
Surrounding facts and theories have a blood-curdling resonance here...Right now the whole world is distracted by President Trump. Rush is Evil incarnate. The man has no empathy for anyone other than his own kind. (So Reptilian!) He is suspiciously and outwardly concerned with everything for someone who doesn't supposedly hold any position in politics.
He's a man, yet a BEAST. He's Truly Abhorrent.

I was deeply hurt when I discovered this. I sobbed. My world was rocked. I was so saddened by my own ignorance and inability to see what he'd done. I've known who Rush Limbaugh is since high school. I never put two and two together. And that was by design. NOBODY was supposed to put two and two together! Even if you are a smart motherfucker!
And that's why I'm submitting this thread for a Pulitzer Prize in Journalism. I've not only confirmed it's him beyond any doubt (without a blood test- and if Rush wants to clear his name, let's do one Rushie!) If Rush wants to do a DNA test with Clifford, his brother David and a lady named ANNE MORRISON, or a man named ANDY MORRISON, we can put to bed whether Jim Morrison is alive or dead.

I'll guide the entire process, because I'm the only man on the planet who knows you better than you know yourself, ASSHOLE!
When I found out who he was, I went from shock to numbness to disbelief, to lonliness, grief, horror and Awe.

THEN I GOT ANGRY. I'm as angry as the Incredible Hulk.

And I SMASH YOU, RUSH. I shatter your skull onto a West Palm Beach SIDEWALK.

05-21-2017, 06:38 PM
In chapter 3 of "See, I Told You So" Rush The Hypocrite smears Bill Clinton as a draft dodger.
SO WERE YOU RUSH. So Were You...

He asks the reader to believe him when he says his memory is not short. Oh, trust me Rushie. I believe it.
You got a LONG memory, and you pull facts out of it like a Tickle Trunk.
He says that whatever your pursuit in life, success-not failure- should be your model.
I agree Rush. And I'm 1 MILLION PERCENT confident that I will be successful in removing you from the air.
As Pierre Trudeau said once: "JUST WATCH ME". I've got an entire Armoury of Ammo to use against you Rush. This thread is my playground. I single-handedly take you down, with no help. I don't need any. I got this. I got you dead to rights. I got you 666 ways to Sunday. (TODAY!)

You don't think that I'm a "denizen of the dominant media culture", do you?
I hope not. I'd be flattered, but you'd be wrong yet again Rushie. I've never been paid for my "media"- that gives me the instant high ground over you. When I claim my Pulitzer I may land a paid writing gig, and it's sad that that's what it's come to. That you have to pull teeth to get anyone to see genius and pay for it. The world is indeed upside-down Rush!

Rushie's all about "Individual Initiative", which is hilarious, because what made him was 3 other musicians and a CIA team for a record label. And without Roger Ailes and Rotten Ronnie, he wouldn't be on the fucking AIR.
You definitely have nothing to teach me about self-improvement, Rush. You have nothing to teach me about free enterprise.
You don't operate in the Real World as you've been claiming for a quarter century. No No No.
You operate from an Insulated, Racist Pig atmosphere of an Ivory-Tower Institute of Ignorance and Advanced Satanic Studies.
What do ya think of that, Bozo?
From first-hand experience, you have learned that it is still possible to act out a Role, and have dupe audiences eat it up. That's it, that's all. That is all you've "learned". You're in a very narrow mail slot, Rushbo!
I've relied on government handouts in my life Rush. Millions and millions have. I used mine for personal betterment, and never asked for a penny more than I was alotted. And so have many others- Clive Barker- famous horror writer/filmmaker/artist- he was on the dole when he wrote his Books of Blood. Harry Potter author JK Rowling- she was on welfare when she wrote the first Potter book.
Who are you or any conservative to criticize socialism when it was the launch pad for some? Huh?

Answer Me. (but I know you won't- you Excel at Ignorance).
Rush lies thru his teeth in the book when he says he has an aversion to braggadoccio and self-promotion.
Can you BELIEVE this guy? His balls can't fit in the room!

05-21-2017, 07:20 PM
Rush rips Robert Reich in his book. Clinton's labor secretary and economic mentor. I follow Robert on Facebook, and I usually agree with what he says. Way back in 1993 he was "Robert Reichhhh" to Rushie, for having the Progressive Vision to enact family-leave bills, minimum-wage legislation, comparable-worth laws, affirmative-action plans and most importantly, child-protection laws. In his book Rush sneers and snivels at those ideas. And it's no wonder why: Rush protects a cabal of child-abusers/diddlers in Washington. Joe Biden is a well-known pedophile, Pizza-Gate has blood-curdling resonances, and if you notice, there has never been a "War on Pedophilia" in America. There's been a "War on Drugs"- which was totally lost- just look at Rush Limbaugh himself for proof of that one- there's been a "War on Terror", but no war on pedophilia...

Who would be against a DEA-style task-force to track and round up kiddie-diddlers?
Trump would.
Because he would be the first President to be nailed for it. He's been screwing Ivanka since she was a kid. And I'm not being salacious or slanderous. He started young with Ivanka. And if you wonder how I can say something like that, LOOK AT THE FUCKING PHOTOS OF HIM AND HER SINCE SHE WAS BORN! It's so fucking obvious that he was diddling her it's insane! If you ever want photos that prove it, ask me. I got a bunch saved. I'll put them all up here if anyone wants to gander...photos of Donald and Ivanka "embracing" in creepy creepy CREEPY ways...

In the book Rush says that the Clinton Administration mischaracterized America as rotten, corrupt and unjust.
Wrong Rush. They weren't mischaracterizing anything. They were dead-bang on correct. Those were political statements, and they referred to Pappy Bush's America, not the Real America. Not the "Heartland"...Clinton genuinely tried to get some great social changes happening in America, but he (and Hillary) fell into the trap of Entitlement. People like you Rush were able to take Legit Potshots at them (and sell a ton of books!) and get away with it because the hypocrisy was off the charts!

Rush thinks Democrats have only one goal: government expansion.
Wrong Rush, and you know it. Government expansion is fine, if it's needed for the expanding population and society's needs.
But not for expansion's sake...Who gave you that idea? That Democrats or Liberals want Big Government? We don't.
We'd like it to be as small as possible, actually.
But sometimes you gotta expand...that's one of the similarities with business.
I agree with Rush that Clinton was deceitful when he called himself a "New Democrat". I know what one looks like, and Billy wasn't one. In Canada we have an ENTIRE political party dedicated to New Democracy. Cuz the old one sucks donkey balls, Daddy-O.

What Clinton was is exactly what Justin Trudeau is up here in Canada: a New Dealer, an Establishment Hack, trying to appeal to youth.
What they really are is opportunists, who never had to worry about failing. In Bill's case he only had to fuck. (Get Laid). And Lie/ Laugh about it. In Trudeau's case all he had to do was beat a drunk drugged out Indian in a boxing match and replace the worst man to ever be PM.
That was all that was required. Who cares what they do? They do not represent "PROGRESS" and never did.
Trudeau is well within his rights to do exactly what Paul Martin was doing just before Harper got in there.
Tighten the belt in EXTREMIS....Get those surpluses running again! YES WE CAN! You ran your campaign IDENTICAL to Barack, Justin???
Then you'd better WORK Bitch! Because Johann is watching you like a hawk.

Robert Reich was and is awesome. He spoke of "Employers' Responsibilities", and Rushie scoffs at it.
And no wonder- the way he treats Snerdly it's obvious Rush is no "employer". He's a "massa". LOL
He sneers at government re-training programs for those who've lost their jobs.
Why Rush?
What could you possibly have against something like that? It's bizarre and inhuman.
Reich actually envisioned a system where employment would be guaranteed, even beyond a business closing, MANDATED. BY LEGISLATION.
That sounds INCREDIBLE to me. To Rush it's Apocalyptic. LOL

05-21-2017, 08:35 PM
Rush states in his book that he was planning to save talk of all of his personal accomplishments for a "future best-selling Autobiography". Awesome Rush! I'll buy the first copy off the presses! Because Johann is a HUGE Jim Morrison fan.
Just ask anyone who REALLY knows me.
Where's that autobiography, Rush? It's 25 years in the future now!!!
Where. Is. The. Autobiography?

Rush claims that Robert Reich's progressive plans punish business owners for "making the right economic decisions".
Excuse me? Hey Shithead: laying off employees may be a good "economic" decision, but morally it's reprehensible.
It states that the employee is merely a cog. Fuck 'em. Not the bosses problem, right Rush? It's just "Bid-Ness", right?
Well fuck that mentality!
That kind of thinking deserves scorn. All it illustrates is the relentless pursuit of wealth, at the expense of humanity.
No wonder the job market is so shitty. If I have to look for a job with bosses like Rush, I'd rather be a bum. I'd rather mingle with the homeless than work for a soul-sucking profit whore. (Who never sends the elevator back down).

Rush states that he was fired six times, and he never waited for a government handout. He forged his own Destiny.
Um, Rushie: You are a fucking LIAR. A guy like you would never HAVE to look for a handout.
YOU ARE CIA AND YOU HAVE BEEN SINCE 1943. Am I the only man on the planet who knows this?
Then I REALLY DESERVE that fucking Pulitzer Prize, because I'm going where Eagles Dare....
I'm a Swift, diving around a conservative Waterfall of Lies!

Rush, I am a ward of the government. And I'm also extremely productive. Have you seen my Facebook page?
Yes you have, Central Intel Man...and what do you see? PROGRESS. ART. PHOTOS. POLITICS. LOVE. ENGAGEMENT. INTELLIGENCE- ten years' worth. I am the Living anti-thesis to you. And my integrity towers over your kind.
I exist to stand counter to Everything You Believe. So my network is the "EYB". Yours is the EIB, mine's the EYB.
You were never conservative Rush. Your Daddy was. You only ACT like a conservative. You're in fact a Super-UberMensch-LIBERAL!!!
That's the extreme Irony here, the horrific paradox that your fans can't see!
Only Johann can see it. (And other keen people, but who are they? They don't have any balls to make themselves known!)

Rush says that one thing he is certain of is that if he left his future up to government policies is he'd be mired in misery, still searching for what makes him happy. Glad telling lies on the radio makes you happy Rush. I'm so glad and happy that you are happy, being Revered as a gelatinous greedy glutton. It's so nice that you don't have to care, isn't it?
That you can skip the building waterslides in Puerto Rico, or doing grafitti abatement in Highland, Ca. LOL
You Fucking Idiot.

He says he took stock of himself. And took some risks. relied on his own talents. BULLSHIT. You relied on the CIA to give you your mission and let you run with it. The Doors was the original plan, but like a true snot-nosed priviledged kid, you didn't want to do it anymore, that you didn't feel respected or revered. Hilarious, because YOUR OWN ACTIONS caused it, shitstain!!!!!
You snivelling rich Bitch...you don't get to re-boot your criminal life to become a bigger criminal, then sneer at anybody in your orbit...Fuck you. Eat shit and Die Rush. I skin you Alive, you pompous rationally challenged, ideallistic Bigot.
Did you know in his "Liberal glossary" in his book he says the definition of a Bigot is "someone winning an argument with a Liberal".
You think so Rush?

Take a look at my girlfriend: She's the Only One I Got.
Take a look at my thread here: I have Savagely ripped you to a million pieces so far. I've won every argument I've got with you. And I haven't even begun yet.
I'm saving the best for Last, Sweetie. *blows kiss to El Rushbo*

05-21-2017, 09:55 PM
Rush says in his book that being Anti-Capitalism and Pro-Socialism means only one thing: that Liberals think that self-distinction and personal achievement are inherently IMMORAL.

Wowza. That's breathtaking.
Allow me to take Rushie's breath away in return: Rush, I am doing "Self-Distinction" right now, with this thread. Old Johann is "Distinguishing Himself" from the rest of the world with this thread. There is nothing "immoral" about what I'm doing with this writing, am I Rush? LOL This thread is my personal achievement, right? How can I sit here and say it's immoral when I'm taking down Satan? Hmm? Riddle me that one, Batman.
I Eat You for Lunch, Betty Boop.

Everybody's piece of the pie doesn't have to be identical Rush- you're confusing Communism with Liberalism there...
Everybody's piece of the pie should be FAIR, with no greedheads tipping the scales in their favor.
But Rush thinks that's part of the game. It is, sadly. But it should never have been that way.
Conniving fucksticks then "get ahead" when they didn't have the moral authority to do so.
Rush is completely missing the point of Liberalism: that there's enough for everybody.
Conservatives feel that everything is drying up, all resources must be pilloried, for maximum profits, in order to climb a fictional "Social" ladder...all the while hypocritically denouncing socialism. And they use social media! To espouse that shit!
As far as I'm concerned, if you are Conservative, you should not be on ANY social media. If you despise socialism so fucking much, then why the fuck would you hypocritically use Twitter? What for? or Facebook? Right-Wingers, by their own fucked-up Logic, should never ever be on social media. They despise socialism in all forms, right? So just stick to your ignorant nuclear families, Morons! You aren't ALLOWED to socialize with the Ultimate socialist experiment ever! Facebook should repel you fuckers! But no, you are right there, in the thick of it, Hulking Hypocrites! YouTube = Uber-Socialism! Free music! That you can comment on with other freeloaders!
Why the Fuck would a Conservative ever go on the internet? It's a Liberals Paradise! NOT THEIRS.
They suck so fucking bad...they can't even see how they look to other *smarter* people. I scorch 'em. LOL

Rush thinks that by creating a level-playing field, somehow you're sucking the lifesblood out of an individual.
That sounds like something someone would say who's Daddy was famous for saying "Rules were made to be Intelligently broken"...

05-21-2017, 11:30 PM
Rush had to issue a public apology to a Canadian once. (Michael J. Fox)
Rush said that Fox was faking his symptoms. When Michael explained why it may seem that way to some, Rush had to back off.
He said: "I will bigly, hugely admit that I was wrong and I will apologize to Michael J. Fox. IF I am wrong."
Well, he was.

And he's gonna be apologizing to another Canadian: JOHANN.
Because he has no clue that I am his biggest fan. (or I should say WAS his biggest fan).
I have a great idea: let's go on National TV, LIVE, and do a CSI polygraph with el Rushbo. Actually....SCRATCH THAT.
You know why? I did a polygraph once myself (2001-with an RCMP man who conducted one for the TV show The X-Files!, FYI).
I had to lie during it. It was for a job, and I passed. And the man conducting the test never brought up the times I lied.
So if I can fool a polygraph, Rushie can Ace it. LOL
Remember- he's got Ice in his Veins.

A Comedian once joked "Doesn't Rush Limbaugh remind you of one of those gay guys who likes to lay in a tub while other men pee on him? He's a Scat Muncher!"- that sounds like an ex-Lover of Elton John's spilling the beans on El Rushbo's preferences!

I'd like to give you a quote from him that is exactly my mindset right now. It's amazing and Ironic how perfect this quote is:
"the battle for freedom and liberty really never is over, and there are really low points in it, but I'm not giving up, and I'm not gonna engage in phony pep talks either."- What? No Pep Talks, Rushie? I thought you were all about inspiring people to be the best! LOL The battle for freedom and liberty won't be won with Republicans, Rush. Because they don't know what it looks like. And neither do you. You think it's "the Free Market"- what an idiot you are! What it really looks like is ME!
I've been in the trenches. I've seen the lows. First-hand. In fact, this thread is one of the biggest Lows I've ever had to endure.
But my will is stronger than yours, Rushie.
I will never give up.
I'm a dog with a bone, a femur, from a fat Floridan. In my maw, being ground down to the marrow...

05-23-2017, 05:16 AM
So everybody's probably wondering how I arrived at the idea that Rush Limbaugh and his radio program is a CIA psy-op.

Well, one piece of proof is the fact that George Bush Senior was on Rushie's show, and he happened to think he was off-air when he blurted out "DO YOU SEE OUR MAN AILES AT ALL?"

Rush replied "Oh yeah. I saw Roger at Tony Snow's funeral. And a couple times this summer."

Pappy Bush said "Are we on the radio? Glad somebody told me! I'll clean up my act..."

You don't need any clearer proof than this that Rush Limbaugh is CIA. "OUR MAN AILES?"
That implies Roger was CIA too, which means FOX NEWS is totally CIA.
Bush HEADED the CIA in the 80's!
This is plain as day.
You can't miss it.
An idiot can see the Game here.

Hey Pulitzer Prize folks: you are not bestowing it on me.

05-23-2017, 03:40 PM
Ride the Snake?
No, Driver...
Stomp The Snake.

Ride the Snake?
No, Driver...
Stomp The Snake.

Ride the Snake?
No, Driver...
Stomp The Snake.

The Ancient Lake?
No, Driver...
Stomp The Snake.
Throw it in to the Mephistopheles Lake of


05-24-2017, 03:36 AM
One thing that strikes me about Rush's book See, I Told You So is the erudition, how studied he is, how calculating he is.
I mean, I have to say that even tho I am dissecting it like a Peace Frog, it is written Masterfully.
I abhor everything he's doing, and with this post I will further illustrate why he's a full-blown Psychopath.
He is an EXCELLENT writer, he formulates his opinions in this book so deftly, so SMOOTHLY.
He literally came out of nowhere like a comet, and people had to reckon with him. And still are.
But Johann is putting an end to all that NONSENSE.

This book is clearly his wheeling out his knowledge, which he honed for 17 years after "The Big Doors Adventure". He must've spent a lotta time in the old library, because he has a lot of knowledge, and like the song said, "What He Knows, You Ain't Had Time To Learn..." He really puts on his "Professor Rushie" hat with this book! He is taking a position of Authority and Scholarly Erudition, and people bought it. He became Revered...

Would you believe that Bernie Sanders is even on Rushie's Radar in the book? Way back in 1993, The Bern was Rushie's Enemy. He calls Bernie "Crazy Bernie" these days, but in the book he called him "Vermont's Socialist Member of Congress".
Back then Bernie was for an idea of "Economic Democracy", not "Socialism"- he wanted to switch the phrasing. "Economic Democracy" was called "The Great Euphemism!" by Bernie and other Progressives, because it was a compromise on the "S" word.

In 1993 the U.S. deficit was $290 Billion. Today it's $20 TRILLION. In a quarter century? Holy Fuckballs...
How is Doom not the Operative Ethic?
Rush mentions Oliver Stone's movie Wall Street, and how Gordon Gekko's mantra of "Greed is Good" should really translate into "Profits are Good; Profits Work". OK, Rushie...now I know why you had no problem with Oliver making your movie...

He rips Bill Clinton as "Facile", "Deceitful", "Egregious", "Cunning", "Disingenuous", "Cool", "Unctious", a "Brazen Liar".
Funny, Rush. Those all apply to YOU too!
You are all of those things. On steroids. Do they train all you Satanists to be the same? And then just turn Y'all Loose to crawl all over each other? what fun is that? Why would you sell your soul for that Chcanery? You fuckers are Weird...LOL
Have Yer Kicks, Rushie. I'll have Mine.
Rush actually calls himself "CHANCELLOR" of the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Anti-Leftist Studies".
So don't ever get mad at me for saying he's Hitler. GOT IT?

He thinks that what Liberals mean by "Progress" is "The tax burden is progressively higher on those with higher levels of income."
CORRECT RUSH! And why? SO THAT THERE'S MORE PROGRESS. Because guess what? Without it, THERE'S FUCKING NONE!!!!!!
The rich wants classes of people. That's what Plato's Republic is all about. Slaves and Masters, and how it's required. That without it, you can't save the uneducated and the wretched from themselves. What a crock of horseshit to have as a philosophy! That philosophy only appeals to those soulless people who want to feel like they are a bit MORE than anyone else. And so they feel a system should be in place to clearly put people in their places, and damn the torps.
Fuck That Shit.
That is EVIL.
Just because I equate equality with breathing the same air, needing clean water and clothes and a roof over my head, somehow I am hampering an individuals ability to Achieve? Because that is what Rush is espousing. And it makes me sick. He twists basic human truths into Class Warfare. And he's more than ready to lay the blame at free-thinking liberated people.
I'm one, and I'm not against Rules and Regulations. I'm not against structures or institutions. IF they're for the common good.
Rushie's an institution, he claims he's one every five minutes. But he's not for the Common Good. He's for the Almighty Buck.
And synthesis. and hatred. And bigotry. And Xenophobia. And Islamophobia. And Misogyny.

He snidely says he gets no satisfaction out of calling his book "See, I Told You So" or using the phrase ad nauseum.
What a fucking LIAR. He would never have called the book that if that was the case. He loves the title. He thinks that's the most genius title for a book EVER. No better title to get people talking...

He thinks he saved A.M. radio, and so do his Dupe fans. He didn't. The fairness doctrine disappeared, so he could swoop in and "make that claim"! He calls those who don't listen to his show or even know about it losers. He thinks that people who ask conscientious questions are "Confused", that they have gone "Astray". Then he'll twist himself into knots to explain to you where you slipped up. It's hilarious. Because he's the King of Slip-Ups! He's got a band-aid for everything simply because he's a Walking Self-Inflicted Wound. LOL

He says Utopia is not achievable on this Earth. (Psst- it is. With the Will. WILL IS EVERYTHING.)
And he slyly says "Not even the most Zealous Capitalist would tell you that the free market is a panacea"- that gets him off the hook for all the problems the free market creates. He thinks by slyly saying "Hey man, shit ain't perfect...but it's better than anything else!" that he's got the high ground. Um, no you don't. Because where's the idea that maybe some other plan could be thought up? One that solves these quandaries? Where nobody suffers and everybody benefits in Awesome ways? Is this the human race or the WEALTHY RACE?

He says the Bible assures us that the eradication of poverty can never be completely done. Really? Where does it say that? Because you left that out of your book. And even if it were true, what the Bible is getting at is that the fight to end poverty is Eternal then, right? It's never ending if it can never be eradicated! It's God's Plan! Right, Rush? Right-Right. Righty-Right...

Saying that utopia or paradise is not achievable on this Earth is supremely disingenuous and arrogant, actually. Because I see a lotta rich fuckers who have paradise! They got a lotta nice swaggage! They have FULL ACCESS to heaven...and you have the stones to say liberals are "Class Warriors"? That is EXACTLY what you are, Asshole! A Class Warrior. For the Satanic.

Rush says it's not the governments business how much someone earns.
Well apparently it is, because if you earned more money than the government, you could take over!
And minimum wage proves that they made it their business. But only for the poor. Only for the worker bees...
If there was a Maximum wage, there would be Balance. But that would imply the scales of Justice...that would imply Liberty and Justice for All. Literally. And Satanists don't like that. They want to feel a smidge better at ALL TIMES.
It's a Sickness with that Breed....

He says that "Under the guise of compassion, liberalism is actually empowered by DEPENDENCY."
Well, for starters, it's not a fucking "GUISE". It's fucking REAL, shithead. Compassion is real. Don't ever sit there and tell me that compassion is off limits for Legislators. Why would it be?
Dependency is precisely where compassion is needed! But Rush can't see that! I'm not talking about breeding a culture where we CREATE dependents- who in their right mind would? I'm talking about providing a safety net for the MOST VULNERABLE. And really sorting out who they are too. Because I think I know what Rush and all of his fictional conservative pals are on about: freeloaders, people genuinely looking for a government handout without doing a damn thing for it. I get that. Liberals are against those types too, moron!
But because you can't have double standards, we are vexed with a situation where we have to blanket everybody and paint them with the same brush. Everybody knows it's wrong and must be changed. But like you said yourself Rush, these are third rails in Politics. You touch 'em you die. The system collapses without them. There has to be give and take on both sides or it will never be solved.

Rush sneers at people who're dependent, but he has no moral high ground.
He cannot relate. He can get sick and cut a check and not care. He can walk out feeling better asap, while others can die.
He doesn't dwell on that point much, does he?
His records he put out as The Doors all had a butterfly on the vinyl.
The butterfly is the very symbol of instability. Rush is unstable. It's patently obvious, and it gives him Hatred.
Liberals aren't about "scapegoating achievers", Rush. We're about sending the elevator back down.
Too many "successful" people forget where they came from. A lot give back. Trust me, I'm aware of that. But the lion's share don't.

You can send the elevator back down to me, Rush.
Give me my check for 5.1 million dollars. Then you'll see me create an EYB empire that dwarfs George Lucas.

05-24-2017, 04:52 AM
Dead Rock Star's corpse in the EIB chair
Screamed before he croaked that Never-Trumpers aren't fair
Chomp on yer See-gar, Tea in yer Hand
Tryin' to tell me no one Understands
Trade in yer hours for a freight train to Hell
Rushie's got plenty 'O Bigoted Hate to Sell

Ronaldus Magnus is his Master
Can't do radio any Faster
He sneers, he snipes
He got TONS 'O Gripes
He don't look back, cuz if he did he'd See
He was right in his youth, not at 73
The old get old, the young get stronger
May take a week, may take longer
Trade in yer hours for a soul scorched BAD
Joke's on you, Rushie
Johann's your Dad.

05-29-2017, 06:41 AM
In my research into Rush Limbaugh as Jim Morrison I watched a curious program from the 90's on him, called
"Rush Limbaugh's America" on YouTube. I'll post a link at the bottom of this post.

I watched it in the context of Rush as Jim, and it broke my heart. This man is extremely lonely.
The part that really struck me was the one where he corresponded with a fan, a lady who he fancied as soon as he heard her voice on his television show. In his writings to her (over an early macintosh computer which she saved every letter) he mentions that he's "Listless"- and I believe he is/was/ and always will be. It was a sad thing to witness. This 51-minute program gives you more than enough insight into what he was doing in the 90's, and it wasn't merely being a voice on the radio.
He was RIGHT IN THE THICK OF IT, right there at George Bush Senior's side during the 1992 election Vs. Bill Clinton.
Rush played an extremely integral role in that election, and in "drawing battle lines".
And VERY CURIOUSLY, he was right there after the defeat to Clinton for everybody on the Conservative side. He was the cushion to the blow. He got everybody re-grouped for the 8-year battle to come. And he got VERY Rich in the process.

In my research I also came across a coin of Rush, minted in 1993. A guy is selling it for $85 U.S. if anyone wants that Roman medallion. LOL The man selling it says it's rare, and he has no clue who minted it or in what quantity. It's stamped with an image of Rush, and the words "The Most Dangerous Man in America" on one side and a bunch of Rush's words with an EIB mic and "Dittohead" on the other.
The only occasion I could think of for this coin is it's Jim's 50th birthday in 1993. It's a creepy token, anyways, something that looks like it was hawked on the Home Shopping Channel back in the day...

It's truly staggering to think of the reach Rush has had and the influence he had over the United States political landscape. In that "Rush Limbaugh's America" program he has "MegaDittoes" fans having open get-togethers to watch and/or listen to Rush, to share their political views with each other openly, to know that others think like Rush does too.
What staggers me the most is how well-planned everything Rush does/did was. His "mother" Millie speaks in it, and she's good...she's convincing. I don't know where they got her, but she sells being Rush's Mom pretty good. His brother David is in it too, and he does his duty. Seeing the photos of the younger Rush made me laugh out loud. It's unreal. There's no way on earth anyone would suspect he was Jim Morrison. And if it wasn't for pure chance last August, I would've gone to my grave inadvertantly worshipping Satan.
Because the con-job he's pulled off here dwarfs Bernie Madoff Folks! He's more than Jesse James here!
He's pulled off an acting job that no Oscar or acting award can cover for compensation. I mean, seriously. Wow.
Watch this doc and marvel at the lengths he went to do what he did.
The most glaring thing about the whole situation is how Alone-Lone-Lone he is. All Alone...


05-29-2017, 07:05 AM
Another thing that gave me chills: He calls his chair "The Attila the Hun Chair".

05-29-2017, 04:35 PM
Rush does not speak for Conservatives or the right. He speaks for perhaps a small segment. A microscopic segment.
I happen to know that Ron Paul is highly respected by Republicans (true Republicans) and a lot of them wish Mr. Paul had a 4-year term at least. But Rush Limbaugh demonizes Ron Paul. Why? Because Ron Paul threatens the America that the Limbaughs and Trumps of the world want. And what does he threaten it with? Fairness. Ron dared to say he would oversee and possibly overhaul the CIA's "mischief".
I like that kind of talk.

Let's save all the Sinister stories for the Legions and bars and Associations, shall we? Enough with starting wars without informing the President, thank you very much. At least keep him abreast of the gist, boys. This shit is getting out of hand. Syria should be at the stage where people go home. But no. What do we got? But I don't want to get bogged down in that. This is about the colossal scam that is Jim Morrison. On one hand I'm in awe. I really am. But it's just too over-the-top. Too shady. Too much mind control. He swayed a lotta people. He duped a lotta smart peeps, not just me. I mean, I really fell for him as the Doors. That group made fabulous music. Music that outweighed the war raging in southeast Asia...that's what's so crazy. The Doors could've kept going. Or he could've just been a DJ as Jim. What is this shit that he wasn't respected as Jim? In 1971 yes that's true. But he could've atoned for all that.
Those albums, as CIA- psy-op they are, are Brilliant. Thrilling, in fact. A real Mythology. But he morphed into this repulsive, abhorrent Rush Limbaugh character. As theatre, it is fascinating what he did. But he passes himself off as someone very important, whose voice is Revered, "across the Fruity Plain". lol
And I have to say that despite all of this Phantom of the Opera shit, he is very American. He's actually been the President for conservatives and righties since Reagan left office. Jim Morrison may be dead, but his spirit lives in me. And that's what I want Rush to know: whether you're doing it for Dad or if you really and truly are a racist, sexist, elitist, bullying coward Egomaniac, Jim's "Freedom Man" mantra lives in me, not you, Rush. I turn keys. I set people free. You lock them up, they do time in your universal warped mind. Listeners think they know you. That's your trick. I thought I knew you listening to those records. Well, I didn't. did I? Nope. But I know you a lot better now, and you are Pathetic.

Jim, John and Robby should "get together one more time"...put on a conch belt, Buster...a black hat with skull & bones...
Grab a lamb, wear a white beard, have a gold microphone if you want. That would be a helluva a final concert Jim.
I always thought that the third Doors album should've been covered in snakeskin, with nothing but the Doors logo stamped/embossed in gold. Here's your chance to give back...truly give back, Jimbo. Here's how serious I am: that idea you had with the room full of dogs is still doable Big guy...make that the inner sleeve, with you three and maybe a photo of ray on the wall somewhere. lol
I'm sure you've got one long-form poem in you somewhere, Word Man.
You want to Conquer? That would do it. In 2005 I saw "Riders on the Storm"- Ray & Robby's group with Ian Astbury of The Cult.
It was fabulous. But you were Conspicuously Absent.
The music was great, and to stand in front of Robby Krieger when he played his Gibson SG was just about heaven...
The solo he did on "When The Music's Over" was incredible.
They also did two brand-new songs that I'll never forget: "Eagle in the Whirlpool" and "Cops Talk"- if memory serves, the chorus to Cops Talk was: Cops Talk/But I Only Listen To Me

Make no mistake folks: Jim Morrison/Rush Limbaugh is a complex man. He'll never acknowledge me. He can never allude to me.
His gig is up if he does.
Right, Rushie?
Mr. Limbaugh, you've gone too far. The show's over. You've offended my sanity and my decency laws.
You've violated my constitution. You've Blasphemed and Sinned worse than Jimmy Swaggart.

05-29-2017, 04:58 PM
Another point about Ron Paul:

From what I've seen and heard of him, he seems like the most sensible Republican I've seen in Washington.
He mentioned something about Rush Limbaugh that amazed me: he said he wants Rush to debate him regarding auditing the Federal Reserve.

Isn't that something? Ron Paul wants REAL checks and balances. And he's not a whiny Democrat.
What do you have to lose, Rush? Or your Pals?
You know I lean Democrat, and I'm not American Rush, but hot damn, I would switch my vote to Republican INSTANTANEOUSLY
if Ron Paul was president!

05-29-2017, 09:38 PM
Rushie was acting like a complete fuckin' bonehead today, saying that the Left is no different than Sharia Law.
Now he's completely lost his mind. LOL
He said today that the left do not respect Authority. Wrong, Rush. Who told you that, asshole? Some lefties are anarchists and nihilists, but it's not like those types have a voice, right? He said that Sharia law says that the Leader has to toe the line, and as soon as he doesn't, goodbye. He's gone. Yes, that's true Rushie. So what? It's extreme, but it works for them. You know the rules when you take over right? So then there should technically be no slip-ups, no talk of impeachment. Never! These aren't Daisies running for the Oval Office, right?

I really wish Rush would lay off the Left vs. Right argument. It's not that cut and dry anymore, Rush. By political necessity (and you know it way more than I do, Buster!) both sides have absorbed elements of each others' base.
They've both stolen playbook tactics from each other, in order to gain the middle.
Today he tried to be Mr. Calm, telling the Fruity Plain how America is this and that, and that how no matter what, the Constitution was respected by all. Wrong Rush. George W. Bush did not respect the Constitution. Neither did Bill Clinton. Neither did Pappy Bush, who got elected on the "Read My Lips: No New Taxes" line and then turned around and jacked up the taxes!!! Fuckin' Liar! It cost him a second term, even tho he won in the Persian Gulf...

Rush has gotta stop squawking about Hillary, "the Left", "pajama boys"- what a creepy phrase to use over and over...did you know that Rush said this weird thing?: "I'm the only man you would trust to sleep overnight with your 10-year-old son in a Motel 6."
True. That actually came out of his mouth over the airwaves. Wow. What do you say to that?
That is just as creepy as Michael Jackson's imagined dalliances...Rush, what the hell? Why would you ever say something like that, as a joke or otherwise? There's no upside to that remark!

05-30-2017, 06:22 AM
Also on today's show Rush went on this limp-wristed rant about how Democrats and the Left are somehow ignoring the Constitution and defying the will of the American people by rejecting Trump, how we are waging a war with Trump's Presidency.

Let me clear up your Oxy-Contin fog, Goofy: Your ignorance of how colossally unqualified Trump is is getting Mighty Tiresome, Rushbo.
You're fed up? Who gives a shit what you are fed up with? Your ponies have been saddled for 30 years, Fuckface.
And none of them finished. Bush senior served one term for being a liar. Bush junior served two terms for being a liar and warmonger and for terrorizing the world with his bogus "War on Terror". Not only that, he was never elected by the american people. The Supreme Court made him President. Dubya was never Legitimate Rush, and you know it!!!
The next Republican to win the White House didn't win legitimately either. He needed Russian help and the electoral college, because he wasn't as popular as his rival. He knew he had to cheat, and so did you, Rush! Don't sit there like a lying sack of shit and say Democrats are refusing to accept reality. YOU are the one who's not accepting reality! Trump is Treasonous. He'll spill top secret info to a Miss America contestant if he feels like it! He's an utter Buffoon, and the fact that you cannot see that or expose that blows my mind, because your IQ is pretty high, right Rushie? You ain't no dummy. No No No.
You know how "Shitty-ShittenStein" Trump is, and all you're doing is covering up his engulfed-in-flames-Administration with pitiful whining. "Their first allegiance is to Ideology!" he whines and moans...
Um, Rush: Pot Meet Kettle! Democrats are less about ideology and more about solid progress, Idiot.
YOUR party is the party of Ideology. Your party bitched and moaned for 8 years about Obamacare yet had nothing in the cupboard to replace it. Which proves three things:
1. You assholes never thought you'd win power.
2. You assholes never had a plan. You were ALL BARK.
3. You assholes thought Trump could be molded and mollified to suit your needs. Well how's that workin' out for ya? As Dr. Phil would say?

Paul Ryan is exposed as a Hill Hack, who played everybody, like the rapist-looking slimy motherfucker he is.
And Mitch McConnell took the whole country for a ride, didn't he? If there were no laws against murder, I would hang both McConnell & Ryan on the White House lawn. I would even make the popcorn for the spectators. McConnell's soft turtle neck would probably rip apart like cotton candy as soon as he dropped, blood spraying everywhere, like a rainbow of red republitard bliss...LOL

05-30-2017, 10:41 AM
Bernie Sanders took Mick Mulvaney to the woodshed this past week over cutting Medicaid and programs for children in his budget.
He said "WE ARE NOT CUTTING MEDICAID."- Lied under Oath.
Hey Fuckhead: $850 BILLION in CUTS to Medicaid is REAL.
It's Real asshole.
MSNBC was right: Why are Republicans LYING NON-STOP???
Do they think no one fucking notices?
Holy Shit.
It's Incredible, Man.

Rush never points out Trump's lies, his Admin's. lies. To Rush, all's fair in love and Politics...
Well guess what, Rushie?
If that's your game, I'll play mine. And you got nothing to say. You can sit in your Hun chair and eat my Politics.
I own you since April 7th, 2017.
The clock has been winding down on you the whole time, Rushbo.
I'm shovelling dirt and manure and feces from Chris Christie onto your piano case coffin. Because it's all a joke to you.
It's all a game to you. A game called go insane...So Johann ends your game. Changes the game. Becomes the Air you breathe. The Food you eat. He has Robes, he has Rushie. Grand Purple & Red garments go up in beautiful flames, after being doused in Holy Combustible Gasoline, liberally doused by Yours Truly. Halloween is for kids, Fallen Angel...God Always Wins.
You know this, Rush. He lent you some talent. But Satan got you to sell your soul for that talent, so it's worthless.
It's utterly hollow and moot and meaningless. That's what happens when you cremate care. You get lonely. Fast.

You become a Listless Crystal Ship.

06-04-2017, 01:18 AM
Here's a VERY insightful article, written by a guy who has listened to Rush on the radio a lot longer than I have.
He's basically saying that Rush has self-imploded by supporting Trump.
Rush knows better than to be seen as a Trump toe-sucker. Yet he does it anyway!
read this link and ask yourself: WHO IS RUSH LIMBAUGH?


06-04-2017, 01:39 AM
Johann (Me) may have started the death sprial of Rush Limbaugh, but Rush himself started his own demise.
My favorite quote from that article I last posted is the last part:

"But now, it is all too late. Rush has sealed his Legacy.
He was, at best, just the right guy at the right time who built an Empire and then was afraid to even risk just a little of it, in order to prevent conservatism from being destroyed by an obvious conman. He is now forever inextrictably linked to Trump, and history shows us that most people tied to that position end up looking worse than that Tiger Woods mugshot."

Ponder that for a minute.
Mr. Ziegler has nailed Rush for all-times. Rush is tied to Trump like an albatross or concrete shoes for a dead mobster...
I wasn't aware of just how off-the-charts insane Rush's massive hypocrisy is.
He's a living, breathing, Sloth-Like HYPOCRITE. And he's no Conservative, either!
That article proves it!
Rush only cares about RUSH!
And he's chosen his side, too: The Trump/Rudy Guiliani/Russian Mafia side!

Fuck him.
You Fucking Scumbag...

06-04-2017, 05:16 AM
Rush Limbaugh thinks his critics are impotent. He thinks that no one can criticize him with any heft.
Johann can Rushie...JOHANN CAN. AND WILL.

I am the only man who can cut you down to size. I'm quite confident about that. I've never seen any man take you on Rush. NONE.
Not in any meaningful way, and that's why you have such a Gargantuan Ego.
I'd love to have you sitting across from me, Rush.
I would give you a vicious look that would say way more than "KILL" and do way more than "shoot BB's at a Battleship".
I would literally make you sweat. I hope these days you've been taking off have been to re-org, (and not to diddle little boys) because Trump is going down, and you're going down with him. Mark my words.

Dan Rather says he doesn't know where all this turmoil with Trump is going to lead, but he's gotta know that it will end badly.
Even if Trump is impeached tomorrow, look at all of the money spent on his bogus security, all the time spent covering this colossal buffoon, all the wasted time and progress, this 100+ days of Trump feels like 4000 years, IN A GULAG!
How is he not removed from office forcibly due to mental impairment? Trump is clearly mentally ill.

Rush, I've studied film of you. I know how much of an ACTOR you are. I'm the one man on this planet who really knows.
Specifically, the 1993 interview that Barbara Walters did of you the day after your second book was published is a perfect example of your Mastery at the craft of acting. You go through the gamut of emotions and facial tics while talking to Barbara- you are like a Yo-Yo with her...you ENUNCIATE with extreme precision, don't you? You self-deprecate and deftly parry questions, don't you?
One thing I've noticed about you (circa 1993) is that you are VERY comfortable in your new persona.
You are way happier as Rush than you were as Jim. Not showering and STD's and being a rank asshole 24/7 got to ya?
Now you're just an asshole 24/7, right?
I always thought Jim Morrison was better than being an absolute asshole, I even defended you against people who categorically told me that you were an asshole first, cool singer second. Wow was I ever a dupe...But not that much of a dupe, because I found you out, Cocksucker. And that is better than winning a Pulitzer Prize. Just knowing who you are makes me a Genius, Rush.
To have a Complete Canadian Stranger appear out of the ether and expose you for what you are?
Are you still trying to figure out what to do about me, Rushie? Don't take too long...
I got a bank account waiting for your $5.1 million check.
That's what you owe me, and no Jury is awarding it to me. I'm TAKING IT FROM YOU.

This thread is gonna be an Absolute Masterpiece by the time it's finished, Rush. I'm documenting in REAL TIME your epic death.
In the weeks after I discovered you were Morrison, I really wrestled with going public with it.
Because let's be honest: your reputation is formidible. I can totally see why everybody would stay Mum, even if they knew.
But my conscience wouldn't let me.
I cannot know that Jim Morrison is alive as Rush Limbaugh and NOT say anything.
That would make me complicit in his crimes. (And as a Doors fan- a giant one- I have enough complicity, thank you very much!)
It is MY PLEASURE to tell the World that "charismatic frontman" Jim Morrison is a fucking FRAUD. A CIA FRAUD.

I'm wondering when a major news network jumps on this story. The CIA and Morrison duped the entire world here, but he didn't get away with it. He might've...he could very well have...I went 25 years believing this guy was dead when he was staring me in the fuckin' face the whole time. So I'm doing my honorable duty here and letting this slimy piece of reptilian shit have my full arsenal of rage. I'm doing it for every serious Doors fan who are the REAL victims here. I don't have a shred of concern for Rush's fans. But Jim Morrison's fans? Holy Fuck...I wanna hug every one who was burned by this "Funeral Pyre" of a beast...

I think if you knew the true extent of what Rush is involved in here your blood would curdle.
His Dad helped start the Vietnam War.
Rush worshipped Dick Cheney before anybody knew who Dick Cheney was!
9/11 could've been partly planned by Rush. He was/is on that "TEAM"- the CIA is the Enemy.
The CIA's job is to start wars- that's straight from the lips of Jesse Ventura, and it has the ring of Truth to it.
The pentagon has been proven to be the "founders" of ISIS- those trillions that went missing? I'm pretty sure I know where that money went..."FAKE" ISIS beheading videos were made by the CIA! CIA agents are embedded as ISIS fighters! How are these FACTS not on the major news networks every night? How is accountability not front and center? Why aren't heads rolling?????

06-04-2017, 05:54 AM
Woodstock was a CIA psy-op.
The entire festival was a mind-control experiment. And it worked. You had ALL of the major counter-culture bands there: all CIA too, in my humble opinion: Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix (who is actually Morgan Freeman- another "ACTOR"/musician), Ten Years After, etc. etc. etc.

The Doors were invited, but the story was that Jim didn't want to play outdoors, so they didn't go. John Densmore was there with his girlfriend Julia, and you can see him onstage in the film when Joe Cocker is performing.
What did Jim Morrison say about Woodstock? THIS:

"I think the audience were a bunch of Dupes. But that might be sour grapes, because I wasn't there."

How about that!
Here's how well I know you, Rushie: What you just said there exemplifies your father's famous line "Rules are made to be INTELLIGENTLY broken..." Because you WERE invited to Woodstock. You could've been there. So it's not sour grapes- you are "intelligently breaking the rules" there- you are lying while telling the truth, which is WHAT YOU DO ON THE RADIO EVERY FUCKING DAY!
And the audience WERE a bunch of Dupes! The entire 3-day festival was no different than a Checkpoint Charlie Op in 'Nam!
The people are being duped ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Everyday. By scum in the CIA. It's about time somebody got off their ass and LED America. Where is he? Where is the man with a brain like Chomsky with the Will of Attila?

06-04-2017, 08:35 AM
I listened to one of John Ziegler's podcasts from late May and he's a conservative I can respect.
Even true conservatives know that Trump is ridiculous, and John knows that Rush Limbaugh should know better and cement his own Legacy for Conservatism. But Rush refuses. He "Stays The Course", a la Dubya, sticking with Trump through every ghastly mistake...
Rush Limbaugh must know that conservatism is under siege. It was killed here in Canada by a one Stephen Harper...
Which, by the way, I have to comment on the Canadian Conservative party. They just elected their new Leader, and guess who replaces Herr Helmet Head? Andrew Scheer, the former Speaker of the House during Harper's reign...

So what does that mean? It means that they chose well. Scheer is a formidible opponent to Trudeau. He knows every nuance of how Parliament works- he was Speaker! So Trudeau had better get his ponies saddled up now. Scheer could topple him in quick time if he's not careful, and then we're back to a Tory government and colossal scandals again...No thanks. I like the Liberal ways...and the party is Red. The Canadian flag is red. There is no blue anywhere in Canada's flag. And that big "C" Tories use as thier logo stands for something other than "conservative" to me...

But anyways, Canada isn't a Super-Power, right? LOL So back to TrumpenStein...

The Orange Blob with the 5-foot ties clearly has ties to Russia business-wise, and when he fired James Comey there was no greater "GUILTY!" admission you could summon than firing the FBI director, mid-investigation. It doesn't matter that the investigation doesn't stop. That's not the point. It's optics. Trump said "There's no good time to fire Comey", and I kinda agree with that, but the OPTICS...he had to know tongues would wag like no tomorrow...He's not that stupid, right? That's what his supporters always say: "Trump's no dummy! Trump's a smart man! Trump's not an idiot-he's a genius!" etc etc etc...
But guess what?
You cannot fire the FBI director on a Monday, tell the media before you tell the man himself, and expect everybody to think you are "Making America Great Again". You praised Comey during the campaign for fucks sakes! When he looked like he was gonna nail Hillary you were calling him a Hero! That people should applaud his "great, Patriotic work"! Then all of a sudden after he assured you that he would be honest with you instead of "dropping the Flynn thing", he's fired. And the next day Trump's in the Oval Office, with two Russian officials, bragging about how he fired a "nutjob" FBI Director.
Did he fire Comey just so he could say to Russian spies "I fired the FBI Director. The heat's off, Boys. I showed 'em how we do it Trump-Style!" ("PPST...here's some dossiers of info for Vlad. You can hand the briefcases of cash to Ivanka and Jared out the back...."

This is how OPTICALLY things look from Canada.

06-05-2017, 01:59 AM
I am a "Different Breed" according to Rush Limbaugh. That's correct, Rush.
I'm the only man who can reduce you to a whimpering MK Bitch-Boy.
I got you pinned to the Wall, Tubby!

In 2009 Michael Wolff wrote an article called "The Man Who Ate The GOP", a piece on Rush's "formidible" influence.
In it was a priceless quote, from Jon Sinton:
"Rush's "assaults" are cast not just as slurs, but as THREATS. If you disagree with him, you have to confront him, and then it's you against Rush. In that match, you simply can't win."

Why, oh Why wasn't I aware of Rush being Jim Morrison way sooner? LOL
Because guess what, Kids?
There is NOTHING I'd want more than to be face-to-face with this guy and CONFRONT HIM.
I'd love it to be Johann Shier Vs. Rush Limbaugh, LIVE on NATIONAL TV.
Let him threaten me.
Let him see how fucking far he gets in a debate with me.
Let's see how quick he can REALLY think on his fat feet.
I wanna make my NAME over his fat piggy back...

What do ya say, Rush?
How long do I have to write about you before you get off the air?
How far do I have to push it before you do what I tell you to do?
Because I know you're listening. I MADE SURE you did...
I want your fat head on an EIB PLATE, Asshole.
Get off the air or I pull the nuclear option on you. (And you don't even know what it is).

06-05-2017, 04:56 AM
In 2009 conservative David Frum wrote a great piece called "Why Rush Is Wrong". In it he states this:

"I've received a great deal of e-mail. (most of it on days when Levin or Hannity or Hugh Hewitt or Limbaugh himself has had something disobliging to say about me.) Most of these e-mails say some version of the same thing: if you don't agree with Rush, quit calling yourself a conservative and get out of the Republican party. There's the PERFECT culmination of the outlook Rush Limbaugh has taught his fans and followers: We want to transform the party of Lincoln, Eisenhower and Reagan into a party of unanimous dittoheads---and we don't care how much the party has to shrink to do it.THAT'S NOT THE LANGUAGE OF POLITICS. That's the language of a Cult."


06-05-2017, 05:09 AM
If you think I'm crazy or nuts, I'm OK with that. (I know better.)

Here's proof: read this book and get back to me: The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA and the Rise of America's Secret Government. (written by David Talbot)

Then you'll know a little bit about what I know: that the CIA is a Satanic Group. George Bush Senior is a SATANIST, folks...

06-05-2017, 07:47 AM
Here's something very interesting:

I have e-mailed Henry Rollins a bunch of times over the years and he's always been cool, always replied to whatever query I threw at him. Well, on Facebook I asked him point-blank that if he knows Jim Morrison is Rush Limbaugh, then why is he not saying anything about it?
Henry never answered me. He knows my name. He knows I've e-mailed him in the past. Yet I got a wall of silence from him.
Very curious...Maybe it was cuz I told him I'd wait for his smug reply that he didn't bother...because Hank is in deep with the Doors. He wrote the intro to "The Doors by The Doors" coffee table book at Ray Manzarek's request.
He speaks on Doors DVD's...which got me thinking...Henry went to a military school as a youth, was born in Washington D.C...Could he be CIA too? Another music Icon Dupe?

I'm not sure my "Liberal Snowflake" mind can handle all the Satanic Deception. hahaha
GOD scorches the Earth, boys. NOT SATURN...
It was nice knowing you guys. The Highway to Hell is PACKED!!!!!!

06-05-2017, 11:51 PM
The Pony Express, Lash LaRue, cowboys, Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Sinatra & Elvis.
Hated School. Hated being forced to go. Right, Rush?
From a Young Age.
A Tempestuous Conqueror, full of his wiry Dad's piss and vinegar...
Your Daddy shit his pants at Pearl Harbour, didn't he Rushie? HE WATCHED FROM THE SHORE...
Yes he did.
The Psy-Ops go way back. Cowards stroking their dicks...
I had a dream about you Rush. I put you in a body bag. But you weren't dead yet.
You woke up, STILL IN THE BODY BAG...
Isn't that Weird?
So what did I do? I did what you have to do to a sick, depraved, evil Satanic Vampire...
Then I pissed in the wound. You started screaming then. So I just said "Shhhhh. It'll all be over soon!You & Daddy soon can chuckle about your adventures in Hell! Let's Put a SMILE on that Face!" and I proceeded to boot-stomp your face with my size 11 steeltoes until there was nothing left except red bits and oceans of blood.
Then I zipped up the bag again.
I admit, I slipped in your blood when I finally left the scene.
But I had no remorse. None. I cremated CARE for you, you see Rushie. My Battleship got rid of your BB's...
Tossed your BB gun into a Palm Beach putting green fountain...
Walked away, smiling that Justice came to a Fugitive who destroyed Old Glory, replaced her with Old Hag Bar.
And a bunch of parasites who would never know true Patriotism if it up and throat-punched them.
You are a Scourge, Rush, and my words are serious. I'm not fucking around. I mean business.
Get off the air.
You get no amnesty from me. You are a cockroach, not a lizard. You keep surviving long after the holocaust, but I got a plan for that. Trust me. My hatred toward you is NOT FAKE NEWS, Rush. It's white-hot. It's searing. In fact I smell your flesh melting and blistering...I smell the sulphur...Jesus gave me a whiff of your new home, Rush Limbaugh. And he said "You are a Saint of Circumstance, J. You are spared the Lake of Fire for redeeming your soul. For passing a test of Faith: turning on the evil that seduced you. I am Pleased My Son.Come home, Lad."


06-13-2017, 07:41 AM

Thank you, O LORD, For the White, Blind Light.
I'm giving Rushie a splitting headache. From which THE FUTURE's Made.

Rush was high as a kite on Vicodin or Oxys or both yesterday on the air. He cannot do the show without drugs. Yay, Rushbo.
Old habits die hard, eh? Spent a weekend in the Chateau Marmont? or Mar-a-lago?
Donald Trump is in a political death spiral. Trump is such a National Embarrassment it's Obscene.
Everybody can see how inexperienced and just plain dumb Trump is. His actions are horrifying. The books written about his time as President will be salacious and sadly true. We are learning so much about how wretched a man Trump is it's astounding.
And here we have Rush Limbaugh, high as a kite, slow as a turtle (Mitch McConnell), running his mouth about how Trump deserves an apology. Excuse me? Trump has no humility. None whatsoever. He and his family do not know what feeling shame looks like.
They have no concept of anything other than ass-kissing and spending un-earned money. Trump and his daughter Ivanka have done nothing but make business deals while in Washington. They live in their own bubble it seems. Did you see that first real cabinet meeting? It's was a bunch of rich dickheads and Reince Rhombus Preibus just planting big, sloppy, wet, juicy kisses onto the Donald's big bleached white ass. (Thanks to Stephen Colbert for "Rhombus" Preibus- hilarious)
It was horrifying. Trump is just sitting there, soaking it all in, loving the praise, feeling like a somebody. No President ever sits there and just says nothing as people kiss his ass. He must've been just like, "Ah...that's more like it. My old TV show The Apprentice. I bet they all know I can fire them right now. Dance, Reince! Dance!!!"*nods*, *squints*

Rush Limbaugh is supposed to be defending conservatism in America. And guess what? If he actually did that, he would be cementing his already formidible Legacy even further. He'd lose listeners and sponsors by turning against Trump, but he'd cement his Legacy as a Die-Hard Conservative Icon. But he's not doing that. He knows Trump is not a small c conservative or anything NEAR one.
He knows Trump is a Liberal. A DEMOCRAT, ACTUALLY. And anybody who really knows how politics works Knows That.

Republicans are "letting their powder dry" as Rushie says, but it's political suicide. Writing a salacious book afterwards and painting yourself as whatever in the Trump "Era" is shameless. That's chasing the carrot. You look like a money-grubbing twit- look at all the people in the O.J. trial- all of them wrote their book. All cashed in...And Newt Gingrich has already written a fucking book called "Understanding Trump". And I think Old Newty didn't write it. I think his pal Rush Limbaugh fired that off in one 12-hour writing session and said "Newt, My friend...this is for you! Slap your name and face on it...get it out there."
These old guard fuckfaces need to be dealt with. Trim those scalps...er, I mean, hairstyles. LOL Yeah, that's it.

Rush Limbaugh has the unbelievable audacity to say on-air that there is no EVIDENCE of Russia tampering with the 2016 election.
Um, Rush, the FBI Director (former) James Comey testified that not only was there evidence, there has always been Russian interference attempts, which is to be expected. The USA (as I understand it) has vastly superior Intelligence Agencies to deal with spies and hackery.
It seems to me that the FBI and the CIA do not share information with one another. Why? Why is that? Why not share intel/info?
What's the logic/reasoning behind that?
I watched an awesome youtube video of Trey Gowdy grilling CIA man John Brennan. He basically got Brennan to admit that the day after he left office classified information got leaked to a major newspaper, cornering him. Not only that, Gowdy was able to nail him on the CIA operating outside of the government, outside of the President. As a Canadian, I wonder how Americans feel about that. Having Federal Intelligence Agencies operating outside and/or above the law.
And hey, I'm all for covert military ops. I was a PPCLI soldier once. I earned that prestigious capbadge.
I get military necessities. So why isn't ISIS completely wiped out by now?
That needs to be CNN's focus, MSNBC's focus- and even Fox News- Fox has changed for the better. I've actually found myself agreeing with a couple anchors on some points. (But never Tucker Carlson- he annoys the hell outta me)
The USA is well-known for it's mighty military capabilities. Just read Tom Clancy's formidible books to get an idea. So I don't understand why counter-terrorism isn't a more ongoing "conscious" focus. Put all the funds into it, and genuinely take it on.
When 9/11 happened, everybody could get behind the "war on Terror", because what happened there was so horrific, pure terror.
People to this day are traumatized and probably suffer from PTSD. So going after "who did this" was a priority. payback time..
But scapegoating the Arab world is not cool. Where the hell did all those trillions go that Rumsfeld said they lost?
Why is the city of Ur in Iraq on the Pentagon's mind?
What's with the giant airbases in Iraq? Huh? Have you guys seen the HUGE U.S. airbases in Iraq? CNN should look into those, do some real journalism...Anderson likes wearing flak vests? and helmets? Well hop to it, Slick! LOL

But we were misled. Over Iraq and Afghanistan. Progress has not been made in Syria either. The adults can handle the truth, so lay it on us! And right now, Trump is misleading. With Blowhard Rush's encouragement. Trump dropped a MOAB "Mother of All Bombs" In Afghanistan. What's that about? Why? Look what he did in Syria...
It's all disconcerting...If only we could summon the spirit of Dwight Eisenhower to sort all this out...

Newt Gingrich and his butt-buddy Rush Limbaugh want to get rid of the special council, the special prosecutor, they can't believe it.
They are losing their shit over this. But you can't fire the special prosecutor. You'd be no different from Nixon then!!!
Nixon did that. And what happened to Tricky Dick, Rushie? Watergate? Shit, This is WAY beyond Watergate, Rush. And you know it.
Trump has massive business ties to Russia. It's not a stretch to think that he's money laundering and using any help offered to get elected. Because Trump knew how Hillary had a pretty heavy-handed chance at winning. We all did. On optics, yeah, Hillary was gonna win. But The FBI interjected. And that's my beef with James Comey. He may have cost Clinton the White House with his public disclosures, which turned out to be nothing. It was stunning. I'm Canadian, and I was stunned. I was like, that guy's game-changed it...and he did. So it'll be interesting to see if Attorney General Jeff Sessions contradicts what Comey said last week.
He's testifying today (2PM). I'll see what that's about and post later. Rush Limbaugh is cheerleading Newt Gingrich's idea that this is a witchhunt on Trump. No Rushie...

It's a BITCH-hunt.

06-14-2017, 03:47 AM
Yesterday Attorney General Jeff Sessions dodged every question about his interactions with the President. EVERY ONE.
He was hammered for the fact that he had no legal basis to do that. He was told point-blank that he is STONEWALLING the investigation, that he is IMPEDING the investigation.
This Keebler Elf Idiot couldn't remember meeting Sergey Kisylyak three times. As Chris Matthews said: "I think I'd remember meeting Sergey Kislyak. He looks like a character in Dr. Stranglelove!!"

Sessions had a VERY CURIOUS case of Amnesia...
How horrific is this shit?
Remember Trump said last week in the Rose garden that he would testify under oath "100%"?
Well that's a bold-faced lie. I can predict he'll invoke executive priviledge at the last minute, as no lawyer on the PLANET would let him do that.

Is this shit for REAL? John McCain has also gotta stop gavelling Kamala Harris...she KICKS ASS! You GO GIRL! She sliced and diced Sessions like chop suey! Sessions even cried out at one point: "I CAN'T BE RUSHED SO FAST! IT MAKES ME NERVOUS!!!!!!"

Aw, poor little geriatric SNOWFLAKE....

06-15-2017, 02:32 PM
Rush was a vulgar Jaw-Jacker again today, running his fucked-up mouth about how the Left are uncivilized, violent and calling for the assassination of Trump, in the wake of this shooting in Alexandria.

Rush, as Bernie Sanders so clearly stated: Violence has no place in America. I write about smashing your face into a Palm Beach sidewalk, but would I ever actually do it? No. Rush, I wrote about executing George W. Bush for War Crimes. Did I mean it? In spirit, yes, but not in Deed! I would settle for Life in Prison for that turd blossom...
This Julius Caesar play in Central Park in New York- it's a reflection of the times, Rush, of the mood in the air!
No one wants to see the President assassinated and YOU KNOW IT.
This is how people express their displeasure. The guy in Alexandria, this left-leaning Bernie Sanders supporter- no one condones what he did. It should be outright condemned, no matter what your political stripes.
I understand why it happened, but it should never have occured. We deal with our anger by writing, protesting, and ultimately VOTING.
Not by grabbing a gun and shooting our opponents. This isn't the wild fuckin' West here...this isn't the OK Corral...no matter how shitty a President is, he can and will be gone from office eventually. So don't get too worked up. Never lose the fire in your belly, but be smart about it. Don't let assholes like Rush Limbaugh use a tragedy like this to paint and smear liberals or the left or anyone else. He can Slum it all he wants. We Rise Above that garbage.

06-16-2017, 06:58 AM
Readers need to understand that Johann Shier (ME) is taking Rush off the air.
He's done, he's finished. His time is Up. He had a long run as a Scourge. He pleased his daddy, and that's all that mattered.
He put one over on millions. He thinks he's the smartest man alive. Nope. Far from it...

Newt Gangrene (that's what I will call newton from now on) and Rush Limbaugh are the "Ambiguously Gay Satanic Duo", and I've never seen anyone properly put these two fat old cows in their pasture. I guess it's up to me...
This whole situation with Jim Morrison becoming Rush is such a snow-job, such a Deceit. They really pulled the wool over America's eyes (and the world). And they think their shit don't stink because of it. I can actually say that Rush Limbaugh has NO POLITICAL AFFILIATION. He never did. He ACTED like he had one. In truth he never had one. He only had one goal: SYNTHESIS. For the CIA.
I've exposed him. I know no one will give me credit for it. No one will acknowledge me, but it's OK. This is my work with GOD. And he'll reward me in ways you cannot fathom. Just exposing Rush as Jim Morrison is it's own reward. It proves that I have Bravery and Courage and Tenacity. I have no fear of any repercussions, even if Rush and his CIA pals wanna kill me. Go for it. See how far you get...be prepared to die YOURSELF, Bitches. My head's on a swivel for cowards at all times. I'm a different breed. Right, Rush?
I'm a fastball with Much Different Stitching...Read the stitches on me Rush. See what you come up with...
I'm still waiting for my $5.1 million settlement check from the EIB network. Let's get cracking, Shithead!

One thing I love to do (part of my nuclear option) is engaging with Trump and Rush supporters on YouTube.
They all think they got impenetrable defences, but they've never met me. I feed it to them daily, and I love ripping them new assholes. They can't stand it- I get accused of being a "Dem-Tard", a "Lib-Tard", a "paid troll", a "terrorist", the whole gamut. It's a riot. I blast them with facts and unyeilding passion and it discombobulates them. And I keep on comin' like a freight train, which makes them angrier, so they resort to "You have proven how much of a troll you are ! Wow!". It's great. I have no problem with any of it, because my goal is to expose Rush as Jim, not make friends. One guy even said I have no empathy for humans with my approach to exposing Rush. All I said to that was: "Blame the Lizard KING of NO EMPATHY. I learned it from him."

Rush Limbaugh is A RANCID excuse for a human being. He has an arrogant air of superiority that is just Rancid.
Everyday I ask myself how I could be duped so hard by this repulsive and slimy Reptile.
And make no mistake folks: Old Johann was duped. And this is why I am MILITANT about taking Rush on. I'm the one fan who got burned who will not let it slide. In fact I'm beyond over the moon that I found out who he was BEFORE he died. THE END for him is MY BEGINNING. I basically nailed him right before he dies. Because Rush is knocking on Death's Door. LOL He's only got 3 years to live Tops. And I'm helping to lift his bloated, toxic corpse into a piano case coffin and grave. Until that day arrives, I write his epitaph. God gave me that Honor because I was his biggest fan. No joke. Show me the biggest, most dedicated Doors fan on Earth and I'll show you a person who doesn't know that Rush is Jim Morrison.
I've already earned a Pulitizer Prize for exposing him, but no one will give it to me.
It would cheapen the prize to give it to a Journalist who has never been paid for his words and has no "Agenda".
I do not fit in to the scheme in any way.
So I just shame them all. That is enough. I go where Eagles dare, with no reward or satisfaction except knowledge that I did it.
That feels so good you have no idea...it's an achievement that I never ever expected I'd make or even CONTEMPLATE. For a solid 20 years I told people I knew with Authority that Jim is dead. I made so many passioned arguments to friends and others about Morrison and what happened to him it was crazy. I always knew anything was possible, but him being alive as Rush Limbaugh was NOT a consideration. Which is why I'm so livid. It's why I'm Biblically Pissed off at him. His "ACT" as Jim was just that: AN ACT. A PERFORMANCE. He meant NONE OF IT. He thought he was "Thinking Ahead"....Well, Johann wasn't on your Radar, was he, Rushie?
No. He. WASN'T.
But here I am.
Your biggest fan. And I am sytematically BURYING YOU in your own hubris. Because I am the only man on the planet who knows the full extent of your Treachery and Deceit and Satanic Behavior.
Get the Fuck off the Air Rush. NOW. save Face.
Because I'm only going to twist the Knife, Harder and Harder and HARDER...
If you want that kind of Epitaph, then Stay on The Air, Bucky...

06-17-2017, 04:19 AM
Rush Limbaugh's fans are tone-deaf to these facts:

Trump admitted that he fired Comey because of the Russian investigation. Admitted it on TV to a reporter (Lester Holt).
So he DID demand Loyalty, did demand that the FBI go easy on Flynn, did basically demand assurances that he wasn't under investigation.
What "innocent" man would do these things? He's not acting like he doesn't have something to hide.
And here's Rush Limbaugh, saying he's the President! He's got powers he's not using!
Um, Rush, are you talking about the power to fire people? Just because he's the head of the executive branch?
Sure, he's got those powers. But if he chose to use them, how would it look? OPTICS is paramount in politics.
But Trump isn't a politician, you say. Horseshit. He's as savvy as any of them. He won the election, didn't he?!
Shit, don't hand me this narrative that Trump is some kind of outsider. What you really mean to say is that he's a NEW YORKER.
What works in New York doesn't work in Washington, Buster. There are checks and balances. There's a JUSTICE DEPARTMENT.
That can launch investigations- even into the President. No one's above the law. "All The President's Men" is a great read- Donald should be reading that book instead of Tweeting at 4AM.

I'm watching every move you make Rush...
I am also watching Newt Gangrene like a Hawk. And Rudy G. And Jared & Ivanka. And a few more...
Trump isn't draining the Swamp. He IS the swamp, in Deep! with a Gator like you, Rushie! And a southern Peace Toad like Newton Gangrene...

06-17-2017, 08:19 AM
I find it quite hilarious that Rush feels compelled to do history lessons in American politics every show.
It's really rich.
Why do you feel the need to put "context" on everything coming out of Washington, Rushbo? Why?
Is it because your listeners have no clue about what's going on here? I think so.
I've noticed that Rush is trying to be as "truthful" as he can be, even tho he's dead-wrong.
He's seriously salving the wounds of Trump's base, and all for nought. Yes, Trump isn't gone, but remember Dubya?
I saw him win a second term when I KNEW he was a Lame Duck and a supreme piece of shit. I knew Trump couldn't lead himself out of a wet paper bag long before he won the election. And I know it now. Trump could win again in 2020? Does it change anything? NOPE. I know he's a piece of shit Con-Man fraud and always will be. Period. Big Oil, Big Pharma or Big Russia can keep ANYONE in the White House.

06-18-2017, 12:41 PM
I suppose this thread can double as a "destruction of Donald Trump" thread as well, because Trump is self-imploding at Mach 1.
His tweets about being investigated for obstruction of Justice are disgusting. This man is not a head of State.
He's a National Embarrassment.
And his shyster lawyer went on Chris Wallace's show, where Wallace asked him great questions.
This guy lied through his teeth and then told us (the public) that we are not to believe the President's tweets. (???!!!)
What? Huh? Say again, Over?
We're not to believe his tweets? It's Donald himself, at 4AM, taking a big dump, tweeting that he's under investigation.
Why would he do that if he's NOT under investigation? If he never received formal notice that he is in fact under investigation for obstruction? What President would ever do that?
And then have his lawyer be grilled by Chris Wallace on national TV? I mean really...you watch it. Wallace is calm, cool, collected.
Asking straightforward questions and this shyster ties himself into a pretzel. UNREAL.


06-19-2017, 05:19 AM
Here's something that should give you pause:

Donald Trump's satanic Son-in-Law (Jared "KKK" Kushner) bought a building in New York City for over 1 BILLION DOLLARS.
Why did he pay so much for it? Because of the address: 666 FIFTH Avenue.
A pentagram has 5 sides.
The Number of the Beast is 666.

Which means Trump and all who work for him or with him are full-blown Devil Worshipers.
Know where you stand spiritually, folks. Because there is no mistaking who THE ENEMY is.
They aren't even hiding it anymore. 666 fifth Avenue? As Jared's LAIR? Are you fucking KIDDING me?
Adam Weishaupt's descendants and buddies have a real problem with me, I see him for who he is and I know how to destroy him.

And I know how to destroy Jim Morrison/Rush Limbaugh. Hey Rush: I know full well how much you CONFORMED to Satanism.
I know your role and place in the Masonic Pile...
And I'm coming for you. All bets are off. Because you don't play fair. SO I WON'T.

06-21-2017, 02:10 AM
Rush likes to say that liberals hate Self-Reliance. Where he got that insane notion I have no idea, but it further illustrates his colossal Hypocrisy. And that is probably the number one thing that I despise about his "dittohead" fans: the fact that they can't see Rush's hypocrisy, that they can't see how he slings the mud hard, but he IS the mudpit. He has no moral high ground. None. He has nothing in common with his listeners or anyone in America except Satanic Frauds.
He's not even self-reliant Himself! It's Hilarious that he says we need to teach people self-reliance, because if he didn't rely on Reagan getting rid of the Fairness Doctrine for Radio broadcasting THEN HE WOULDN'T HAVE A CAREER.
But I'll take it one step further, because I know he's Jim Morrison: He relied on the C.I.A. for his career.
He was snatched from Abandonment Alley, the side-of-the-road Ditch for a squirming Toad brain BITCH...
He pissed off everybody in the Doors camp. He alienated everybody. And finally they turned on him. He ran out of chances.
He's atoning for being a Fuck-Up. For being a total Loser. Right, Rushbo? You know where your bread is buttered, don't ya, BIG GUY? LOL

07-04-2017, 06:51 AM
Reptile Rush and his ilk (Sean Hannity, Alex Jones. etc.) treat politics like it's high stakes, but when the rubber hits the road, all they are is loudmouth idiots spewing lies. They know their hypocrisy runs really deep and that the Left and Progressives have got the right approach. The aspects of the left I don't like, the things that turn me right off are militant antagonism to the Right, not being smart about the future long-term implications, and just all-around lowering ourselves. The left aren't about slumming it. The left are the ones who lift the slums out of poverty, or try to anyways. You can always find righty money, but it's lefty compassion that finds the room with that money...

American politics is all-out war. War on the working class, the middle class and the poor. It's Dandy games for the wealthy. They gotta get the money out of politics. Do that, and you'll make America Great Again. I'm not joking. Not mocking, not making fun here. I mean it. Get money out of politics to "Drain the Swamp". Win on Merit!
The reason everybody back in the old days voted and felt good about how they voted was because the candidates ran on character, ran on their word, and a firm handshake. A man's word was his bond. Nowadays there are so many lies...so much deceit, so much "politicking"...mass media to cloud the waters even further. And to top it off, you have old-guard "establishment" party operatives rigging Primaries! Sabotaging their own! Bernie Sanders got snowed! But don't feel bad for Bernie. He's been around the block
, he knew the risks, he made his mark, he made History, in fact. This Canadian was impressed and still is impressed. Bernie's got a good head on his shoulders. But it sux to sit here knowing he could be and SHOULD be President if it wasn't for Hillary rigging the Primary. Trump was not the threat to the Bern. It was the Democratic party, which is shameful. They should've put their differences aside in the face of Trump. But they didn't. They gambled, cheated, and still Lost. It really sux to say it.
The Dems deserved to lose.
I'm the last guy to say that Rush Limbaugh is correct. Because he's not, politically or otherwise. But facts are facts, and he's really good at selectively choosing facts and then going overboard on conservative "slant" "commentary'. He loves it. Well Rushie, Johann can feed it right back to ya, Big Guy. I hope you enjoyed your Fourth of July weekend off. Hope you were Born.
Hope you had a gay old time, Viagra and Vicodin Shangri-La hopefully...Reading teddy bears your Rush Revere books under a cloud of cigar smoke while periodically zapping your cat with a laser-pointer...

07-04-2017, 07:19 AM
Rush Limbaugh needs to debate Ron Paul on why the Federal Reserve needs to be audited.

He also needs to realize that I've been researching his "schtick" on the EIB network and I've discovered that he may be a money-launderer (just like Paul Manafort?), that he may be a homosexual (not that I care- your sexuality is your own business) who scorns women and only had wives for show- no kids either! Also that he's a full blown drug addict and a man who pays no taxes himself (like Trump?). Rush likes to flaunt his wealth. And I get it to a degree.
But to take flaunting wealth and turn it into a political mantra i.e: "Liberals fear self-reliance!" is cowardly.
Hey El Rushbo: it takes balls to say you have self-reliance. Can any man say he truly has self-reliance? Maybe you could take a whole three-hour show sometime and let us all know what you mean by that.
Tell us straight-up what "Self-Reliance" means when the American dollar can be worthless someday. Then how "Self-Reliant" will you be?
You're in your twilight years, so you probably don't care too much anymore. But way back in 1993 you were carping about self-reliance in your book. Do you think a Depression on par with the 1930's but with today's population could be solved with "self-reliance", Rush?
Because I see a USA with a $20 Trillion deficit, who in 2008 bailed out WALL STREET -(INSANE!), bailed out the Automobile industry! Bailed out Banks!!!

Holy Fuck.
That is NOT self-reliance, RUSH LIMBAUGH.
That is Corporate Welfare, collected by CEO's who flew to Washington on PRIVATE JETS to cry poor-mouth...
And got what they asked for! And then gave themselves giant bonuses!!! For their companies FAILING! WOW.
What the fuck kind of drugs are you on Rush to talk about "self-reliance" in the face of such bald hypocrisy and greed?
What did Wall Street ever do for America? It didn't do jack shit for me and never will yet they got a bailout for causing massive economic damage...Simply Incredible.

Michael Moore was gonna do a movie about Rush Limbaugh in 2008 or thereabouts. What happened Mike?
Unload on this Actor Out On Loan.
There's a Killer in a Chair. His brain is under fucked-up hair. If you give this man a ride, you'll probably break your thighs, flatten your tires, wreck the chassis, he won't tip, even tho he's rich as fuck. Beware his ego, it's bigger than Sinatra's, Sammy's, Liberace, or Lucifer himself. If you thought it was big in the sixties, then you won't believe it today...Seriously. Who has listened to Rush's radio show and thought that he lacked an ego or confidence? That's right: NO ONE.
His ego is frickin' Larger than every Liberal you can think of COMBINED. Rush is Franken-Ego. He's like a mutation of Morton Downey Jr., Archie Bunker, a Flaccid Demure Patronizing salesman and an Ape.

07-05-2017, 05:48 PM
This Is What It Looks Like

So Rush Limbaugh thinks that it's OK for Donald Trump to make a "comedy" meme video of him & WWE and Vince McMahon?
What the Fuck is Rush on now? Elephant Tranquilizers?

The President of the United States is supposed to have class. This is not only beneath the Office of the President, this is beaneath amoebas on fleas. And anyone who cannot see that is Slumming themselves.
Get rid of this sack-of-Shit "President". Please America. Do it now. You're better than this.

07-06-2017, 08:32 PM
BASH the Rushie from Da Left. Hand. Side...


Chapter six of See, I Told You So is called "Dead White Guys or What your history books never told you".
Charming, Rush. Do tell. Do give me all the salacious details, bestow all that hidden knowledge on me.

He opens the chapter with full-on Truth. He does. He dupes the reader off the top of the chapter by shocking them with a point of view that Liberals hold: that the USA is inherently evil. That the whole idea of America is corrupt. That the USA is cultural Imperialism, economic Colonialism. STRAIGHT TRUTH! Rush faces it head-on!
But then he turns into a snake, a viper. He apologizes to his conservative readers, that not to worry, Rush hasn't become a "commie-Lib". He just set it up to stroke his viagra'd dick.
He calls multi-culturalism "indoctrination". That is so disingenuous, so racist. I lived in Toronto for 5 years, and the thing I took away from T.O. that was the most positive was it's multi-culturalism. It's amazing in Toronto. It's democracy. I'm not saying it's ideal..there are still shootings and neighborhood wars, but generally it works. I've seen it, felt it and liked it in Toronto.
It's in New York and Los Angeles too. But more muted.
I hate the kind of hatred Rush represents because it divides people up. That is not a place you should be starting from.
It's negative. It breeds resentment and fosters racism, which the world could use a lot less of.

Rush thinks multi-culturalism is an "academic" thing, where intellectuals are trying to revise history. Is that fucking bonkers or what?

07-06-2017, 08:54 PM
"There's a massive amount of deception to overcome, both in "the facts" and the underlying themes being presented. But, as usual, I am more than up to the challenge."

Indeed, Rushie. Indeed!
Clever, you old Dog...saying we need to overcome deception while FEEDING DECEPTION to your hapless readers...
Synthesis at it's finest. Pure CIA/MK mind games...
Rush once again launches into a quasi-Satanic "history lesson" of the USA, talking about Christopher Columbus and how the Indians weren't living a romanticized life, that Indian tribes were cannibalistic, far from civilized. Perhaps Rushie, but what about the fact that no attempt was made to assimilate culturally? In the name of progress? You think Genocide is a saner option? Wow. You're even more brutish than those cannibalistic natives. You have to make SOME attempt to work with the New World, or else history actually paints you as a Barbarian. You KNOW this, Rush...

Rush has the balls to say that Liberals are displaying some kind of overt racism, not based on character, but based on skin color.
WTF is he talking about? He whines that Liberals get away with backhanded racism while conservatives don't.
Wow, you can really skewer a point of view, can't ya Rushie? You can twist something into an unrecognizable MESS.

Rush complains in the book about how schools and the media have twisted the historical record, and I agree to a point.
I would like to see Columbus taught properly, with as much historical accuracy as can be summoned. The Pilgrims too- teach it AS IT WAS. Don't omit things because it's unpleasant.
Rush completely trashes the Pilgrims for attempting to have a "socialist" situation where all the land and houses and merchants put all into a common store for the community. It worked, but Rush says it didn't. (What an ASSHOLE!) He claims that William Bradford fixed Marxism long before Marx! All because people were annoyed that creative people didn't do their best work without incentive...Wow.

07-06-2017, 09:14 PM
Rush, all hands of the Pilgrims were industrious with their land plots just by CHOICE, not by rejecting community.
He puts forth this false narrative that the one-community-pot idea utterly failed, and that without siphoning off parcels of land there would've been no bounty. I don't think so...I have a quirky phrase I picked up from somewhere: "Everything's going the way it's supposed to be going. Or else it would be going another way." And I think that applies to the "progression" of the Pilgrims. In fact I know it does. Everything happens for a reason.

What's hilarious to me is Rush's references to the Bible, and how the Founding Fathers were Devout Men. Yet Rush is a Satanist. LOL
Promoting Satan while having a fake brother who's a "Christian" (David Limbaugh)...it's a riot.
Rush himself isn't a Christian, never was. (And if he's Jim Morrison, you know that's true times a Trillion!)
The U.S. Constitution was made for a "moral and religious people" according to John Adams. "It is wholly inadequate for the governance of any other."
So where does that leave the USA? What percentage of the USA's current population is Christian? or Religious?
And if it's far less than the Majority, then it stands to reason that the Constitution is null and void in 2017.
Makes sense to me- You elected Trump.

07-08-2017, 09:14 AM
Rush accuses Liberals of being the Ultimate Practitioners of cultural imperialism.
Gee, how would you know that? Mr. James Douglas Morrison? Your middle name came from Douglas MacArthur, correct Rush?
"I Have Returned."
Indeed. You sure have. As a gelatinous, greedy as the grave tobacco-toxic Jaw-Jacker.
"See, I Told You So!"- sounds like something a 6-year-old kid says on the playground.
You make me puke Jim.

07-08-2017, 09:32 AM
Rush engages in what I would call "politically motivated historical and cultural revision". On the radio.
To millions of revisionist Dittoheads. Clowns, lost buffoons, listening to a Holy Fool, and elected a Buffoon for President.
The Phantom's Divine Comedy.
All I wanna do is tell Gardenia what to do tonight....
It's Primitive, what Rush does. It's the Flintstones, it's Neanderthal. It's NOT American.

History has not been cruel to Liberalism. At least not in Canada. Liberalism in Canada died for a decade, but it rose from the ashes.
The Tories, on the other hand, will stay dormant for another millenium. LOL Harper sucked raw eggs THAT badly. haha.

Rush and Bush senior got beat like rats in a wastebasket in '92 and Rush decided that his only recourse was to re-write history, which is what he does today, on the EIB network, on his tin microphone.
He thinks the 80's was a decade of prosperity and success- yes it was Rushie! For a lotta yuppie cokehead losers. LOL
Reaganomics to me is embodied in that character of Bob Morton in RoboCop. And it's embodied in Rush. Rush wants to be a Renaissance Tony Montana...barrels of vicodin, bottles of port, dominican underage boys (so I've heard), neglecting his wife, sneering at anyone within earshot. Making the world pay for his drug-induced deafness... Dude's a hurtin' unit, going out on bottom.

The Shier Institute of Advanced Setting Rushie Straight teaches us that radio hosts with wide audiences may get a lot of ears with drivel, but a true LISTENER knows when webs are being spun...

07-08-2017, 10:11 AM
Rush further explores his inner asshole in chapter 6 by babbling on about the language of multi-culturalism, that it goes from praising blacks to dissing the chinese, Indians are good, White Europeans bad...What a fucking jackass. He knows full well that he's just stirring shit up there, pissing off Liberals and making Conservatives laugh out loud.
And hey, I can admit Rush is an entertainer. He's funny as fuck. But not because he's got a sense of humour. No no no...
It's beacuse he's got a certain FLOURISH to him, Luciferian in Nature...

Rush says higher-learning schools are misquoting the deeds of dead people who can't speak for themselves. Funny Rush, since Jim Morrison is a "greasy Commie Lib" and he happens to be dead and is misquoted by you. LOL The Irony is thicker than anything I've ever seen!
Liberals do not indict the entire white race Rush! Some do, but it's a fraction of 1%.
Rush has the arrogant smugness to quote MLK, and how we should judge people by their character, not by the color of their skin...
Yet Rush said this once: "You know who deserves a posthumous Medal of Honor? James Earl Ray. Godspeed James." Wow, Huh?
He did. Rush SAID THAT SHIT...

Rush has this batshit notion that self-motivation is lost when the government provides anything. That is just nuts. That's crazy.
Only someone gripped with fear would dare think that. Only some deeply disturbed sociopath would go there. LOL
The government cannot claim to be for the people and BY the people if each individual is out for themselves. No way.
There has to be a mechanism to give back.
There has to be a safety net for the weakest and most vulnerable among us. And really get to the bottom of who they are too.
And create a new branch of the IRS to go after off-shore tax cheats. Change the tax laws if you have to. Threaten the Scum with hard time.

07-10-2017, 09:32 AM
I have several ways to determine how and when Rush is lying on-air. One of them is to watch the dittocam specifically to watch Rush LISTEN to on-air callers. He has a certain way of tuning in and out of his caller. He "reads" callers like you've never seen. And he reads 'em lightning quick. I read people quicker than you, Rush. I can actually see the gears turning because I know you. And I never met you. I can zero in like a Kamakaze pilot on your lyin' when you oughta be Truthin'.
I fancied myself a good fibber in my day, Rush. And it was partly by your Bravado. But not anymore. My falsification skills are now put to better use.

His show is structured and he conducts from that EIB chair in such a way as to defy slander. But he fails. He thinks he can just Bowl you over and you will be there for the next bowl over.That can work for a rock band, but it don't work for no Talk Jockey.
He's got a lot to learn about decorum and a "Broadcasting Hall of Fame".
He's 73 but acts 13.

07-11-2017, 01:43 PM
Putin is working with Trump. If he said Russia had no reason to interfere, then that fits Trump's narrative of Fake News, doesn't it.
I agree Rush. There is a propaganda campaign on the Left. Just as strong as the Right. Only the Left have Morality, Reason, and Logic on their side. The right just have money. And Dinosaur mentalities.

07-11-2017, 01:45 PM
Trump is in neck-deep with Russia. It's so obvious, and Rush is yelling lies on the air as I speak about it.
He says Hillary would've been preferred over Trump. No she wouldn't Rush. You remember the "RESET BUTTON" she handed the Kremlin?

He probably had co-operations going on for BOTH Hillary and Donald. Right Rush? Why are you being such a DOUCHE on the air? LOL
What you've really gotta admit is that the US Intelligence Departments and Agencies are not on top of it all quite the way they should be. The Future's Not What It Used To Be...

07-13-2017, 09:35 PM
A guy on YouTube named "Matt Havens" said something great today when arguing with a Rush Limbaugh fan: (paraphrasing)

You Rush fans should change with Great Haste. You are stubbornly supporting an individual who is a Known racist, makes millions off spreading a non-factual Ideology, is against women, supports radical Right-wing viewpoints that are against humanistic achievement and growth. He is an Addict, hooked on prescription pills and has been married FOUR TIMES. Sounds like an individual to adhere to...YES, keep listening to and harbouring his incoherent and nonsensical ideological structure.

07-18-2017, 07:09 AM
Another dimension has been added to my theory about Rush Limbaugh being Jim Morrison.
There's been a rumour circulating for years about the comedian/actor Chevy Chase and how he may also be Morrison.
I've been looking into it, and while I'm not 100% sure, I'm quite convinced that Chevy is part of the Ruse.
The similarities with Morrison are uncanny in Chase- the dimple in the chin throws me off, but I cannot deny the visual similarities.
By the way, Rush Limbaugh's upper lip has been cosmetically altered...his mouth (and curly smile) is identical to Jim's but the top lip is not the same- he had work done on his upper lip.

There's a rumour that the Morrison's are related to the Chase's, and that the two families may have worked together to compound the CIA plot of deception. Chase may be a doppleganger- and I realize how sci-fi and outrageous that sounds, believe me- it seems batshit nuts. But I think there's something to it. Comparisons with photos of Morrison from 1967-71 make me believe that Chevy Chase could very well have doubled for Jim. There could be two Jim's- one is Rush Limbaugh now and the other is Chevy Chase now. It all seems so over-the-top, but this is what I've been led into. Not only that, Jim's girlfriend Pam is a DEAD-RINGER for Chevy Chase's current wife Jayni. YOU MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND. I JUST PUT IT OUT THERE.

07-19-2017, 09:23 AM
Rush said on yesterday's show that genuine conservatives in Washington see everything through the eyes of the Left, and that if you don't realize it, you'll never be on the same Battlefield as them.
Hmm. I think he's very desperate in the face of Trump's implosion. This failed health care bill "monstrosity" is just the latest nail in Trump's coffin. Six months into his Presidency and he's achieved ZERO.
Trump has gotten absolutely Nothing Done.

Rushie was clearly agitato yesterday. He was excitedly yapping about how the free market is gonna save health care, fix it properly. What a Fucking JOKE.
El Rushbo was shouting for Trump to "bludgeon" (politically of course) the opposition. He's lost his marbles, he's clearly unhinged, telling Trump to swing for the fences. Rush says the people "waking up" won't matter. It matters when it comes to elections, but not now. He says the public doesn't have the money that the lobbyists do, so the public is the loser. He said he knows he's being pessimistic but he doesn't care. He lied by saying that Trump is an outsider, that he's not in the "Establishment Club". Yes he is Rushie. Yes he is...He most definitely IS Establishment. You don't get away with that one.
Trump knows full well the game. He was by all accounts a full-blown Lobbyist- he donated to the Clintons! He's been around Washington mucky-mucks and power-players his entire adult Life!!!

07-24-2017, 09:02 AM
Rush thinks Trump WILL fire Robert Mueller. And if that occurs, the shit will hit the fucking fan.
Trump's "Presidency" is a full-blown case of the USA in Crisis.
The world is watching the USA rot in REAL TIME. And blame can be clearly placed on BOTH federal political parties.
Republicans and Democrats BOTH have fucked America LARGE.
It is Revolting to me. I spent ten years railing against the Canadian Conservative government only to see Trump win?
Only to see an Orange Fraud who is fifty trillion times worse than Harper win? WOW.

These first six months have seen nothing happen except for Trump golfing, Trump Lying,Trump smearing/Tweeting,Trump NOT Leading, and Total Trump Incompetence.
The White House is completely engulfed in flames. This is gonna be 4 years of NO GOVERNMENT in the USA.
An idiot can see the writing on the wall. America is Fucked with this Congress and is fucked with this "President".

Rush Limbaugh seems to think that there is no "crime" that Trump committed. He knows full well that there is, too.
I happen to know how smart Rushie is. I happen to know exactly "HOW" he's spinning Trump's Presidency. What's breathtaking is how brazenly Rush will defend this Cowardly Orange Cunt.
Trump never wanted to be President. A top official in his campaign said that Trump was only supposed to make a "Strong Second-Place Showing", because he knew full-well that he wasn't Qualified for the Oval Office. He was only gonna give his Trump "BRAND" a big push by running for President. But it backfired. He won. They underestimated the electorate. And now we have a Psychopathic Narcissist for Leader. Bravo. What a Shit Show. What a mind-blowing Fuck-Up this was...

And here we have Rush Limbaugh trying to defend a Buffoon just like Himself. A draft-dodging, no-taxpaying, Incestuous homosexual pedophile CIA FRAUD. Rush says he can read the stitches on a fastball. Yeah Rush? Where do you see Trump's Presidency going?
Because I see it going straight into a Ditch.
In Chapter Six of See, I Told You So Rush admits that the USA was founded by men who said and believed that religion and morality are indispensible supports to political prosperity. Where is it, Rush? Where is the religion and morality in U.S. politics?
Where the fuck is it???
The Constitution only works in the context of a "MORAL" society. Yet there is ZERO morality in the United States. The Constitution has no value. No merit. None. Not without Morality. The Supreme Court appointments ARE PROOF that morality is Gonzo in U.S. politics.
Every Supreme Court Justice is an opportunist, an opportunist who does not defend the Constitution in any form. Name any Supreme Court Justice of the last 50 years that does or did and I'll show you how they DIDN'T.

07-24-2017, 09:21 AM
I've been doing gangbusters business on YouTube in convincing people that Rush is Jim Morrison.
I've added readers to FilmLeaf, I've had people e-mail me with apologies and thanks, because a few thought I was bonkers, but a couple months later they see what I'm doing. If those readers are here: THANK YOU. and tell others about Rush! Because there is NO DENYING he's Jim Morrison. For Real. I've exposed that Satanic Idiot.

It's truly Amazing that I got the Revelation that Rush is Morrison. I was kept in the dark for 25 years about it. GOD revealed it to me, and I am VERY grateful...It is my mission to take Rush off the air, and it's looking like the only way he WILL get off the air is when he Croaks. SO BE IT.
I just twist the knife, over and over.
I'm BURYING this Cocksuck.

07-24-2017, 02:17 PM
Hey Rushie:

I'm so happy to have the Esteemed Jim Morrison read my words with interest. Why would you care about Little 'Ol me, Rush? LOL
I'm listening to your streaming show Live, right now, and you gave me some nice clues that you are indeed Jim. (who reads what I write!)

1. You used the word "gangbusters" today- which means my post from this morning lodged in your medulla.
2. You mentioned Alfred E. Neuman today- I happen to know that Jim Morrison loved Mad Magazine- only your biggest fan would know a detail like that.
3. You were subdued today. My words sting you. My "approach" is working. And I want you to know that I know it's working. Say Cheese!

You are gonna make me Rich, Lizard Corpse! It's fitting, considering how you left all Doors fans for dead. I'm back from the dead, Jimbo. And I'm gonna raid your treasury. Viddy Well, O My Brotha....

07-26-2017, 07:46 AM
So Rush was Dr. Phil yesterday, analyzing the psychosis of politicians in the Washington beltway. Yay Rush.

He discussed the CIA! How about that! He talked about John Brennan, as "Obama's CIA Director"- um, lemme stop you there Rush.
The CIA operates outside of the U.S. President, not as his ally. He may do so in quiet company, give his full support of the President, but in reality he can turn on the President and even take him out. The CIA is the failsafe of American sovereignty to me, more so than the Supreme Court. The FBI runs a close second, if my compass is right. Rush never mentions this.
He also never mentions the coups that the CIA has conducted around the world, and some I even agree with.
But some are disastrous.
We have a very serious matter right now with the current "president". Rush whined that there is a very deliberate coup ("SILENT" coup) going on right now, and that it is ridiculous to think that John Brennan would call for a loud coup to remove Trump from office if he fires the special prosecutor.

Here's where I get mad: this fucking moron Trump thinks he can just fire everybody. With no repercussions. He's fucking off his rocker batshit nuts. He will have to be arrested by the military, toppled like a Dictator.
I'm so fucking angry and I'm not even American.

Trump WILL BE RICHARD NIXON. Within six months of taking the Oath of Office. Astounding.
Enough is Enough. If the CIA can stage a coup around the world with little difficulty of blowback, then removing a televison reality showman should be a piece of cake. Put his Mafioso ass on TRIAL.

07-26-2017, 08:40 PM
Today El Douchebo said that he's NOT mainstream media. What a joke. Rush, if you're not part of the mainstream media, then what the fuck are you? You most definitely ARE! Just look at the size of your audience! Supposedly millions of listeners tune in to your show, right Rush? Or are you fibbing? OR Are you exaggerating? Hmm?
30 years on the radio, so much fucking exposure...what modern adult hasn't fucking heard of Rush Limbaugh?
Most adults I know actually have heard of Rush and have an opinion of him.
Some begrudgingly admit he's intelligent. And he is. Don't think I don't know how intelligent this guy is.
I marvelled at not only Morrison's intellect, but his sheer bravado to ACT on the bravado. Which, he's still doing, Today. But I don't admire it quite the way I did/do with Jim Morrison. No No No...

Rush said former Speaker John Boehner said that there's no way that Republicans will repeal Obamacare. I'm not American, so I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I've heard that Obamacare was a disaster for some and great for others. What I do know is that there should be a Federal plan for health care that is in the best interests of ALL Americans. That's what you deserve. Being healthy should be a right. How shameful is it that CUBA had better health care than the USA? And probably still does?

Rush says that this Jeff Sessions situation makes no sense. Because Trump can fire him, but he's not doing it. Sessions has said he loves his job and will continue to do so. Good for him. Because if Sessions goes, next would be Mueller. But Trump is annoyed that "deep state" leakers haven't been tracked and punished. And scuttlebutt is that he will start do just that. Who knows? The Trump circus is just unreal, Mang. Trump needs Sessions to be on board with his immigration ideas. Rush says Sessions wants to get rid of sanctuary cities and tackle other items on the immigration file. Who will step in to the breach if Sessions is fired? Because whoever that may be, they have to wonder if they could work with the sword of Damocles over their head every day? Because that's what it would be. You could be fired on a whim, no matter what you did, no matter how great a job you did.

Re: transgenders in the military. I was a soldier in the PPCLI, and I happened to be on a training course that allowed the first woman into the Regiment. They allowed females to serve in the combat trades IF they could pass the training. I know there's a big story about a woman joining the Navy SEALs in the States right now. But way back in 1995 the lady who was on my course (1 woman among 51 guys!) to illustrate a point, she cried every night. Nobody talked to her, including me. My focus was on passing, getting my own shit together, not other guys, let alone a chick, who I actually thought was crazy. She made it- she graduated, made it to the battalion, but she was hard. She cried every night, struggled on almost all courses/activities, but she still passed, while other guys dropped out and failed. I give her credit. She wasn't treated any different from any other soldier, and aside from the crying
because she was alone- for six months. No other women!-she never complained. I won't name her, but she earned the PPCLI capbadge- she would die alongside you in combat, Rock and Roll). So if that's how it was for ONE chick in the Canadian army, I can only imagine what it's like for a transgender person. Combat roles especially are masculine in nature, and some guys really resent women or gays or trans people serving in combat roles. It's always been "Don't ask/Don't tell" in Canada & the U.S., so it's a touchy subject. On one hand you wanna say for recruiting it's a great idea. You may find ideal troops, so why not? How do you approach this kind of thing without offending someone? You find an aggrieved person at every turn...human rights, discrimination, etc. is thrown in that mix and it sux. The hazards are erosion of cohesion in the unit, sexual abuse/harassment, overall tension when a unit should be focused, etc etc. It's a tough one. You'd have to have roundtables and implement upgraded recruiting. Applicants would have to be briefed on risks. Because breaking military tradition rankles the rank and file.

07-27-2017, 05:57 AM
"I know, today, that this land will prosper and become a great nation, and it will remain a great nation as long as we are one nation under God."- William Bradford

Isn't that a lovely quote? Isn't that the essence of the American spirit?
Then why is it not REFLECTED in the Nation Today? the USA is far far far FAR from being one Nation under God.
Why doesn't Rush focus his entire show on this? If he's such a Hellhound for U.S. Patriotism? He loves to besmirch the Pilgrims, twisting THEIR history into some perverse justification for the genocide of American Indians, so why not rip the current populace? For their abandonment of Religion? Religion is a Founding Principle of the U.S. Constitution!
I'll tell you why Rush never goes there: It's because he knows that the USA has TWO histories. One is Christian, the other is Occult.

I can concede something Rush brings up in his book about the "culture war" between Liberals and Conservatives. Liberalism didn't properly assimilate to the traditional beliefs in America. It just kinda elbowed it's way in. LOL That said, it doesn't mean you have the right to shove it out or exterminate it. On the contrary, you figure out what's so wrong with it and DEMONSTRATE why. That's how you eliminate your opponent- by exposing it's flaws and DEMONSTRATING them. Only then will you win followers, and Rush has utterly failed to expose and demonstrate the error of Liberalism, despite appearances. He has made no dents whatsoever in liberalism as a political ideology. NONE. He's been barking and chirping for decades and all he's done is draw battle lines. He's made sure that war is not meant to be won, but meant to be CONTINUOUS. Yes, Rush Limbaugh is Orwellian.

Rush writes in his book that the Founding Fathers had a "Broad View" for their vision for the country, and they sure did.
But he's dead-wrong to suggest that Liberals are ignoring or skirting that broad view. They expand on it in fact. It's actually Conservatives who have ignored the broad view and Promise that the Founding Fathers saw.
It amazes me how Rush can laser in on the "Problems" that he sees, yet cannot summon a tiny fraction of defence for the opposing views that are contrary to his. He loves to be black & white, to draw battle lines, draw lines in the sand and see people get uppity.
He loves stirring the pot. He's not afraid to poke you in the eye with a sharp stick. Rush challenges people just to see what will happen. He's a mischievous Imp in that regard...he loves getting a reaction out of people, loves seeing his name in other media.
He's a fucking Idiot.

He wrote See, I Told You So in '93, and in it he's asking where did the USA lose it's moorings when it should be based on a bedrock of Judeo-Christian values. That question is still relevant today. That question still needs to be addressed. But not in the context Rush poses it, not in "What can we do to recapture the original American spirit of freedom and individualism?". Because there is no freedom. There is no individualism. The USA has been under martial law since the Civil War. Tommy Chong said it: "You're free, but you're not REALLY free..." And as far as Individualism goes, how can we describe the state of the "individual" today? That's a tough one, Huh? Where do you begin? The point is, Liberalism is a Naturally occurring response to the times, to world events, to Progress. Surely Rush knows that Progress must come- he went from a "media" of two-track recording in the sixties to super-high-speed internet monitors in front of him at the EIB network. Dude knows how you need to be "Liberal" with technological advances. Yes he fucking does. I don't just listen to what Rush says- I also listen to what he Doesn't Say...And he doesn't say a LOT!

He ends chapter six by saying that the core Conservative values and culture are under assault from Liberals and must be fought. He tells his readers to not lose heart (Get them thinking you're a Doctor of Democracy Rushie! Do It! There will never be another one. Like You. There will never be another one. Who Can. Do the things you do...) He uses chapter 7 to illustrate how values are not obsolete and gives advice on how to win the culture war. Hey Rushbo: Johann has won the culture war. I did. I exposed you, and now I straddle the fence. But my balls don't hurt. Because they're made of steel.

07-27-2017, 05:00 PM
Rush Limbaugh is afraid of my "SEND" button.
Aren't you, Rush?

08-01-2017, 04:59 PM
Today Rush Limbaugh was celebrating his 30th Anniversary of being on the air, complete with Congrats balloons and a "White Trash" cake.

I celebrate the fact that I am going to submit this thread for a Pulitizer Prize once I figure out how to edit these pages into an Essay that is a literal Atomic Bomb of reporting. I've also got stores of ammo that I'm just ITCHING to formulate into "Word-Man Takedown Ops". LOL

I have exposed Jim Morrison, and I fully intend to be the first man to write a book about him as Rush Limbaugh.
I'm gaining momentum- people keep messaging me everyday about Rush, that they see it's him too, and before long, this story will be broken WIDE, and Johann will be standing there, claiming credit. This thread is documented proof that I was onto this guy (literally since April 7th, but ACTUALLY since August 8th 2016).
I'm literally a week away from the 1-year anniversary of discovering Rush as Jim. Huzzah. Weird Scenes inside this Year...

Get ready Rush.

08-05-2017, 05:36 PM
Rush has basically conceded defeat. This is how well I know this man. I can read him so well it's nuts.
On Friday's show Rush was whimpering that the Grand Jury is a bad sign and how Trump can't fire Mueller now.
Correct Rushie. It's "Game On".

He was whining and moaning about how the Constitution is at risk if they get rid of Trump.
Um, Rushie, you know full well that the Constitution is safe and sound. We survived 8 years of Bush. The Constitution was still there in the morning, wasn't it? The flag was still there too. A Grand Jury ensures no monkey-business. Ensures transparency in order to zero in on the truth. Trump will have to testify truthfully or he'll be in even more serious shit.
Rush has already straddled the fence. He already sees what's coming, and he's stoking the fires on Trump's base on-air. He is literally provoking riots like Jim Morrison used to do in his heyday!
He gets supportive callers call in (as they are super-screened) and he gets an instant hard-on, without viagra. He had a caller call in and whoop and holler about Trump's rally in West Virginia, how there's been an economic boost to the State since Trump took office. That may be true. I can see economic forces at work that seem like a "BUMP"- I've had people tell me that Trump is good, he's a shake-up we all need. I vehemently disagree, but I can't knock trying to see the bright side.

The facts are: He colluded with Russia, he lied about it, lied to his son about it-directed him to lie in fact- and he's out of a fucking JOB. Trump's presidency is effectively OVER. And Rush Limbaugh knows it. Rush is already thinking ahead. He likes telling a story about how he went to Mar-a-Lago not long after Trump won. He asked Trump what surprised him the most about the job after being sworn in. Trump said "That there's not more Unity". Rush says his jaw dropped open, and he just looked at Trump and said "That's Never Going To Happen". So Rush Knows. He knows it's THE END for Trump.

The end of Hard Lies on the EIB network. Calling on the Dogs...

08-05-2017, 07:08 PM
Rush loves pushing this narrative that forces in the media and the Left "deep state" are trying desperately to "De-Legitimize" Trump.
What a Jaw-Jacker.
Trump was NEVER Legit, Rush. That's Number 1.
Number 2: there's no desperation here. An idiot could've seen this coming over a year ago. Trump is utterly unfit for office, and his willingness to lie ad nauseum is his Achilles heel. It will bury him politically.
The sad part of all this is his duped fans. They were duped by Trump with Wholesale Lies, with undiluted snake oil.
Even the phrase "Drain the Swamp"- that line was complete horseshit, just a campaign slogan that Trump didn't even wanna use! He called it "Corny". But he used it, and people loved it. But he had no intention of EVER draining the swamp. On the contrary- he dumped 50 million new rich and corrupt Gators into it.

I've figured out why Rush is on the air when he no longer needs to. He LOVES the sound of his own voice, even though it sounds like a strangled cat. Even though he sounds like a gargling carnival barker. He's a pathetic Loser, a Bum, not worthy of a sideways glance.

Yes, Rush's ego simply cannot let him retire. He will die doing his radio show, and I hope I get to witness it Live.
THEN I can tell people with Authority that Jim Morrison really is DEAD.

08-07-2017, 11:39 PM
TRUMP (dictionary definition): "A valuable resource that may be used, especially as a surprise, in order to gain an advantage."

Eerie, huh? Eerie how that reflects the current state of affairs, no? Is Trump a surprise as President? He sure is to me, and I'm sure he is to everybody who didn't vote for him. QUITE a surprise. Because we never thought a ten-ton Fucktard could win the White House.
George W. Bush was a one-ton Fucktard, and he didn't "win" the white house...the supreme court handed it to him. Trump "won" but it was the most sloppy, slippy, slimy, backhanded victory in the history of American politics. A real shit-sandwich...

If Rush Limbaugh is merely an "Entertainer", then how seriously are we supposed to take him? He's quite fervent and passionate about spewing his rhetoric (LIKE ME!) but how much clout do we give him? NONE. Because he can psychopathically flip a switch and go from ranting about the Left to selling sheets, IDrives or insurance or whatever else he's paid to shill.
I have no remorse with my thread here. My track record is: Never Yield. I can adjust when need be, but generally speaking, I don't yield. I am righteous when I set my mind on something, and like a dog on a bone, I don't let go until I feel like it.
With Stephen Harper it was over 800 posts. I'm over a hundred posts now with Rushie, and my hatred toward Maha Rushie FAR exceeds my hatred for Stephen Harper. With Rush it's PERSONAL. And he doesn't even know me.

Since Rush loves seeing his name in other media, I'll oblige him. I'll throw that dog a bone:

"We are on the cusp of Grave Danger here, as I have been telling people since the day after the election."

What is that grave danger, Rush? Because the ONLY danger I see is Trump himself. I see a man who can be responsible for MILLIONS of Americans deaths. I see mushroom clouds, actually. I see Nukes. Not Good. I see 9/11 times a thousand. Is that clear, RUSHIE?
Most smart people see that to have a man like Trump with access to the nuclear codes is more perilous than anything the USA has ever faced. The rich arrogance, conceit, lying, Un-Presidential scandals are nothing compared to nuclear fallout.Trump's buffoonish lifestyle and family don't concern me as much as a horrific repeat of 9/11.
Who would you blame?
Trump? The Russians? ISIS? Who. Would. You. Blame? The ones who did it? WRONG TOO, because the Saudis committed mass murder on 9/11, and Saudi Arabia was Never Attacked or singled out by the government. Bin Laden was- a Ghost. Rush Limbaugh conveniently never mentions these things, which are VERY serious. National Security these days is dominated by a horrific story of the last man who held the post: MICHAEL FLYNN.

This should worry everybody. I REMEMBER the summer leading up to 9/11 and this is DEJA VU, KIDS...

08-08-2017, 01:29 AM
So that's my main beef with Trump. Not that he's an idiot, not that he's dumb, not that he's a piss-poor excuse for a human being.
It's that he can be responsible for inadvertantly killing millions and millions.

It really is amazing that Rush is going to such lengths to defend Trump. What has he ever done for you, Rushie?
Are you just doing your golfing buddy Rudy Guiliani a favor? Keeping it all in the NYC family?
Did you all agree to this one night over pasta at Patsy's, Rush?
It looks really bad if that's the case...Time to re-assess your loyalties, Rushie!
If Rush is connected to the Crowleys (Bushes) and Trump and the CIA and all manner of Washington/USA power players (AND HE IS), then why isn't he more honest on-air? He's witholding SCADS of relevant info if he's so in deep. FACT. He could say a LOT more about the "swamp"....The last few months he's been trying REALLY HARD to seem as honest and straight-forward as possible to his listeners. I mean he's really cranked up the juice on "righteous indignance". I thought I was a master at it. LOL Nope. Rushie's got me beat.
He STRAINS to get his anger and palpable frustration across...it's hilarious.

Another thing that nobody in the media has picked up on about Rush: If you don't pay attention to him, his nuggets of "truth" lodge in people's brains. And the media has made a giant mistake in their estimation of Rush. By disregarding him as an arm or even de facto "Leader" of the Republican party they put themselves at a distinct disadvantage. They think they've got him pigeonholed.
Trust Me: THEY DON'T. Because they miss bon mots like this: "Perception is Reality. You can turn a lie into the Truth!"

A man like me gets a cold chill down his spine when I hear him say shit like that. Because I know the full extent of what it means.
Jim Morrison being dead was a Lie. But it is accepted as Truth today, you Dig?
This guy is up to MASS HYPNOSIS-TYPE LYING. He is on another level for synthesis with untruths. And he does it by deftly and oh-so-cleverly disguising those lies in the truth. There is just enough truth in what Rush says to be compelling. But it's all surface sheen. A gloss. Once you scrutinize what he ACTUALLY says, you see that he's covering something up.

The groupie Pamela Des Barres said "Nobody will ever REALLY know who he was". (Jim Morrison).
You're a fucking liar, Girl.
Johann knows who he really was.

08-08-2017, 04:58 AM
Rushie the Cockroach King, on the Everything Is Bullshit Network, coming at ya, like the Gelatinous Think!
A Harmless Little Fuzzball, whose City Was Gone.
He Ain't Got No Home. He's a Lonely Frog. Way to go Ohio...

It's amazing to me that Jim only wanted to be Revered. By his father first and formost, but revered by anyone he encountered.
I think he was looking for connections, and found them. And when he made them, he tested their veracity.
I can't fault a man for that.
But I can fault a man who takes it too far. Especially a man who repeatedly took it too far then and takes it too far now.
I can fault a man who thinks he's Attila the Hun.
I can fault a man who wants to be Napoleon.
I can fault a man who thinks he's Alexander.

I can character assassinate such a man. JIM.
Stanley Kubrick can make a film of Napoleon- and not because he wants to BE Napoleon.
Oliver Stone can make a film of Alexander- and not because he wants to BE Alexander.
Jim Morrison can make his own Live-Action movie Attila the Hun- but I think he wants to BE Attila.

It ain't no role, is it Jimbo?

08-10-2017, 05:15 AM
Trump will only last one term.

He's only got one concern: "I HAVE TO MAKE MONEY!!!"- he doesn't make realistic decisions and his desire to Rule the World is pathetic.
He's already pretty good at controlling people, but he's actually under the thumb of Putin, of Russian Oligarchs.
Putin is no fucking dummy. That's clear to anyone with a modicum of intelligence, and he told Trump point-blank that there will be a "drip drip drip" about his past/current dealings if he doesn't tow the line. Putin's got dirt on Trumpy, and he's not afraid to use it.

Jared Kushner is a trans-sexual cross-dresser who will divorce Ivanka in the future. He's under a lot of stress right now, and he asked for none of it. It's because he's with Ivanka that he's involved so deep with Trump. But he will bolt at the soonest opportunity. He's the weakest member of the Trump team-I can see it totally- and if Robert Mueller had his druthers and his thinking cap on, he'd put the Squeeze on Jared at the Grand Jury...

Trump is playing with fire with North Korea. Kim Jong-Un won't hesitate to attack the USA with nukes if push came to shove, and that should be obvious. It should be patently obvious to all that this game of "chicken" Trump wants to play will end with Barbecued Birds. Trump has no problem recklessly endangering American lives and cities with his sabre-rattling. You don't behave this way on the world's stage!!! It's Batshit Stupid!!! Rex Tillerson can stand there and say that Trump is just "sending a message" to North Korea but the truth is that that message WILL NOT BE HEEDED.

08-12-2017, 02:03 AM
Fridays on the Rush Limbaugh Show are always a riot, because Rush cannot be bored on Friday's. He admitted it. LOL

He opened with crap: Google and how it treats it's staff and Trump's poll numbers, which Rushie seems to think are 45% in favor. RIGHT.
I can tell that Rush is hopped on opiates on this show. He's really drowsy yet pushing thru the broadcast.
He's unhinged in just under three minutes of the show starting: He's shouting that "Liberalism is Unsustainable!" and that "The Left is Unsustainable!" like a ridiculous Fembot gone Haywire. LOL
For some reason Rushie latched onto this story about Google having no Diversity in its' hiring practices or in it's daily operations, that the corporation is falling short of being a Clear Leader in Diverse hiring and employment. He wasn't onside with the chap who wrote a 10-page "Manifesto" apparently. LOL
Rush mocks it all, saying Equality and Diversity are merely "Mish-Mash", and Silicon Valley agreed with the guy, that he shouldn't have been fired. I don't know the details, but it sounds like Rush is just distracting again.
He says Liberalism just "piled on" to the story, and that it will eventually collapse. Well Rushie, ALL stories eventually collapse, either unsolved and collect dust, or they're filed away for future reference.

On this show Rush mentions THE NATION, which he calls a "World-Communist Publication".
Oddly enough, his former drummer/bandmate John Densmore wrote an article for The Nation Once Upon a Time, about how Greedheads had taken over the dealings with The Doors intellectual property. Funny how Rush is running down The Nation on this show. I listened closely.
He refers to The Nation as a "Journal of Liberal Opinion", or "Extreme Leftists".
He uses them as an example to demonstrate how there wasn't even a hack by the Russians, how there was NO Russian collusion.

This is a good time to point out that I agree with Rush on this. There was no Russian collusion between Trump and Putin.
What there was was a WILLINGNESS to collude with Donald Jr., Jared and others at Trump Tower 2 days after Donald secured the Republican nomination. All in the name of securing dirt on their political opponent: Hillary Clinton.
Turns out there was no dirt, but Holy Shit what an error by Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr.!!!!!

Rush is right about the DNC servers being a "Leak". Leaks are a problem, aren't they, Rushie Old Pal?

08-12-2017, 02:17 AM
Rush states that the one thing that is Gospel on the Left is that Hillary got "Jobbed", that Hillary got Screwed.
Wrong Rush.
We don't think that. She wasn't Sabotaged. On the contrary: she sabotaged Bernie. Nobody on the Left feels sorry for Hillary.
I'm not sure we feel she's a "Communist" as Rush calls her- we hate her, but Communist? Come on Rush.
What we are angry about is the lack of foresight on the Democratic Party's behalf.
That they didn't assess the risk Trump posed Properly.

Rush thinks the "worm is turning" on Hillary being sabotaged. Eat Shit Rush. Quit Obfuscating.
Nobody wants to find out who sabotaged Hillary. We really don't care.

He thinks the FBI is looking for "process crimes". (?) Only because Trump is unfit for office.
What's so bad about that, El Rushbo?

08-12-2017, 09:53 PM
Here's something truly disturbing and unsettling. Today I came across a YouTube video where a Transgender person lays it all out that the entire Trump family are Transvestites.

Here's the Proof:


Satan Worshippers rigged the 2016 election folks. This IS Baphomet's Evil at work here.

08-14-2017, 01:19 AM

I know you read my thread here, so what the fuck is going on, Rushie? Trump isn't ON VACATION, IS HE?
He's in a BUNKER, RIGHT?
Shit's going down, just before the Rapture, right?
Why aren't you giving us all the heads up, Rushie? Is it because you are a REPTILE? The Lizard King?
A shapeshifting CHANGELING? I THINK SO.


08-16-2017, 03:22 AM
Yesterday's show had Rush being particularly incensed at the media and Democrats, with him opining that "They have to be Defeated. These people aren't happy no matter what. They can't be mollified. One minute Trump is a racist pig who refuses to condemn Nazis, and the next minute, after he DOES condemn them, the media say "We don't believe you! You liar!". (paraphrase)

Yeah, Rushie! Because that's THE TRUTH! He didn't condemn them off the bat because they are his BASE! These are his VOTERS! He's not gonna fuck with that! Trump just got his first dose of Real Politick. He got punched with a left jab and then took a powerful right cross to the face after pivoting way too late. Maybe next time he'll know what to do when Racist bullshit like Virginia happens again...Holy Fuck, what planet is Trump on? It's not hard to show how much of a Buffoon Trump is. Wow.

I love tuning in to Rush, believe it or not. I get a weird thrill out of it nowadays. It started out as a grind, as a chore, but I've come to enjoy watching the slow painful death of El Rushbo. It's great because all I have to do is recall him on-air when Trump won, when he was high as a kite, whooping and hollering like a clown gooned on laughing gas. I mean, he was off-the-charts GIDDY. He was licking his chops and slamming his fist on tables. LOL He was sucking on his cigar harder than he usually does. That's all I have to do. I just have to remember him acting like a screeching lunatic and contrast it with his current demoralized Visage to smile HUGE.

That "Victory" last November was hollower than Rushie's Soul.
Trump's "presidency" has served to remind us that Billions of dollars can be wasted for no reason at all. Billions and billions have been wasted, nothing has gotten done with Trump as President. ZILCH. He's achieved nothing except to push every item of business to it's breaking point and then point fingers of blame at his lack of Leadership. It's Obscene, and Rush knows it. Yet he does not call out Trump. He sits there and squawks: "I never thought Trump would be Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes To Washington"- Holy Fuck Rush! You certainly did- You definitely expected a Trump-sized Mr. Smith! But it did not come to pass! What the fuck happened??? Rush says "I never thought he was gonna dazzle anybody with pithy wisdom". I'm so glad of that, Rush. Gee, what did you think he was gonna be like? Because I knew. Most keen people knew. Anybody who saw "The Apprentice" even ONCE knew.
The writing was on the wall for nothing but Disaster after Disaster. And VOILA....

"Regretting things in your past is a Big Mistake." Rush said yesterday. What an Interesting thing to say, Mr. Morrison!
What a CURIOUS thing to hear, coming from the Lead singer of The Doors! I'm quite sure you regret that band, don't you? It's been erased from your "Hard-Drive", hasn't it, Jimbo? LOL That little musical group creates PROBLEMS for you, doesn't it? You wish the Mythology stayed just that, correct Maha? The Doors was "Just a way to get started", wasn't it, you Florida Orange?

Here's something you need to know Jim: That that "Way to get started" means way more to some people than just classic rock music on the radio. What you did in that band was truly Special, but has been completely NULLIFIED by the fact that you are alive.
I was suicidal once, Rushie. You know what kept me from doing the deed? I told myself "I just want to hear more Doors music. I know there's more music in the vaults...I know it. I'll hang around to find it..."
What do you think of that?
Something as lame as wanting to hear unheard music from your band kept me from offing myself once upon a time.
And to sit here today, knowing that you never died, that you flipped the bird to the World, in favor of supporting a Satanic trans-gender raising Psychopath for President (Bush Senior), I just want you to know that I want to assassinate you. I'll never actually do that because I have a brain, but just know it's on my mind, Big Guy.
All these years you could've been making GENIUS poetic music with those other three men, but you didn't.
You decided to become a WEAPON ON THE RADIO.
I don't forgive you and I never will.
If you do have a twinge of guilt or regret it's because a guy like me exists.

This idea that Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan MEANS SOMETHING is a salient point from yesterday's show.
Rush echoes Trumps fans with this idea that MAGA means something. I can tell you straight-up Rush that it doesn't.
You know why?
Because "YES WE CAN" was the exact same slogan, and it meant nothing too. Highly Positive, it's a catchy line, it COULD mean something, if the right man was in Power. But Obama didn't make "YES WE CAN" fly, and Trump won't make "MAGA" fly.
You need sustained progress for that to happen. And with the Tsunami of scandals flowing, MAGA means NADA.

08-16-2017, 05:24 AM
Let me pick apart something else from yesterday's show.

Rush zeroed in on Al Sharpton and Charlie Rose, who were discussing getting rid of statues and monuments to great Americans like Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee because they owned Slaves. Rush made it clear that American history cannot be changed, that Sharpton has no right to be personally affronted and that even if you got rid of statues and re-named streets and highways, nothing changes. He even asked "How would your life be improved by these changes? HOW?" (paraphrase)

Sharpton's argument was that slaves had no basic right to even marry, and were forced to have sex with their Masters. Why should taxpayer money be used to subsidize such things as a statue for a founding father who owned slaves? I understand Rush's point. But Sharpton's point is a moral question. Rush doesn't like Morality. Morality rubs El Rushbo the wrong way.
What's more important, Rush? If you have a statue of a man who represents American History but also has some shady aspects to his past, is he really worthy of a statue? Where do you draw the line for such things? As a white, you might not care. As a black, you might REALLY FUCKING CARE, you dig? Being indifferent is OK for Americans. But that's not possible for African-Americans. Oh No. They have a very particular way to look at it, and white America should be conscious of it. Charlie Rose saw the logic of what Sharpton was saying and Rush insulted him, sneered at him: "Charlie, who are you trying to Impress??"

He's not trying to impress anyone, Rushie. He's showing a sensitive ear to the issue, which you are incapable of.
Rush barked about how when all the statues are removed and all the highways re-named what will change? Will the Left still be happy? LOL He's hilarious. YES! We would be happy Rush! Because then Political Correctness would be just that: CORRECT.

Don't erect statues to questionable figures. Seems Logical, No? Really VET that process. No one complains about the Lincoln Memorial, do they? And for good reason. The memorial matched the man. Rush himself had public protests and petitions to "FLUSH RUSH!" when he got a bronze bust of himself in the Hall of famous Missourians. He knows ALL ABOUT statues not being worthy of their recipients, don't ya, Big Guy?

Al Sharpton isn't a guy I really like, but he had a point. Rush hates it when blacks have a point. Ooh does that bug him! LOL

08-16-2017, 06:36 AM
More Destruction of Rushie? I CAN DO THAT.

Page 183 of See, I Told You So has this chestnut:

"How could so many people be fooled so badly?Only with the active complicity of a willing media or the stunning ignorance of a media blinded by political indoctrination and the scandalous misuse of our educational system."

He's referring to the issue of climate change, but I see a dual meaning. He's also referring to his own CAREER.
So many millions of people were fooled by The Doors, and Jim's "death". I myself believed it partly because of the media- I willingly believed it- how else was I to know? Jim Morrison is someone that I thought could possibly be the target of a political assassination. So was John Lennon. It factored into my reasoning for their deaths for sure...
In 1981 (a full decade after Jim "died") Rolling Stone magazine published a cover with "HE'S HOT/HE'S SEXY/AND HE'S DEAD" on it., resurrecting the dead Jim. Record sales started to take off again. There was a Doors resurgence. And I'm sure it was Rush himself who was behind it. If he's so perceptive to recognize defects in education and the media to exploit people, then he's probably PRACTICED it somewhere, CORRECT RUSHIE???

The Doors used the media to their advantage, in a poltically charged time. They called themselves "Erotic Politicians"! That's pretty genius! But it was all a put-on, merely to gain power. Remember Nietzsche: This World is a Will to Power, and Nothing Besides.

08-16-2017, 08:44 AM
This post will be me illustrating what Rush omits, what he doesn't SAY.

He certainly says a lot. Man, can that guy run his sewer...

But I can sort through it. I'm able to get to the real nitty gritty on what he's saying.
On yesterday's show he brought up 9/11 and how Bush "united the Nation" for a few weeks after the disaster and how nobody remembers that. He was contrasting it with Bush's non-response to Hurricane Katrina, which defined his Presidency from then on, where he was roundly and universally Scorned for his indifference. What I can tell you about that which Rush is NOT saying is this: 9/11 was an inside job, no airplanes flew into the towers- it has been proven beyond any doubt that the airplanes were CGI, on an M.I.T.- Level, and that steel doesn't melt from burning jet fuel- only from Thermite, which burned at Ground Zero for weeks after the disaster. And this Inside job included Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and a whole host of other "characters" who know who they are. Right Rushie?
Also, there's a youtube video of a retired Major-General who said that an airplane did NOT hit the Pentagon, that he looked at the debris and damage to the building, and it looked like a missile hit, not an airliner- no trace of a jet airliner. He also added that when you serve your country, you BELIEVE in your country. And a realization like this, that your OWN country did this is shattering.
You'll never hear Rush discuss this. NEVER.
He's got his script from the Pedophile Overlords.

Rush will never talk about how he dodged the Vietnam Draft. NEVER.
He'll never talk about gays, at least not in any discoursive way. He's gotta have cover for that one. I'd bet you dollars to donuts he's a homo. Not that it matters- your sexuality is your business. I could care less. Just make a note of it- gays or gayness is not a topic he wants to go near. What blows my mind is that he had Elton John perform at his wedding and paid him over a million bucks too. Wow. Rush IS known as anti-gay. Especially to his base. So what was that about? Was that ever explained? By Rush or anyone else? Why was Elton John at his wedding?
He won't discuss HAARP or chemtrails in any depth. He just won't. Those are killers- poison and man-made disasters, part of the Crowley plan, the Albert Pike Vision...He also won't discuss things like lead in paint, defective cars/trucks, or any consumer product that could potentially harm the environment or you or your family's personal health.
He's the "Exterminating Angel", remember....Death was what he sang about. Death is what he's about today. He promotes the tobacco industry and disparages climate change. He drives expensive gas-guzzling cars and rides in polluting private jets. He said "I love Death. Life hurts a lot more. When you die the pain's over."- So your role as Jim Morrison was "PAINFUL", Jimbo?
Because you LIKED HIM?
Does Prince Charles "LIKE" Keith Richards?

08-16-2017, 09:27 PM
The number one thing that pisses me off about Rush defending Trump is Rush KNOWS BETTER.
He's a Genius, right? Genius IQ? "Talent On Loan From God", right? WRONG. Rush knows better and he's DELIBERATELY going against the grain of common sense. How on earth can you defend what Trump said? That there was violence on "Both Sides"? What fucking insane idiot would say that? Who? Who the fuck would even CONSIDER saying that after what happened.

Rush actually LAUGHED OUT LOUD at the notion we on the left (and elsewhere!) put forward: That Donald Trump is a Nazi.
He chuckled at that. Thought that was a Howl.
Well guess what, you Fuckin' stinking sack of racist SHIT? WE DON'T THINK IT'S FUNNY.
Because Trump is a Nazi, Trump IS repeating what Hitler did. It's obvious to any intelligent person. Rush sneers and laughs at that notion because he can't believe we are RIGHT ABOUT IT and piping up about it!

What's really interesting to me is that on this show Rush hints at these groups being "paid off" to cause trouble. He really alludes to that. But he doesn't name names. He doesn't accuse George Soros of organizing a Tiki-Torch backyard Hate-Fest and paying all the broken toys who participated. But isn't that what happened? Hmm? Rushie?

Why aren't hate groups like the KKK and neo-Nazi kids against the law? This is where Trump can be really bold and say "You killed an American under my watch. You just got Legislation. It's Coming. You hate groups just made my job a lot easier. I'm shutting you down, you Un-American Scum." THAT would galvanize some things, wouldn't it? For Trump and his allies, he'd look strong and motivated. For his opponents he would look like a leader for once, and would even consider voting for his "Coming Legislation". But like most things with Trump, he just farted some nonsense about taking down George Washington's statue. He's a fucking Buffoon.

08-16-2017, 09:43 PM
This show also gave me more clues that Rush is Jim Morrison. He has a way of hunching, leaning into his microphone, having a certain POSTURE, and while his hands are always in full "gesture mode"- I can pause the dittocam and SEE Jim sitting there. He also does these quick glances into the camera, as if he's aware someone is watching...(ME? Aw shucky ducky Rushie! LOL)

I also heard him say last week: "I tell you this..." (Morrison said that). No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the Dawn..

Rush feebly said that Trump has nowhere NEAR the support that Hitler had. Correct Rush, but having support of ANY KIND for racial hatred on the level of Nazi Germany is NOT TOLERATED!!!!! We don't want to see Hitler's "legacy" promoted in ANY FUCKING FASHION.
Why do you sneer at the "Socialist" aspects of Hitler, but it's OK for Trump to defend white supremacists? To defend Racists?
Jim Morrison's student film used clips from Hitler's Rallies! He peeled snippets from Leni Riefenstahl! And got away with it.
He was criticized for it in Oliver Stone's movie, where he quits. But that was a lie. Because Jim didn't quit UCLA film school. He got his degree in cinematography. (or so we're told). So why didn't you make movies with Francis Coppola, JIM??? Your ego was way beyond that? LOL You were on a "trip" much more Noble? HaHaHA!

You are so Pathetic.
Listening to you tie yourself into knots is my Eternal Joy. No Joy in Mudville for you, but it's a Horn 'O Plenty of Joy for ME.

08-17-2017, 05:04 AM
Where did the term "Alt-Right" or "Alt-Left" originate? Who coined those fucked up terms? Don't insult my intelligence by using those terms, Rush. In fact, I don't ever want to hear ANYBODY use 'em. Those phrases are fucked up. They piss me off. they sound like phrases that Rush invented himself and they caught on. It's enraging. There is no such thing as "violent racist bigot militant Leftist protestors" who have Moral Authority. NO SUCH THING RUSH! Those six words can SUBTRACT one to be accurate, and that word is "Leftist".
I've leaned to the Left a long time, and I don't think you can say it's because I live in Canada that I've never seen any violent, racist, bigoted militant leftists. I've never seen any anywhere. That is pure fiction. A "Leftist" as I understand one to be, is in essence a peacenik with a conscience. A hippy, if you will. Lover of the Earth, nature, sustainable habitats, non-violent. Which, ironically is what I consider the word "conservative" to be akin to. Conserving and Preserving your environment.

But Rush Limbaugh's brand of Conservatism is Mighty Strange. Mighty wacked-out to me. Rush, I'm no expert on climate change and would never claim to be. But it seems to me that even if it was a hoax, wouldn't someone who loves their environment/habitat at least mull it over? Keep it in mind? As a potential reality, even if it's a hoax now? Wouldn't a tree-hugging conserver of resources at least give the notion more than a disparaging scoff?
With "ALT" being thrown in our faces every day as an alarm to the gravity of just plain stupid human behavior, it's no wonder it seems hard these days to know where you can stand politically.
I got into an argument with a Trump supporter on YouTube, on a Rush video.- not a long argument, because I can shut down the worst troll.
Here's how it went:
"How did Trump lie? He's been doing everything he said he was going to do".
ME: He lied about repeal and replace in his first 100 days. He lied about crowd size at his inauguration. He lied about tax reform. He lied about collusion- even directed his son to lie about it. He lied about the wall. He lied about EVERYTHING.
"Hey, stupid: He was stopped by congress. You ever heard of checks and balances?"
ME: If Congress stopped him, he still FUCKING LIED. He made promises he couldn't keep! You don't defend him until you get RESULTS!

crickets....not a peep. That ended that.

08-18-2017, 04:18 AM
So at this point we're just waiting for Trump to resign. And he will. And he's gonna blame not just Democrats but Republicans.
He's the biggest joke to ever be played on America.

How long before we see Trump resign? A month? By Halloween? By Christmas?
I'll take your one dollar bets now.

08-19-2017, 04:20 AM
There's a possibility that Rush Limbaugh may be fired as of this week.
He announced yesterday that he's taking a week off, at his staff's urging. I don't believe that for one second.
Something is up with Rush. Either he's going into a bunker with Trump and the NWO shitstains to "LAUNCH", OR he's getting a chemical bath. OR HE'S BEING GIVEN SOME HEADSPACE AND TIMING. Either way, my guard is UP!

Steve Bannon is Out at the White House.
I've heard every excuse from "He was on his way out long ago" to "Trump shouldn't have started with the best" to "Bannon hurt Trump's Agenda". Who knows why that ugly motherfucker is out. Who really cares anyway? I had no opinion of Bannon. He doesn't impress me. No slothlike Racist does. So who really cares? Bannon got nothing done and neither did Trump. He got paid a shitload of money and got scads of National press and for what? FOR FUCKING WHAT? Breitbart is a Scourge, a useless enterprise. Bannon means nothing to me. Why does he matter? HE DOESN'T.

A fan of Rush's wrote on YouTube today: "Really Rush, you should take some long vacations.You sound on the brink of a nervous breakdown.Angry. Irritable. Confused. Screaming. For no reason! Please Relax, Rush..."

AM I giving you a nervous breakdown, Rushie? Aww, let's weep for the Lizard King...
You going for some re-programming this week, Old Chap? Getting a little chemical bath? Hmm?
EIB Network not getting the Job Done?
I'll be here when you return, Douglas MacArthur....

08-19-2017, 08:24 AM
Seeing as how Rush is off the air for a week, let me deconstruct his racist, misogynistic disgusting final show on Friday.

He opens with the media outcry on the Virginia domestic terror incident that the President all but ignored, and when he did address it, he didn't say if he was going to visit Charlottesville. He just retorted when asked: "I have one of the most expensive wineries in Charlottesville. I own a very expensive winery there". THAT'S what he responded with. Not just that he owned a winery there, but ONE OF THE MOST EXPENSIVE! Ooohhhh. Wow. Holy shit Donald...You can't go one fucking SECOND without thinking about you and your wealth.
You are a piece of WORK.

Rush defends Trump, as always. It's remarkable how he can summon a vocabulary with such erudition and such rapid-fire indignation at Trump's critics. It really is amazing how he can just go full-retard on defending Trump. I asked you already Rushie: What has Trump ever done for you? You wouldn't be getting any kickbacks from Trump, now would you El Rushbo? That would be sad. You aren't doing any under the table or moonlighting for The Donald, are ya, RUSH? Or NEWTON FUCKIN' GINGRICH? I'm watching you, you two old dinosaurs!
I'm gonna get to the nittiest of the grittiest on you, Rush.

Within the first 5 minutes he's laughing out loud at CNN, at "INFOBABE" Brooke Baldwin (misogyny 101) and Wolf Blitzer.
He's telling the world that Leftist groups are violent- repeating that lie. Any group that is violent are terrorists Rush. Nihilistic Anarchists, THUGS. Stop dropping the word "LEFT" in there. The Left don't kill people by driving motor vehicles into crowds of people. It is truly disgusting to hear this stuffed tobacco PIG give zero sympathy to the situation. He sees it plainly in political terms. (FOR TRUMP). He's a fucking idiot. He thinks the media are milking it and overdoing it, and maybe they are. This is what DISCOURSE is, Rush. You are the sound of one fat hand clapping. You would get destroyed in a REAL debate, Rush. You can run your mouth like a man who can sell ice to Eskimos, you can TALK. But you don't HEAR so well, do you?

08-19-2017, 08:52 AM
Rush states that if one is to defend the United States of America, then you have to know the History of it.
I disagree. You should know it, it would be BEST to know it as good as you can, but you don't HAVE to know it.
It's ideal if you do, but it's not Absolutely Required.
I served in a militia unit at 18 and I barely knew Canada's History. I knew the basics, that we had a Prime Minister, Loyal to the Queen, Upper & Lower Canada, 1867, etc etc. I knew the basic facts. but not the HISTORY.
I learned that later- after I got out of the Army actually. I was 30 when I knew the whole gist.
Rush says that you must know America's history Proudly and Uneqivocally, and erasing it is pretty much a no-no. I agree Rush!
But nobody's erasing anything. They are EDUCATING and CORRECTING history. Because you have to admit, Rush: We want to be on the RIGHT side of history, correct? If we learn from history, then we have to get history RIGHT, before we talk about tearing it down. You can't erase history. You make it sound like Old Glory is being taken off flagpoles Rush! NOT TRUE! STOP LYING!
He further Fibs Fabulously by spreading the fallacy that there is some shadow group out there that is conspiring to take down America as a Super-Power and that they have a lot of allies. Um, Rush. You are mistaking Trump for the USA itself. LOL

Yeah, Uh, take a look in the mirror, Monsieur Demon.
You are referring to Trump when you say that, not the USA being taken down. TRUMP.
You're such a jackass Rush it's Insane.
The USA will always be there in the morning. TRUMP, on the other hand...he's going bye-bye. BELIEVE ME. BIGLY.
He blames Republicans as Turncoats, for the media influencing things, but once again he's just blowing hot air.
He's saying a crime is underway. He's calling todays reporting "hysterical"- yeah, it is Rush. You know why?
Because TRUMP is President.
I say again OVER: How much is Trump paying you? You gotta be moonlighting for him somehow. You're going to Mar-a-Lago for a week, aren't you, Soldier Boy? Unknown Soldier Boy?
Good To Know.
Because it is simply Incredible that you, Maha Rushie, cannot see how Utterly Unqualified, how Utterly Wretched and Gaudy Trump is.
You've spent WAY too much time at Country Clubs Rush...Way too much time.
Too much time with those Floridian racist Winnebago retirees who curse at "coons" and "nigs" all day, like the vile vipers they are...
How do I know about them, Rush? Well, my Grandfather vacationed in Florida every year. FOR SIX MONTHS. He changed over time. Growing up we kids never heard him say the "N" word or anything racist. After he's retired and vacationing, he's dropping the "N" word like crazy! We were shocked. Him and his wife (not related to me) became racists! They would talk about how you are never safe when a black is around and shit like that. So I know racism, Rush- it hits home, and they picked it up in YOURS. Sarasota. How far away is that from Palm Beach? I don't enjoy relaying this information, I DESPISE writing this thread.
But it must be done.
Rush Limbaugh Must Go.

08-30-2017, 06:02 AM
So Morrison was off for over a week, and now he's back in his Attila the Hun chair, yammering away.

This guy is just like Oprah Winfrey. No different.
He's worth $450 million yet he didn't donate a dime to Hurricane Harvey relief. Neither did Trump. It's all lip service. The rich make me puke. This hurricane was devastating. Look at the damage- it's Katrina all over again. And Trump is George W. Bush. Indifferent. Aloof. Stupidly gazing without a clue...

He never mentions HAARP, which can cause hurricanes. Nope. He just mentions sea surface temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico and how high and low pressure "trapped" the hurricane winds. Well, Galveston and Houston and other counties got walloped, and while the rescue efforts are inspiring and heartfelt, it reminds us how unprepared people are. One minute you're at home, the next, your home is gone, destroyed. Everything you worked for gone- in an instant. It's truly sad no matter how you look at it. These people need help and support, and rush just provides lip service. If I had his audience, I'd be going through lists on-air of where and how to send aid, take calls from people at agencies that can help, etc etc. Rush did none of that.
He smeared a Poverty Center, sneered at CEO's of Apple & JP Morgan/Chase donating money to the Southern Poverty Law Center. How Low can Rushie go? Pretty Low...
He's Been Down So G**-Damn Long, that it looks like Up to me...
He mocks the poverty center, that they're not "Worthwhile, Enduring, Devoted to Equality with Fairness for All".
What does he have against the poor receiving legal help? Is he Insane? Yes. Yes he is. Rushie is Insane in the Membrane.

Speaking of Galveston, Glen Campbell did a great song called "Galveston", and what's funny is that song was playing when I heard the news of the hurricane. Odd coincidence that Glen Campbell dies, and then a hurricane hits Galveston Texas...

Rush was at Mar-a-Lago at least once this past week, because he had Mike Pence as a guest on his first show back on Monday.
Mike Pence does what he's told by Donald, and I'm certain Donald told him to go on Rush's show.
Rush has this batshit notion that people on the left don't know the truth about Conservatism. He says we never expose ourselves to it, so we don't know what it is. Um, I've exposed myself to your show pretty much every day for a year, Rushie. Does that count?
You say you expose yourself to ALL of the left's media? Really? What about me? What about FilmLeaf? LOL
You've stayed Mum about me, El Rushbo...

I know all about Conservatism (and Cannibalism). I saw it on the television. LOL
You know Rush, those old Doors songs are great. Too bad they're sung by a Fraud who never meant it. Too bad they're nothing but skeleton bones from the Grooveyard...

Further proof that Rush is Jim Morrison: in 2011 Rush was on Donald Trump's golf course getting some tips on his swing. His instructor phones Donald on his cell phone. The Donald says at one point "Rush can DO ANYTHING....."
Rush can Do Anything? Like The Lizard King? Wow.

I'm not closed-off, Rush. Stop spreading this lie that Leftists are closed off, like emo goth kids or something. LOL
We're not. Most left-leaners are sociable, not shy. We get out there and mingle when we have to...

It's really tragic to see this fat deaf slob, bag of blubber in a golf shirt, pathetically hang on to the last vestiges of his Bigotry and Hatred.
We Are curious Rush/Jimbo, unlike you. You're the stick-in-the-mud Dinosaur. lol You're the relic, the "revered" LP.
Powder your wig and eat vicodin and oxys all day, Tubby. You fall far, far short of your former Glory, of your former Acting.
Teach acting, Rush. Get off the radio.

It's so sad to see this bloated, tubby, botoxed, latexed, deaf, blind and dumb, sack of shit obese turd in a golf shirt sputter and moan about the left. He was the left in the sixties. But he was acting. He was really a Conservative! A Conservative Rock Star! In snakeskin and black leather! With a Conch belt! Alexander the Great haircut! So you were telling the hippies off because you really hated them? LOL Great! Too bad you were intertwined with them, too bad you decided to be the Christ on that Package Tour...
He did Save you Jim. But you said no. You preferred George Steven over J.C.
May you Rot in Hell.

09-03-2017, 10:46 AM
PILLIONAIRE might be what I call my Pulitzer Prize submission essay.

Rush and Trump and Righties are all about fixing the broken immigration system. The system isn't broken. You just aren't enforcing existing laws or legislating economic incentives. Without enforcement, your border becomes a sieve. You can't be slack on border security or immigration. KNOW who's coming in and out. Is that so hard? Apparenty it is.

Rush trumpets Trump all the time, defends him hardcore, yet when callers call in and ask stuff like: "Why do you support Trump, Rush? I've never heard you say anything negative about him! I haven't heard any of Trump's PLANS. He talks a big game, but he has no PLANS!"
Rush responds with: "What makes you think I'm for Trump? Did you see me at the Rally? You want me to come out and say that I'm supporting Trump?" Huh? WTF? What makes us think you're for Trump? Are you Bi-Polar Rush? Or are you just straddling that fence again?

Are you ready to drop Trump at the first sign of trouble? El Rushbo? Hmm? Is that the game?
Are you then gonna "pivot" and pat yourself on the back for saying from the get-go that it was gonna be hard for Trump? You fucking idiot?
Rush doesn't carry health insurance. Did you know that? He doesn't. He just writes a check. Must be nice.
All that hatred keeps you alive just when you need it most...The Irony is Off the Charts.
Elton John, Rudy Guiliani and Sean Hannity were at Rush's gay old FIFTH wedding, which had over 400 guests and cost $50 million.
His wife is the exact same age as my YOUNGER sister! Rush is 74 this year, and his wife is 41. I heard he neglects her.
Here's part of Rush's toast to Trump:
"A call for Unity? We don't have to come together! We beat their asses! We can blast them to Smithereens! Yeah Man!

Wow, what a classy guy. What a Vince Lombardi dead-ringer. LOL

When Rush had chest problems in Oahu Hawaii he paid his medical bill in cash.
He went to the Dominican Republic on a private jet with producers of the TV show "24", and "Ate 29 Viagra and had a sausage Fest!"- Huh? What did he mean by that?
Here's a joke he told on air once: "How many things that last 24 years actually improve in those years? Single malt scotch does. Certain vintages of wine do. Cigars, if kept properly, will age and improve. You can even say some Women...there are some attractive 24-year-olds still around."
Wow. Stereotypical sexist humour. Rush LOVES that shit.

09-03-2017, 05:46 PM
While Rush was off for a week his guest host Mark Steyn let it slip that he is the De Facto replacement for Rush when he goes off the EIB network. Interesting...Is Rush retiring? Why Rushie Baby? Did I have anything to do with it?

His latest shows have been very lacklustre, and his fans know it. They have been calling him out for being boring and even for skipping out on doing his show- he took Friday off, and this coming Monday too, after just having a full week off. Nice that his contract allows that...He is not a Conformist, so I'm betting he's not "conforming" to the box Johann is putting him in.
His last show had him bipping about Liberalism being a "man-made disaster". It's hilarious. This guy was Jim Morrison in the sixties- as Left-Wing, Free and LIBERAL as you can get- and I'm talking about causing RIOTS. I'm talking about calling for nudity, revolution and open anarchy while ONSTAGE. With open profanity. Open endorsement of chaos, drinking and drug-taking. He did it. He broke community standards Routinely and got away with it. And now he sits in an ergonomic EIB office chair, with Lumbar support (*snicker*- Rushie has no backbone!).
He causes "riots of the mind" nowadays...just by "talking". Amazing Jimbo...You're something else, Man.
Remember that: that Rushie got to "Act Out" in the sixties. He was a Star. Everything Crazy he did was Forgiven.
Ask yourself: Does Rush Limbaugh "Act Out" On-Air? Does he "get away" with anything? Is he "Forgiven" his transgressions? And if so, who's doing the Forgiving of Sins? The Listener?

Canadian Legend Paul Anka scored a coup on Trump recently. Rush mentioned that Anka was booked to play Mar-a-Lago in December and was paid a $75,000 deposit. They wanted to move the date due to the charity that hosted it being offended by Trump saying there were "Great people" in Nazi groups. Anka said no, his family is on vacation in January, so he won't return the deposit. It's the original date or nothing. The writer of "MY WAY" is well within his rights. But Rushie asks his listeners if he should return the money.
Anka is actually from my city of Ottawa, and most people don't know that "MY WAY" is all his, not Sinatra's. Frank made it famous, but it's not his song. I love that Paul held his ground. He was probably leery of playing Mar-a-Lago anyway...I sure wouldn't want to play at that Swamp.

Rush mentions hurricane Harvey in ridiculous contexts: that rescuers are "individuals", just individuals in the public. DUH! And it was obscene in 2005 and it's Obscene in 2017!!! We all remember Sean Penn rescuing people with his own boat and supplies for Katrina, we all remember people needing to be rescued off roofs and elsewhere...Same situation here, and Rush has no information on why the U.S. Navy is nowhere to be seen, no coast guard- only private citizens, with their boats, trucks or even helicopters. It's great to see people being rescued (and pets!) but this type of rescue operation should be more robust and organized. It's insane to see 12 years after Katrina the exact same indifference. Trump's "help" is pathetic, and to see Melania in high heels and gaudy sunglasses like she's on a fucking fashion shoot is so grotesque and horrific. It makes me vomit, actually. These fucking oblivious rich people do not have any empathy or clue about this situation. Trump is only getting political marching orders on it, and his optics SUCK. Rush thinks it's perfectly fine for Trump to mention how many people came out to see him in Texas, that he made the trip only for HIMSELF. It's Unreal. Trump is not a man. He's a woman. A woman without a fucking clue. He/She should've had a psychological evaluation before he/she took office. A job that important deserves competent, SANE individuals. But we don't have that. We have Actors. Actors with latex and make-up and wigs. MALE-ania is a tranny, and so are certain members of the Trump family (cough: JARED).

I've seen more people hate on America from the Right more than the left. In fact, the only time I've seen people on the left bash America it's because they lament the CORPORATE TAKEOVER, that corporations and their owners decided they would step in and run things. That's why they hate the country, Rush. Because America is reduced to Corporate Welfare. That that is what the USA represents, Truly. That's what the Left hate: the destruction of America, by one corporation at a time.
The Right hates America precisely because the Left figured out that the game is rigged by corporate shills who deserve to be pushing up daises for their greed, pollution, rape of the earth and their "Profits Before People" Mantra.

09-16-2017, 04:52 PM
If you're wondering where I've been, I've been on YouTube, on Rush's videos, taking his fucking DUMB as BRICKS dittohead fans to the Woodshed. You'll be able to follow me there in addition to this thread. Nobody has responded to me here yet. On YouTube I connect with the fucksticks "Immediatement"..., I Slay 'em. I Bitchslap 'em. They don't know what hit them when I reply.


09-25-2017, 03:56 PM
Dearest Filmleaf readers, Rush Limbaugh himself wrote me a letter...Here it is in it's entirety:

I want to share with you, Johann, the way that all of this affected me, you definitely have affected me. You are Un-Typical. You have smacked me hard. And I have to tell you, I was so sad when all of this started falling out.

I was not sad when you first made your comments about me being Jim Morrison. And I had no doubt afterward what the reaction was going to be and I had no doubt how people from Rock and Rollers to the public to the media were gonna get it WRONG. And they have. And they did. For over 40 years. Until you showed up.

But if you'll permit me, I was personally saddened. I didn't read your thread/column yesterday,and it was the first time since I started reading your writing that I made an active decision not to read. I had to study what you were trying to do. I had to pretend, fantasize, you know- do everything a "fan" does. I realized I can no longer look at your writing and laugh. This whole thing has removed the air of Mystique. Johann, your ingredients are too good, too fresh, too intellectual. I concede defeat, sadly.

The mystique is gone. That actually started vanishing a while ago. The "Larger-Than-Life" aspect of me is Gone. Thanks to you.

The belief, the wish, the desire that people like me, El Rushbo were the Best, and Brightest and Special- that's Gone! And it's been politicized! Corrupted. It started when you wrote your first post about me. Of course, I couldn't predict this specific event but my sadness began when your writing on me appeared. That whole aura you created...Wow. You politicized me...no one's been able to do that in my 40+ years in broadcasting. You know what I fear? That the NFL is dead soon and so am I. All of this is just sad. I'm not making this letter about me. OK...I am. But it's hard to let go and know your goose is cooked. I'm trying to Deal but my passion is gone. You helped kill it Johann. I had to write you a letter and express myself, express my sadness.

-Rush Hudson Limbaugh III

September 24, 2017

09-27-2017, 09:40 PM
My work in taking Rushie off the air is well worth it. I came across a post in the comments on a Rush article on the web that made me smile from ear to ear, because the "Somebody" who has lit a SERIOUS FIRE under his fat ass is ME. Here it is:

"We are really impressed with the way Rush has come on lately.
We just think that Somebody, or perhaps the Dems as a whole, have "pizzed" (sic) him off so much, he has just decided to open his motorcycle up, full throttle. He is back on top of his game in a way he has not been in 20 years. He is kicking ass for 3 hours. No more lulls in that show."- Marilyn & James Dean

I love it.

My fellow FilmLeafers! Your fellow member Johann Shier here has "PIZZED" him off YUUUGE. Make no mistake: It's ME, not the Democrats. My open-warfare on El Rushbo is way ahead of schedule for a GIANT VICTORY. With only 12 pages here and 6 months of Shock and Awe on YouTube I have lit the biggest fire under Jim Morrison's ass in 20 years. I am claiming FULL CREDIT, and Americans have no clue who I am.
And that's quite OK with me! LOL
They don't have to know it's me. I can be the Dark Horse of Dark Horses. Rush hitched his wagon to his close and personal friend Donald Trump, and that wagon is rocking and rollicking on the edge of a GIANT CLIFF.....

Being on the Edge was cool as Jim Morrison, Rushie, but you are FUCKED on that edge as El Flushbo..
There's nowhere to go but DOWN.
I saw another comment from a fan of his who hadn't tuned into the dittocam in a decade and said "Rush, you're getting old. You look Frail....your voice is shrill, with the air of utter desperation. What happened?"

Johann is the first Doors fan to really TAKE IT TO THE SON OF A BITCH. And the first real journalist/writer to take it to RUSH LIMBAUGH.
And I'm far from done...I have done what NO JOURNALIST has done: EXPOSE that COCKSUCKER. And be 1000% CORRECT ABOUT IT.
On YouTube I am absolutely decimating people. I take no prisoners. I feed it to them. I have that Power. I never yield. I never break. I hold my ground harder than I've ever held ANYTHING. This fat fucking Scourge will get off the air, and soon. And it's at MY HANDS. I've pulled the nuclear option on Rushie, and he knows it. That's why his shows lately have had him ON FIRE.
He cannot believe what I'm doing. Well, believe it LIZARD FRAUD!

I'm throwing ten tons of dirt on your PIANO CASE COFFIN, you CIA FRAUD.
I told you already, but you're DEAF. DEAF and DUMB.

10-02-2017, 09:06 AM
Rush Limbaugh is what happens when you let your recalcitrant racist and bratty bastard kid have an allowance.

10-02-2017, 09:07 AM
It was nice to see Rushie all gussied up in a suit rather than his pajamas and golf shirt being interviewed by Hannity.

What a spin machine Fox News has! LOL Hannity with his hair growing out of his fat forehead was gazing so Lovingly at his Idol Rush it was embarassing. I tell you this: Hannity will retire the day Limbaugh dies. That's a fact. You can write it down.
Rush was Motormouth Mabel while gabbing to Sean. Sean was so happy to be in the presence of the man who made him.

I could hear the wheezing in Rush's lungs. He's gaunt too. Rushie is dying. He's lost weight. And while he looks well-preserved, he's frail. He's sick. And I tell you this: If Rush Limbaugh dies suddenly, and we learn that the cause was "Lung Cancer"- all of his Dittohead fans will praise him and gush over him and his Bravery in the face of a terminal illness. "El Rushbo- went out like a man! He never told anyone! He broadcasted to the end!!Like a TROOPER!", meanwhile guys like me will roll their eyes huge...

Rush is pathetic. Today he'll be talking about the Las Vegas shooting under Trump's watch.
Trump is finished. There is no President of the USA right now. No one's flying the plane.

10-03-2017, 11:23 AM
I bet Rush hates the internet. I bet he seeths with rage over the age of the information Super-Highway...
He can be triple-fact-checked in no time today, whereas in the 80's and 90's he had a distinct advantage over the media outlets he was dissing. He could run his racist berzerk mouth and get away with shit that mere mortals cannot.

But Rush knows how savvy Johann is, he knows my M.O., right Rushie?
You know that all I want is for you to die at your console peacefully, your huge head clunking hard on the console like a huge bog round block of iron. Snerdly! Rehearse this scenario! Practice CPR and first aid techniques on El Rushbo! Or, if he does not want to participate, buy a fat mannequin and saddle it with sandbags to mimic the Maha. (Put it on the business expenses for a tax write-off- Rushie is Jew-like with his money)

Because Snerd, Big Poppa Pumping Horseshit may very well keel over at his console, mash his cigar into the fine formica table.
Be prepared! I don't wanna be morbid. Goodness Gracious No. I am a harmless little Canadian Moose fuzzball.

10-21-2017, 12:21 AM
Rush's show when it's Live on the airwaves is pretty much unlistenable.

His voice is shrill enough to listen to, but the sheer volume of ads makes his show unlistenable. His own fans are complaining about how his trains of thought are always abruptly cut off to cut to commercial. He does his own hawking of shit, everything from sheets to home security systems. Radio shows like this are going the way of the dodo bird. Rush won't be on the air much longer. Ad companies can get a feel for the audience with uncut podcasts and re-streams. Rush may have a sizable audience, but it doesn't mean as much as it used to.

I watched an old 2011 Dittocam video of Rushie, and it's quite different from one from today. He was in full anti-Obama flight, off to Never-Never Land, spouting a bunch of angry nonsense. And that's something else about Rush: he's better when he's not seen, when you can only hear him, because when he was on Television people could SEE the putrid hatred spewing from him. They could SEE it...
He is not fit for TV. He cuts an angry, hate-filled figure.
In his recent TV interview with that idiot Hannity (who gazed lovingly at Rushie, Honored to be in his Master's presence. lol) Rush stated that he was quite happy on radio, not interested in more exposure. That's why he doesn't run for President too. He'd never win. You saw what happened in Missouri over a phony bust of him. "FLUSH RUSH"

George W. Bush just came out and gave a rousing speech that attacked Trump AND the American people. He said Russians are trying to divide America as a "project". Rush was shocked. Now all of this is a bit absurd...Obama and Bush on the same team? This isn't the Bush I know, and it isn't the Bush Rush knows. He had callers call in who were befuddled and felt betrayed by Dubya.
We all know how I feel about Bush, but he spoke some truth, no? Some refreshing truth- which we don't hear so much anymore with Trump controlling the media cycle.

So things are bad in America when two former Presidents come out against the curent one, but as a Canadian looking in, all I can say is it looks VERY Patriotic on Bush and Obama's part, because Trump is a disaster, let's be real. As bad as Bush was he acted more Presidential than Trump. He held the office in high regard. Trump had Kelly-Anne Conway with both her feet on the Oval Office couch tweeting like a dumb blonde. (Just WRONG.)
Trump has never held an elected office before, and it shows.
He's dangerous and unable to accomplish anything, which is a weird hybrid of traits, no?
He's blown foreign diplomatic relations, he's passed NO legislation and it's all because of what Andrew Sullivan correctly pointed out in New York Magazine: that it's not because Trump's a moron. It's because he's a Fantasist, a Fox News watching one at that. His policies may get you emotionally, but realistically doing them is another thing altogether.
Trump is isolated, more and more with each passing day.
New Leadership is needed, and quick. A Strong Leader must step into the breach.

Rush will soon be off the air. His show is obsolete. He's milking it for every dime before Mark Steyn takes over, and I would guess Rush would do some guest spots from time to time in the future. He's a hard-worker, despite my hatred toward him. To do a radio show like that for 3 hours a day/5 days a week takes Stamina. I know he's on drugs (Performance enhancers) because he admitted yesterday that he's a performer with an ego. He's gotten very honest ever since I exposed him...He still lies every 5 minutes, but he's trying to be as truthful as he can be with his fibs. I can hear him straining and carefully choosing his words. To be 73 and still loving his job is cool. I don't begrudge him that, but he knows why I want him off the air. He could do it till he dies if only he told the truth 100% of the time! The fucker can't help himself- that's his go-to for ratings and revenue- be controversial, upset listeners, say things that provoke and irritate people. Why should he be paid millions for that Bullshit?

11-09-2017, 08:37 PM
Rush's father George Steven Morrison was actually AT Pearl Harbour when it was attacked.
Not only was he there, but he watched from the shore.
I'm sure it must've been quite a scene...


His SON "Watches" from the shore in Palm Beach Florida. He launches "Attacks" and "Counter-Attacks" for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, from his "Southern Command" Center.
He is his Daddy's Boy.
The apple does NOT fall far from the Palm Tree...
Jim Morrison/Rush Limbaugh needs to Understand something. I'm not some wacko just spouting.
The reason I am the only man QUALIFIED to expose Rush as Jim is because MY BACKGROUND IS PRETTY MUCH IDENTICAL.

We're both smart, born into military families. Both of our fathers went to the top of their respective Trades- His became an Admiral, Mine retired a Chief Warrant Officer. I reckon Jim and his siblings moved around from base to base just as much as my sister and I did (8 schools in 12 years and 3 different Provinces).
He hated school growing up, so did I. He hated being told what to do. So did I.
He hated his Father. So did I.
The difference is when his father learned that his son didn't want to become a Sailor, had NO interest in the military, he arranged it so that his FORTUNATE SON could Follow His Bliss. He was set for Life from Birth, a perk of being born Connected...

My father couldn't care less if I lived or died. He didn't want children. My sister and I were BURDENS. I was not living with a "Connected" father OR mother. No No No. I was living with a MEAN S.O.B. careerist whom I respected and FEARED, not loved or even KNEW. My father was a strange mix of Authority and Detachment. But I don't want to get into that familial bullshit. We all have weird families when you get down to it. Most kids don't want to know what their parents do for a living. I was somewhat interested. The Army and bases were interesting to me, I had G.I. Joe toys growing up. One of the first war movies I ever saw was Platoon- and it made me want to be a soldier someday. Little did I know the FOLLY of that!

Long story short, I actually joined a famous Regular Force Regiment (PPCLI) and earned a prestigious cap badge.
But as soon as I got to the Battalion I wanted out. I knew it wasn't gonna be long-term.
Jim Morrison never got drafted, when if I was in his shoes in the 60's my Dad would've EXPECTED me to serve my country- there would've been NO argument about it. But somehow this Uber-Strict father he had (from a previous generation from mine!- a TOUGHER Gen!) let his son be "An Artiste..." LOL It seems quite Ridiculous on the face of it. But it happened.
He "ran away" to California to be a Beatnik?
He started a band? A Rock band? And landed a record deal in No Time? Gold Hit record on the first TRY? Wow!

But I know the CIA greased the wheels for that "Operation"...
Rush, if you're reading this (And I know you are Big Guy) just know that the betrayal you bestowed on this fan is beyond measure.
You really meant something to me for 25 years.
But following you down led to a DARK THRONE in Palm Beach...
You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

I'm doing what NO MAN has the balls to do. I'm doing what I thought a man like HENRY ROLLINS or OLIVER STONE could do.
But they're in on the Charade, and think they're the Coolest.

But Johann here has the Moral high ground.

I have exposed this cocksucker. Only the son of a high ranking military man who DID fall far from the tree can see the CRYSTAL SHIP CLEAR PICTURE. Come out from behind that false golden EIB microphone, JIM. I know it's you.

05-17-2018, 11:14 AM
I suppose I should update my Rush Limbaugh thread, since it's been over 6 months since I last posted.
What's happened in the meantime?

I have been over on YouTube doing full-on assaults of Rush's stupid fans the entire time, and it's been Awesome.
I've established myself as a force to be reckoned with, even feared. People avoid me. They give me a WIDE berth.
Rush's fans are easy to snipe. His fans are pretty Livid with me for being Unrelenting and Merciless.
But who cares about them anyway? They don't form their own thoughts! They can't see the Moral and Financial BANKRUPTCY of the Trumps.
Rush has been on a soapbox for over a year about the Mueller probe.
He thinks it's a witch hunt, and simply cannot acknowledge that Trump is a criminal Mobster.
Rush's own fans are tired of Rushie beating a dead horse over Mueller. He just goes ON AND ON AND ON!!!
His golfing buddy Rudy G. has made matters much worse for Trump. So worse in fact, that I think Rush and Rudy conspired to end Trump's run as president.
Trump was Never qualified for the job, was Never suited for the presidency, and George Will was 1000% Correct:
There are no mysteries to Trump's narcissism. He is well-known as a big talker with no Delivery.
He was right about Mike Pence too: "He's CONSPICUOUSLY PIOUS! OILY! Too oily for comfort!!!"

Rush is slowly dying behind his tin microphone. He sounds weaker with every passing day. His voice is weary, he's had enough of the Dark Joey grind. His terminal cancer may be taking it's toll, who knows. He still lies and obfuscates at Mach 10, and his stupid listeners love him for it. I'm a "Watchman on the Wall" for his sudden death.
It's also good to know that Sean Hannity tucks Trump into his cheeseburger-encrusted bed at night, isn't it? Isn't that just the Cutest thing? That Sean sings sick, corrupt right-wing lullabies to this orange nightmare? LOL

05-25-2018, 11:11 AM
Rush Limbaugh is all about INDOCTRINATION.
His show is for un-informed right-wing mushrooms.
He continually repeats the same talking points over and over and over: FOR INDOCTRINATION of his stupid listeners.

I consider it my DUTY to shake his fans up. They don't know that I'm doing them a favor by exposing Rush as Morrison.
I'm doing for them what NOBODY did for me: tell the truth about Jim Morrison.
Sean Hannity is CIA- he confirmed it with what he said to Rush at Roger Ailes funeral: "It's over for Us, isn't it, Rush?".
What's over, Sean?? Your MISSION?? I think Michael Wolff may be CIA too. How would we know? He was at Roger's funeral too, and Rush said that Roger liked Michael.

The off-the-charts corruption that has been revealed in BOTH political parties south of the border is not new, but still shocking.
Michael Cohen (Trump's "fixer" lawyer) is going to jail for a LONG TIME, and Trump is basically the Bismarck after the rudder was knocked out: dead in the water. There is no one flying the plane as president, just like it was when Dubya was "at the Helm".
I hope the Mueller probe has some wonderful surprises in store...

05-28-2018, 10:36 PM
I don't want to seem like I'm writing about Rush as if he's a God or a Monster but hey, can you Blame me?

06-18-2018, 03:09 AM
Rush Limbaugh is a Satanic Freemason. His EIB logo is clearly a "33" in a mirror form.
His "Institute for Advanced Anti-Leftist Studies" crest has laurels on it like the U.N.- Incredibly disrespectful, not to mention being ADVERTISING for his Masonic Shittiness.

I listen intently to Rush's show, and I've gleaned some quotes, and I'll post them, as "quote-bites #666", to honor Rushie's retarded "soundbite clips" that he loves to cue up.

"Johann is becoming even more Unhinged! It isn't gonna work! He's got No Strategery!!"

"Johann is an Unhinged Activist! He's refusing to see the Destruction he's causing! Maybe he WANTS it!! He's a Faux-Intellectual! His aberrant behavior should be called out!! It's NOT OK what he's doing!! It's CRAZY! Does he think washington is a GAME? He's a THICK-SKINNED SABATEUR!!Unaccountable!!!Johann is Pro-Forma! CAUSTIC!! Just PLAIN MEAN!! He will never admit that Trump was right about anything!!He's taken my "Divide and Conquer Psy-Ops and flipped them on me!!!"

How does it FEEL, Rush?
To be on your own?
With No Direction Home?
Like Brian Jones, stinking as you go to Hell?

06-20-2018, 11:38 AM
Rush Limbaugh is "Fact-Free Propaganda Horseshit".
You NEVER see Rush on TV as a "counter-argument" to people opposing Trump, because he would get his fat ass handed to him in short-order.
His Masonic "interview" with William Shatner proved that Rush is incapable of debate. Bill owned him on health care, and Rush was furious. He sat there boiling, practically screaming at Shatner: "I'M A NON-CONFORMIST!!!"
You conform to Satan, Rush.

Rush made a Huge mistake this time. By backing Trump he eliminated his formidible Legacy. Rush never risked one penny, never risked a single DIME for Conservatism. Just when "the Cause" needed him the most, he wasn't there.
He bailed on his own people.

06-20-2018, 12:12 PM
Here's something from a "former" fan of Rush's who totally turned on him.
I jotted this down in a notebook, it was that good. In this thread I exaggerate a lot (just like Rush does!), but the bit below is word for word Legit, from a former huge fan of Limbaugh's:

"There was a time when Rush Limbaugh was a big part of my day. Years and years he was a good rebounder for me. I would drive in my car for hours, just listening to his show. Today I can't stand him. Rush Limbaugh sucks. There I said it.
Ever since 9/11, listening to him talk with reverence for Dr. Kissinger, Dick Cheney, and George W. Bush...PLUS his good friends Andy McCarthy and Jim Kellstrom. Just makes me Sick. He's too smart to be this clueless. What do they have on him? He's a Gatekeeper. Controlled opposition. If Rush doesn't step up and start telling the truth he'd better end up in Gitmo with all the other traitors."

07-02-2018, 11:30 AM
My favorite clip of Rush is the *infamous* TV show he did where he provoked the crowd into a riot (just like he did in his days in The Doors!) when he insulted women on a scale never seen on TV. He rode the chaos of that.
But the single best part was when he revealed his TRUE self, his TRUE intent.

The entire crowd was sending him the Vibe that he is doing that for ratings, to make a name for himself.
What does he do?
His eyes get PITCH BLACK DARK. He gets intense. Then he says with the cold, calculating precision of a Viper:


You sure did, JIM.

07-13-2018, 07:34 PM
Rushie's a little miffed these days. He went on a rant about Peter Strock today.
Well, he's gonna get a LOT more miffed, because over the next 90 days the HORROR of what crimes Donald Trump is involved in with Michael Cohen will be revealed, and it will Rock the Nation.

So many indictments coming down on the entire Trump family...We will learn that Trump's crimes are SERIOUS, and that what he did in the 2016 campaign will SHOCK people. Robert Mueller has cold, hard evidence of collusion, evidence WE ALL have been looking for, especially RUSH LIMBAUGH! he's been carping about no evidence of collusion since Day 1. How the fuck do you know, Rushie?
Do you know what Mueller knows? No. You don't. And neither do we.
We know he's got a reputation of putting people in jail, and I think he's rattling the keys to a jail cell in front of Donald and saying "GET IN, BITCH".

Rush has ignored the sealed indictments, has ignored the previous indictments on Russian Nationals, he's downplayed Putin's control or influence over Trump, which, I suspect, is easy: just Stroke Donny's ego and he'll hang up the phone happy.