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dave durbin
02-15-2003, 02:57 AM
Since Femme Fatale has made a few of the 'Best of 2002' lists from various critics and you can spot DePalma's name in the random chats around here, why don't we start a discussion? I feel that Spielberg and Scorsese are still great filmmakers but most of their films are, of course, highly proficient but somewhat uneventful. (On the d.l. - I did like AI.) Anyway, I just get more inspired, thrilled, and excited when I hear Brian DePalma has a new movie coming out -and it really should happen more than it does. The debate as to why he's never gotten the respect he deserves goes on and on but it's a shame people don't see his wit and appreciate his skill more. Many people I come into contact with -film enthusiasts and the like- still roll their damn eyes when you mention his name and you can see you're going to have to explain why and defend your postition and all that bullshit.......STILL!!! I will be grateful to Pauline Kael for introducing me to his style until the day I die and here are some prime examples of his artistry:

the hallucinatory dream sequence in Sisters
the prom sequence in Carrie
the opening of Femme Fatale
the final 25 minutes of Blow Out
Amy Irving's attempted getaway in The Fury
Nancy Allen's attempted seduction of Micheal Caine in Dressed to Kill
the museum scene in Dressed to Kill
his casting and use of Melanie Griffith in Body Double
his casting and use of Sean Penn in Carlito's Way
his casting and use of John Lithgow in Raising Cain
the concept and split screens in The Phantom of the Paradise
the opening and swirling camera moves of Obsession (and his casting of Genvieve Bujold)
the scene where Micheal J. Fox and his shovel meet Sean Penn in Casualties of War
the scene where Robert DeNiro and his baseball bat meet ? in The Untouchables

(FTR- all these films in their entirety are just fine but there are those certain moments that you keep coming back to check out for a fix.) It's been awhile since I've seen Hi Mom, Get to Know Your Rabbit, and Greetings otherwise I would pull out something noteworthy -other than he was the one who found DeNiro that is. (But then that's enough.) I'm not much of a fan when it comes to Scarface, Wise Guys, Snake Eyes (some great camera work though), Mission to Mars, or The Bonfire of the Vanities (read The Devil's Candy) but then what director is always perfect?

ps-has anyone seen Home Movies?

11-27-2003, 03:05 AM
Not sure if youre still around dave, but heres a link to an early forum we had on De Palma:
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