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03-06-2003, 02:00 AM
I'm starting to watch "The Movies Begin Boxset" and am posting things to my website. I'll post some of my notes here to the group and give any relevant links to my site.

Eadweard Muybridge
"Father of the Motion Picture"
Landscape photographer who later invented a device he called the "zoopraxiscope". The device projected a series of still pictures of running horses in a manner that suggested movement to the viewer. Thomas A. Edison saw a demonstration of the device and was inspired to develop true motion pictures. (From IMDB)

1880s Series Photography (all nudes)
Child Carrying Flowers to Woman
Woman Turning and Walking Updstairs
Woman Walking Downstairs
Woman Setting Down Jug
Woman Picking Up Skirt
Woman Picking Up Child
Woman Pouring from Jug
Woman Throwing Baseball
Woman Jumping from Rock to Rock
Woman Hopping on One Foot
Woman Sitting Down

It was nice to see the very beginning of the idea of motion pictures, much like the flip books you'd make as a kid. Interesting that all of these works included nude females. They're not pornographic at all, but more artistic (though the "Woman Hopping on One Foot" had a nice effect). I have also seen his galloping horse pictures back in science and film studies classes.