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Mark Dujsik
04-01-2003, 11:20 PM
"On one level, I want to recommend Secretary for its sheer audacity alone. On another, I want to dismiss it for its dumbfounding and offensive presentation of women. On yet another, I want to dismiss that previous thought because the film isnít a big, broad social commentary; itís an (extremely) offbeat tale of romance between two desperate, lonely, and very, very messed up people. Well, that and two women are primarily responsible for the story (Erin Cressida Wilson for the screenplay and Mary Gaitskill for the short story on which the film is based). Then I begin to think, maybe it is the ultimate damnation of sexual politics in the workplace. Or maybe thatís only the noise in the background that we need to look past to get at the heart of whatís going on inside these peopleís heads. And then on another level, with its darkly funny and oftentimes fairy tale-like tone, Secretary is the dismissal of all the cute, production-line, storybook romantic comedies where one actress can be exchanged with another while the story rehashes things we already know about Hollywoodís version of romance. The fact that I actually take the time to think about all of this proves to me that thereís something undeniably unique and worthwhile about this film."

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