View Full Version : Identity [Ending of Movies]

05-04-2003, 11:03 AM
The movie Idenitity provides a classic example of the twisted ending which depending on one's point of view is a real treat or as some would see with "Existenz" (or whatever the name of it was) ruining a perfect movie. In the case of Identity, it's difficult to assess the impact of the ending on the audience as well as the professional audience of therapists.

Identity isn't exclusively a splatter and gore movie and a movie with John Cusack in it, one its almost guaranteed a real substantive movie while the continued presence of Ray Liotta (typecast again - when can his agent get him a decent breakout role?) is almost sure to bring a movie down.

Identity is a fascinating psycho-thriller, improving on past movies and combining genres to make a solidly above average thriller.

But can its ending be thought of as a disaster, cliche or a true therapist's lesson in the psyche?