View Full Version : Sur mes lèvres

08-23-2002, 03:16 AM
I just saw this movie, and i thought it was so awesome, I had to take the unprecendented step of posting a thread about it. I dont normaly write this kind of thing, but what they hey. Anyone comment on it....

but i digress.

For anyone that hasnt been able to see it, it is the classic of story of disfunctional girl, meets disfunctional boy, causing a dramatic slip in balance, between said girl (Emmanuelle Devos as Carla, deaf office worker) and boy (Vincent Cassel as Paul, an ex-convict) and also in Carla's social/work life.

The movie has been shot as beautifuly as other Parisian movies, such as Amelie, but without trying to hide any of the darker aspects of the French capital. The director has also been able to use some interesting techniques with regards to Carla's deafness, that add a certain texture that is missing in so many western movies.

Anyhoo, it is fantastic, so I beg you to go an d see it, or rent it, or steal a copy of the reel. I cant help y'all more than that