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07-13-2004, 01:34 AM
Ok, so this is a thread that is to focuss on the film itself. This is a variant / a slightly different alternative to the other threads where a number of political debates (some rooted in the film itself) are ongoing. Of course there is a wider context for films, so we won't restrict the posts as long as they are rooted in the film somewhat. Not trying to restrict the posts in the other threads or to pass judgement on their direction, but several people have been asking for a thread that deals primarily with the film itself....let's see what happens...

07-13-2004, 07:28 PM
Moore made a film for the have-nots, of which there are many.

The suppression and manipulation of information by the powers that be is undemocratic, unjust and actually illegal.

As Moore has said, why does a guy in a baseball cap have to be the one to show everybody what's really going on? Why is everyone so complicit (or afraid of losing their couch)? Why do people sit in silence?

Probably the most important thing Moore shows (we already knew Bush was a psychopath) is how the media helped this situation. The news media and televison media have basically taken everything the Bush administration has given them for granted. They are just as culpable in this mess. I remember watching CNN last year (March) and seeing the war begin. The channel reported on it like it was a blessing and "exciting stuff".
I knew then that the war was absolutely wrong and now that knowledge has been re-inforced by a trillion.

The world was not perfect before 9/11. But after 9/11 the world seems doomed. We are literally on the Eve of Destruction. We are less safe than when Clinton was in office. That's fact, Jack. Any idiot who thinks we are safer since Bush has been elected is dreaming the glorious dream.

He has put the U.S. and Canada at serious risk. Moore shows with ACTUAL footage how horrific this situation is. Bush asked for a BLANK CHECK for this war. I'm not a taxpayer in America, but if I was, I'd be making some loud noise over the use of my tax dollars for this fucking war. The disempowered poor people of America are being signed up for war. Contrary to anduril, there is only ONE person in the U.S. senate who has a child in the military. No way are they allowing their fortunate sons to fight. It's for the cannon fodder known as THE POOR. They're not worth anything anyway...Those Marine recruiters in the film- what a couple of sharks, eh? They're a disgrace. "Ever heard of Shaggy? How about a Marine?"
That's right, Sarge- Shaggy was a Marine, until he said "F*&% this! I'm a reggae singer!"

Moore is a patriot. Fact, Jack. If he was so against America, he'd find a way to assassinate the man- he's got enough money. He's playing fair- he's making a film. A damn good film, a PALM D'OR WINNING FILM. Probably an OSCAR WINNING FILM too...

Moore said something recently that says it all about him:
"I could've just thanked my agent after the oscars"

08-12-2004, 08:05 AM
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