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    Less Is More

    tabuno wrote:
    But as a movie, to NOT use a narrative voice over to penetrate the inner sanctum of Adrian Brody's real character is unforgiveable....There was so much left...
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    Finally... a "conservative" artist

    Isn't it sad that when we think of actors (and/or film "artists") and the Republican Party, the only images one could possibly conjure up would be John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger,...
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    no, no, no... Thank YOU

    It's been fun Ilker81x and everyone! I'll still be posting more on Lynch at least until the 24th -- lots more to say. It's great to finally have some intelligent dialog with Lynch fans and true...
  4. White flag waving....

    Ilker81x et al.... I surrender.... :-)

    Your last two posts were excellent and poignant. Some highlights I wish to comment on:

    > I agree the artist should be true to himself,
    > and you...
  5. Disagree to agree

    This is strange. I think we're all in agreement here somehow, yet keep disagreeing on this issue.

    My viewpoint is that if an artist is an artist, and has (or is allowed to have) full creative...
  6. I still don't completely agree that a true film...

    I still don't completely agree that a true film artist has any responsibility to his audience. I would hate to think of David Lynch at any point in a project begin to think "OK, if I do things this...
  7. > Sure, as a filmmaker, Lynch has a...

    > Sure, as a filmmaker, Lynch has a responsibility to the audience

    This is an interesting concept isn't it? Just what kind of "responsibility" does a fimmaker have to the audience? Maybe just a...
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    Views on Eraserhead

    Interesting! I like your connections and your theories a lot!

    Actually, they remind me of a paper I did on F.W. Murnau's "The Last Laugh". It ended up being ten pages, breaking down and...
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    RE: no chapter points

    Lynch also has no chapter points on The Straight Story DVD and The Elephant Man DVD. However, on the inset of The Straight Story there's a signed quote where he explains why:
    "There are no chapter...
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    Inside issues about Blue Velvet

    The following is an excerpt from Roger Ebert's review of Blue Velvet, dated 9/28/1986. (You can view the entire review by going here:
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    Excellent, excellent observations

    Those are some great observations you've expressed! Several of them I was aware of, but many I was not. Fun fun!

    > Lynch makes films like people paint, incorporating both
    > reality and...
  12. Tops my list of personal favorite films, and that's not said lightly

    The following is a repost of a review for The Straight Story that I submitted for IMDB back in June of 2002. Every word of it still holds true for me today. I'd like to see how others' respond to...
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