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Thread: Star Wars Episode III: REVENGE OF THE SITH

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    Cool Hand Luke

    I see where you're coming from, but I think that the Jedi warrior hiding inside Luke Skywalker knew better than to blow it right then and there.
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    Kenobe v. Grievous: Best mid-act climax of the film

    Originally posted by Johann

    The duel between Grievous & Obi-Wan was set up with Grievous proclaiming to be taught the ways of the lightsabre by Dooku.

    I found him to have a "line of attack" that was pretty deadly.

    It seemed initially to me that Kenobi was outmatched- those 4 sabres were coming at him from 4 different directions- surely he would've gotten at least a nick? But no- the good guy wins.
    If there's any complaint about this duel then it's with how lamely Grievous bites the dust. He dies pretty ridiculously considering what we are shown in the scenes immediately prior.
    Greivous said that Dooko had 'trained him in the jedi arts', but i don't think he had actual JEDI training, and the kind of command of the force that one associates with a jedi knight like kenobi. Sure, that 4 tier windmill was pretty intimidating, but it was the work of a machine. Obi Wan, using some good ol' organic intelect, knew where to stick his stick to jam the gears.

    It was unclear to me at first weather General Greivous was Man or Machine. It wasn't untill the uber-cool samurai style closeup on those two scaley eyes that it became clear. Like his successor Darth Vader, Greivous was once entirely flesh and blood. Now, all that was left was the part that worked the machine and obeyed the Sith Lord.
    I, for one, liked the way he went down. Obi Wan got to his weak spot and went in for the kill. Sweet action.

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    The droid issue is a dead issue. Look at "The Empire Strikes Back" C3P0 walks by a protocol droid that looks almost identical to himself and it insults him. The only visual difference between C3P0 and the other protocol droid is that the other droid has silver finish as opposed to a golden finish. Protocol droids like these were probably ubiquitous in the "Star Wars" universe. Every ambassador or travelling salesman probably had one.

    Luke's rage (or lack thereof) after seeing Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru with the flesh blasted off of their skeletons was not unrealistic.

    He never thought of those folks as his real parents and couldn't relate to their humble farming origins. He was saddened by the loss and vowed to fight the empire. Seeing a stormtrooper in the streets wouldn't necessarily have set him off. Stormtroopers were a symbol of the strength of the Empire. A young Luke wouldn't have dared to step to one. He could barely handle some drunk alien a-hole in the Cantina.

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    As I recall from my nerd databanks, the C-3PO line was constructed by Cybot Galactica (I'm not entirely positive, it could have also been made by Industrial Automaton). How little Anakin could have come across all the parts for such a complicated droid (especially the expensive Verbobrain) makes little sense. One might argue that he got everything from the junkyard, but I'm just not buying it. It's a desperate attempt by Lucas to include a bunch of familiar characters for no other reason than for nostalgia.
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