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Thread: Golden Globe 2005

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    Golden Globe 2005

    According to this article,

    Fahrenheit 9/11 is not eligible for Best Picture (Drama).
    -- because it is a documentary.
    -- there is NO such category in Golden Globe.

    Passion of the Christ
    -- it is NOT eligible for Best Picture (Drama)
    -- BUT redirected to Best Foreign Film (because there is NO English language)

    Will Passion win the Best "Foreign" Film?
    -- because it is probably watched by more people than the other foreign films
    -- because quite a number of people are religious

    Or ...
    -- do you think the foreign press will vote something different?

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    Interesting... I dont think Passion will win Best Foreign Film. That would be a travesty, given that it's not actaully a foreign film. Then again Mel speaks with a bit of an accent... might be good enough for a Globe.

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    Gibson's outside looking in... on his way to the bank!

    Neither the Globes nor the Academy have been very generous to Gibson in the past, mostly due to his outspoken right-wing political views. There is a large Jewish contingency in the entertainment industry that felt very offended by "The Passion." Those feelings have not gone away, nor has Gibson made any attempt in Hollywood to address them. Expect technical awards or maybe "Best Actor" but everything else... phooey!
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