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Thread: Question about New Yorker Video

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    Question about New Yorker Video

    Now this isn't another rant about their very sporadic DVD output but something that may actually have an answer. Why are their films unavailable from various online DVD companies? DVD planet is my usual store of choice and I noticed recently that not a single film from New Yorker is available. I then checked Barnes and Noble which carries every DVD in print, and they are also not carrying New Yorker films. As far as I know they can still be ordered from New Yorker's website, but why did everyone else apparantly stop carrying them?

    any help would be nice.

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    Just a wild guess.

    Maybe because most of the New Yorker DVDs are independent or art or foreign films. Since it is "less profitable", some stores may refrain from carrying them. They are too many titles in the world.


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