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What I like?
- The plot. Although the idea of "film within film" is NOT new, the movie captivates one's attention.
- Belying the obvious plot and "film within film", it has a more complex message of FACT versus FICTION. In our lives, how much is real and how much is fiction? How much is what we want to believe, what we want others to believe, and what others want us to believe.
** In fact, even when the movie/story ends, why don't we (as audience) question the "truth" (if any) of the "final" story???
- The movie does NOT judge its characters. Instead, you can choose who to like and who to hate ... is anyone truly hateful or truly likeable?
- The performance by Gael. ;)
- The soundtrack.

What I thought could be better?
- The movie title should really be "THE VISIT" (i.e., Las Visitas). In the screenplay, EVERY SINGLE VISIT is important. Not just the "visit" to the old school. Some may feel that there is only 1 or 2 visits ... BUT in my humble opinion, there are more than 3 visits, 4 visits, etc ... go figure that ... In addition, it also suggests to the audience it might be the director's semi-autobiography ...
** I really don't like the title BAD EDUCATION. It does NOT capture the essence of the ENTIRE movie.
- Really pardon me, but I thought the young Ignacio was not very convincing ... and he has quite substantial screen time.

- It can be a very complex film if you are willing to think beyond the obvious plot. But of course, at times, we might credit the movie more than what the director has intended.