Y tu Mama Tambien
This independent film shows many of the best qualities of this genre: its freewheeling style, innovative approach and unpretentiousness. The worst qualities of indies are evident as well: unsubtle, haranguing gross-outs.

Coming of age, perhaps but this adolescent fantasy spends an inordinate amount of time with our protagonists engaged erotically. And their road trip takes them on a journey that shows little personal growth.

The closest we came to caring about the characters involves the tragic young woman whose cathartic experience provides the only sympathetic moments in this film. But is that enough to endure the immature pandering to the voyeur in us?

"Y tu Mama Tambien" uses the narrative technique involving a disembodied voice giving us background 'ala "Amelie" and "Il Postino"; but that not only reminds us of how a great idea can enhance a sensitive story and reminds us of how misspent two hours in the dark can be.