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Thread: Berlin Film Festival (2005)

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    Berlin Film Festival (2005)

    It's weird that today I talked about Head-On, the film which won Berlin's Golden Bear last year; and now, the lineup for this year's festival (the 55th in its history) was just released. At least we got the chance to see the winner from last year.

    Anyway, here's the lineup of films In-Competition:

    Anklaget (Accused), directed Jacob Thuesen (Denmark)

    Asylum , directed by David Mackenzie (U.S., Ireland)

    De battre mon coeur s'est arête (The Beat That My Heart Skipped), directed by Jacques Audiard (France)

    Gespenster (Ghosts), directed by Christian Petzold (Germany)

    In Good Company , directed by Paul Weitz (U.S.)

    Kakushi ken-oni no tsume (The Hidden Blade), directed by Yoji Yamada (Japan)

    Kong que (Peacock), directed by u Changwei (China)

    Le promeneur du bhamp de mars , (The Walker of the Champ de Mars), directed by Robert Guediguian (France)

    Les mots bleu (Words in Blue), directed by Alain Corneau (France)

    Les temps qui changent (Changing Times), directed by Andre Techine (France)

    The Life Aquatic , directed by Wes Anderson (U.S.)

    Man to Man , directed by Regis Wargnier (France, U.K.)

    One Day in Europe , directed by Hannes Stoehr (Germany, Spain)

    Paradise Now , directed by Hany Abu-Assad (Netherlands, Germany, France)

    Provincia Meccanica "directed by Stefano Mordini (Italy)

    Solnze (The Sun), directed by Aleksandr Sokurov (Russian Federation, Italy, France)

    Sometimes in April , directed by Raoul Peck (U.S.)

    Sophie Scholl , directed by Marc Rothemund (Germany)

    Tian bian yi duo yun (The Wayward Cloud), directed by Tsai Ming-Liang (Taiwan, China, France)

    Thumbsucker , directed by Mike Mills (USA)

    U-Carmen eKhayelitsha (Carmen in Khayelitsha), directed by Mark Dornford-May (South Africa)


    Not a bad group at all. Of course anytime a Tsai Ming-liang film is part of a lineup, it becomes an important one. Also, we can look forward to the new films from the likes of Techine, Audiard and Sokurov.

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    The winners are out ...

    Golden Bear
    U-CARMEN eKHAYELITSHA by Marc Dornford-May

    Jury Grand Prix - Silver Bear
    KONG QUE | Peacock by Gu Changwei

    Best Director
    Marc Rothemund for his film SOPHIE SCHOLL – DIE LETZTEN TAGE | Sophie Scholl – The Final Days

    Best Actress
    Julia Jentsch for her role in the film SOPHIE SCHOLL – DIE LETZTEN TAGE | Sophie Scholl – The Final Days by Marc Rothemund

    Best Actor
    Lou Taylor Pucci for his role in the film THUMBSUCKER by Mike Mills

    Outstanding Artistic Contribution
    Tsai Ming Liang for the script of his film TIAN BIAN YI DUO YUN | The Wayward Cloud

    Best Film Music
    Alexandre Desplat for the music in the film DE BATTRE MON CŒUR S’EST ARRETE | The Beat That My Heart Skipped by Jacques Audiard

    Best European film
    PARADISE NOW by Hany Abu-Assad

    The Alfred Bauer Prize – awarded in memory of the Berlinale’s founder – goes to a film which succeeds in "taking the art of film in a new direction”
    TIAN BIAN YI DUO YUN | The Wayward Cloud by Tsai Ming Liang

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    Thanks for updating this thread, hengcs. From what I've read it's pretty obvious that Tsai's film The Wayward Cloud will dominate the festival circuit this year. This is perhaps extreme Tsai. It also won the top FIPRESCI prize.

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    Jacques Audiard's The Beat That My Heart Skipped (De Battre Mon Coeur S'est Arrêté) which premiered "In-Competition" at Berlin (see above) now has a U.S. distributor. Wellspring has annuonced that they've acquired its rights and they plan to release the film during the summer.

    Romain Duris stars in this remake of James Toback's 1977 cult classic Fingers. Other cast members include Emmanuelle Devos, Niels Arestrup and Linh-Dan Pham. Alexandre Desplat won the Silver Bear for Best Music at Berlin. Audiard's previous feature was the critically acclaimed Read My Lips (Sur Mes Lèvres).


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