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Thread: Husband from hell.

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    kiyoung80 Guest

    Husband from hell.

    The trial of the year, meaning that of Scott Peterson, is coming to an
    end. The defense rested their case, the prosecution rested their case,
    and now we're about to hear the closing arguments (which start Monday,

    In my opinion, it's about time this husband from hell faced the music.
    Just look at the evidence against him:

    He's admitted to cheating on his wife, showed no remorse at her burial,
    and is just plain GUILTY. It's just plain DISGUSTING. Though I'm not a
    huge TV-addict, I have been following this case as I see it as very
    important to wives everywhere.

    Does anyone here actually think he's innocent, or that his defense
    lawyer, the "star studded" Mark Gregaros, actually won the case for his
    client? From what I've heard (Court TV runs updates all day of the
    trial), the case is a pretty close call. My friend also told me that
    their anchorwoman, Court TV's Nancy Grace, is being given a dedicated 2-
    hour program (6pm-8pm) each night during closing arguments to talk
    about that day's event, which works for me because I'm not usually home
    during the day.

    Let's hope for the best for Laci!


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    I've been following this case on TV- I found it sickening as well.

    Peterson's face is all you need to concentrate on to know he's guilty. He's got the same courtroom demeanor as O.J. had.
    (No remorse, phony gestures, etc.)

    Dude did what he felt like and now a lovely (pregnant!) woman is dead.
    Rot in hell indeed, Scott.
    "Set the controls for the heart of the Sun" - Pink Floyd

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    Oh, but do you think it's over? NEVER! Everyone is on pins and needles when ABC presents, "The Scott Peterson and what's her name Story!" the musical... coming in October of 2005!

    "I can't hardly wait long enough," the Jerry Springer contestant yelled at her T.V.
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    Death Row

    I'm not someone who supports the death penalty (living with your crime in a bare cell for the rest of your natural life seems more cruel and appropriate), but I'm glad Snot Peterson is going to die.

    His father-in-law said: "You are going to rot in hell for this"

    His brother-in-law said he was going to kill Scott during the investigation (with a gun) but opted out.

    I wonder about justice systems in general- how can jail or even a death sentence be "justice".
    Is justice something that we ever achieve?
    Is it a nice word for "revenge"?
    Is it our human attempt to placate the wrongs we have experienced?
    Is it our implementation of "what goes around comes around"?

    I wonder...
    "Set the controls for the heart of the Sun" - Pink Floyd


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