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Thread: Shaun of the Dead: "You've Got Red on You"

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    Shaun of the Dead: "You've Got Red on You"

    You've Got Red on You, 24 March 2005

    "You've got red on you" is a clever bit of repeated dialog, and harbinger of things to come.

    Look closer for an analogy. 'The living dead': the protagonist exists in a 'dead' world. As he rides the bus to work, we become aware of the masses of soul-dead people slogging to work. If Shaun's a loser, he's about to become a hero. Will he get the girl? Again?

    Brilliant dialog, slapstick, and satire stylize this quirky comedy/horror flick. The editing is brilliant: flowing yet abrupt scene changes keep us on edge --- along with the somewhat startling soundtrack. In the beginning of the film look for the subtle background scenes as characters manifest the onset of zombie metamorphoses. I enjoyed Shaun of the Dead as much as Danny Boyle's (Shallow Grave!Trainspotting!) 28 Days Later, if not more.

    Note: film has shown us that zombies move extremely slowly, that they're not very bright and seem to be food-centric. Therein lie tacks for coping with them.

    I admit it: the so-called comedy/horror genre has long been a guilty pleasure of mine. An American Werewolf in London. Night of the Creeps. Cast A Deadly Spell. Cemetery Man ($59.99 for the DVD - gasp-faint - I didn't buy it yet!).

    Shaun of the Dead is perfect for those of us who enjoy quality writing and realistic characters in our comedy/horror films. Kudos to the excellent writers, director and cast!

    A. F. Waddell

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    Hi A F Waddell,

    Although I generally avoid shows with zombies, draculas, ghosts, and the alike (except for a few films, e.g., The Sixth Sense, etc), I actually recall wanting to watch Shaun of The Dead, and hence, I treated my friend to it.

    I actually find the film very hilarious, esp. from the two main protagonists -- Shaun and Ed!
    HA HA HA ...

    Reviews from others can be found here ...


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