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Thread: Kikujirô no natsu (1999) Kikujiro

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    Kikujirô no natsu (1999) Kikujiro

    Directed by Takeshi Kitano

    Starring Takeshi Kitano, Yusuke Sekiguchi

    A real oddball and playful buddy/road movie, Masao lives with his grandmother in Tokyo but desperately want’s to see his mother who lives in another town. Kikujirô is a cynical old yakuza (gang) member who through his wife’s persuasion accompanies Masao on his journey.

    The first thing Kikujiro does is to drag Masao to a bicycle racing track where he manages to lose almost all their money gambling, thus their adventure truly begins as they have to hitch their way to their destination. Along the way they meet a series of characters including Jugglers, a writer and two inept Hells Angels, Fatso and Baldy (as named by Kikujirô) all of who help to amuse Masao and keep the story rolling along.

    Among the delights are the Hells Angels made up as various sea creatures and melon bashing (a Japanese beach custom) with a difference. Kitano’s signatures are present as usual, seashores, angels, physical and musical rhythm and his artwork.

    Each chapter has an introductory screen almost like a scrapbook giving a little preview of what’s to come and the whole thing plays out almost like a Japanese “Wizard of Oz” but without the sentimentality or any form of redemption. Kikujiro starts the film as a cynical old fart and ends it exactly the same.

    Vivid, colourful and energetic, this is a great movie and a fine introduction especially for youngsters to Japanese cinema, highly recommended.

    Cheers Trev

    BBFC rated 12

    No R2 Pal DVD available, R1 released by Columbia/Tristar.
    R3 ntsc dvd's available from several suppliers.
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