Wow, you're lucky to be in such a city! We have Omnimax Theater (sorta cool, sorta not) as well as a standard flat-screen Imax theater near where I live...but haven't heard of any of the Holywood fare making it to these screens, except for Apollo 13...Thanks for the info about how just part of the screen was used. Imax uses a blow-up procedure for such 35mm-to-Imax relase prints; 'Red Dragon' was originated in 35mm film as are just about all mainstream Holywood, and other movies. Some originate in Super-16mm, like 'Monsoon wedding' and still look fantastic. The blow-up from 35mm to 65mm/15-perf (the Imax 'flavor' of 70mm) requires a heckuva lot of blowing-up...can't wait to see it, after what you're describing!