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    Ultimate Fighter- good TV

    I watched Spike TV over the weekend and I'm totally hooked on this Ultimate Fighter shit.

    I watched 8 episodes back to back, 8 straight hours of UFC.

    I just kept knocking back the Absolut & O.J. & watching the Ultimate Fighter 2.

    In case you don't know what it is, it's a "reality" show where all these tough guys battle it out to get a 6-figure contract and a car and the title of "Ultimate fighter".

    They vary in ages and martial arts styles, and brotha, it was some damn fine TV viewing.

    Ultimate Fighter 3 begins Thursday night- a new "season" I guess.

    I missed UF2 and it was awesome to see the whole thing unfold in one 8-hour marathon. (It was called Spike's BRAWLS TO THE WALL weekend)

    The guy who impressed the Holy Hell out of me was Luke Cummo.
    The guy was like a Zen monk!
    He eats insane organic shit, he reads comic books, he loves movies, his training is off the charts.

    In my opinion he beat Joe Stevenson in the final showdown.
    And I think Joe knew it too.
    The judges gave Joe the decision but I was fucking pissed.
    I was shouting at the TV.

    Now Joe was one bad mofo for a 23 year-old.
    That challenge where he did circular crawls over the heavyweight
    was Un-Fucking-Believeable. He did 204 rotations!.
    He just DID.NOT.STOP. Everyone was blown away and the other team just forfeited the challenge.
    Damn right. you can't compete against animals like that!

    He was pegged from the start to be the winner (and he did win) but I think Luke beat his ass- the judges just didn't see how skilled Luke was. It was like they WANTED Joe to win.

    But to Joe's credit, the first thing he said after the decision was
    "Luke's the MAN- I took him lightly...I shouldn't have".

    And Luke took the loss like a true Champ.
    But before the decision Joe looked like he was PRAYING for the decision- he was about to CRY!

    But both men were worthy. I think if Luke had another 5-minute round he would've taken Joe out. Joe was exhausted and Luke was still ready to go. Seriously, I was so pumped watching these two go at it, Luke was like fucking Buddha! Joe does NOT have the mental conditioning that Luke has.

    And last night's show was the biz-zomb.

    Ken Shamrock got beat like a fucking gong by this new LEGEND Tito Ortiz.

    Anybody watch this stuff?

    I've always hated Shamrock. He's an arrogant egomaniac.

    Yes, he's a "legend" of the UFC, but I always thought he was overrated. And Tito made his face look like LASAGNA!
    Elbows, punches, knees. Shamrock is 38- a GEEZER in fighter terms, and Tito trains like a motherfucker.

    He lived and breathed beating Shamrock and what a great fight last night's was. These guys HATE each other, and they are the team leaders of the next UF3 show. Tito made hamburger outta Ken's head. TKO- Ken's corner stopped the fight.

    Boo Yah- who's your daddy, Kenny?
    Tito Ortiz is the new breed.

    But you know, as awesome a fighter Tito is, the best fighter in UFC history is the current heavyweight champ, the man who DOMINATES that weight class:
    THE PIT BULL of Belrus. (Andrei Arlovski)

    Anybody see this guy?

    He's a freak of nature. He wears FANGS in the ring.
    I think his punches are like 100-pound cinder blocks coming straight at your head. Last night he knocked out some southern-states asswipe in 15 Seconds.

    Dropped him like South Park dropped Isaac Hayes.
    BOOM! What's my name?!
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