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Thread: Ultimate Fighter- good TV

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    Ultimate Fighter- good TV

    I watched Spike TV over the weekend and I'm totally hooked on this Ultimate Fighter shit.

    I watched 8 episodes back to back, 8 straight hours of UFC.

    I just kept knocking back the Absolut & O.J. & watching the Ultimate Fighter 2.

    In case you don't know what it is, it's a "reality" show where all these tough guys battle it out to get a 6-figure contract and a car and the title of "Ultimate fighter".

    They vary in ages and martial arts styles, and brotha, it was some damn fine TV viewing.

    Ultimate Fighter 3 begins Thursday night- a new "season" I guess.

    I missed UF2 and it was awesome to see the whole thing unfold in one 8-hour marathon. (It was called Spike's BRAWLS TO THE WALL weekend)

    The guy who impressed the Holy Hell out of me was Luke Cummo.
    The guy was like a Zen monk!
    He eats insane organic shit, he reads comic books, he loves movies, his training is off the charts.

    In my opinion he beat Joe Stevenson in the final showdown.
    And I think Joe knew it too.
    The judges gave Joe the decision but I was fucking pissed.
    I was shouting at the TV.

    Now Joe was one bad mofo for a 23 year-old.
    That challenge where he did circular crawls over the heavyweight
    was Un-Fucking-Believeable. He did 204 rotations!.
    He just DID.NOT.STOP. Everyone was blown away and the other team just forfeited the challenge.
    Damn right. you can't compete against animals like that!

    He was pegged from the start to be the winner (and he did win) but I think Luke beat his ass- the judges just didn't see how skilled Luke was. It was like they WANTED Joe to win.

    But to Joe's credit, the first thing he said after the decision was
    "Luke's the MAN- I took him lightly...I shouldn't have".

    And Luke took the loss like a true Champ.
    But before the decision Joe looked like he was PRAYING for the decision- he was about to CRY!

    But both men were worthy. I think if Luke had another 5-minute round he would've taken Joe out. Joe was exhausted and Luke was still ready to go. Seriously, I was so pumped watching these two go at it, Luke was like fucking Buddha! Joe does NOT have the mental conditioning that Luke has.

    And last night's show was the biz-zomb.

    Ken Shamrock got beat like a fucking gong by this new LEGEND Tito Ortiz.

    Anybody watch this stuff?

    I've always hated Shamrock. He's an arrogant egomaniac.

    Yes, he's a "legend" of the UFC, but I always thought he was overrated. And Tito made his face look like LASAGNA!
    Elbows, punches, knees. Shamrock is 38- a GEEZER in fighter terms, and Tito trains like a motherfucker.

    He lived and breathed beating Shamrock and what a great fight last night's was. These guys HATE each other, and they are the team leaders of the next UF3 show. Tito made hamburger outta Ken's head. TKO- Ken's corner stopped the fight.

    Boo Yah- who's your daddy, Kenny?
    Tito Ortiz is the new breed.

    But you know, as awesome a fighter Tito is, the best fighter in UFC history is the current heavyweight champ, the man who DOMINATES that weight class:
    THE PIT BULL of Belrus. (Andrei Arlovski)

    Anybody see this guy?

    He's a freak of nature. He wears FANGS in the ring.
    I think his punches are like 100-pound cinder blocks coming straight at your head. Last night he knocked out some southern-states asswipe in 15 Seconds.

    Dropped him like South Park dropped Isaac Hayes.
    BOOM! What's my name?!
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    Funny you should mention it. I think its some of the best theater around. Now, to really rock your world - check out a fighting league in Japan called Pride. You can get it on dvd. The fighters are better than UFC, theres no cage (so things dont come to a stop) and technique and smarts generally win over brawn. Fighters from Brazil, Europe and Asia with all different techniques. I can watch UFC, but the Japanese have got a much more sophisticated version. Less about violence, more about a long tradition of combat.

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    Thanks for the tip!

    I hear you on the cage (octagon).

    To use Tito Ortiz as an example, he wouldn't have gotten as many shots on Shamrock if he didn't have him on the ground, pressed up against the cage- a trademark of Tito's. Shamrock knew it too- he was frantically trying to spin away from the "wall".
    Those elbows just kept rainin'...

    I think smarts is what wins matches more than violence.

    You gotta have your head screwed on if you wanna beat a guy like Andrei Arlovski. He will KILL YOU.

    He said: The only thing I care about is my victory. That's all I concentrate on. My victory, any way, any method.

    The real thrill for me with these shows is seeing these guys talk trash and then get STOMPED.

    I love it when there's a guy who's just a little too big for his britches, a little too mouthy or showboaty or arrogant and then he gets his ass handed to him. Great theatre indeed.

    Nothing better than seeing some goomba who thinks he can beat God get his ass handed to him.

    PRIDE sounds great. Who's the distributer?
    can you order it on the net?
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    Yeah, two bigshots in a ring and one must go down. It's a thrill. The thing with Pride is you can have a bigshot trash talker standing by himself in the midst of 40,000 non-bigshot non-trash talking Japanese fans and he can look really silly. But the Japanese appreciate the panache. And then some zen master jiujitsu guy will just put him in a snakelike choke and the whole things over in the blink of an eye. Very interesting and very mythological in a way.

    Distributor for Pride. Not sure but is the big source for info. is the official Pride site. Do a little research on the best ones to watch/buy 'cause some are a little sleepy just like with UFC.

    Some fighters worth seeing : Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (maste of jiujitsu with a deadly triangle choke), Kazushi Sakuraba (the Japanese call him the "I.Q. fighter" and he really undoes the Gracie clan over the course of a few years), Vaderlei Silva (a jiujitsu specialist but an animalistic fighter, and currently the best), Mark Kerr (a sad story in a way but a gentle giant of sorts)... lots of others who youll discover in watching. Bas Ruten does the English commentary so its always insightful and interesting.


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    Gravy, P, gravy...

    Royce Gracie always annoyed me.
    The guy could never stand up and go toe to toe.
    He always choked you out or submitted you with some hold.

    I'm not taking anything away from him- that's how you win fights, but man, there's no action in chokes or armbars!

    I wanna see fists flying, knees!
    Know what I mean?
    Gracie was a master on the ground.

    I saw the first episode of TUF3 and it was tasty.
    Tito and Shamrock will go at it at the end. (again, and Ken is toast again- I'll bet some dollars on it- Tito is just too good).

    But Shamrock is a pretty lame coach if you ask me.
    Tito gets in there with his guys- he wrestles them, he does all the conditioning and exercises WITH THEM. That's what a good trainer does. He doesn't just stand there and bark at you.
    In the army all of our NCO's did the pushups with us, they ran with us, they were on our asses every minute. How are you gonna get respect if you don't set the standard?

    Shamrock gets a big thumbs down for just "looking down" on his fighters. And they complained about it too. He's already looking like his team will lose the competition.

    The first fight was weak. The Canadian kid from Surrey B.C. whupped ass, but he was chosen because he could easily do so against that whiner: "OW! OW!" did you hear him crying with every punch? Lame-O.

    I hope the series gets better as the weeks go on.

    Thanks for the info on pride. The attitude indeed is what matters.

    I really hate Chuck Liddell too.
    His stupid Mr. T whitey haircut, his lame-ass commercial for Xyience "PERFORMANCE!" (man do I hate that commercial) and his all-around trailer-park vibe just rub me the wrong way.
    Whenever he fights i want him to lose.

    Same with Chris Leben- what is with that shitty hair-dyeing thing in UFC?! Joe Stevenson, Tito, Leben. You guys should be beaten just for the dyed hair. And Leben's rooster-red do is just retarded.

    Tim Sylvia will get whupped again by Anrdei Arlovski at UFC59.
    I'm gonna go to a sports bar to check it out next week, after I see Jello Biafra do his thing. (I'm in Ottawa for a month again this year).
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    Learning all the time...

    Last night's "preview" for UFC59 was good.

    I learned that Chuck Liddell & Randy Couture both beat Tito in the past.
    That shook me up- I can see Couture, but Liddell?!

    And then I learn that Forest Griffin is training with both of those guys in preparation for the match with Tito.

    I still have my money on Tito, but after seeing how Forest is training, (was he given a gift by Dana, the UFC prez who had his own little conflict with Tito?) it could go either way.

    Tim Sylvia is no match for Arlovski.
    If he beats Andrei it will be a major upset.
    Andrei broke Tim's foot with a submission in the last match, after knocking him down with one of those massive right hands.

    Plus Tim had his arm broken in a previous match.
    He's the biggest fighter in the UFC- I think it's a disadvantage against a guy like A.A.

    Arlovski said "I hope Tim has been training"

    And he means it.
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    Originally posted by Johann

    I'm not taking anything away from him- that's how you win fights, but man, there's no action in chokes or armbars!

    I wanna see fists flying, knees!
    Know what I mean?
    I kind of know what you mean, but chokes can be very exciting. They may be the only way for brains to win over brawn, which can be nice. We could use more of that in the good ole us of a...

    Not that I dont love a good toe-to-toe. I do. May the best fighter win!


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    What was that?
    US of A?
    You want me to get political again?

    Oh, alright, TWIST. MY. ARM. :)

    Bush's approval ratings are so low now that's he's almost in the single digits. (to match his I.Q.!)

    I've been watching CNN a lot lately- something I'm not known to do. That channel is like a can of bug spray and I'm Gregor Samsa.

    The ego of Lou Dobbs is so penetratingly obvious through the screen. He's gotta fat head and a massively fat ego. He thinks he's the best newsman since Cronkite.

    Someone needs to tap him on his expensive-suited shoulder and let him know that he doesn't know shit about the immigration issue.

    Hey Lou: THIS JUST IN:

    If you gotta government that will not spend money on border control don't complain that people are getting in.
    Don't piss and moan about the 11 MILLION who seized an opportunity to be a part of the big Amerika buying system.

    11 Million, Lou. ELEVEN MILLION. That's more than a few "rascally devils" who are sneaking in the Land O Opportunity.

    Your government has failed once again, this time in border control.

    It's time CNN started REALLY reporting the problem, not dancing around it.

    And boy do they dance!

    They do the cha-cha and the meregue around the fact that Bush is the worst President ever and that apathy & fear haven't been this much of family friends since.......uh, NEVER.

    And Lou, don't call them illegal aliens. I fucking hate that.

    If I tiptoe across your border and get myself a 10-cent-an-hour job and pay taxes, I'm not illegal.
    Plus, I came from EARTH. Not Jupiter. Last time I heard, aliens came from the Dagobah system or from the rim of an event horizon, not an hour up the road.

    If your border is a seive, that's not the immigrants' problem- it's yours. Time to start placing some blame on your leaders.
    I know that doesn't really work (nothing sticks) but blaming those who have nothing to lose doesn't work either unless your border is tighter than a nun's....

    If you had insanely tight border control and insanely tight immigration policies, then you have a leg to stand on. The government will NOT spend money on border control. Or port security- you saw Clinton speak- one in twenty cargo containers are searched?! Holy fuck- ZERO SECURITY FOLKS! You saw Fahrenheit 9/11- remember that State Trooper who patrolled practically the whole damn coast?

    Blame the Red White & Blue's GOVERNMENT, LOU DOBBS!

    Did anybody see the Daily Show yesterday?

    They had a guy on who said that these illegal immigrants are LEGAL because they know that if they do not toe the line that they will be DEPORTED IMMEDIATELY. Did you hear that, LOU?

    They. will. be. deported. if. they fuck. up.
    They want to stay. They want to work. They want to be citizens.

    Of course there are exceptions. Of course this isn't the case across the board- you'll always have assholes & idiots who are just fcukin' around, just here for the opportunities to be criminals and doofuses. But generally speaking these people have a valid point, and watching Congress stonewalling is just sick.

    POLITICS. mmmmm. YUMMY.
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    Id much rather talk fighting than politics. Its my duty, I know, but the fuckheads are so clear that I dare not waste my breath on them. That's probably not the right approach, but for now it's all the energy I can afford their ugly ways.

    Kazushi Sakuraba is a great person to look at in terms of brain vs brawn. The IQ Fighter, as he is known, finds unlikely ways of beating bigger, badder opponents, including the self-proclaimed genius Gracies.

    For a quick and underrepresentative clip take a look at this:

    You can view in your broswer or download. Well worth it. He was a master; has fallen on hard times and ever softening brain tissue in the past few years, but a hero nonetheless.

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    The last episode of TUF3 was very weak and the next one doesn't promise any exictement either.

    Noah messed up his foot just before the match and although he won, he was fighting an amateur. They were both amateurs- not really worthy of UFC- and unless Noah turns into an animal, he's going home soon.

    Shamrock is taking his guys out to the driving range to relax?!
    My God is this lame. Golf is for egomaniacs and rich clowns.
    (Mini-golf can be fun though, with a few beers and a cool course)

    I didn't go out to see UFC59 because I was in a totally other mindset after attending Jello Biafra's spoken word performance.
    I bought the album "Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables" on sat. and have been listening to it non-stop. (I had no Dead Kennedys LP's in my collection- had to get with the program!)

    It was incredible. He came out after his booming voice came from backstage, acting as Big Brother a la 1984, warning of what will happen to you if you don't meet curfew, if you don't toe the line and if you don't worship the state.

    He was wearing a black mackintosh, a Nazi-style hat and the coolest set of shades since The Matrix.
    Then he immediately took it all off (after the applause) and asked for the house lights to come on so he could see the crowd. "You don't want to listen to me in the dark do you?"

    He had a cool Seig Howdy black leather vest, a black & white cowskin shirt & the famous Lone Star belt buckle as his attire.
    Looked great.
    Then he launched into the greatest spoken word show I've ever seen.

    Raging about the United Snakes of America, he layed it all on the line, BARE, for all to hear and contemplate.

    He showed us the mail he received for Bush & Cheney '04 (with an 8x10 glossy of Bush & Laura: "she has evil eyes. No wonder: she FUCKED this man". He said they didn't even mail it addressed to his real name. They used Jello Biafra!

    His speech DIE FOR OIL, SUCKER was the standout of the show. Before he did it he said that he had retired it, that he wasn't going to do it anymore, but for some reason he decided to do it on this night- they were recording for a live CD.
    The Ottawa crowd was so into his show. It was practically sold out and he lamented about the small numbers he drew for Montreal. You had your stock punkers and cool "hip" people, as well as the people who WISHED they were. Some doofuses were there. I saw 'em. And a couple Grandmas! wow.

    He put Afghanistan in perspective: DRUGS, anyone?
    Drug lords & organized chaos.
    Heroin production is up 3000% since the U.S. started bombing.
    Hmm. I wonder why.
    Canada shouldn't have to lose a single soldier for this shit.
    Why are we there?
    What possible benefit does Canada have by being in Afghanistan? We've already lost soldiers.
    (And 4 were killed by the U.S.!)
    A big steaming pile of political B.S.

    Jello ranted for over 4 hours (with an intermission).
    It was awesome.

    His mimicing Bush was spot-on:
    Freedom! The War on Terror! Freedom! The War on Terror! Freedom! The War on Terror! Freedom! The War on Terror! Freedom! The War on Terror! Freedom! The War on Terror! Freedom! The War on Terror!

    Like a fucking doll with a pull-string..

    After the show he was extremely gracious. He met with us who wanted an autograph. BTW, if you go to a Jello spoken word gig, he'll only sign Alternative Tentacles releases- that includes Dead Kennedys records. No Tentacles logo on the back, he won't sign it.
    I think any real Kennedys fan should take note of that.
    Jello was betrayed by his former band and it's sad.

    He calls them a karaoke band now, because they have a reunion tour going on and they're using his songs and his image and he has no say over it whatsoever. He is pissed. He thinks the profits from all Kennedys records are "going up East Bay Ray's nose". He said "even though I get some money, I'm not allowed to know the source of that money- do your homework on this. The breakup of the Dead Kennedys was a 15-year conspiracy. People lied on the stand".

    He signed my Natural Born Killers soundtrack and I'm stoked beyond belief. He said Wow- You know I've never signed one of these before? So I'm one lucky S.O.B. folks.
    And no, it'll never show up on eBay.
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    Last night's episode of TUF3 was as lame as I thought it was gonna be.

    "The Gladiator" (ha ha) got sent back to England by a kid from Hawaii. That's what you get when you eat pizza & ice cream and have a holier-than-thou training plan.

    I liked the guy- I would've had a beer with him- but cripes mate, the way you were "training" only set you up for a trip home. I wanted him to send that kid back home to pick pineapples. He's formed an alliance with Solomon, "Team Dagger" and they plan on making it to the final two. Maybe they will- it's working like a charm so far.

    So Shamrock ignores fans, eh? No autographs? no time for the peons? I agree with Tito. No respect is deserved, none is given.
    Shamrock's whole vibe is just wrong.

    It was great seeing the special on Royce Gracie just before TUF3.
    He beat Shamrock, he beat everybody.

    And now I cannot, cannot miss UFC60 on May 27th.
    Gracie is taking on Matt Hughes.
    Gracie is undefeated in the octagon. As he said "This is my house- I built it". I don't like Matt Hughes. He may be a great fighter, but his attitude just rubs me the wrong way. Plus his naff ears and goofy grin make him look like a freaky pumpkinhead.

    I hope Gracie has still got the game (he's an old fighter now).
    I will admit that if Matt clocks him in the head Royce will go down.
    Matt's one strong puncher. But this boy is going up against a legend. THE legend of the octagon, and I can't wait.
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    Wow- I don't believe it.
    I just found out online that Tim Sylvia beat Arlovski at UFC59.

    I am dumbstruck. Holy cow what an upset.
    I gotta see a re-run of this show to see how he did it.

    They say that Andrei knocked Tim down in the first but Tim took it like a man and came back to knock A.A. out.

    wowza. I'm truly stunned at this news.
    I was 1000% sure Arlovski would destroy Sylvia.
    That just proves that no matter who you are, you can be brought down. You can be the best fighter on the planet but if you get clocked with a properly timed blow...

    Tito beat Griffin- no surprise there, but I read that the crowd was won over by Forest.

    Gracie Vs. Hughes is a HUGE main event and I cannot miss that.
    May 27th. BE THERE...
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    TUF3 was O.K. last night.

    We saw Shamrock's lame coaching skills once again.

    He gives his guys old UFC videos to watch, he gives them days off, they complain about not trainining hard enough, etc.

    He has an emergency meeting because he heard through the grapenuts that he wasn't as good a coach as Tito.
    Whatever. He's NOT as good a coach as Tito.
    Or fighter.

    The best thing about this episode was the fight.
    Blood, knees, elbows, kicks, the whole enchilada.
    Yassuh, that's what I like.

    The "Undefeated in the U.K." kid whupped the New Orleans boy.
    Big John stopped the fight after a brutal right hand sent Shamrock's second pick to the floor. His SECOND pick?
    Ken's lookin' worse with every passing week.
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    Mental Warfare

    Pretty good episode last night.

    Tito & Ken got into a little pissing match, and Solomon was sent packing.

    The makers of this show stole a page from the "Survivor" playbook. They build you up to think something is going to happen and then things change.

    In this case they went outta their way to make you believe Solomon was gonna destroy Rory. "Team Dagger" was a short-lived pipe dream I guess.

    I was very happy for Rory. Even Tito doubted he could win.

    Solomon was one mouthy gap-toothed prick.
    He trash talked like he was the baddest man on the planet. He tried to pick a fight with Mike Bisping after the fight announcement, he was CERTAIN he was winning the fight.

    What bliss to see his stupid ass in the octagon after being K.O'd mumbling "Who won?"
    Ha Ha.

    Tito's team has won 4 fights in a row.

    Shamrock's gotta be feelin' the heat...
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    What a waste of an hour last night was.

    I was thoroughly pissed off that this episode contained nothing more than some training clips, shots of the house and way too much time spent on Noah's "CRISIS".

    And to top it off, there was NO FUCKING FIGHT.

    Noah is a coward, a pussy and a stupid clown.
    He passed up an opportunity of a lifetime by choosing to go home.

    He gets a yellow envelope with his name on it.
    He's visibly shook up at the house- something BAD was in it.
    A family member died, one of his kids is sick, SOMETHING BAD.
    He's really upset.
    But he won't tell anybody what's wrong.
    Finally he lets the guys in the house know that his girlfriend (of six months!) thinks he's cheating on her.

    Oh. My. God. Call the Police!

    The guy says his mental state is too out to lunch to focus on the competition. He wants a phone call. Dana says no: the other guys in the house would love a phone call, but they are not allowed. Why should Noah get a phone call?

    Dude decides to drop the competition (of which he was in the semi-finals) and head home to see his stupid chicky-poo.

    Bye-Bye loser.
    And it's almost bye-bye show.
    They didn't show the fight last night between Josh and Tait.
    Why? I was angry.

    The Ultimate Fighter 3 is almost written off for me.

    Shamrock is clearly a dumb coach, the fights haven't been all that exciting, and with the lame-ass shit like Noah and his girlfriend and the deaf guy getting his bell rung (well deserved apparently) and being served sandwiches by his bum-buddy afterwards....

    I expect more from this show
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