Just a final post about the UFC. Then you'll never hear me mention them again.

The President Dana White is a retard. I saw a video of his mother speaking about him. You know what she said? She said that he fucks all the ring girls. That his marriage is a fraud, a sham. This fat, knuckle-dragging Man-Whore fucks all the ring girls?
Folks, you got a pretty daughter? Don't let her near the UFC to be a ring girl....this Lex Luthor-looking potato head likes to stick his juiced willie in lots of ring girls...so charming. Such a Romeo...wow. I always knew there was something about him I despised. Now I know. He's basically a sexual predator. He probably thinks he's a real stud, helping the ladies out...LOL Running the show has it's perks, huh Dana? I really hate how he stiffs fighters on their pay too. Nice guy. Company man...lol

Fuck Off and Fuck You Dana. I'm done with the gong show UFC.