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    Favorites Of 1991

    Favorite English-Language Films of 1991

    1. DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST (Julie Dash)
    2. MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO (Gus Van Sant)
    -- NAKED LUNCH (David Cronenberg)
    4. AMERICAN DREAM (Barbara Kopple)
    -- DEAD AGAIN (Kenneth Branagh)
    6. CHAMELEON STREET (Wendell B. Harris)
    -- EDWARD II (Derek Jarman)
    -- THE HOURS AND THE TIMES (Christopher Munch)
    -- THELMA AND LOUISE (Ridley Scott)
    10. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Gary Trousdale)
    -- DEFENDING YOUR LIFE (Albert Brooks)

    Runners Up
    Silence of the Lambs, Hangin' With the Homeboys, Riff-Raff, City of Hope, Bugsy, Flirting, JFK, The Adjuster, Mississippi Masala, Barton Fink, Prospero's Books, Night on Earth, Hearts of Darkness:A Filmmaker's Apocalypse.

    Several of the top grossing movies of this year were very good: Silence, Thelma, T2, Bugsy, JFK, and the best Disney movie in decades.
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