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    (A year later:) Interesting comment, Oscar, that I missed earlier. Wasn't really aware Wittgenstein was thought of as providing a model for film and art criticism though perhaps that should be obvious. Indeed I find there's a recent essay collection on this edited by Richard Allen of NYU and Malcolm Turvey of Sarah Lawrence, both professors of film. Very academic and too expensive to buy though. Wittgenstein liked to go to the movies, but only for distraction.

    PS. On your best English-language 1993 list: Boys of St. Vincent is a shocking film. I like Jarman. Name of the Father isn't much. Can't remember It's All True. I hated Naked. I don't like Tim Burton. I don't like Jane Campion. I can't stand Atom Agoyan. Schindler's List is sentimental and manipulative, but has an incredibly powerful sequence. Shortcuts is a great film, vintage Altman.

    This was also the year of True Romance and What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

    There are some excellent films in your "foreign" list.
    I'm sorry I overlooked your post. I came to Wittgenstein through the writings of the contemporary philosopher I consider a genius: Stanley Cavell, the author of 3 of my favorite books about film criticism and theory (or "anti-theory" as some would call it).
    I must reveal that my friends who are philosophers recently watched Jarman's Wittgenstein and sided with your earlier remark referring and objecting to the treatment as "campy spectacle".
    Regarding another 1993 release: Ken Loach's latest film Daniel Blake, which I've seen about 6 times, prompted me to watch some of his older films. I know you are a fan of Kes (and who isn't) but I think right now I would tell you that Sweet Sixteen is the most powerful and visceral and 1993's Raining Stones is just as great and it is more enjoyable because it's gritty but so very funny. I have it as "first runner-up" but it's going into the TOP 10 as soon as I edit the founding post.
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