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You started a great thread Oscar. I had lots of fun reading through it, and I'd like to see some of the films you mention.

Thanks, Sano. Last year I had a thread in which I reviewed every film I watched. This year, I'm only reviewing the films I liked a lot that I had not seen before or had not properly appreciated. I'm convinced most would find these films at least worth checking out.

Interesting that you've seen and appreciated the Taiwanese gem "The Personals".

What's best about The Personals is the performance by Rene Liu, which garnered the actress four festival awards. The subsequent film by director Kuo-fu Chen, Double Vision, is something completely different. A mystery thriller starring Rene Liu, Tony Leung, and American actor David Morse playing an FBI agent. It's available here on dvd so I'll be watching it soon. Have you seen it?