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Thread: Favorites of 2006

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    Favorites of 2006

    My Top 2006 Theatrical (Tab L. Uno)

    1. Apocalypto (2006). Mel Gibson's intimate and visually stunning story telling of a family who is beset upon by Mayan's and their fight for survival. Gibson has recreated a fascinating and brilliant experience of a vicious episode with deeply resonate drama. Nine out of Ten. [Reviewed 12/16/06].

    2. Bobby (2006). A series of fictional vignettes surrounding the day of Bobby Kennedy's assassination in 1968. A large cast of known actors present a strong liberal "Lost in Translation" technique to depicting the era's troubles and the hopeful message of unity. Eight out of Ten Stars. [Reviewed 12/28/06].

    3. The Queen (2006). An Oscar-caliber performance by Helen Mirren for her portrayal of Queen of England and her interaction with Tony Blair, the newly elected prime minister during the aftermath of Princess Diana's tragic death. Nine of out Ten Stars. Reviewed 1/28/07.

    4. The King of Scotland (2006). Forest Whitaker offers up a brilliant performance as Uganda's Ida Amin as a tension-filled backdrop to a young doctor's growth experience in this brutal and mysterious country. 9/10. [Reviewed 2/4/07].

    5. Edmond (2006 - released in 2005). A David Mamet screenplay based on his stage play has William H. Macy descending into a raw, brutal spiral of a dramatic hell and violence that is visceral and compelling. 8/10. [Reviewed 11/3/06].

    6. Sweet Little Sunshine (2006). One of the best little surprises of 2006, this fun, entertaining R-rated family comedy-drama delights, saddens, and enlightens on a trip of a family to send a little girl to a beauty-talent show. [Reviewed 8/30/06].

    7. United 93 (2006). The first feature length theatrical film to come out concerning 9/11 terrorist attack. A solid and stunning realistic portrayal of events concerning United flight 93 from the plane's occupant's, the FAA, and the military response. 9/10.

    8. The Prestige (2006). Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Scarlett Johanssen, Michael Caine star in this murder-mystery-thriller that is character driven and plenty of twists and tight scriptwriting. 8/10 [Reviewed 10/22/06].

    9. The Da Vinci Code (2006). An entertaining and intellectually stimulating movie regarding a religious conspiracy to cover up Jesus and his relationship with Mary of the Magdalene starring Tom Hanks and directed by Ron Howard. Reviewed 5/21/06. Eight out of Ten Stars.

    10. The Good Shepard (2006). Matt Damon plays a young to older CIA agent and the dilemma he must face with his family and counter-intelligence intrique that is drama-based, not action-based for a change. Eight out of Ten Stars. Reviewed 1/6/07.

    Honorable Mention

    Akeelah and The Bee
    Basic Instinct 2
    Children of Men
    Deja Vu
    The Devil Wears Prada
    The Fountain
    The Last Kiss
    The Lake House
    Stranger Then Fiction
    Superman Returns

    Have Seen But Did Not Make The List

    Babel 5/10
    Borat 3/10
    The Departed 7/10
    Dreamgirls 7/10
    Inside Man 7/10
    Letters from Iwo Jima 7/10
    Lucky Number Slevin 7/10
    Pan's Labyrinth 7/10
    A Prairie Home Companion 7/10
    A Scanner Darkly 7/10
    A Science of Sleep 7/10
    World Trade Center 8/10

    Haven't Seen

    All The King's Men (Nicholas Cage)
    Blood Diamond (Leonardo DiCaprio)
    Flags of our Fathers
    The Good German (George Clooney)
    Infamous (Capote movie)
    Marie Antoinette
    Miss Potter
    The Pursuit of Happiness (Wil Smith)
    Thank You for Not Smoking

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    Thanks Tabuno.

    I printed this off for future reference.
    "Set the controls for the heart of the Sun" - Pink Floyd


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