Synopsis: A salesman is harrassed by a mysterious man claiming to be his son, in this comic mystery/thriller.

"Triple K Marine!"
Alternately Titled: Would You Buy A Boat From This Man?!

I was browsing in Blockbuster earlier this year and bought a copy of The Corndog Man. I saw the title and had a flashback to a review I'd recently read. Part Psychic Movie Reviewer, part compulsive reader of reviews, I knew that this one would be a winner. Plus it was marked down to $6.99 . . . a steal!

I highly recommend this film, which was a selection at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival.

The wonderfully talented and prolific character actor Noble Willingham has been on my radar for years! An all American type physically: The Marlboro Man meets That Squarejawed Guy Who Does Pain Relief Commercials. He is almost unrecognizable now, and totally believable as Southern racist boat salesman Ace Barker. He is compellingly real in this role.

As Ace Barker plies his sales trade at Triple K Marine, the harrassing phone calls and stalking begin. Ace becomes exasperated as he monitors for sales calls, only to be repeatedly confronted with a seemingly unbalanced young man who claims to be his son. The fantastic Jim Holmes (as the caller/stalker) was a discovery for me. His character brings an amusing quality to the acts of psychological torture and harrassment.

The Corndog Man takes Southern stereotypes to a new level. ACTING! I hope.

Filmed on location near Charleston SC, it is an atmospheric film with small town flavor. Or it could be an omen: Just stay on Interstate 95 and keep going.

An unpredictable, seriocomic tale of harrassment, revenge, desperation, and old secrets, The Corndog Man reminds us that what goes around, comes around. Watch your back. Watch your front. Watch your future. Watch your past. Change it if possible.

The jazzy bluesy soundtrack is wonderfully evocative.

Got 83 minutes, and a desire to see something different? Shock and confuse the movie clerk by asking for this one.

Potentially disturbing, weird, unpleasant . . . not recommended for all tastes!

"Triple K Marine!"