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Thread: Andrew Dominiks's The Assassination of Jesse James (2007)

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    Andrew Dominiks's The Assassination of Jesse James (2007)

    This is one of the best movies of the decade and manages a place on my top ten movies of all time! At last, a movie that manages to bring to the big screen the rich fullness of what a narrative and semi-documentary style drama can truly be. I've been wondering what would come after LOST IN TRANSLATION (2003), well Brad Pitt (as producer) and Ridley and Tony Scott (as producers among others) have brought to the screen one of the most visceral and authentic westerns I've seen. The raw language about women, the nasty and sometimes chaotic shooting of people, the ambient sounds, the pitch black of night (rarely seen in movies) are all used to a far superior effect than I've seen in decades. The acting, the script, the narrative all blend together to make an amazing cinematic experience that sets a new standard for me in movie-making. This is what storytelling is truly about. The film has truly captured in visual, heightened auditory (special sound effects) what those rich masters in paintings and storytelling before books were printed had so aptly accomplished.

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    Great post. Some of the big Hollywood stars like Penn and Pitt are flexing their muscles in very thoughtful ways. Without Pitt this doesn't get made, not in this uncompromising style. You know that, right? Visceral and authentic indeed. And good of you to notice how important the sound design is, in terms of the overall intent and effect. So what if the studio didn't spend a cent marketing this picture. Worldwide sales will cover budget cost on the strength of the Pitt name alone, and they'll make money on the ancillaries. I'm gonna try to catch Domini'k's flick again before it leaves theaters although this week I'm all about the festival up in Fort Lauderdale, which has a couple of interesting offerings.

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    You certainly rank it high, Tab. However, it got a mixed bag on the critical front. As usual, one of us enjoys a particular take by a filmmaker that goes against the critical grain. Well... screw the critics. If you liked it, more power to you, fellow Filmwurldian!
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