Direct to video, Code Hunter, has a good cyber-plot that reminds me a bit of War Games. It borrows from The Net (with Sandra Bullock). The movie a nice twist at the end. Entertaining throughout, a good rental value - with one of those nice feel adventures - which you can cozy up to, turn off your brain and just sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

It's about this former hacker who gets blackmailed into attempting to steal a top-secret file from a weather control project which itself begins to have a problem when something goes wrong its own project. All the while, a female television reporter attempts to uncover a scoop for her station and gets caught up in the literal whirlwind of action. Adrian Paul from the Tracker has a starring role as a cyber administrator. Law enforcement abounds, cyberspace fighting occurs, and the twist at the end all add up to a fun evening before the VHS or DVD player.