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    This year the AGO will showcase a Surrealist exhibition.
    Can't wait for that.
    I don't know why people hate on Toronto.
    I mean I do, and I don't.
    I've lived here since last October and this city amazes me.
    Did you know Hemingway lived here, from 1920-23?
    He did, on Bathurst street. Wrote for a local paper.

    Some more facts that I got from the paper:

    Elvis' first show outside the U.S. was at Maple Leaf Gardens (April 2, 1957)
    The Beatles first North American tour included Maple Leaf Gardens too .
    The Doors played here a few times, and so did just about every major performer there is. Babe Ruth hit his first ever home run here, into Lake Ontario.

    We have an 88-acre property in Guildwood called The Guild Inn.
    In 1914 it was a private residence for a retired American soldier.
    It was sold in the thirties and became a Depression-era arts colony, a huge area of gardens and woodland. (Appropriately named "THE GUILD OF ALL ARTS").
    It has a collection of 70 architectural fragments and sculptures, mostly salvaged from old Toronto buildings slated for demolition. (Some are sticking out of the ground at odd angles, half-buried).
    I was only there one day, but man did I NOT want to leave!
    It's a good distance east of downtown- way past the beaches.
    I read about it in the paper and I had to go check it out.
    It is a truly surreal property to roam.
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