My twenty-something daughter has read them... my wife has read them... but my son and I are, thankfully, untainted. Still, every female (and some males) are swooning over the arrival of Stephenie Meyer's latest film version of her "Twilight" Saga, four very thick books geared toward young females, teens especially. They proved their worth years ago when the "Harry Potter" series took off. They drove "Titanic" numbers through the roof. And yesterday, women RAN across the parking lot to beat each other for a better place in line to see the latest film. My wife asked, begged, pleaded and then demanded I go. I put my foot down. NO WAY! I said. Thank god I have a fifteen year old son to back me up. I feel sorry for the rest of the men out there, hijacked by their wives and girlfriends and dragged to see Taylor Lautner's abs. I HATE HIS ABS! He can go suck on Coke can for all I care!