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Thread: BEST MOVIES OF 2010 -- so far

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    I'm writing in this "best of 2010" thread because:
    I rewatched one of the 39 movies I listed back then: Polanski's political thriller THE GHOST WRITER and
    the documentary I listed at #4 overall: SWEET GRASS, about taking sheep to pasture like the protagonists of "Brokeback Mountain", a visually arresting film, is finally going to be released on BluRay (October 2020). A major reason I love this film is that it's spectacular, in the direct meaning of the term. It's compelling in several ways, but primarily visually. So, the sharpness of the Bluray format makes it easier to appreciate in almost all its splendor (you'd have to watch it in a theater to get the full, immersive effect of going up a mountain among the herd). "The Ghost Writer" like Chris Knipp stated, is perfect and classic. I listed it as "highly recommended" but it's one of two films that would be listed higher if I made the list today. The other one is WINTER'S BONE.
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