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    A very brady sequel

    I feel the requirement to post about "A Very Brady Sequel", one of my favorite comedies.

    This is a comedy for those who like subtle nudges & winks and in-jokes.
    It's pretty hilarious, this movie.
    The cast are all unknown actors with the exception of Shelley Long as Carol Brady and Gary Cole as her husband Mike, who she made a promise to "Love, Honor and Obey"

    It's a cornball premise:

    The family happens to have a rare antique stone horse that Carol's former husband Roy dug up on a treasure dig.
    (he died mysteriously) The horse is a priceless artifact, and Roy's former partner on the dig knows it.
    So he plots to take it from the Bradys, posing as Carol's former husband, back from the dead.

    The costumes are straight from 1972: bright colors, flower prints, giant flare bell-bottom pants, gaudy belts & clogger shoes, etc.
    The house is straight from 1953: but "current" with formica, shag carpeting, kitchy tcotchkes, and a refrigerator that Alice the maid lives in.

    The family is large and all about togetherness. They dance together, sing together, walk to dinner together, ride in the car together and they are very cheery. Verry peppy, lots of zest for the polyester and the big button jumper. Everything's "happenin", or "groovy", "Outta Sight" or "the Most", you dig it? They are far-out in a happenin' kinda way, "Clowns Never Laughed Before! Beanstalks never Grew!" You follow me, Daddy-O?

    I love this movie because it's so cornball and hysterical. You gotta see it for the new hairstyle scene where Carol's hair gets a MEGA makeover. (I'm howling just thinking about it). Her hairdresser is a gay David Spade. You were warned...

    I don't want to ruin it, so just see it. You should smile a lot.
    It's set in modern day 1997.
    So the fact that this family is so time-machined into 1972 is the reason it's so freakin' funny.
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