Very Disturbing info/details about the sickest man in Canada since Paul Bernardo

Last night I watched the most riveting piece of television I've seen in years.
THE NATIONAL played video from February of this year of a police interrogation of Russell Williams, a Colonel in the Canadian Armed Forces who commanded CFB Trenton, a huge airbase in Ontario.

This guy is unlike anyone I've ever seen or heard of in terms of being an inhuman rapist/murderer.
He broke into over 80 homes, stole women's underwear, posed naked in the underwear (!) masturbated in hundreds of video and pictures he recorded of himself, and oh yeah, he raped and murdered two women in such a grisly and inhuman way that it stuns you like an anvil dropped on your head. And you can bet the BASE he would've done it again had he not been caught.
A FUCKING COLONEL. A HIGH-END PILOT (he flew for the Queen and Stephen Harper trips!). A NEWLY PROMOTED BASE COMMANDER.
And not one single person in his orbit saw it coming or had any whiff of suspicion. You could make a movie about Russell Williams' diabolical and evil mind. This guy is way beyond Jekyl & Hyde. This is an astounding serial killer and rapist. If it wasn't for some tire tracks and a footprint linking him to the scene (tipped off by a random stranger no less!) then this man would still be paid by the Canadian government and ruling over a base while hiding atrocious crimes.

This guy thought he was so fucking beyond suspicion that the interrogation video was the most fascinating and compelling bit of video I've seen in a long time. To see the gears turning in this sick fuck's head as he realizes the ten-ton impact of being caught......WOW.

If anybody's interested in this case, I'll discuss it.
But most people are just shocked, betrayed and in disbelief that this insane pervert almost got away with murder, grinning and smirking like George W. Bush or Dick Cheney.

To Marie and Jessica: he won't harm any more women now. The Monster's behind bars. The whole world knows now and he's been shamed publicly.