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Thread: Mayors in Canada

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    Mayors in Canada

    Toronto just elected it's 64th Mayor a couple days ago and I didn't want to say anything until it was over.
    I've been following the "race" for a year or so now.
    Calgary elected it's new Mayor too: a Muslim, the first Muslim Mayor in history?

    Mr. Rob Ford, a Toronto city councillor who's made as many enemies as friends at city hall, was elected in a LANDSLIDE victory.
    In fact, more people voted for Ford than any politician in Canadian history, federal or municipal.
    Almost half a million people made their vote heard and it's no mystery to me why.

    Ford had a simple, direct campaign message: "RESPECT FOR TAXPAYERS. END THE GRAVY TRAIN AT CITY HALL"
    41-year old Ford is not the best candidate for Mayor I've ever seen, but he got my vote.
    For a damn good reason.
    He's REAL. He's human. He doesn't put on airs or offer false promises (even though he may have trouble getting some of his ideas off the ground with this city council). Ford coaches a high school football team, saved the Toronto taxpayers 1.2 million or so BY HIMSELF by hardly spending his councillor's budget. He barely touched it, saving the taxpayers over a million bucks ALONE. No other councillor does that- most of them spend every single cent they are allotted- a disgrace. Ford shamed them with his saving.

    The "gravy train" at city hall is actually a hemmorage. Toronto is bankrupt.
    I don't know exactly how taxpayers money is spent in Toronto, but I do have SERIOUS concerns (as did almost half a million Torontonians) that contracts are handed out like candy and that backroom deals are routine and that almost everybody in city government isn't doing everything in their power to make Toronto the Titan City of Canada it could and should be.

    Who was running against Ford?

    Initially we had the TTC chair, Adam Giambrone running, but he was caught with his pants down (literaly) in a sex scandal, where he banged babes on his city office couch. His nickname is GiamBONER now, coined by Mike Strobel of the Sun. He told one of the chicks he was banging that his girlfriend (yep, he had a steady girlfriend too- what a stud!) was "for campaign purposes only". That did him in like an Atom bomb. (an ADAM bomb..heh heh)
    And our just-turfed collossal douchebag Mayor David Miller let the BONER keep his job as TTC chair, a job that he failed so miserably at he's eligible for a George W. Bush award for business failure.

    Next we had the ridiculous Rocco Rossi, a man who bowed out of the race when it was clear he would be beat like a gong.
    His Goodfellas-type ads all over town with the slogan "ROSSI's got BOCCE BALLS!" were hilarious.
    Lex Luthor-looking motherfucker...I didn't trust Rossi as far as I could throw him. Glad to see his chrome-dome and freakish face vanish from the race.

    Another Lex Luthor lookin' mofo is George Smitherman, the one who was supposed to be "neck and neck" with Ford but we now know that that was so not true it's beyond a joke. I didn't trust Smitherman either. Something about him suggested evil, and it was confirmed when I found out what has happened in the health sector under his watch. He can't lead jack shit. I was happy to hear he was crying when he found out he lost.
    All that glad-handing and making yourself into something you're not really HURT, eh George? Looks good on you.

    Joe Pantalone was the most likeable candidate to me, a decent man it seems. But he had one fatal, no-going-back flaw that doomed him from the word go: he's a loyal guard dog to the outgoing Mayor Miller. How much did they underestimate the public's anger with city government?
    HOLY SHITBALLS you can't calculate it.
    The more they smeared Ford the more traction Ford gained. He never self-congratulated himself. EVER.
    All of the other candidates did so on several occasions. It was disgusting.

    I would never say that Rob Ford is the greatest candidate for Toronto's Mayor. He's said some dumb things in my opinion.
    But it's great to see the elite fucks in this city squirm over Ford's landslide victory. It's truly blissful.
    In 4 years we'll see what kind of shape Toronto is in under Ford.
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    Well, the 4 years are up...

    And what happened?
    Tubby smoked crack and may get his job back.

    CHRIS ROCK: "You can't smoke crack at McDonalds and get your job back! They ain't gonna let you near the Happy Meals! What does that say to our kids: "Don't smoke crack! You'll never be nothin'!!" Kid: "I CAN BE MAYOR!"

    So true.
    Rob Ford might win the next Mayoral election this October in Toronto.
    He might just pull a Marion Berry and get his job back.

    "History always repeats itself. First as Tragedy. Then as Farce"- Oscar Wilde
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    Rob Ford died of cancer. Toronto's current mayor is John Tory. The End.
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