Well here goes, my all time favourite films:

1. The Matrix
Wachowski siblings Andy & Larry hit the big time with this one.
2. Jaws
Speilberg created the summer blockbuster with this monster classic.
3. The Haunting (1963)
Classic horror movie, far better than the dreadful Jan Debont remake.
4. Groundhog Day.
Hilarious comedy with Bill Murray at his finest.
5. The Evil Dead.
Sam Raimi's cult classic gorefest.
6. The Family Man.
Nicolas Cage's best since Oscar winning performance in Leaving Las Vegas.
7. Back To The Future.
Great time travelling comedy.
8. The Green Mile.
Superb prison drama.
9. Aliens.
One of James Cameron's best movies.
10. Die Hard.
One of the best action films ever.