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Thread: Stephen Harper is Delusional

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    Stephen Harper is Delusional

    This week Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper held a rally for his Conservative base and made all kinds of wild statements about how much he's accomplished in 5 years.
    He's delusional with a capital D.

    The only thing Canadians need to know is that Harper was handed a $13 Billion surplus when he took power 5 years ago.

    Not only did he blow that surplus to Mars, but he has chalked up another $60 Billion in debt- that's almost 15 Billion a year for every year he's been Prime Minister.

    How the fuck does he justify such collossal deficits?
    How on earth does he feel that plunging our Awesome Country into such a deep financial hole makes him a Great Leader?
    I'm beyond baffled by it.
    I'm actually stunned at his huge set of balls.

    Peter Mansbridge did a 2-part interview with Harper that was excellent. The transparency of his suckitude was astonishing.
    Members of Harpers' own party are accusing him of having zero Conservative values, and Mansbridge read a letter aloud to Harper from a member of his party dated January 8, 2011 that said that "Stephen Harper has thrown serious Conservatives under the bus. He has enormous deficits and ridiculous tax cuts that have harmed the Nation greatly. And he's a one-man band".
    Harper replied that it was just not true. (LIAR- you bet your ass it's true Stephen- you can't spin that one no way/no how)
    Mansbridge asked him about decisions he's made and how some of those decisions would NOT have been made had Harper been in a Majority Government- that those decisions were politically expedient, given his minority gov't. Harper just waffled on it.
    The most telling part of Harper's demeanor was when he was smirking about "taking advantage" to sing shitty songs every now and then to his party faithful and within a Fraction of a second he wiped the smirk off his face to talk about the hockey game he watched with his family where Canada's youth lost a horrible game to Russia. I mean it was a fraction of a second from smirk to serious! I thought to myself..This is ONE CUNNING SONOFABITCH! He's a cold and calculating politician. And he's gotta go.

    Harper's Conservative party just launched vicious attack ads on Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff THE DAY AFTER THE INTERVIEW with Mansbridge, an interview where he denied randomly attacking opposition parties. He lied bold-faced to Canadians on CBC televison and has no qualms about looking like a liar. None at all. It's like he's challenging Canadians to take him out of power. Daring us. Daring us to vote for Liberals, a party that he reminded us yesterday was rife with scandal.
    Well hey, PRIME SINISTER, throwing Canada into an 60- Billion-Dollar-and-counting-debt is the worst scandal I can think of.
    No prime minister in our history has ever done that and had the balls to say that we are a "stronger nation under my leadership"
    That is just astonishing.
    Are Canadians better off than we were 5 years ago? Harper boasts that we are.
    Well I can say with 1000% certainty that we're not. My pay hasn't budged an inch in 5 years.
    I'm sick of this power-hungry asshole spinning the truth. I want him gone YESTERDAY.
    He's fucked this country up LARGE. And he admits no wrongdoing. He hopes no one notices his severe errors in judgment. He prays no one sees that he has no Leadership capabilities to speak of.
    He has no conscience on the environment- hence his ridiculous appointments to that most important of portfolios. He thinks it's a joke, that portfolio. Par for the course for a soulless OILMAN.

    You get my point here.
    Stephen Harper is Fired.
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    Contempt for parliament = contempt for canadians

    Just to keep you updated on the shitty "leader" we have here in Canada, you'll be pleased to know that he was found in contempt of Parliament not once, but TWICE by the Speaker of the House.

    ELECTION TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'd like to give you a brief run-down on what kind of nutjob shit the Conservatives and Harper have been pulling lately:

    - "Oda-Gate":

    Stephen Harper has defended and backed to the max Conservative MP Bev Oda, a woman who lied and mis-led Parliament,who was called on it and basically refused to apologize for her actions. Harper refused to fire her, or apologize to Canadians. It's astounding and mystifying why he would protect Oda. After many many calls from the opposition to have her expelled from government Harper just basically said to all: "Eat Shit."
    This is especially rich, and ironic, considering how Harper fired a woman who had done NOTHING wrong: Helena Guergis- she was just kicked out of the Conservative caucus, with no warning, no explanantion, other than "an RCMP investigation is underway into "serious allegations". So what happened? The RCMP cleared Helena of any wrongdoing whatsoever- the cupboard was bare! What were the allegations???? Harper never told anyone! Guergis or anyone else in the universe!!!!
    She should sue Harper for all he's worth. Fucking slimeball.

    - the Conservative "Economic Action Plan"- what a colossal joke this scam is. You see these expensive, taxpayer-paid-for HUGE signs all over the country that bang the drum of the "Economic Action Plan" that is (in Harper's mind) magically transforming the Canadian economic landscape into a bounty of revenue and riches....Trouble is, no one knows what the fuck his "economic action plan" really is, or how taxpayers money is being spent on this boondoggle, which is supposedly creating jobs by the millions and saving us from fiscal doom.
    It really reeks of empty waste. More government swindling, passed off as righteous and beneficial "action".
    Quit insulting everyone's intelligence Harper.
    We've had quite enough of it.

    - This is a government that ran an election campaign based on "transparent government", "more accountability" etc etc etc.
    Honor, integrity, all the shit that the Liberals were supposedly lacking, Harper rode in on a White Stallion, wielding Excalibur, to save the day.
    Well, again, that word IRONY...
    TWICE Harper was found in contempt of Parliament last week, all because he witheld vital information for the opposition. TWICE he was found in contempt of democracy. And what was his response?:
    You win some, you lose some.
    Yep. That was his response. Pretty deep.

    First time in Canadian history the sitting Prime Minister is found in contempt of Parliament?
    His utter disregard for democracy means he needs to be removed. And fast.
    The last thing we need is a jackass for Prime Minister who just goes on whims and doesn't give a flying fuck about Canadians.
    I've said it before, I'll say it again: Stephen Harper does not give two shits about Joe taxpayer or any Canadian, for that matter.
    I see it plain as day. In his actions, his speeches, his behavior, all of it.
    It reeks of "my shit don't stink. I'm King Steve and you're not. I DARE YOU TO VOTE ME OUT".
    Well I say let's take that fuckin' dare.
    Let's get some new blood in there who takes his job seriously and is not trying to hoodwink anyone.
    A man like Toronto Mayor Rob Ford- who just made a beautiful summary/speech (on cpac March 4th) of what the Toronto city council has done (in only 4 months!) to save the taxpayers millions. I almost cried watching that. Ford put his money where his mouth is.

    Did you know that the only thing Harper could muster to say about the Egyptian Revolution was "it looks like the toothpaste won't go back into the tube".

    Did you know that on his son's first day of school (grade 1?), Harper (who claims he's a Family Man) shook his son's hand to send him off.
    Didn't hug his son. Didn't high-five his son. He SHOOK HIS HAND. Good luck Kid! You'll need it!
    Family Man my fuckin' ass.

    Did you know that the Conservative party has the RCMP all over them? They are swarmed with RCMP investigations.
    Is this the government we want? They talk about the Liberal sponsorship scandal. Oh, do they ever love to bring that one up. Boy o Boy do they salivate to talk about the sponsorship scandal! You bet your sweet bibby! You bet the farm they'll bring that one up at every turn.
    Well guess what?
    Harper's been in power for 5 years and the scandals he's racked up make the sponsorship scandal look like child's play, like a mere trifle of a misstep.


    Fucking Fired.
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    What a fast and furious week this is in Canadian politics.

    We had a parliamentary committee officially find the Conservative minority government in contempt of Parliament.
    FIRST TIME IN CANADIAN HISTORY that a Canadian government has been found in contempt.
    it's actually the First Time in the Commonwealth that that has happened. FIRST TIME EVER.
    And it's incredibly Serious.

    It's amazing to me that the Conservatives say that it's all a political game, a ploy, a sham.
    Ain't THAT calling the kettle black!
    The Speaker of the House would have had to have been in on the "game".
    So that kills that "defence" of the contempt charges.
    The Speaker ain't got nothing to do with "games" and you Conservative clowns know it.
    You are panicking, and as well you should be.

    That's what you get when you mis-lead, lie, and have nothing but tax breaks for corporations in your pathetic budget.
    That's why ALL THREE OPPOSITION PARTIES said they cannot (in any way) support this ridiculous and sad budget you threw at the feet of Canadians.
    I was certain that Jack Layton would give you guys yet another hail mary and save your asses from extinction.
    But this time he put his foot down.
    Harper was a belligerant idiot in response to real calls for items in the budget for real Canadians.
    Harper has said forever that he "will never do it the way Paul Martin did it".
    Well I'm glad you didn't Steve! Because it sealed your doom!
    You ignorant and oblivious clown. Enough is enough.

    I'm RUNNING to the polls to cast my vote. RUNNING.
    I was sure it was going to be another year, thanks to Jack Layton.
    But Jack is a Hero today.

    And I say this to Canadians who will be going back to vote:

    Yes, it sucks Huge that we are yet again back at the polls. But there's a very serious REASON WHY, and it ain't petty politics.
    THE HOUSE HAS FOUND THE GOVERNMENT IN CONTEMPT. For the first time in our Nation's history.
    Remember, the Conservatives rode to power on serious ethics charges against Paul Martin's Liberals.
    They sailed in on scandal.
    Do we repeat history here and let it slide?

    Give the Liberals a minority and see if there is one single scandal ever arising again.
    Or, surprise us all! and give the NDP a minority- I'd love to see how either party governs.

    The Conservatives are going to spin it that the budget is paramount, and that we are all going to be swirling in a dank cesspool of uncertainty if we hand power to anyone other than King Shit Harper.

    It's the only way these clowns will learn.
    If you vote the Conservatives into a minority government YET AGAIN, just watch and see how evil the Harper government gets.
    Parliament will become ten times more toxic than it is now.
    Trust me on that.
    And then you'll see some real scandals.

    We can avoid all that by giving someone else a chance to actually LEAD.
    And we need a Leader so bad our teeth hurt.
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    The Conservatives have been turning a blind eye to Canadians for five fucking years.
    It's time to turn the blind eye to their non-Leadership.

    MY FELLOW CANUCKS! For the Love of Our Country, PLEASE vote out the Conservatives

    They had their day in the sun and now they are wrinkled raisins, showing nothing but contempt for you and me and Democracy.
    If you are Ok with that, then keep giving these assholes a chance to lead and be disappointed at every turn.
    Keep voting in a party that plunges us deeper into debt with ZERO plan on how to get out of it, all the while smirking and winking at you that they are on top of it.

    THEY JUST KICK THE CAN, further and further down the road, projecting that our deficit may go away by 2015. "MAY" go away.
    No guarantees, because the Conservatives have no clue about numbers or math or budgets.
    If they did, we'd have a $65 Billion surplus, not deficit.

    Steve Harper sure as hell does not do it like Paul Martin.
    Paul Martin balanced the books.
    Paul Martin cared about his job.
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    I took the tour of Canadian Parliament today, and afterwards I sat in the public gallery to watch the Live debate of the Conservative government's lame-as-all-holy-hell 2011 budget.

    It was literally incredible to hear of the litany of things NOT included in the budget, which was roundly rejected by all opposition parties.

    Nothing but breadcrumbs for Canadians who really need it.
    I heard one member of the opposition speak of how half of what the Conservatives spent (i.e. stole) of taxpayers money on the G8/G20 Summits would (approx. $700,000, 000) be enough to lift every senior citizen out of poverty in this fine country. Not 1 single senior citizen would be living in poverty. And it was bluntly put that a country as rich as Canada should be ashamed to have seniors who helped build this Nation suffering or struggling in their later years.

    Nothing for child care or daycare. Not important to Mr. Harper?

    I'm too sick to type.
    I'm gonna get mad here.
    Be back later.
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    I'm in Gonzo mode for covering this election. Exciting. :)

    Polls say that the Conservatives are ahead in the polls and I believe it. The paper today says that Harper has got the wind at his back.
    Which means he could be handed a minority government ONCE MORE.
    I think that's VERY possible.

    But here's the rub:

    Canadians know that this election will cost in excess of $300 million dollars to mount.
    So We, the Voters are faced with some responsibility for that money.
    Not one party leader has hit the road yet and we know that 300 million is the pricetag with just the campaign busses idling near Capital Hill.
    It cost the same amount for the last election. (approximately). For the exact same result.
    Are we gonna toss 300 million in a trash can and set it on fire just to have the same clown perform the same sad tricks until he's found in contempt again?
    So we have a bit of deja vu here, and Harper knows it all too well.
    He's banking on Canadians being as ignorant of his foul-ups as they were for the last election and vote him in again.
    He's going to hammer us with a message of triumphs in this budget.
    But if Canadians actually paid attention to this shit, they would be royally offended that Harper will not tell us how much his prisons will cost, how much his jets will cost and why he chose to give giant tax breaks to corporations and banks all the while leaving Seniors and children completely abandoned. Mere crumbs he threw to them/us.
    Don't believe me?
    Look it up!
    There is Jack Shit in that budget for Real Canadians and all kinds of goodies for rich fucks.
    Look it up.
    I wouldn't wipe my ass with the paper in that budget. It's appalling and disgraceful.
    The contempt Harper has for opposition parties is one thing (he wants the Liberal party to be extinct- he said it behind closed doors), but contempt for the very people who voted him in is beyond "unacceptable"
    It's deplorable.
    He talks the talk about helping Canadians, but when the rubber hits the road, there really isn't anything there once you start to scutinize what is actually before us.

    I've noticed that Canadians by and large do not pay as much attention to politics as much as our neighbors to the South.
    We don't rock the boat too much on that front. If we get it in our heads that the Prime Minister seems to be doing a good job, we let it be.
    But the steady stream of outright lies and deceptions and contempt for democracy is so fucking glaring here that I don't know how any Canadian can turn a blind eye to it.

    I'm actually OK with the Conservatives winning another minority government and I'll tell you why.

    Because the next contempt charge will be a fucking DOOZY.
    And it will happen. Mark my words. This Conservative government never changes it's ways.
    And it will be it's eventual undoing.
    If not this election, it will the next one.
    If it takes several elections and a billion dollars down the tubes for Canadians to get it, then so be it.
    It took the States 8 years to realize that George W. Bush was a Fuckhead.
    If it takes us 8 years to realize that same thing about Harper, I'm cool with that.

    You could save a lot of time and money and grief by turfing that contemptuous dictator RIGHT NOW.
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    Friday was one hell of an historic day, one that made me damn proud to be a Canadian.
    The Conservative government fell on a vote of non-confidence over being found in contempt of Parliament.
    It was absolutely awesome.
    I tried to be there in person, but when I got to the hill at just after noon I was told that all public gallery seats had been taken- since 8 AM!!!!

    And what did the FORMER Prime Minister say to the media in response to this first-time in history vote?
    Absolutely nothing.
    He has refused to even mention the contempt ruling. (something which I suspect will be maintained throughout this election).
    He took no questions from the media right after the vote.

    Um, Mr. Harper, don't you think you have to answer that?
    Don't you think we have a right to know what you think about that?
    Why won't you answer a single question on it?
    Why do you say that it was a "coalition" that caused this election when in fact it was YOU who caused it??

    I'll remind you before you start beating that word "coalition" to death like a dead horse in this campaign
    that YOU, Mr. Harper in 2004 was all-too-willing to form a coalition with Jack Layton & Gilles Duceppe to defeat the Martin government.

    Your current enemies (Duceppe and Layton! Deja Vu!) in this election are gonna call you on that hypocrisy from coast to coast you lying sack of shit! You will not get away with that chickenshit. Not this time.
    You had no problem with a coalition in 2004. You needed it for your own purposes. But now? Now you say a coalition is a BAD THING?
    Fuck right off.
    It will be glorious to see you lose.

    The reason Harper is flaunting that word "coalition" so much (like a broken fuckin' record) is because the likelihood of Harper getting yet another minority government is Huge, and it means that the coalition will be 100% ironclad the day after the election.
    Why will it be ironclad?
    Because everyone in opposition to Harper (not just the Liberals) know that he's a dishonest, ignorant, secretive and slimy man whose ideology has become a ten-headed hydra and must be stopped. It's that simple.
    Harper has antagonized everyone who's not in his caucus. (and even some IN his caucus!) Watch those defectors like Stronach.....

    He's in a tight corner right now, and even if he wins this election again, he's still in that corner.
    He's still faced with an opposition that has no confidence in him or his abysmal policies.
    He's on his way out, like it or lump it.

    Those tax breaks for oil companies in his horrifying budget are for one reason only:

    when Harper leaves office, he's "Sitting Oilman Pretty". He's padding his wallet, and using the Prime Minister's office to do so.
    This is not the first time a Prime Minister has abused his priviledges. (Mulroney is probably the biggest crook we've ever had but that's open for debate). Harper is not doing a single thing for Canada or Canadians but he's doing everything for himself and his cronies.

    I sure hope Canadians can wake up and hold this asshole to account.
    But if Canadians won't, a coalition sure as hell will. And the country will be better off for it.
    Because a lying, fiscal Rapist will be shoved out of power.
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    Note to anyone lurking/reading my posts:

    My intent is not to bash any readers with my political rantings. I really care about this election.
    I'm extremely happy and excited that the last government was defeated. A majority in the opposition had no-confidence in the Harper government.
    Whether or not the Canadian people do or not remains to be seen.
    I just report my shit. I'm not paid, I don't represent any party here in Canada. I'm just a guy with a viewpoint that I believe in.

    I just wanted to say that.
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    Stephen Harper's capacity to lie far exceeds Nixon's.
    His pinnochio nose cannot grow any longer. It's surpassed our fine shores and is now poking Spain in the arse.
    And he's in Regina Saskatchewan today! He's more than halfway to Victoria B.C! That's one long nose!

    He just announced a tax break to middle class families.
    But it doesn't take effect for five years.
    And that's not all!
    The Deficit has to be gone.
    We call that in honesty land A JUNK BOND.
    This fucker has the nerve to throw us junk bonds on day 4 of the election campaign!
    Where was that tax break six days ago? In your budget? Hell no it wasn't!
    Maybe if you had put that tax break into the budget, Mr. Harper, then maybe we would not be in an election right now.
    Maybe Jack Layton would've accepted that tax break as proof of you doing SOMETHING for families.
    But no, here we are, back to the polls!
    I guess that's what all those attack ads we've seen against the Liberals for MONTHS BEFORE THE ELECTION were for!
    Is it possible? That you were getting that negative smearing well underway before those unsuspecting citizens are hit with an election????
    Yessir, I got your fucking number. And I'm gonna blast away.

    Last night in Edmonton Alberta, Mr. Harper had one of the men he put in his senate (after losing an election no less!) who is under investigation by the RCMP for election fraud showing up to the rally! Campaigning on the public nickel for Harper!
    take a minute and read that again.
    Jack Layton demanded that Mr. Harper tell Canadians that no Conservative senator under investigation by the RCMP (for election fraud no less) will campaign on his behalf with taxpayer money.
    Harper was asked about it today in Regina and what did he say in response?:
    "He was volunteering. And he's not volunteering anymore".


    Say it again??

    Jesus H. Christ get rid of this fraudster!!!!!!!
    Enough is Enough!!!!!!

    Harper just offered us junk bonds, (and 6 days too late to avoid an election) and what did the Liberals unveil today?

    $4000 for every single Canadian for education.
    And it's New Money.
    You go to school, 4 grand in your bank account to help.
    No 5 year wait.
    New Money.
    You don't go to school, you don't get the money.
    It's nothing but a win-win.
    Now, some textbook programs and other programs may be scrapped to implement it (at a cost of a billion a year, which the Liberals are guaranteeing EVERY YEAR, in EVERY BUDGET, FOR EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN).

    That's a glorious contrast to the fucking junk bonds Harper handed to A SEGMENT of the population 6 fucking days LATE.
    Junk Bonds that don't take effect until YOU take a number.
    Which you MAY, Possibly, Hopefully, [Perhaps], NO GUARANTEES, redeem in 5 years.
    And it's only for the middle class by the way. Harper only cares about certain TARGET GROUPS. Remember that. Never forget that. Those groups are key.

    Canadians aren't stupid.
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    Honesty and Integrity trumps the economy Mr. Harper.
    Being in the interests of Canadians WITH HONESTY AND INTEGRITY trumps "staying the course" on economic recovery.
    Because you undermine that recovery when you lie and cheat and steal!
    "Stay The Course" has been your mantra for a long time now.
    Where have I heard that phrase before? WHERE OH WHERE HAVE I HEARD THAT BEFORE?

    I agree with you that the economy is on the public's mind. It is a priority.
    But if you put the question to them on the street "Which is more important? An honest, truthful, government? Or the economy?"
    What do you think their answer would be?

    You, Mr. Harper run your office like a Republican President, and treat Parliament like it's an affront to your White House.
    We aren't Yankees.
    We never aim to be like the United States. We stand on our own two hockey skates.
    We have DEMOCRACY here, where opposition parties work on behalf of ALL CANADIANS, not just your rich buddies and dashboard madonna sycophants.

    The winds of change are blowing hard today, Mr. Harper, and all this bullshit you've been pulling will bite you really hard in the ass on May 2nd.
    This year, Mr. Harper, you and your clowns put on Quebec Nordiques jerseys and promised Quebec the moon. Then your budget came out and the truth was finally revealed:
    Quebec gets ZERO. Nothing. No money, no arena for their NHL bid, nothing but a middle finger.
    But the Calgary Stampede gets millions to celebrate an anniversary?
    What city are you from, Mr. harper? Oh Yeah: CALGARY. Thanks for showing us such sweet contempt, Dear Sir.

    Don't mind us at the polls.
    We're just gonna demand (with our only way of standing up to you: with a vote cast) a new government that is inclusive, open, LEADING and actually COOL.
    COOL! Hip to the future. Hip to lifting this nation up instead of ripping it apart one corporate tax break at at time!
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    A message for Stephen Harper, who refuses to debate Jack Layton. Today Harper announced he wants a one-on-one debate with Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff.
    That's because Jack Layton will shred him on a stage in a Live debate.
    Jack will annihilate him with Hard Questions that Harper will squirm to answer.
    (not "Squirmish", as The Daily Show so hilariously showed us. That Sarah Palin...what a cad!...)
    Harper wants to debate Iggy one-on-one. It's a purely political manouever.
    It tells the electorate that there are only two choices for Prime Minister. (and it reveals that Harper knows that Ignatieff propped him up on over 100 votes..)
    More contempt from Harper! WHO KNEW?!
    Jack Layton is running for Prime Minister. He's the only one who will truly defeat the Conservatives across the country, riding after riding.
    Watch cpac my fellow Canadians!
    watch each Leader speak on the campaign trail and run what they say through your truth machine.
    What you'll find is that all three opposition Leaders say Harper is a LIAR. A false-promises idiot who sneers at everyone in his orbit.
    Gilles Duceppe, believe it or not, is astonishingly honest for a politician.
    With every sentence he's uttered so far in this campaign I've nodded my head in agreement or shouted "HELL FUCKIN' YEAH!" at my TV when he says something.
    Beware the Bloc backlash, HARPER. It's gonna sink it's fangs into your oily hide.....

    Here's a message for that unlovable liar and sideshow, Stephen Harper, from Chuck D. of Public Enemy:

    Ain't that how God planned it?

    Yes, I might as well say, that while many people would not want who they are voting for to be made public, I totally respect that and would never knock that. Especially so early in an election campaign for Prime Minister of Canada.
    However I can tell you (as is my choice) that I will be voting for the New Democrats.

    The dealbreaker for me was the Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff propping up the Harper regime for so long and for that horrendous vote to extend the Afghan mission. DEALBREAKER, MIKE.

    I have had zero reason to believe that Jack Layton has ever lied to me, you, or any Canadian. He wouldn't have lasted so damn long on the Hill if he didn't have integrity and the total trust of many in the House of Commons.
    I want to see that debate between Jack and Steve so damn bad you can't sweet Holy Hamburgers believe it.
    Jack will shred the former Prime Minister on his record and his lies and his outrageous regime's destruction.

    Harper wanted to de-regulate the banks.
    Remember that?
    Had he suceeded, we would have suffered a worse fate than the U.S. during the economic crisis.
    Harper likes to frequently remind us/beat us over the head with this notion that he was the one who led us through the recession so well.
    Well I hate to burst his ego and his balloon, but the economy did well despite his government, not because of it.
    Canadians are plucky. Handy. Hands-on.
    Harper isn't. Harper doesn't. Harper only dictates his orders.
    Jack Layton has the debating chops to make mincemeat out of this liar and false-promises warlord.
    I hope Canadians are paying attention...

    Notice I didn't say "Warlock".. just a joke...:)
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    Where are we at, 11 days into the election?

    Well my man Jack Layton just keeps looking better and better by the day.
    He's been levelled questions about how his platform has been the same for the last 4 elections, with no NDP headway.
    And how does the Esteemed Mr. Layton answer such questions?
    By saying that Canadians want some consistency from Leaders, which we certainly haven't gotten from either the Liberals or the Conservatives in the last 7 years. We've been handed anything BUT consistency in the last 7 years.
    The NDP has never wavered and never lied about their agenda.

    Mr. Layton asks Canadians every day on the campaign trail: Who do you trust to follow through on campaign promises?

    Stephen Harper's Regime (I am loathe to call it a party) has reneged on almost every single promise they've ever made.
    Harper says one thing to your face and then does the complete opposite when your back is turned.
    And people still love this jackass!
    How does Harper do it??
    Does he hypnotize people? through the television screen?
    I'm mystified here. How do otherwise smart people vote for this shithead?
    A man who lies to you everytime he opens his yap?
    Seriously: run everything he says through a truth machine. You'll find that the machine will spit and sputter after about 30 seconds.

    He keeps hammering this point about a coalition. (with Ignatieff as Leader of this so-called coalition).
    Why would Harper even give a shit if he's so sure he's going to win a Majority government?
    Answer me that one.

    I'll tell you why.
    It's because Harper is not sure he's going to win a majority. In fact, he's scared shitless he'll lose a minority for minority to the Liberals.
    So his best shot is to RAM this idea of a coalition down the Canadian peoples' throats.
    Because if he does not win a majority, you can bet your hard-paid-tax-dollars that the opposition parties will defeat a Harper minority.
    And the reason is so plainly obvious: THEY HAVE NO CONFIDENCE in the Harper government.
    Does everybody understand this? Does everybody KNOW this?
    It does not matter if "Joe Voter" understands this or not.
    If Harper is elected again, he faces THREE OPPONENTS WHO HAVE NO CONFIDENCE IN HIM.
    "Joe Voter" can cast his vote for the fuckin' Easter Bunny- it will not matter if Harper wins again.

    He's on his way out, and it's becoming increasingly clear that Harper won't leave unless he's shoved out, really HARD.
    He won't go unless he's in handcuffs and foaming at the mouth, such is his lust for power & priviledge.
    Harper HATES our political system.
    Dubya's quote of "a dictatorship would be easier" is the exact same item on Harper's mind.
    Exact same mindset.
    Carbon copies.

    To see Harper everyday on cpac lying through his teeth is enraging for me.
    Even more enraging is hearing people CLAPPING at his lies and bullshit at these rallies. Close-minded, un-informed douchebags who lap up his every word. UGH. Revolting!
    Wish I had a time machine to show everyone how desolate and bleak the Canadian landscape will be with more horrifying years of Harper's Regime.
    If I could, I'd yell into the face every supporter of Harper's: WAKE THE FUCK UP!

    And I'd like to remind voters that the Harper you see on your TV screens IS NOT the real Stephen Harper.
    Trust me.
    I watch him a lot more than you do.
    And I know when someone is acting or not- I've seen some 10,000 films in my lifetime.
    I know an actor when I see one. And the mannerisms, the speeches of Harper are from the Lee Strasberg school of "stay simple, stay low-key".
    He does not want his mouth to get him into the hot water it got him into the last election.
    But today on cpac I watched him flub his message on a question about that guy in his camp (Bruce Carson) who is under investigation by the RCMP for election fraud.
    Harper says that he did not know the background of this guy or he would not have hired him.
    This is an outright lie.
    In order to get even NEAR the prime ministers office you need a security clearance from the privy council.
    Stephen Harper is not a guy who would not know who he's hiring or even MEETING WITH on a daily basis.
    Harper is a guy who needs a lot of cover in order to get up to his shenanigans.
    He would never, EVER, allow a minion into his assinine circle without knowing a WHOLE LOT about that individual.
    So SOLE RESPONSIBILITY rests with Harper on this evil gaffe.
    (Especially 5 years into power- sorry Steve- I'm holding you accountable. I realize that no one else does on this planet. I do my best . ;)
    So what was the flub?
    Instead of replying "I wouldn't have HIRED this individual",
    Harper first said "I wouldn't have FIRED this individual", correcting himself immediately after he said it.
    Freudian slip all the way!
    He fired Carson! after he made the boss look like a Fuckhead!
    Hey Carson! I hate your guts and don't give a shit what the hell you do, but I'd sue that "sacrosanct" shithead for all he's worth!
    He's only in it for the politics! You found out first-hand, didn't ya?
    Something like that would make me the most jaded politico in the Milky Way Galaxy!
    But maybe these assholes have no soul. Maybe I give them too much credit...
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    I have to call out the Canadian media and all three opposition parties (including the NDP, the party who has my vote!).

    None of them are holding the Conservative party to account for why their government fell.
    That's why we're in a election right now, that's why we're being bothered with this fucking election!
    I think it's about time someone drove that point home.
    I think it's about time to amp up and ramp up that "untrustworthy Harper" line.
    We have 5 years of broken promises and outright lies. A laundry list, actually. (Anyone who wants a list, let me know- I'll send it to you or type it out here. And it's quite long, CHACHI. The damage that Harper has caused on just the shit he COULD IMPLEMENT, not "MIGHT DO" is staggering).
    Harper's record is abysmal. The worst of any Prime Minister in Canada's history. Flip-Flops galore, outright lies, mis-leading provinces, no action to improve health care, child care or seniors' well being- quite the contrary- Harper's regime took $1500-2000 out of every seniors' bank account every month in every year he's been in power. FACT. His cuts to programs and freezing of all kinds of funds has reduced a lot of people to buying food with credit cards. FACT. Maybe you don't see it in your neighborhood, but I see it in mine.

    The CBC is accused of being Liberal-biased. But I don't see it. If they were, they'd drive it into our heads every night why the Harper government fell. And they'd be biased AND telling the truth at the same time! Wow!
    The Sun newspaper chain? NOW THEY are biased. But not toward the Libs. It's quite the opposite.
    The Ottawa Sun puts out full front-page ads with bogus poll numbers saying the public doesn't believe Iggy and his denial of a Coalition (17%! Ha Ha- Who cares, SUN MEDIA?) Their letters mailbag is loaded with pro-Harper shitheads who haven't followed events on the Hill in 5 years pontificating about what is wrong with Ottawa and it's NEVER Harper- coincidence? I think not.

    I still haven't heard Stephen Harper answer the question about his government being in contempt of parliament.
    Not one reporter has asked him about it in 11 days of campaigning.
    I'd dog him every day: Why should Canadians trust you when Parliament doesn't?
    I'd ask him Why won't you admit your huge mistakes? Why do you feel the need to lie and coverup when you said your party was all about accountability?
    Because Harper says one thing and does another, you silly monkey!
    Silly Silly man...tsk tsk...why try to be noble? It's pointless.
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    Stephen Harper kicked two women out of his stump yesterday.
    Kicked out because (during the security screening) the Conservatives checked out their Facebook profiles and saw that they were friends with Michael Ignatieff.

    That was all it took to get the boot.
    Is that Democratic? To check out people's facebook friends before letting 'em in to see their potential Leader speak?
    Harper was asked about it this morning and what was his response?
    It was the same response he gives to all reporters who call him out on being an un-Canadian shithead: Nothing.
    He refused to answer directly.
    All he said was "We've been drawing big crowds to our rallies".
    Yeah? And? THAT'S your answer? You've been drawing big crowds?
    What about this isssue you were just asked about?!?!?
    Kicking out 2 women from your rally who had Ignatieff as a facebook friend!?!?
    No comment, Fuckhead?
    Just dodge the issue? Accountability is not a word in your vocabulary, Mr. Harper.
    How arrogant of you to use that word as a campaign platform 5 years ago.
    You've devolved into a Shuck and Jive Man, Steve. And the people see right through it.

    On the other side of the tracks, where truth and integrity reign supreme, Jack Layton announced that he would make the Canada Pension Plan a 50% guaranteed income supplement to Seniors, as opposed to the 25% it's at right now.
    Young voters may not care about that now, but believe you me, when you approach that retirement age you'll be damn glad that the CPP was topped for you and yours. You'll be thanking the NDP for thinking of you way back in 2011.

    I watched cpac this morning with an extra large coffee (my daily ritual during this election) and a caller phoned in to ask point blank why this election was happening. He was under the impression that it was because the Harper government fell on a vote of non-confidence because the government was in contempt of parliament. (SMART MAN). The moderator replied that the blame is shared for this election.
    100% correct.
    Let me break it on down:

    The budget that Harper's conswineatives put to the House could have been voted for by all parties and accepted for Canada. It wasn't. The numbers didn't add up. They were fudged.

    WHY wasn't it good enough?

    a) no costs or even ESTIMATES (that were decent) for Harper's prisons or F-35 jets. The opposition gave Harper TONS of time to provide good solid numbers. 4 months of time. Only when FORCED by the Speaker of the House to provide all info did we get a "Data Dump"- a bunch of binders that provided NO INFO that helped in the decision to vote for these huge ticket items. So the only proper course of action was to find the Harper government in contempt. Originally Harper said it was "executive secrets" that was the reason for not providing all relevant info/costs.
    Then everybody realized that there is no such thing as "Executive Secrets" in Canadian politics.
    They told us that the F-35 was the best jet we can buy. Problem is it's the only jet they looked at. WHAT ASSHOLES!
    Then the price went from 9 billion to 35 billion to I don't know what number they picked out of the sky for it now.
    They just told us "THIS IS OUR JET. SIGN HERE, CANADA".
    Fuck that noise. Shit like this is why we're in an election.
    We need to vote out liars and deceivers. PRONTO.

    b). as I mentioned before, Harper's pathetic budget had nothing in it for Seniors, child care or daycare or hardworking Canadians.
    It was beyond appalling, that budget. I sat in on the debate in the House of Commons Live, and I can tell you that I wanted to throw down rotten oranges at the Conservative side of the Commons. I truly do not know who they represent.
    Can someone give me a one-sentence explanation of who the Conservatives represent?
    Please? Just one sentence that I can understand.
    Because all that was in the budget were tax breaks for oil companies, insurance companies and fucking BANKS.
    Since when do those groups take precedent over the Canadian working taxpayer?
    Since when??????????

    Yes, the NDP could have staved off an election by supporting the budget.
    But if you were Jack Layton, meeting with Harper personally to make sure these items are in the budget and then get flipped off after propping up his government in the past,
    We're back to vote because Harper didn't tell Parliament the truth.

    As long as Harper keeps up his campaign of lies and inhumanity we just might see a Liberal minority once again.

    The irony is so sweet too: Harper is running his campaign EXACTLY like Pierre Trudeau did in 1980.
    Every single move Harper makes, he makes with what Trudeau had in mind to win a majority in 1980.
    And Trudeau's son Justin is in the Liberal party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How sweet it is!!!

    The *glaring* difference between Harper and Pierre Trudeau is that Trudeau knew he could win a majority. Harper ain't so sure. He knows his lies can come back to haunt him . BADLY.
    He's a nervous Nelly on the campaign trail- look how he snaps and barks and evades questions when confronted with major flaws in his character.
    He squirms and wrestles with unleashing his inner asshole every time.

    Stay tuned.
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    I have a "special edition" issue of Maclean's magazine that is all about Stephen Harper and his M.O.
    The issue is called "What you don't know about Stephen Harper"
    I wish I could hand out every copy to every Canadian.

    What does it say about him in it?
    It says that he was "this close" to giving up power when Stephane Dion was heading a coalition to defeat Harper's minority a couple years ago.
    The article has insiders who were in the room with Harper saying that he said "Let them take power. It will fall apart. It will never work for Dion. We can pick up the pieces in the next election, come out stronger than ever".
    Harper's top aide said "I'm not so sure- they could make this thing work. Your position as party leader could be compromised"
    Harper wasn't so sure.
    But we know what he did, don't we? He plowed ahead into an election and won another minority.
    Harper has learned to USE elections to his advantage. He's even learned when to have one when he wants!
    Like Right Now, for instance!

    Have we ever seen attack ads like the ones Harper concocted for months leading up to the election?
    I mean, he really SMEARED Ignatieff! Those ads stick in peoples' minds. They stick in mine! and I know it's all lies!
    How diabolical is that?
    Just imagine the ingrained impression it creates in a voter who doesn't follow politics!
    The very folks who Harper wants as his minions. He all but guarantees those oblivious voters will check "conservative" at the polls.
    It enrages me. It's total political tactics- no substance behind it.

    But I guess it makes the political arena a wee bit more exciting than if we had no attack ads, right?
    I mean, politics is fucking BORING, Mang.
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